Top 5 Companies That Allow Work from Home Option to Employee

By | January 19, 2015

Many of you may be thinking of working remotely after a career gap or due some other reasons. There are many companies offering work from home options but not all are the legitimate or trustworthy.But there are some top corporate companies who offer flexible working hours, work from home and compressed week work options for employees. Even there are some companies where you can work half a day from office and remaining half a day from home.

Also a full-time-job from home some companies offer, where a fixed shift is decided and employee has to work from home as a full timer in particular timing instead of going to office.

Earlier the fad of remote working was more in western countries but now in India also people wants flexible jobs and the number of people working remotely is increasing. Top companies who offer work from home options are from various fields like Health Care, Education, IT, Marketing, Call centers etc.

The jobs titles offered to work from home are Virtual Assistant, Accountant, Developer, Programmer, Senior Analyst, Medical Representative, Graphic Designer, Customer Support etc.

Here are the top 5 companies that allow work from home option to employee.

1. Xerox

Xerox is one of the top companies providing employee work from home options. Xerox has spread across 160 locations around the world and it’s headquarter is in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Since 1906 Xerox has been in business and is world-leader in document technology. Throughout 2013 Xerox was the number one company providing work from home opportunities as well as in 2014.

All over the world Xerox employs 140,000 people. Xerox also offers full time jobs, part time jobs and work from home jobs to their employee. They also offer work from home to job titles like functional analyst and client managing director.

2. United Health Group

UnitedHealth Group was founded in year 1977 and is spread across 120 countries around the world and serves over 80 million individuals. United Health Group is committed for the healthcare system supporting and improving the health of people.

United Health Group is the second runner for allowing employees to work from home. United Health Group offers flexible jobs, work from home jobs and part time job opportunities to the employees. Very less knew they offer a job to nurse where she does a full time job and help patients over the phone.

3. DellDell

Dell was founded in year 1984 and is privately owned Information Technology Company. Dell is on third number company, offering work from home jobs.

As it’s an IT company they offer work from home jobs to Programmers, Developers also they offer work from home jobs to managers, financial consultants and business consultants. Dell offer part time jobs, flexible jobs, work from home jobs and compressed week jobs.

4. Aetna

Aetna is a leading healthcare benefit company providing high-quality healthcare and a Fortune 100 member. Aetna is on fourth place for offering work from home jobs. Aetna was founded in year 1850 and incorporated in year 1982.

They provide health insurance products and services like dental, medical, pharmacy etc. Aetna has headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. They offer various work from home jobs including network manager and pharmacy director.

5. American Express

American Express was founded in year 1850 and is on the fifth position of company offering work from home jobs. American Express headquarter is in New York and has more than 63,500 employees working worldwide.

American Express is the world’s largest card issuer company by purchase volume. Till now they have offered employees the full time, part time and flexible work schedule jobs. Jobs like Travel consultants, senior relationship managers, meeting managers etc. are also offered to work from home.

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