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About University of Delhi

What is University? University is an institution for providing high level education where academic research is done. Students attain different degrees like BTech., MTech. B.A, M.A., PhD etc. after the completion of their respective courses. Students go to university after completing their class 12th. University of Delhi The University of Delhi is a public central… Read More »

Civil Services Mains exam syllabus: Zoology

Zoology for IAS Main Examination 2014 Paper-1 1. Non-chordata and Chordata: (a) Classification and relationship of various phyla up to subclasses: Acoelomate and Coelomate, Protostomes and Deuterostomes, Bilateria and Radiata; Status of Protista, Parazoa, Onychophora and Hemichordata; Symmetry. (b) Protozoa: Locomotion, nutrition, reproduction, sex; General features and life history of Paramaecium, Monocystis, Plasmodium and Leishmania.… Read More »

Civil Services Mains exam syllabus: Statistics

Statistics for IAS Main Examination 2014 Paper-I 1. Probability: Sample space and events, probability measure and probability space, random variable as a measurable function, distribution function of a random variable, discrete and continuous-type random variable, probability mass function, probability density function, vector-valued random variable, marginal and conditional distributions, stochastic independence of events and of random… Read More »

Civil Services Mains exam syllabus: Sociology

Sociology for IAS Main Examination 2014 PAPER – I FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIOLOGY 1. Sociology – The Discipline: Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology. Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences. Sociology and common sense. 2. Sociology as Science: Science, scientific method and critique. Major theoretical strands of research… Read More »