Effect of Globalization on MBA Programs

By | October 29, 2014

Globalization when knocked India in the year 1991, it changed the outlook straight from industries to clothes. The one sector which has witnessed a reform in the country is the Education sector, in which Post Graduate courses has seen maximum twists. Pre 1991, having an MBA degree did not existed much in India and in the present time, MBA has become a necessity more than a luxury.  Globalization in courses like MBA has become a blessing in disguise, while the traditional teaching style can no longer be found; various new courses have taken place in the MBA programs list. Here we are going to look at few of such courses which are new and have become significant.


MBA sector has continuously seen changes in terms of course, specializations etc. in order to be globally accepted, MBA programs offered in India in the top colleges offering a professional degree have to be aligned with those provided internationally. Some pros of globally acclaimed courses being taught in India are mentioned below:

Benefits of Globalization Induced MBA Programs

There is a hand few of courses which have been recently introduced in Indian education sector. The benefits of these courses are explained in much detail below:

MBA Programs

  1. Enhanced Job Opportunities

The job horizon has increased since the onset of new courses, various sectors like Healthcare; Agriculture etc. have started demanding MBA professionals to make corporate operations easier and effective.

  1. New Sectors

Sectors like retail etc. have found an independent place in Indian economy. Sectors like retail, supply chain etc. were always seen as back end. However, they have taken centre stage after reputed MBA offering post graduate courses like MBA programs in Retail management. These sectors are known to be getting eyeballs from aspirants.

  1. Real Time

MBA in India has become more real times, with good MBA colleges adapting methods like the MOOC to make learning more up to date, while giving more opportunities to networking and increasing connectivity.

  1. Globally ready Students

With Globalization, MBA programs in India have become equal to MBA programs offered in USA or UK or any other country. This phenomenon makes MBA graduates job ready to work in any country.

A Few such MBA Programs

Although there are a large number of newly launch MBA courses in Indian curriculum, that breaks the regular Finance, Marketing and HR course circle and which makes sure that every MBA graduate of a well reputed college is ready to be employed in any country of their wish with the help of the one MBA degree. Some of the MBA courses which have been witnessing demand since a long time are:

  • Health Care Management

It makes you ready for roles like medical practice managers, hospital administrators etc. on being graduates from this course; you can expect to work in any hospitality sector line as you see fit.

  • Agriculture Business Management

It is a new post graduate course, which prepares students to manage companies that deals with marketing, process or merchandising of Agri products to various customers.

  • Rural Management

This course benefits cannot be directly attributed to Globalization, however it has been reforming the rural segment because of the growths that are linked with the growth of rural sector. It makes young professionals ready for managing marketing in the backward areas of the country.

  • International Management

This program prepares students to face the competition on the global front and make a stand for India in the world.

Colleges offering new MBA Programs

There are a variety of good MBA colleges in India that expertise in providing some unconventional post graduate courses. The MBA programs offered by these colleges witness a large number of student enrollment every year. Some of the top colleges are listed below.

  • International Management Institute – For MBA in IM
  • NMIMS School of Business Management – For MBA in Hospital Management
  • Institute of Rural Management – For MBA in Rural Management
  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Lucknow – For MBA in Agriculture Management

Globalization has done more good than harm at least when the Education Sector is concerned. It’s time for you to leave the conventional path too.

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