Hacks that will make recent grads negotiate their salary like a pro

By | May 17, 2015

As a passionate entry-level employee or recent grad, it is normal to feel awkward during salary negotiations. When your work experience is limited and you have no influence, making yourself seem valuable can be challenging. However, mastering the art of negotiations is a lot easier when you have confidence. Believe it or not, confidence is a feature that can work miracles in a job interview.Recent grads don’t like to bargain because they wrongfully assume that they must accept whatever offer is on the table. Wrong! You may not have previous work experience to wow hiring managers, but this doesn’t mean that what you have to offer is not valuable. Here a couple of hacks to help you nail a negotiation.

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It’s all about research

In a job interview, research is essential. How much information do you know about the hiring manager? Solid data can’t be argued to, not even with experience. As a recent grad, you must not let yourself intimidated by your other candidates. Find out more about average salaries the company is paying, including the amount normally remunerated for the position you’re interviewing for. This sort of information is displayed publicly, so it won’t be that difficult for you to find.

Generally speaking, job openings require at the very least a college degree. As a recent grad, try not to focus on what you can’t offer, and stay focused on the things you can offer. In today’s high tech environment many companies seek fresh talent; and by fresh talent we mean recent grads with little work experience but with great potential. You can be it!


How to make yourself seem valuable

Recent grads with almost no work experience don’t bargain because they’re not aware of their true value. They don’t know how to make their case and they usually end up with the first offer presented by the hiring manager. In spite of your limited work experience, there are still strategies you can use to make yourself noticed. For example, have you ever thought of asking for non-financial incentives? A company may not be able to offer a more substantial package, but it might be in the position of providing you a compensation plan based on performance.

For a new grad to succeed when negotiating salary terms, he must appear valuable in front of hiring managers. If you don’t have work experience, give them something else. Make them want to hire you. For example, you could mention that you’re willing to relocate and travel; talk about your experience with social media and advanced technology, and you might gauge their attention.

Bargain for a salary package

As a new grad and future employee it is fundamental that you bargain for a salary package. While money is important, there are other things a company can and should offer, such as seminars, negotiation training courses, paid vacation, and so on. It is important for a recent graduate to look at the bigger picture when interviewing for a job. A company may not be in the position to pay more, but this doesn’t mean it can provide an attractive salary package.

Be careful when making demands though, not everything is negotiable. Approach the negotiation with poise and determination. Don’t let your lack of experience get the best of your judgment. Look for a way to build a connection, and be grateful for every offer made even it won’t be what you expected.

Have patience and wait for hiring managers to make you an offer

As a recent graduate with little work experience, you’re in no position to make demands. Wait for the hiring manager to offer you a contract before starting to negotiate. As soon as they’ve made their pledge, feel free to start bargaining. Why should you get more? What can you provide that others can’t? Are you capable of dealing with stressful situations? This sort of questions are common during job interviews, so be ready to answer them in the most original way possible.

College students hunting for a job don’t bargain because they don’t feel that they’re entitled to get more. Don’t beat yourself up, and find a way to prove to a hiring manager that in spite of a lack of experience you can still a valuable potential employee they should hire.

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