CV Pitfalls You Should Avoid

By | February 19, 2014

Curriculum vitae is one’s marketing brochure that enables him to sell his products which are his skills. A good CV helps you secure that call for interview that is why it is important that you know how to build your CV.

While there are no certain rules and standard for writing CVs, there are things that are just not acceptable to be seen on one’s CVs. If you want to be on advantage, never do these things on your CVs.

Interview in Progress

Interview in Progress (Photo credit: Donald Lee Pardue)

Apply for a Job which you aren’t qualified

The last thing that interviewers want is to waste time on unqualified applicants. Job hunting is not just about sending massive resumes where you just sit and wait who would call you first. Don’t waste time applying for jobs that you aren’t qualified. Instead, focus on the jobs which requirements you can meet.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Grammar and spelling mistakes set your future employer off. Better proofread your CV until you are satisfied that it is free from any spelling or grammar errors. Checking your CV will save you from embarrassing situations. Besides that, your interviewer might see you lazy enough not to double check your CVs.

CV with Bad Format

Avoid flashy fonts and bad formats. This proves to be an eyesore for the interviewer which may mean losing your chance to be interviewed. De-clutter your CV to make it easy to read. Stick with Arial or Times New Roman with font size 10 or 12. Avoid using italics as well as colored and crazy background. Make your CV as corporate and simple as possible. Recruiters aren’t after your display of graphics or visuals, they are after your skills.

Include Personal Information

CVs should highlight skills and including personal information might make the recruiters judge you according to your personal details e.g. marital status, race, gender or age. You must be judged according to your professional credentials, not on personal basis.

Irrelevant Information

While CVs are lengthy, they are purposely made to highlight your achievements and skills. Don’t include your hobbies and interest on your CVs. Instead, include extracurricular activities related to your work. Your hobbies may suggest that you are not serious for responsibilities. Additionally, avoid including information that is outdated. Don’t discuss your high school achieved unless it is really momentous. Just list your major achievement for your college days to your employment history.

Lie on Your CVs

While you need to describe yourself in the positive side, avoid claiming things to add depth to your CVs. Recruiters are experienced individuals which mean they would know that you are lying. You might lose your chance of getting a call for interview for that. Besides, employers do background checks, verifying truth from what you’ve written.


CVs are all about you which mean that there should be no room for someone else. Besides, recruiters would ask for reference if they see you have potential for the position. Wait until you are asked for reference.

Include Photo

Unless you are applying for a commercial model, don’t include a photo on your CV. Wait until you are asked to give one.

Reasons for Leaving Previous Job

This is why interviews are for. You need to make yourself worthy to be asked of this issue during interview. You should make your CV impressive so that you can explain.

CVs should make applicant interesting to be interviewed. Your CV should sell you and make you stand out among the rest. And if you wanted to land a job, make sure to avoid these pitfalls when drafting your CV.

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