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Coaching – How Does It Help Us

Coaching is a modern approach in the development of personal / business performances. It is a partnership that the coach establishes with his / her client, in a creative way, that will inspire them to use their personal / professional potential to the max. How does it work The main idea is to train for… Read More »

Introduction of Primary Education in India

Primary education is the first stage of compulsory education. It is preceded by pre-school or nursery education and is followed by secondary education. The major goals of primary education are to achieve basic literacy and numeracy amongst all students and to establish foundation in science, mathematics, geography, history and social sciences. Primary education is provided… Read More »

Utilising School Prospectus Design

School Prospectus Design is something that needs to meet certain conditions in order to be successful and this article will highlight these conditions. While fairly basic in principle, it serves as a reminder that if these options are kept relatively simple, the less risk of overcomplicating your conditions for sourcing your School Prospectus Design. Relevance:… Read More »

The growth of international schools in India

International Schools, offering instruction in English in nearly every country in the world, are experiencing a huge boost in numbers. According to recent research from  International School Consultancy (ISC) Research Ltd.  there are now more 6,500 English-medium international schools worldwide. The growth rate for 2011-2012 was about 7% and an astonishing 153% over the last twelve… Read More »