How to Prepare for CLAT

In India, there are a large number of law aspirants that apply for the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) every year. The CLAT is conducted by the prestigious National Law Universities (NLUs) as part of their admission process of their law courses. Also, the NLUs conduct the exam via rotational basis.

The aspirants can appear for the CLAT exam after successful completion of Class XII for the integrated undergraduate law courses, and post Graduation in Law for the Master in Law programs, that are held by the Law schools and universities.

The CLAT is conducted on a pan-India basis and has a 2-hour duration. The question paper contains multiple-choice questions, with 5 different sections. These include English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Current Affairs & General Knowledge, and Legal Aptitude.

CLAT: Exam Preparation Tips

  • The CLAT tests the candidates on their English proficiency. Thus, as a CLAT aspirant, you must read newspapers and books to improve your grammar and reading comprehension. Also, you should study the basics of English thoroughly by referring to English language books. More so, make sure to learn new words, as well as their synonyms and antonyms
  • In CLAT’s General Knowledge section, the candidates are tested on current and general affairs. Hence, you must read GK books and newspapers on a daily basis to remain updated on the latest developments and improve your general awareness.
  • For CLAT’s Mathematics section, the aspirants must study the Mathematics concepts thoroughly. Also, they must solve the questions using the Mathematics fundamentals and not indulge in guesswork.
  • There is, also, the Legal Aptitude section in the CLAT exam. The section includes questions on legal principles and their applications in different situations. In fact, the question paper focuses on 4 law areas that are Law of Tort, Criminal Law, Indian Constitution, and Contract Act. Thus, the candidates should prepare accordingly.
  • The Logical Reasoning section of the CLAT exam evaluates the applicant’s ability to think logically. To excel in this section, you must study from logical reasoning books while solving the given queries.
  • An important CLAT exam preparation tip is to distribute your time on the varied subjects equally. Avoid uneven distribution of time of the different subjects. Moreover, do not avoid any section.
  • Take regular mock tests to prepare for the CLAT examination, However, you must complete at least 75% of the syllabus before taking the mock tests. Invest in a good online mock test series and try to finish around 6-8 mock tests before the exam. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions and stick to the time limit.
  • A good strategy to answer question papers is to avoid spending extra time on difficult questions. Come back to them if you have time later. Also, in the CLAT exam, the questions bear equal marks and you can start from any section.
  • Keep in mind that CLAT has negative marking system. As such, your strategy should be to guess but carefully. Only if you can eliminate at least 2 choices in the questions, then attempt the difficult questions.
  • Schedule your study and daily routine. More so, you must plan your study schedule at the time of the day that your concentration levels are high.
  • To improve focus, you should take steps to remain healthy. For the same, you must consume nutritious foods and drink enough water for the body hydration. Besides, following a regular exercise schedule is beneficial. Further, indulge in stress-relieving techniques to lower stress levels.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers regularly after completing the entire syllabus. By doing so, you become familiar with the test pattern.
  • Draft notes of the important points. During revision, studying from your own notes is easier as compared to books.
  • Ensure that you clear your doubts with teachers and friends.
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