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Why it is assumed that young women college graduates don’t negotiate?

In every walk of life negotiation and compromise are needed. Every day, decisions have ramifications on others which cannot simply be ignored. The art of negotiating is a skill which can be taught and should be learnt when we are young. To avoid negotiation may well limit your potential or might just mean you don’t get that pay rise. Despite the modern age of equality, it would appear that many women do not negotiate.  Instead, they avoid the issue, possibly losing out in the process. This raises the question of why is it that young female graduates avoid negotiation.

Women’s fear of negotiations

business womanResearch suggests that 57% of male college graduates will negotiate as opposed to only 7% of female graduates. The reasons behind this stem from the traditional image of a woman; they are expected to be quiet and not aggressive. Generally, this leads to a lack of confidence and quite possibly a less than favourable response in any negotiation.

There’s no reason why young ladies should not negotiate. However, they should be a little cautious. Society expects a male to negotiate; it is likely that if they take the same approach as a young man they will be deemed too aggressive. In the work environment this may mean not being liked by your colleagues and potentially damaging future possibilities. Young women wishing to negotiate should follow some basic principles:


It is worth talking to both male and female peers when considering a job offer. A young woman should evaluate her worth to a company in comparison to their male counterpart. Negotiations with the company can then be undertaken without over valuing or undervaluing themselves. Have high expectations and you have the greatest chances of success – don’t let men to bring down your spirit. At the end of the day, everything comes down to experience not looks or gender.


Positive Thinking

A common trait of young people – women in particular – is that it is not worth asking for a raise as you will not get one.  Women should expect more and think positively. This will aid them in requesting and negotiating a raise, or winning a business deal. If done professionally and the answer is still no, it will not have damaged your career. On the contrary, women should appreciate rejection. Rejection should teach them a lesson and not impact their morale.

Imitating Men

Men tend to take an aggressive, competitive approach to negotiation. It has been shown to be unsuccessful when women try this. Instead, a collaborative approach should be taken. It should be shown how a raise would affect your department or even the company as a whole. A young female needs to be friendly, firm but above all polite. Recent female graduates dread negotiations because they assume that a whole process is too intimidating. It can be, there’s no doubt about that. But if you adopt a decisive attitude and you stay focus on the facts, you’ll be the one to appear intimidating not your opponent.

Practice makes perfect, in any situation

As with anything in life, the more times something is done the better you become at it.  Negotiation will cease to be a scary challenge and outside your comfort zone. As a female graduate, you are advised to get assistance from a college or university graduate service, negotiation training session or seminar to help you hone your skill. Local workshops may also be a good idea; these are especially beneficial as it is possible to practice in a friendly environment.

female Negotiation

Equally as good is negotiating with friends, particularly if they are in the same business. It may be useful to draw up a scenario and both parties attempt to be the more successful negotiator.  Again, this is a friendly relaxed atmosphere to practice in.

Young women and women in general often fear negotiations because unlike men, they’re a lot more sensitive and caring. Rather than let emotions can in the way of your judgement, use it to your benefit. Relate to opponents on a more humane level; engage in a conversation with them, and make the meeting feel less stressed and more cooperative. It will take time for attitudes to change and true equality to exist. In the meantime, women should always have the facts and be confident that they have just as much right to negotiate as their male counterparts.

ITL Public School, Dwarka

ITL Public School is one of the well-liked schools in Dwarka for Primary education. It is situated in Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi.  It is affiliated to the CBSC (Central Board of Secondary Education). ITL provides education from Pre- primary to Sr. Secondary. The school was started in 2001. The School Chairman is Shri Kailash Jajodia and Manager is Shri I P Jain. Area of School Campus is 4 acres.

Principal: Mrs. Sudha Acharya



ITL Public School Address:

Dwarka Sector – 9, Dwarka,New Delhi -1100 77

Ph. : 011-25071251, 52, 53

Fax : +91 – 11 – 25071254

Establishment of school: 2001


E-mail :



How to get there: Nearest metro station is Dwarka sector 9

Details of fee structure

i) Pre School& Pre Primary – Tuition fee Rs.61200/- Annual Charge Rs.10890/- Development Charge Rs.9000/-

ii)Class I to V – Tuition fee Rs.66600/- Annual Charge Rs.10890/-  Development Charge Rs.9000/-

iii) Class VI to X – Tuition fee Rs.68400/- Annual Charge Rs.10890/-  Development Charge Rs.9000/-

iv) Class XI & XII – Tuition fee Rs.59400/- Annual Charge Rs.10890/- Development Charge Rs.9000/-


Google Maps code Generator

Transport facility: Avalable

Academic session period: 2nd    April 2014 to 31st March 2015


Vacation Period

Summer    Vacation – 18th May 2015 to 30th June 2015

Autumn Break – 1st Oct 2015 to 6th Oct 2015

Winter Break – 30th Dec 2014 to 11th Jan 2015

Admission Process : Read More

Top 5 Companies That Allow Work from Home Option to Employee

Many of you may be thinking of working remotely after a career gap or due some other reasons. There are many companies offering work from home options but not all are the legitimate or trustworthy.But there are some top corporate companies who offer flexible working hours, work from home and compressed week work options for employees. Even there are some companies where you can work half a day from office and remaining half a day from home.

Also a full-time-job from home some companies offer, where a fixed shift is decided and employee has to work from home as a full timer in particular timing instead of going to office.

Earlier the fad of remote working was more in western countries but now in India also people wants flexible jobs and the number of people working remotely is increasing. Top companies who offer work from home options are from various fields like Health Care, Education, IT, Marketing, Call centers etc.

The jobs titles offered to work from home are Virtual Assistant, Accountant, Developer, Programmer, Senior Analyst, Medical Representative, Graphic Designer, Customer Support etc.

Here are the top 5 companies that allow work from home option to employee.

1. Xerox

Xerox is one of the top companies providing employee work from home options. Xerox has spread across 160 locations around the world and it’s headquarter is in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Since 1906 Xerox has been in business and is world-leader in document technology. Throughout 2013 Xerox was the number one company providing work from home opportunities as well as in 2014.

All over the world Xerox employs 140,000 people. Xerox also offers full time jobs, part time jobs and work from home jobs to their employee. They also offer work from home to job titles like functional analyst and client managing director.

2. United Health Group

UnitedHealth Group was founded in year 1977 and is spread across 120 countries around the world and serves over 80 million individuals. United Health Group is committed for the healthcare system supporting and improving the health of people.

United Health Group is the second runner for allowing employees to work from home. United Health Group offers flexible jobs, work from home jobs and part time job opportunities to the employees. Very less knew they offer a job to nurse where she does a full time job and help patients over the phone.

3. DellDell

Dell was founded in year 1984 and is privately owned Information Technology Company. Dell is on third number company, offering work from home jobs.

As it’s an IT company they offer work from home jobs to Programmers, Developers also they offer work from home jobs to managers, financial consultants and business consultants. Dell offer part time jobs, flexible jobs, work from home jobs and compressed week jobs.

4. Aetna

Aetna is a leading healthcare benefit company providing high-quality healthcare and a Fortune 100 member. Aetna is on fourth place for offering work from home jobs. Aetna was founded in year 1850 and incorporated in year 1982.

They provide health insurance products and services like dental, medical, pharmacy etc. Aetna has headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. They offer various work from home jobs including network manager and pharmacy director.

5. American Express

American Express was founded in year 1850 and is on the fifth position of company offering work from home jobs. American Express headquarter is in New York and has more than 63,500 employees working worldwide.

American Express is the world’s largest card issuer company by purchase volume. Till now they have offered employees the full time, part time and flexible work schedule jobs. Jobs like Travel consultants, senior relationship managers, meeting managers etc. are also offered to work from home.

Anticipating Xat and What To Do Next

The CAT fever is over, and now is the time for the other top MBA qualifying exams. XAT after CAT is one of the toughest qualifying exams in India.  This year XAT has twisted their exam pattern a little bit. More number of question propped up and some old forgotten topics were ventured into.

“We want to increase reliability of GK assessment. Thirty questions give us a little more reliability than twenty questions” – Professor Munish Thakur, convener of XAT 2015 and Admission Chairperson XLRI

XAT 2015
With the increase number of GK questions from 20 to 30 the possibility of increase in time wasn’t seen. However marks of general knowledge would not be used to determine the percentile and cut off at the first stage of section; only XLRI and few other institutes would use it to at the time of final selection process.

This time XAT 2015 has surpassed the difficulty level of CAT. It ranged between moderate to high. The exam pattern is such that the paper is divided into two parts. The first part consists of verbal and logical ability, decision making and quantitative ability and data interpretation. The second part consists of general knowledge and essay writing.

The verbal ability section composed of 11 questions on verbal ability and 17 questions on reading comprehension. While reading comprehension was easy and not time consuming, verbal ability had plethora of mix questions of par jumbles, logical continuations, vocabulary and critical reasoning.

Decision marking and Analytical Reasoning section bought in a pleasant surprise for students; as there was no question from the Analytical Reasoning making this section entirely on decision making. But this surprise was not long lasting. This section proved to be extremely difficult and all the sets were quite time consuming.

Data interpretation was slightly easier than previous year and quantitative ability also ranged between easy to moderately difficult level. This set was more oriented towards Arithmetic.

General knowledge section was dominated by current affairs. They covered various national and international issues, business and economy along with a bit of geography, history and sports.

The essay was the easiest bit in the entire paper. The topic “Listening is a dying art” gave the opportunity to students to write on an extremely diverse topic.

Almost 90,000 aspirants had registered themselves for this exam. Qualifying XAT means that you are not only eligible for institutes like XLRI, XIMB but also various top business schools in India. This one of the few entrance exams that are being held by paper and pen; that ensures that all students are tested on the same set of questions and not a variety of sets.

The result would be available on 31st January 2015. Applicants who have attempted the test with due diligence and time management are expected to get a high percentile. A fair attempt of 65-70 questions with not more that 6-7 incorrect answers should expect a call from the leading B schools like XLRI, XIMB etc.

It is a dream that many foster – to get selected into the top B Schools in India. But only a few chosen applicants get to see their dream come true. With 90% of it being hard work – which 10% luck sometimes makes it happen.

So now all you can do is waiting till 31st of Jan, till then don’t miss out on applying to various other B schools like TAPMI Manipal, DMS IIT Delhi, DMS IIT Roorkee, CIMP Patna, BIMTECH Noida, Great Lakes Chennai etc. All of these are some of the top business schools in India. They accept scores from CAT, XAT or GMAT.

So even if you are not shortlisted into the IIM’s or Xavier Institutes; there are still plethora of options to choose from.

Queen’s Valley School Dwarka New Delhi

Queen’s Valley School only for girls situated in dwarka sector 8, New Delhi (India’s capital city). It was founded in April, 2009. Queen’s Valley School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which is the largest educational board in the country. The school Chairman name Mr. S. K. Sachdeva and manager name Dr. R.C. Chadha.


Dwarka Sector – 8, Phase – I
Delhi – 110075
Pin: 110075
Phone: 011 2536 5145
Number of students 1882

Landmark – Malaria Research Center

How to get there

  • Nearest metro station is dwarka sector 9
  • Nearest bus stand is Bagdola


Area of School Campus

In Acres  1.98
In sq. mtrs.  8000.175
Built up area (sq. mtrs.)  7174
Area of play ground in sq. mtrs.  2000

Details of fee

Pre School – V   4,900
VI – VIII   4,960
IX & X   5,035
XI & XII   5,510
Science Fee & Computer Fee   300/- P. M. shall be charged from the students studying the subjects in class XI – XII per subject.