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By | March 1, 2014

The world is becoming more and more globalized thanks to the improvement in information and communication technology as well as efficient transportation system. With the internet and mobile phone technology, one can communicate and do business with people located millions of miles away from them. However, there is still the problem of language to deal with. There are thousands of languages across the world. Only a few people can speak multiple languages. So, despite the improvement in information and communication, there is still a need for translation services.

What is translation service?

Translation services are services that interpret written text from the original language to another language or languages. The content of the translated text known as the target text normally communicates the same message, thoughts and ideas with the original text which is called the source text. When translating a document, a translator must take into consideration the grammatical rules, contexts of the two languages, their idioms and writing conventions. Translation is not the same thing as transliteration which is a word-to-word transcription of a written text. This does not consider the grammar, contexts, idioms and conventions of the two languages.

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Who needs translation services?

Translation services are very important in the world today. As the world is becoming global, many businesses are now going international. In order to maintain communication with their customers in the various places they exist, businesses require translation services to enable them convey their messages to the consumers and targeted audience. Various departments of both local and international businesses require translation services for efficient communications.

Besides, there are other fields or industries that require translation services. The legal field especially in a country with more than one official language requires translation services. Court records, petitions, depositions and court proceedings may need to be translated. The medical fields are in frequent need of translation of medical notes and records. The law enforcement agency is another field that may have a need to hire translation services. Statements from suspects who speak languages different from the official language of a country are normally translated to the official language. Other fields where translation services are highly required are media, insurance and financial companies.

At times, individuals may have a need for translation of personal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, academic certificate, contracts and others. Stranslations is a UK based professional translation agency.

Searching for a translation service

Translation services can be offered by individual translators or translation agencies. If you have any document to be translated, you can either hire an individual professional translator or translation agency. It is not difficult to find one because there are several places to look for them.

Your local directory should be your first port of call if you are in need of translation services. The benefits of searching for translation agents via the directory is that you are sure of finding a reliable and authentic translation agency.

However, you can also make use of the internet if you are not able to utilize your local directory. Just perform a search on the term and you will get amazing results. You can also hire individual translators from freelancing sites.

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