Accountant Jobs and 5 Steps To Landing One

By | January 19, 2014

The job search can be tedious and lengthy, but if you know what your professional aspirations are and where your strengths lie, you are ahead of the game. If you want to be an accountant – a growing career field – or are seeking any other position, here are five steps you can take that should help you along on your path to that dream profession.

Take Related Courses in School

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If you are a high school or college student, one of the first things you can do to move toward the job of your choice is to enroll in courses that will teach yo

u related skills and concepts. If you want to work in finance, be sure to take lots of mathematics, economics and money management-based classes.

As another example, if you are interested in education, you may want to design a well-rounded curriculum including subjects like science, social studies, psychology and history.

Even if you have already been in a field for a long time and want to freshen up your credentials – or switch into another industry altogether – adult learners can also benefit from additional education. Starting with online schooling or part-time classes at your local community college may be beneficial.

Try to Get an Internship

For those who are still in college or are college bound, internships can be a great way to test out a field and gain some initial connections. An internship is basically a short-term, often part-time job that pays you in school credits and experience.

See if your current school or alma mater offers any internships in your field of interest or a related one. This will look great on your resume when you’re just starting out, and it will give you valuable references.

Apply for Positions with Related Skill Sets

For those who are already entrenched in the world of work or are starting out there, it can also be smart to apply for positions that utilize the skills you have, but aren’t necessarily the exact employment you seek.

Those looking for accounting jobs may also apply for taxation and/or finance positions, as well as others that use math, budgeting and critical thinking skills. This will give you experience and build your roster of skills.

Try Alternative Avenues of Employment

If you are going through a search for accounting jobs, sometimes it can be smart to team up with finance staffing agencies or recruiters specializing in your sector. These companies will often have a myriad of open positions that relate directly or indirectly to your talents and experience, so you may have a choice of jobs. Also, they can be on the lookout for what you want and inform you if any openings fit your criteria.

Keep Building Experience & Contacts to Launch Your Career

There is no harm in taking on temporary professional assignments or doing stints at roles slightly below your skill level. This is because you will constantly be expanding your experience (and thus beefing up your resume), as well as gaining lots of new colleagues who may help you in your search.

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