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Careers And Average Earnings For MBTI Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, helps individuals understand their own unique personalities. These personalities are divided into 16 different types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There is also a tendency for different personality types to choose certain careers, which corresponds to average annual incomes for each. The following is a summary of each MBTI personality type along with corresponding traits, careers, and average income:

Guardians are those who seek justice and security and are made up of the ESFJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, and ISTJ personality types. They tend to be dependable, hardworking, responsible, and dutiful and can be found helping society as a whole.

  • ESFJ – The Provider
    ESFJs are skilled at interacting with people and have exceptional organizational skills. They are able to work at routine tasks and can be counted on to follow through with anything that is asked of them. Many ESFJs can be found in careers as a teacher, counselor, social or religious worker, or family physician and earn an average of $73,000 per year.
  • ESTJ – The Supervisor
    Those with an ESTJ personality type are born leaders and excel at creating order in all aspects of life. They are honest, trustworthy, driven, and have a natural athletic ability. Because of their traits, ESTJs make excellent judges, military leaders, police officers, and manager, earning them an average annual salary of $74,000.
  • ISFJ – The Protector
    The ISFJ is unmatched in their observant abilities of emotions and have a keen awareness of aesthetic awareness. They are also very meticulous, altruistic, and passionate. Great careers for ISFJs are interior designer, nurse, or working for a cause they are passionate about. ISFJs make an average of $62,000 per year.
  • ISTJ – The Inspector
    Of all types, the ISTJ is the most persevering. They value procedures, rules, and facts, and are dutiful and responsible. Career choices for the ISTJ include accountant, judge, computer programmer, military leader, or financial manager, earning them an annual pay of $69,000.

ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ, and INFP are known as the Idealists. They enjoy helping, nurturing, and inspiring others, while also being trusting and ethical. They are always looking for possibilities and are very intuitive.

  • ENFJ – The Teacher
    The ENFJ person has great interpersonal and language skills. They enjoy challenges, helping people, and using their creativity and imagination. Potential careers include sales representatives, journalists, teachers, journalists, and psychologists. ENFJ average $69,000 per year.
  • ENFP – The Champion
    This personality type is perceptive, creative, and energetic with strong convictions and communication skills. ENFPs make great entrepreneurs, actors, reporters, politicians, and teachers and earn $66,000 annually.
  • INFJ – The Counselor
    These complex and compassionate individuals have strong values and language skills. They are natural leaders who seek meaning and a use for their creativity. INFJs tend to favor careers as a photographer, teacher, child care worker, psychiatrist, and chiropractor, earning them an average of $63,000 annually.
  • INFP – The Healer
    INFPs have a passion for service and healing, but also possess strong written skills. They have a genuine interest in people and are considered unique, sensitive, and loyal. These individuals make great writers, psychologists, musicians, and social workers. INFPs make $60,000 annually.

Rational personality types are problem solvers and are constantly seeking knowledge to satisfy their curiosity. They are strong-willed, logical, and independent and include ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, and INTP types.

  • ENTJ – The Field Marshal
    ENTJs are decisive, confident leaders with great verbal skills. They are very analytical and organized, as well as being driven by goals. ENTJs are usually seen in the business world as managers, entrepreneurs, corporate officers, and executives. Because of the types of careers ENTJs are suited for, they tend to earn the highest annual salary of $83,000.
  • ENTP – The Inventor
    The ENTPs are inventive and excel at generating ideas. They are highly energetic, while also being logical and rational. Many of them enjoy solving complex problems and participating in debates. They can be found working as actors, engineers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs and earning an annual income of approximately 60,000.
  • INTJ – The Mastermind
    INTJs are highly logical and analytical, allowing them to understand complex theories and ideas. They value knowledge, have high standards, and like to be challenged. Military strategist, engineer, scientist, and systems analyst are potential careers. INTJs earn an annual average of $70,000.
  • INTP – The Architect
    INTP are truth and knowledge seekers, with high standards and morals. They enjoy abstract ideas and analyzing information and can be quite brilliant. These individuals tend to become scientists, lawyers, judges, engineers, and professors. INFP personality types earn an average of $63,000.

As the name suggests, Artists excel in all types of arts, including fine, performing, and industrial arts. They are the risk-takers, the optimists, and the charmers. Because they are constantly seeking experiences, they tend to be spontaneous and value freedom. ESFP, ESTP, ISFP, and ISTP are all considered Artists.

  • ESFP – The Performer
    ESFP individuals like to experience new things, and can be spontaneous, practical, and resourceful. They have excellent communication and people skills and tend to be witty and charming. Careers that suit ESFPs are artist, actor, photographer, and designer. The average annual salary of ESFPs is $62,000.
  • ESTP – The Promoter
    People with the ESTP personality type are adaptable, resourceful, and energetic. They are quite often risk-takers, and are keenly observant with excellent memories, making them great athletes, paramedics, and detectives. They earn an average of 68,000 per year.
  • ISFP – The Composer
    ISFPs love to help others, and have a particular interest in children and animals. They are trusting, loyal, and highly aware of what is going on around them. ISFPs make excellent pediatricians, veterinarians, artists, musicians, and designers. The average salary of ISFPs is $63,000.
  • ISTP – The Crafter
    ISTPs are risk-takers, often enjoying solving problems and figuring out how different things work. They long for variety and action. Many ISTPs can be found as policemen, pilots, engineers, carpenter, and firefighters, while earning an average of $66,000 annually.

The Importance of the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the single most important sentence in a college dissertation and can be found in the starting as well as the ending of a research paper.

A thesis statement has the objective of conveying the goals of the research topic to be studied and what the writer hopes to learn from the research. In short, a thesis statement is a one line gist of your entire dissertation.


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Finding a Topic: The very first step in writing college research papers is finding s topic that is of interest to the writer and the reader. Once the subject that you are going to write on is decided, you need to narrow it down sufficiently to create a topic that is narrow and focused. For example, a student studying English Literature wants to write a research paper on fairy tales. But there are hundreds of fairy tales and the topic becomes too broad for the student to handle. A better topic can be ‘the origin of fairy tales has ancient and dark basis.’ This is a more narrowed down topic and also provides an opening for argument. A student can come up with various different arguments to support this thesis.

Controversial Topics: A lot of students shy away from controversial topics for fear that they will get negative publicity. However, the hallmark of a good researcher is that he needs to address any topic that he deems worthy. Even at the level of controversy, students need to deal with valid facts from credible sources and not just conjectures and opinions. Also a student needs to ensure that he does not willfully sets out to cause offense to any group or society in his thesis.

Ambiguous Statements: A student’s thesis statement must not convey ambiguity as that will confuse the reader as well. If a student is not able to find sufficient information about his topic, all he needs to do is research a little deeper. For example, a student may argue that classical music should be mandatory for all students, but how will he support his claim. He might find proof in the form of journal articles that suggest that young children who listen to classical music tend to have better logical and analytical skills in future life. This can serve as basis to help you further narrow down your topic.

Flexible Statement: Above all, your thesis statement should be flexible and should easily be revised during the course of your dissertation writing. Sometimes, during research a student finds information that he finds intriguing but is unable to add it to his thesis statement because of it being too rigid. Hence a flexible statement can help you add new ideas to your custom dissertation.

Once the entire research paper has been written, a student needs to revisit his thesis statement and ensure that it is compatible with the following guidelines:

1) It clearly indicates the writer’s direction of thought.

2) It is not ambiguous but specific.

3) It gives the setting for the research paper.

4) The paragraph in the body support its claims

5) And it is compatible with the concluding paragraph.

Accountant Jobs and 5 Steps To Landing One

The job search can be tedious and lengthy, but if you know what your professional aspirations are and where your strengths lie, you are ahead of the game. If you want to be an accountant – a growing career field – or are seeking any other position, here are five steps you can take that should help you along on your path to that dream profession.

Take Related Courses in School

school image

If you are a high school or college student, one of the first things you can do to move toward the job of your choice is to enroll in courses that will teach yo

u related skills and concepts. If you want to work in finance, be sure to take lots of mathematics, economics and money management-based classes.

As another example, if you are interested in education, you may want to design a well-rounded curriculum including subjects like science, social studies, psychology and history.

Even if you have already been in a field for a long time and want to freshen up your credentials – or switch into another industry altogether – adult learners can also benefit from additional education. Starting with online schooling or part-time classes at your local community college may be beneficial.

Try to Get an Internship

For those who are still in college or are college bound, internships can be a great way to test out a field and gain some initial connections. An internship is basically a short-term, often part-time job that pays you in school credits and experience.

See if your current school or alma mater offers any internships in your field of interest or a related one. This will look great on your resume when you’re just starting out, and it will give you valuable references.

Apply for Positions with Related Skill Sets

For those who are already entrenched in the world of work or are starting out there, it can also be smart to apply for positions that utilize the skills you have, but aren’t necessarily the exact employment you seek.

Those looking for accounting jobs may also apply for taxation and/or finance positions, as well as others that use math, budgeting and critical thinking skills. This will give you experience and build your roster of skills.

Try Alternative Avenues of Employment

If you are going through a search for accounting jobs, sometimes it can be smart to team up with finance staffing agencies or recruiters specializing in your sector. These companies will often have a myriad of open positions that relate directly or indirectly to your talents and experience, so you may have a choice of jobs. Also, they can be on the lookout for what you want and inform you if any openings fit your criteria.

Keep Building Experience & Contacts to Launch Your Career

There is no harm in taking on temporary professional assignments or doing stints at roles slightly below your skill level. This is because you will constantly be expanding your experience (and thus beefing up your resume), as well as gaining lots of new colleagues who may help you in your search.

Study in UK: A friendly move of trust


The time is long gone when Indians were angry with the Britishers to enslave their ancestors. Now they have taken a more intellectual and more mutually beneficial way of bonding and are sharing a lot of resources in this country. Students here are also very much positive towards the quality of education the universities and colleges in the UK provides to the national and international students. There are many well known colleges and universities, which provide advanced degree to students, and these degrees carry a separate value in terms of employment to degree holder.

An Important move:

Not only the Indian students, but students from all across the globe are moving to this great country for their higher education. This can be proved by the relaxation that has been provided to the Malaysian students who are willing to study in United Kingdom. Due to impact of improved communication system and globalization, the popularity of education in this country has increased manifold and students are rushing in to get admission in the reputed institutes. For this purpose, the government of this country has provided some relaxation to the students in two norms.

Royal Holloway, University of London

These are:

• There is no need of providing any kind of document as a proof of the financial status of the student

• Same is the case with the education qualification.

These are the two issues, which were a high barrier for the students previously in the way of getting a student visa to UK. This relaxation has been given to the willing students by the deputy high commissioner to solve the visa issues of the Malaysian students. It has been seen that the forgery of document among Malaysian students is not very common, and it is very scarce to find one, and they are pretty reliable to provide the real information. This honesty of the students has developed a trust between the two countries. This relaxation of these norms will help to strengthen the bonds between the two countries. The relaxation has provided with positive effects across the student community, and so many more students have started developing a positive attitude and willingness to move to the UK for further education, especially, from Malaysia. It is expected to be the major education hub because of this action only.

Effect on the visa process:

The international bonding is not the only thing, which is benefited by this step of the British government, but the number of students which are coming down to this country has also increased. This is a move which will benefit the students, as well as, the education sector in the United Kingdom. Previously the time needed for the whole process of the visa took at least 15 days in which 7 days were utilized in getting the approval. But as this relaxation is given, this time period will be further reduced. It depends more on the improvement of the relations between the two countries, more relaxation can be provided for the visa process.

Cost Of Living Expenses For International Students In The UK

Going away to college brings with it the excitement of new experiences. For some undergraduates and those seeking higher degrees, that experience is enhanced by studying in the UK. While the culture is similar to the United States, there are differences in language and in the basic operation of the schools. That all is a part of the excitement but those studying abroad need to prepare for the differences, especially the financial ones.Students entering the UK need a tier four visa. This means that you must be able to prove you can pay your course tuition and your living fees (which average about $1638 a month) without government assistance. You also need to have an acceptance (a sponsorship) from a university.The actual cost of tuition and accommodations vary widely. At the University of Edinburgh, for example, international students can expect to pay just under $15,000 for arts studies to around $32,000 a term for science and clinical degrees. If the course demands study at other locations, this cost can rise. At Sheffield University, tuition for two semesters of an arts course is $16, 790 for international students. Financial aid is available for schools in the UK, but for international students the competition is fierce and chances of obtaining grants or scholarships is slim.

English: The University of Sheffield

English: The University of Sheffield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cost of living for students depends upon the kind of living accommodations you choose, but a private bedroom with shared kitchen and living space will cost about $226 weekly at Edinburgh. At Sheffield, the cost for that level of lodging is $1300 a month. IF you choose an apartment, expect to pay around $500 to $600 a month or more. In addition, apartments in London and some other areas are higher, as is lodging in the center of any city.

The cost for food depends upon whether you stay in school housing or on your own, as well as the type of university accommodation you choose. If your plan includes a lunch a day, your weekly food expense at the school could be around $18 a week, plus any meals out. Otherwise, food budgets run around $125 weekly. Restaurant meals can average $12 to $32 each while less pricey pub meals run around $10 to $16.

Utilities like gas and electricity vary by location too. Students who stay in university housing find this expense is covered in their room charges. If you live on your own, plan to spend about $56 a month. Internet is covered in university lodging fees, but otherwise costs between $12 and $50 or more a week. Your mobile phone will not continue to work as it does now in the UK. You will either have to buy a new sim card or pay to have your service “unlocked” from your current provider. As in the US, it is less expensive to avoid contracts. Mobile service charges average $44 to $56 dollars a month.

Apartment leases can be as inexpensive as $500 a month, when shared, but landlords typically ask a deposit of up to 6 weeks rent and the first month rent in advance. Apartment dwellers must figure transportation into their budgets too. Travel cards are available at different fees depending on how frequently they are used. There is a pay-as-you-go option; however students in London may apply for an “Oyster photo card” which, for a $16 deposit, saves them 30 percent on travel. Restaurants and pubs sometimes offer discounts to students holding Oyster cards too.

Studying abroad can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be costly if students are unprepared to budget their finances.

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