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Top 5 Reasons Students are Choosing Online Education Courses

Since 1990s, online education has been continuously evolving and it has been incorporated by colleges and universities across the country. The popularity of online education is directly proportional to the technological advances, i.e., as one increases so does the other. Online education or e-learning is a form of distance learning that predominantly makes use of the computer. Students sign up for courses via the internet and interact with the professors or teachers through audio and visual communications. The number of people engaging in online courses is increasing every year. The numbers of colleges and universities that offer such courses have also been on an increase. Online business courses and animation education are a couple of the popular options available to students. There are a number of pros and cons to online education; below are the top five reasons why students are choosing online courses.
online education
  • Reach – One of the biggest benefits of online courses is that the student can engage in it from anywhere in the country. Since it is an online course, the only thing needed is a computer with an Internet connection. They don’t need to travel far or attend classes. They can study at whatever time they want and wherever it is convenient for them. It gives them the freedom of location of where they want to learn. Theycan also select between a range of colleges and universities as distance is no longer a matter.
  • Flexibility–Whether you are an undergraduate student or a person in a full time job, it is possible for you to complete supplementary courses online. Online courses givethem the option of working out their own schedule, a schedule that they know will work. This flexibility allows them to balance the work, study and family time.
  • Learning at your own pace – Course materials are available online 24×7. So if a student wants to go over a particular topic till he/she has completely understood it, it is very much possible. It gives the student an opportunity to learn better as he/she can make sure the current topic is thoroughly understood before moving ahead in the curriculum.
  • Lower costs – Online courses are generally a lot cheaper than the traditional courses. The additional costs are reduced as well because there is no need for students to travel or live in a dormitory. Online courses rely on the student’s capacity for instruction, flexible faculty and student mentors. This is one of the reasons that such courses are cheaper than the conventional ones.
  • Discussions – In an online course, the student is given attendance only if he/she contributes to a certain discussion. This motivates the students to engage and interact with other students and to present your opinion to the entire classroom. It helps develop the overall personality of the student.

The other advantage of online education is accelerated courses; the student can learn at a fast pace that is convenient. One of the things to keep in mind is that students who enrol in online courses need to make sure that they can work independently. They need to be able to discipline themselves. If a student is able to do it, online education is a very great option indeed!


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Stephanie Colaco is a writer, editor and former HR professional. An Honors college graduate, she spends her free time helping students/professionals achieve their academic goals by publishing articles and creating blog posts that answer their many questions on online IT courses and more.

Admissions to Industrial Training Institutes

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) is training institute which provide training in technical field and constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India. The admissions are open every year in the month of January to February and June to July.


Qualifications: Only 10th Passed from state education board is eligible for admission to ITI. The main purpose of opening of ITI is providing technical manpower to industries.

Age Eligibility: The ages of all the applicants should be between 14 to 40 years as on date of start of admission session.

How to Apply Online?: The candidates interested to take admissions in the ITI Courses should apply online from the website of the Directorate General of Employment & Training Government of India (DGET).

Selection Process: The applicants to the ITI Courses will be shortlisted on the basis of the eligibility and also the merit obtained by the candidate in the Entrance Test.

Industrial training institutes (ITI) in UP, entrance Exam Date is 24 may 2014.

Official website :


Engineering Entrance Exams in India

What is engineering?

Engineering is the branch of science and technology which deals with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. It combines the fields of science and math’s to solve real world problems that improve the world around us. Some of its use in everyday life are roads and bridges, vehicles, computers, airplane, metro, ship and other electronic devices.Engineering is a very popular course after 12th in India. Engineering colleges are defined by two category first is state level and second is national level. According to several estimates, India trains around 1.5 million or 15 Lakh engineers in India, which is more than the US and China combined. Two main industries hiring engineers are (IT) Information Technology and Manufacturing. After passing out intermediate exam, students start preparation of entrance exam of Engineering. Many students take coaching and tuitions to get best rank in exams.


Duration of Engineering course is 4 years for BTech. /B.E. and 2 years for MTech. Important Engineering departments are:

1. Mechanical engineering– It applies the principles of engineering, physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

2. Electrical engineering– It deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

3. Civil engineering– It deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals, dams, buildings etc.

4. Computer Science & Engineering– It integrates fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software

5. Electronics & Communication Engineering– In this field, non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic circuits, devices and systems.

6. Chemical Engineering– It applies the natural sciences and life sciences together with mathematics and economics to production, transformation, transportation and proper usage of chemicals, materials and energy.

List of engineering entrance examinations in India are:

1. All India Engineering Entrance Exams (AIEEE) – The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) which is an exam organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. Students qualifying this exam get admitted to NITs (National Institute of Technology) and other important colleges.

2. Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) – It was started in 1960. This is the one of the most important exam for engineering aspirants organized every year by one of the IITs. Students qualifying this exam get admitted to IITs.

3. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)– This exam tests the comprehensive understanding of students in field of science & technology. This exam is essential for pursuing MTech. And admission into PSUs. It is conducted every year by IITs & Indian Institute of Science.

4. Birla Institute of Technology (BITS)– Since 2005 admission to BITS is offered on basis of performance on the all-India Entrance Examination, the BITS Admission Test (BITSAT). It has got campus in Pilani, Goa & Hyderabad.

5. DTU (Delhi Technological University)– Admission is through the JEE MAINS from 2013 conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. 85% of the seats are reserved for students from National Capital Territory of Delhi. The remaining 15% seats are for candidates from outside the Delhi region on the basis of IIT JEE rank merit.

6. WB-JEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board)– The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board (WBJEEB), Kolkata conducts the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination for admission to undergraduate Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture courses in West Bengal.

7. Jamia Millia Islamia University Engg Entrance Exam– It is conducted by the Jamia Milia Islamia for providing admissions to the eligible candidates for various courses in engineering offered by the university.

8. UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University)– It was established on 8 May 2000. It has 800 colleges affiliated to it. It is the biggest technical university in Asia. Entrance exam is conducted every year by IET Lucknow. It has got highest number of engineers passing out every year in India.

IMS college

9. Vellore Institute of Technology Engg Entrance Exam (VITEEE) – It is organized by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) for admission to BTech Programmes .

10. KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) – It was established in 2004. It is the youngest institute to get university status in India.

11. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) – It was founded in 1998. About 120 colleges are affiliated to it in Delhi-NCR.

12. OJEE (Odisha Joint Entrance Exam) – It is state-government controlled centralised test for admission to medical, engineering & management institutions in Odisha.

13. RPET (Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test) – It is the test being conducted for the entrance in BTech. Programs of the Engineering Colleges of the Rajasthan.

14. COMEDK-UGET (Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka) – This test facilitates admissions to Undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by Medical, Dental and Engineering Colleges.

Dissertation Services: Getting the Support You Deserve


Professional assistance can make or break the course of your dissertation-work.  Settle for copy-cats and you and your pockets will get a bad ripping.  This is why you must opt for some diligent background search and yes, careful decision-making.

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The legend story

A customized writing service is not a thing of the past, nor is it something ultimately new.  It has been around for some time, particularly, when it became clear that some students aren’t getting enough writing assistance at school or universities.

These writing service providers thrive in the need of providing students with useful services.  Over time, these services spread and expanded to accommodate almost all kinds of academic writing endeavours – one of which is the dissertation.

How it works

So, how does this custom written dissertations work?  It always begins in your difficulty: perhaps, you start formulating a topic and find that you just can’t!  Or, you were trying to haunt for the best credible and up-to-date references and experience difficulty in accessing those pesky research databases!

Whatever the case, the dilemma arises on your front.  Now, when you try to work on that dilemma, precious time is spent.  Ideally, you’d opt for a solution that is highly effective and requires little investment.  This sort of solution comes in the form of a customized writing service.

Send your issues to the dissertation writing support, and they’ll draft A to C solutions for you.  This will usually involve problem-specific solutions; say an editing service for error-pockmarked drafts.  In the case of generating topics, the customised service can do the drafting for you.  While waiting, you can continue to make sense out of your ideas.  Upon receipt, you can combine your ideas with theirs and let a good topic transmute its way into your paper!

More perks

The thing about these dissertation writing service providers is that they don’t just offer solutions.  They also tend to proffer exclusive perks – free samples, free quality report, free reference-locating, and so forth.

Of course, to access these perks, you can’t just wait for them to tell you.  You have to ask them yourself or take regular visits in their websites.  Through this way, you can avoid missing great perks.  Ultimately, you are able to make the most of it.

Some reminders

To complete your dissertation piece, you have to be increasingly productive.  Work will have to spread out, from research to writing, from proofread to revising.  There’s an incessant need to improve your piece.

Focusing on those demanding parts is made feasible with custom written dissertations.  Now, go and get it!

Translation Services at a Glance

The world is becoming more and more globalized thanks to the improvement in information and communication technology as well as efficient transportation system. With the internet and mobile phone technology, one can communicate and do business with people located millions of miles away from them. However, there is still the problem of language to deal with. There are thousands of languages across the world. Only a few people can speak multiple languages. So, despite the improvement in information and communication, there is still a need for translation services.

What is translation service?

Translation services are services that interpret written text from the original language to another language or languages. The content of the translated text known as the target text normally communicates the same message, thoughts and ideas with the original text which is called the source text. When translating a document, a translator must take into consideration the grammatical rules, contexts of the two languages, their idioms and writing conventions. Translation is not the same thing as transliteration which is a word-to-word transcription of a written text. This does not consider the grammar, contexts, idioms and conventions of the two languages.

Bacliff, TX


Who needs translation services?

Translation services are very important in the world today. As the world is becoming global, many businesses are now going international. In order to maintain communication with their customers in the various places they exist, businesses require translation services to enable them convey their messages to the consumers and targeted audience. Various departments of both local and international businesses require translation services for efficient communications.

Besides, there are other fields or industries that require translation services. The legal field especially in a country with more than one official language requires translation services. Court records, petitions, depositions and court proceedings may need to be translated. The medical fields are in frequent need of translation of medical notes and records. The law enforcement agency is another field that may have a need to hire translation services. Statements from suspects who speak languages different from the official language of a country are normally translated to the official language. Other fields where translation services are highly required are media, insurance and financial companies.

At times, individuals may have a need for translation of personal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, academic certificate, contracts and others. Stranslations is a UK based professional translation agency.

Searching for a translation service

Translation services can be offered by individual translators or translation agencies. If you have any document to be translated, you can either hire an individual professional translator or translation agency. It is not difficult to find one because there are several places to look for them.

Your local directory should be your first port of call if you are in need of translation services. The benefits of searching for translation agents via the directory is that you are sure of finding a reliable and authentic translation agency.

However, you can also make use of the internet if you are not able to utilize your local directory. Just perform a search on the term and you will get amazing results. You can also hire individual translators from freelancing sites.