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Negotiation tactic for grads to set them up for long term success

College grads with little experience in the business environment shouldn’t be terrified by salary negotiations – in spite of the current economy. How well do you know your stuff? Is there something you have that can benefit the company you’re interviewing for? Then you that as leverage; hone your negotiation skills as much as possible,… Read More »

Hacks that will make recent grads negotiate their salary like a pro

As a passionate entry-level employee or recent grad, it is normal to feel awkward during salary negotiations. When your work experience is limited and you have no influence, making yourself seem valuable can be challenging. However, mastering the art of negotiations is a lot easier when you have confidence. Believe it or not, confidence is… Read More »

Top 5 Companies That Allow Work from Home Option to Employee

Many of you may be thinking of working remotely after a career gap or due some other reasons. There are many companies offering work from home options but not all are the legitimate or trustworthy.But there are some top corporate companies who offer flexible working hours, work from home and compressed week work options for… Read More »

How necessary is to learn negotiation for a new grad?

Even for the most experienced workers it can be difficult to engage in salary negotiations. For new grads, the whole process can be rather intimidating. Money talks are uncomfortable conversations during job interviews, although they’re fundamental because they determine the starting income of a new grad and serve as a limit for future bonuses and… Read More »