What is education?

Education is receiving or giving systematic instructions at places of learning like school or University. It is transferring of knowledge & skills from one generation to the next generation by teaching or training. Education is categorized into different levels namely preschool, primary school, secondary school and higher education.

Different levels of Education:-

Preschool- It is also known as nursery school or kindergarten. Children are taught the fundamentals of alphabet, counting, colors and design. It is very essential in developing the potential of child.

Primary School It starts at the age of five or six. It is from class 1 to 5. Medium of instruction at central level is in English language and it varies from state to state. It mainly focuses on three aspects:-

  1. Subjects like Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies etc
  2. Knowledge skills relating to thinking process & communication skills.
  3. Character building which involves moral education & extracurricular activities.

Secondary School- It is from class 6 to 12. It is the education during adolescence. It is preparation for college level education. Professionals from higher institutes are invited to support in vocational training. It focuses on profession based training that helps students to choose profession of their choice. Kendriya Vidyalaya project was started by government in 1965 to provide uniform education in schools following same syllabus regardless of the location.


Image Source: SRM

Higher Education- It is the education which students undergo after passing Class 12th. Students need to clear entrance exams for various prestigious colleges. After clearing the entrance exam they get admission into the colleges depending on merit. They can go for bachelor degrees like B.Tech., B.A., B.Com. etc. While pursuing these degrees they receive professional training also which help in building their career. After pursuing bachelor degree one can either opt for a job or go for master degrees like M.Tech., M.A., M.Com. etc. After master degree one can go for teaching profession or can enter in research field.

Conclusion- In order to survive in this world of competition, everyone has to undergo education of good quality. So it is responsibility of each and every individual to facilitate education in our country. Government has an important role to play in this field. Government should launch more and more policies in order to provide education to poor people. Government should emphasize on implementation of these education friendly policies. Everyone should try to implement the slogan “EACH ONE, TEACH ONE” in their life and by doing so we can contribute in progress & development of our country.

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