How Your online Presence Can Help You Get a Job

By | December 12, 2014

With some companies slashing their budgets when it comes to advertising for new staff, they are now looking at asking their existing staff for referrals in order to recruit new people. The old it’s not what you know – but WHO you know.

What this means is your online presence can help you gain an interview. If you have a very strong online presence you stand a better chance of tapping into these unadvertised vacancies.

You will need to do your *homework* – instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching, just waiting for something to happen you need to make your mark on the social media sphere.

You can achieve this by reaching out and trying to connect to key people. Find those at work in the industry you are hoping to get into – introduce yourself, ask to subscribe to their feed, or if you have a mutual contact already, ask them to introduce you.

Remember, just as in your real life you can make contact online via the same means, through friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. Be sure to tap into all and any possible connections!

Keep an eye on company Facebook, Google + LinkedIn pages and other social media behavior  – often they post about upcoming career opportunities, events and jobs. Make a point of connecting to the official pages of any businesses or companies that are significant for the jobs or career you are looking for.


While it takes a long time and a lot of effort, eventually you start receiving job leads in your feed by default!

Now that you have gained that interview looks at your real life presence. Do you look too young? Or too old?

Do you dress appropriately? Are your communication skills holding you back? Is your hairstyle out of date? Do you have a weak handshake or poor posture?

Or are you just not providing strong, clear and concise answers to their questions.

Don’t let doubts linger, address any of the above that is holding you back, square your shoulders and tell yourself ‘I am going to impress the heck out of everyone’.

Don’t put on a false smile, relax and try and be as natural as you can – smiling the whole way through your interview will just come across creepy.

Try and remain comfortable, but, remember you are still *on show* and trying to project the best image possible.

Sadly some people think or feel they have to be something they’re not just to land the job and this only leaves them feeling depressed, anxious and stressed about the whole interview.

Think about your job interview long before you get there; rehearse your answers for common questions, anything you know you want to add during the interview, focus on your positive attributes, goals and achievements. Remember it’s your honesty and being who you are that will get you noticed.

Don’t beat yourself up if the interview hasn’t gone well, or didn’t go as you hoped or planned, focus on where you went wrong and learn how to handle the situation differently next time.

Do you have an online presence? Have you found it helpful? Are there any do’s and don’ts you can share with us?

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