5 Reasons to Take Summer Classes

By | June 28, 2014


Like working out or cleaning your room, taking summer classes is one of those things that college students know they should do, but would rather not. It’s understandable – after all, it’s called summer vacation for a reason. Truth be told, though, there are summer classes that only meet once or twice per week as well as courses that are offered online, so it’s not like you have to waste your summer away in a classroom. Plus, there are a lot of benefits to enrolling in these courses.

Here are a few ways that taking one or two summer classes will allow present-you to make future-you really happy.

Get Ahead on your Degree
If you take just one to two summer class between each school year, you’ll get to reap the benefits come senior year. You can either take a really light course load for your final year, or you could even graduate a semester early since you’ll be ahead on your credits. Both are really beneficial if you’re considering taking on an intensive internship or wanting to put all your focus on your thesis. Plus, you can use your free time to begin the job search.

Enjoy a Short Semester
Not only will that summer class make your course load lighter toward the end of your college career, but it’ll be done in a shorter time frame. Typically, summer semesters are only ten-ish weeks, while a traditional semester is closer to sixteen. It’s more efficient!

Smaller Classes
Summer courses are a great tome to take advantage of one-on-one time with your professor. Usually, these courses have a smaller maximum capacity (and fewer students sign up for them anyway). Whether you’re in the classroom or taking a college course online, fewer students means the professor is less inundated with e-mails, questions, and requests. Enjoy more thorough and rapid feedback for a semester that goes more smoothly.

Get a Seat in Desirable Classes
There’s nothing worse than refreshing the class enrollment page, trying to get a spot in that class you need to graduate, only to find that it filled up while your internet was slow. The summer is a great time to take those classes and get them out of the way, since fewer students will be in a big rush to sign up for these ones.

Fewer Distractions
While on-campus during the school year, there are football games, parties, and lots of horsing around to distract you. It’s hard to say ‘no’ when your roommate asks you to go for a game of volleyball or everyone on your floor is going to watch the sororities have canoe races. In the summer, though, there’s hardly anyone on campus and you’ll be likely to get better grades.

Outdoor Studying!
One cool thing about studying in summer is – duh – the fact that it’s summer! Somehow, studying seems a lot more tolerable when you’re not huddled up in a chair in the library. Take your textbook to the beach for some exam review or treat yourself to a picnic while outlining a paper. Better yet, go swimming as a reward for getting all your work done.

Appease your Parents
As soon as you come home for the summer or your classes let out, your parents ask the dreaded question: “So what are you going to do all summer?” They’ll be impressed and less likely to pressure you into picking up more hours at work.

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