MBA Programs – Covering Relatively Newer Fields!

By | February 21, 2014

Scope of MBA in today’s time:

With cut throat competition and survival of the fittest, getting an MBA degree has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Gone are the days when an MBA was looked upon as a very exclusive course which only a select few had the means and the brains to do. These days, the degree has become more of a prerequisite for any job worth its name. Many companies have even made an MBA degree mandatory for entrance into the organization.

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With so much demand, no wonder each and every person is opting for courses in MBA after graduation. For those who are brilliant, the field is vast and open, but for those who are average and don’t get through the 90’s percentage cut off in CAT, a regular MBA doesn’t really ensure a high profile job in a good company. Mass certifications to a large number of colleges haven’t helped either. There are so many MBA’s from these low rung colleges that the situation of demand exceeding supply has started to blur.

In today’s time and age, one needs to engage in smart thinking while choosing a career. As the scope of MBA courses have grown over the period of time, the course itself has evolved a lot. Many new streams have been taken under the umbrella and now we see many new courses as compared to some time back when the main specializations were Marketing, Finance or Human Resources.

Some of the relatively new fields which have been brought under the MBA umbrella are:


CSR or the corporate social responsibility has emerged as a new field which is being engaged into by many companies. Started in the west, the concept of giving back to the society and nature has really started catching up in our country as well. Social issues are combined with business prospective under this field. The scope is immense as the growth trajectory of the country’s business depends largely on a sustainable economy where society and profit go hand in hand. Many organizations have started offering this course but the first one to start is the University of Mysore under the Maharaja Education trust.

To make this course as effective as possible, the Mysore University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) and the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises for placements.The degree will give an opportunity to students who yearn to mix social concerns with business outlook.


Our country is still considered an agrarian economy. Although dependent largely on agriculture, management professionals still haven’t made their presence felt in this sector. But the time has come when the need is staring us directly in the face for a professional approach towards our agriculture business. For our country to become a global agri force, the need for professionally qualified managers is rapidly growing. Many institutes have realised the potential and have started offering MBA in agriculture.

The scope here is also immense as many corporates have entered the agri business due to the opening of FDI in retail and facilitated export procedures. The course covers the world Trade organization’s norms and guidelines among other things. The commercial aspect of agriculture is widely taught covering subjects like Value Chain, Business economies and marketing management. IIM, Ahmedabad and IIM Lucknow are some of the premier institutes which are offering management courses in agriculture. Job profiles like Manager Commodities, Manager Productivity, Supply Chain management etc are readily available upon completion of the course.


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Another field which is creating waves world over is the field of Bio Technology. With growing health concerns, the bio tech industry is busy working on new formulas for medicines, development of new tissue cells, DNA mixing etc. The students learn both, the technical as well as the business side of this field. They are taught in detail the basics of life sciences, Bio instruments study, industrial bio technology, food bio technology etc.

MITCON institute of Management, University of Pune, and Amity institute of Biotechnology are some of the premier institutes offering management courses in bio technology. With jobs readily available with many mega corporates at good salaries, this is another field which is relatively new and can be tapped.

Aspirants who complete MBA in Biotechnology can look forward to some great opportunities ahead. They have lots of job prospects in different sectors of the country as well as overseas. They can enjoy an assortment of job profiles and great remuneration in these sectors. A number of leading firms function in this area which is considered as one of the promisingareas in the current time as well. A number of talented people are choosing this as their specialization owing to the importance of this field in the existing economy. There are different certification courses as well in this field which can be taken post graduation.

People who get this promising degree can have a pretty fulfilling career abroad as well. They can work in multiple job profiles in differentprojects abroad where they are offered great remuneration. There are a variety of certifications as well which can be pursued to improve theoverall job prospects. Almost all foreign countries including USA,UK and New Zealand etc have a huge and growing demand for these graduates.

MBA in India has seengrowth and acceptance in a huge way. Academic development in the field of business management education was catalyzed by suitable policy intrusions by the serving governments from time to time. Therefore we noticed setting up of various MBA colleges and institutes in most of the important metropolitan centers of India in a huge way. MBA programmes offer aspirants a number of specializations and orientations to choose from. There is no shocker then, that such an equation has augmented the significance of business programs in India and similarly described economies of the world.

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