How to Prepare for Interview

An interview with a company helps the employers to decide whether you a good fit for the given job vacancy or not. Also, if called for an interview, the employer is showing interest in you which is good news. Also, as per your performance in the Interview round, the employer will decide whether to go ahead with your application or not. Thus, always prepare well for the face-to-face interview. Refer to the below-listed details for tips on how to prepare for Interview.

Before Interview: Preparation Tips

Prepare your Resume

Keep in mind that for every job interview, you should alter your Resume. As such, you should highlight your achievements that are in line with the job requirements. More so, add all relevant work experience and educational qualification details in your resume.

Practice the common questions

Normally, some general questions are asked during interviews. On your part, you must rehearse such questions beforehand. Practice talking about your personal and family background, in addition to your career achievements. By doing so, you will be less nervous on the final interview day.

Prepare your own set of questions

For your interview, you should prepare questions to ask the interviewer if given an opportunity. These questions should be related to the job, job’s various requirements, company background as well as projects, growth prospects, among others.

Study about the company

As part of your interview preparation, study about the company and the latest developments. Moreover, be prepared on how you in your new role can contribute to the company’s advancement. By doing so, the interviewers may perceive you to be a good fit in the organization.

Remain Updated

Read newspapers regularly so you are updated on the current affairs, latest news, and general knowledge. More importantly, study about the most recent developments in the industry that the particular company is operating in.

Interview Day: Preparation Tips

Dress Suitably

For your interview, decide your wear so you seem confident, smart, and formal. Keep in mind that the first impression is the most important. More so, if there is a specific dress code, make sure that you conform to the same. However, wearing formals is the norm in most cases. Besides, ensure to iron your clothes. Moreover, opt for basic colors such as whites, browns, greys, blacks, and blues for your wear.

Arrive on Time

Always arrive well before the scheduled time so you have some time to prepare before the interview.

Carry all the requisites

Carry your CV, a pen and a notebook. Moreover, if any other documents are required, make sure that you store them in your bag too.

Turn-off your phone

Switch off your phone so that you are not interrupted with calls during the interview.

Remain confident

Proper body language is an absolute must. Thus, you must maintain an upright posture, seem confident, and shake hands properly. You should, also, have eye contact with the interviewers to seem self-confident.

Avoid Negative Talk

Avoid talking negatively about your past employers. All the same, do not blame them for leaving your previous job. Instead, remain positive by talking how you are skilled for the given job and, also, focus on your future career goals.

Do not boast

Avoid comparing yourself with others. Conversely, you must discuss your strengths and weaknesses and how your skills are suitable for the job.

Hide your nervousness

Try not to get nervous or else you may falter. Getting nervous is natural; however, you must not display the same. Note that the interviews assess the candidates on their intelligent and emotional quotient, so even if nervous, try to control your nervousness.

Be Positive

Talk about your accomplishments, though you should make sure to be positive. Also, you must learn to communicate effectively and clearly. The interviewers are interested to see how enthusiastic and motivated you are. Further, they want to see your reaction in different situations to help determine your suitability for the position.

Interview Techniques

There are varied types of interview techniques, as seen in the following details.

  • In the case of a straightforward interview, the interviewer poses questions that are linked to the information as furnished in your CV.
  • For an interview that is based on demonstrated skills, the interview asks the candidates to draw examples where the candidate has shown persuasion, leadership, negotiation and teamwork skills. In some cases, the applicant is asked some out-of-the-box questions. These help to assess the candidate’s reaction to a specific situation and how they can apply their logical and creative skills to manage the same.
  • During some interviews, the interview may oppose your views. The idea is to put you under pressure and check how you handle the situation. However, on your part, you must remain calm and composed while sticking to your point on why you are the right candidate for the job.

Post Interview: Useful Information

Update your references

In cases where you have been called for an interview through a reference, then post the interview you must call and update them on the proceedings. Note that maintaining your network is important if you have to be considered for other openings in the future.

Show your gratitude

After you complete your interview, send a mail to the interview to thank them for the interview.

Follow up

To know about the status of your application, you can call the interviewer for the same. Express your interest in the position once again if needed.

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