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In the year 1986, in India’s state of Himachal Pradesh, the Himachal Pradesh Takniki Shiksha Board was given the responsibility of handling the management affairs of the state’s various technical training centers, including the government (Industrial Training Institutes or ITIs) and private (Industrial Training Centers or ITCs) ones. The Board is traced to Dari in Dharamsala that is in the midst of the Himalayan Mountain’s Dhauladhar ranges.

However, the Union Government of India set up an advisory body, the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT), for framing the guidelines of governing the skill-based training hubs. Also, the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) was appointed for implementing the NCVT’s policies in the different states.

With an array of NCVT/SCVT trade courses that can be availed, the aspirants can choose the ones according to their eligibility and interests. Upon successfully completing the programs, they receive the National Trade Certificates or State Level Trade Certificates, depending on the stipulated courses. Then, they become eligible to apply for the several employment opportunities at the national or state level, accordingly. Thus, they get a means of livelihood and also, can partake in the country’s progress.

Himachal Pradesh ITI Result 2023

The technical courses are held in a series of 4 semesters, namely, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones. The candidates can browse the Board’s official website or NCVT’s official site to view their results of the NCVT/SCVT trade programs.

Also, they have the option of visiting the site,, to know more about the trade courses.


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Himachal Pradesh ITI Colleges List

S.N.College NameCity Name
1Adarsh Private Industrial Training InstituteBilaspur
2Dogra Industrial Training CenterBilaspur
3Govt Industrial Training Institute Berthin, BilaspurBilaspur
4Govt Industrial Training Institute, BilaspurBilaspur
5Govt ITI, Industrail Training Institute, SwarghatBilaspur
6Govt Industrial Training Institute, Bilaspur( Women)Bilaspur
7Govt. ITI GhumarwinBilaspur
8HIMS Private ITIBilaspur
9Maa Santoshi Private Industrial Training InstituteBilaspur
10New Dogra Pvt. ITIBilaspur
11Pranjli Pvt. ITI Patta, Ghumarwin, Distt BilaspurBilaspur
12Sankhyan Pvt. ITIBilaspur
13Santoshi Pvt. ITI GhumarwinBilaspur
14Satyam Private Industrial Training InstituteBilaspur
15Shiv Hari Chadda Private ITIBilaspur
16Batt Private Industrial Training Institute Bonkhri ModChamba
17Batt Pvt. Industrail Training Institute Khushangari Tehsil ChurahChamba
18Chamba Millennium Private ITIChamba
19Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, ChambaChamba
20Govt Industrial Training Institute, ChambaChamba
21Govt ITI Pangi at KillarChamba
22Govt ITI, GarnotaChamba
23Govt. Industrial Training Institute LachoriChamba
24Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Tissa at KotiChamba
25Govt. ITI BharmourChamba
26Guru Teg BahadurChamba
27Hill Modern Private ITIChamba
28Jeevan Lakshya Private Industrial Training InstituteChamba
29Maa Jawala Pvt. Industrial Training Institute (Parel)Chamba
31Alpine Private Industrial Training InstituteHamirpur
32Chaman Industril Training InstituteHamirpur
33Chaman Memorial Private Induatrial Training InstituteHamirpur
34Diamond Private Industrial Training InstituteHamirpur
35GIHM Private ITIHamirpur
36Govt Industrial Training Institute HamirpurHamirpur
37Govt ITI SujanpurHamirpur
38Govt. Industrail Training Insutute Naduan at RailHamirpur
39Govt. Industrial Training Insitute BhoranjHamirpur
40Govt. Industrial Training Insutte BaniHamirpur
41Govt. ITI LamblooHamirpur
42H.H. Private Industrial Training InstituteHamirpur
43Happy Pvt. ITI AnuHamirpur
44Him Darshan Private ITI Kohla NadaunHamirpur
45Him Industrial Training Institute Harsour Vill BarsarHamirpur
46Jagriti Private Industrial Training Institute UhaHamirpur
47Jaypee Pvt. Industrial Training InstituteHamirpur
48Jyotsna Pvt. Industrial Training Institute LoharinHamirpur
49Kalka Pvt. ITI BarsarHamirpur
50Krishan Food Craft (Pvt.) ITI HamirpurHamirpur
51Maa Jawala Pvt. ITI (Jalari)Hamirpur
52P.C ITCHamirpur
53Private Industrial Training Institute UkhliHamirpur
54Shanti Niketen ITCHamirpur
55Shivansh Pvt. ITI Bara (Bijhari)Hamirpur
56Tagore Private Industrail Training Institute Sujanpur TihraHamirpur
57Vijay Vallabh Pvt. Iti NadaunHamirpur
58VISHAVKARMA Private ITIHamirpur
59Walia Industrial Training Institute Mandyani, GaloreHamirpur
60Aim Industrial Training Institute ThakurdwaraKangra
61Dhauladhar Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
62Dhouladhar Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
63Galaxy Pvt. ITIKangra
64Ganpati Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
65Gayatri Industrial Training Institute V.P.O JandourKangra
66Govt Industrial Training Institute DharamshalaKangra
67Govt Industrial Training Institute NehranpukharKangra
68Govt Industrial Training Institute ShahpurKangra
69Govt ITI BaijnathKangra
70Govt ITI DadasibaKangra
71Govt ITI GangathKangra
72Govt ITI GarhjamulaKangra
73Govt ITI PalampurKangra
74Govt ITI, BarohKangra
75Govt. Industrial Training Institute SalianaKangra
76Govt. Industrial Triaing Institute DhametaKangra
77Govt. ITI Talwar at LahruKangra
78Govt. ITI, NurpurKangra
79Hari Om Pvt. ITI Indira Colony (Haripur)Kangra
80Himalayan Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
82Kesh Raj Private Iti, RiyaliKangra
83Khanchi Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
84Krishana Private Industrail Training Institute DhametaKangra
85Kshatriya Private ITIKangra
86Laxmi Narayan Pvt ItiKangra
87Maa Chamunda Private ITIKangra
88Maa Jawala Pvt. ITI, Near Majheen Chowk, P.O Bharoli, JwalamukhiKangra
89Mahavir Industrial Training InstituteKangra
90Mata Parvati Pvt. Industrial Training InstituteKangra
91Modern Industrial Training Institute PragpurKangra
92P.C.S Memorial Industrial Training Centre SansarpurKangra
93Prayaas Private Industrial Training Institute, Jawali at BhaneiKangra
94Prayaas Pvt. ItiKangra
95Rainbow Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
96Renesis Pvt. ITIKangra
97Roots Pvt. ITI Kadana-DehriKangra
98Rotary Industrial Training Centre Sungal The. PalampurKangra
99Sarva Shri Maa ITIKangra
100Shaheed Diwan Chand Katoch Pvt. ITIKangra
101Shaheed Surinder Singh, Govt. Industrial Training Institute JawaliKangra
102SHAM Private ITIKangra
104Shree Dhanwantri Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
105Skills Development Society Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
106Tagore Private Industrial Training InstituteKangra
107Unique Private Industrial Training Institute KalohaKangra
108Universal Pvt ItiKangra
109Vishwakarma Industrail Training Centre VPO LambagaonKangra
110Govt Industrial Training Institute Reckong PeoKinnaur
111Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women Reckong PeoKinnaur
112Jaypee Karcham Private ITIKinnaur
113Christian Pvt. ITI KulluKullu
114Everest Industrial Training InstituteKullu
115Govt Industrial Training Institute, KulluKullu
116Govt Industrial Training Institute ShamshiKullu
117Govt ITI NirmandKullu
118Govt. Industrial Training Insutute SainjKullu
119Jai Chamunda I.T.C, VPO ShamshiKullu
120Jai Maa Industrial Training Centre VPO BashingKullu
121Maa Ambika Pvt. ITIKullu
122Orail Industrial Training InstituteKullu
123Raj Intra Tech Pvt ITIKullu
124Seraj Pvt. Industrail Training Institute, RemuKullu
125Govt. Industial Training Institute Rong-TongLahul & Spiti
126Govt. Industrial Training Instiute UdaipurLahul & Spiti
127Alpine private ITI MandiMandi
128Bhartiya Private ITIMandi
129Bhuweneshwari Industrail Training InstituteMandi
130Bishwajeet Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Mahadev Sunder NagarMandi
131Bitta Pvt. ITIMandi
132Classical ItcMandi
133Drang Valley Pvt. ITI Dalah PadharMandi
134Dreamz Private ITIMandi
135Future Private Industrial Training InstituteMandi
136Government Industrial Training Institute KotliMandi
137Govt ITI ThaloutMandi
138Govt ITI, ChachiotMandi
139Govt Industrial Training Institute for Persons with Disabilities Sunder NagarMandi
140Govt Industrial Training Institute, MandiMandi
141Govt Industrial Training Institute, Mandi (Women)Mandi
142Govt ITI DeharMandi
143Govt ITI, BatailMandi
144Govt. Industirial Training Institute KarsogMandi
145Govt. Industrial Training Institute, BagsaidMandi
146Govt. ITI BhadrotaMandi
147Govt. ITI JogindernagarMandi
148Govt. ITI PaplogMandi
149Govt. ITI SandholeMandi
150Happy Young Industrail Training InstituteMandi
151Him Techno Pvt. ITIMandi
152Himalyan Center for Human Resource DevelopmentMandi
153Lalgee Private Industrial Training Institute GutkarMandi
154N.R. Memorial Pvt. ITIMandi
155Nandini Industrial Training Centre Kaniad ,VPO KanMandi
156OMKAR I.T.IMandi
157Shiv Adarsh Private ITIMandi
158Takshila Private ITIMandi
159Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt. Institue of EngineeringShimla
160Dogra (Pvt.) ITI, Panthaghati, ShimlaShimla
161Everest Pvt. ITI Brow, Rampur Bsr.Shimla
162Govt ITI ChirgaonShimla
163Govt ITI, TheogShimla
164Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, ShimlaShimla
165Govt Industrial Training Institute JubbalShimla
166Govt Industrial Training Institute Rampur BushaharShimla
167Govt Industrial Training Institute ShimlaShimla
168Govt ITI JungaShimla
169Govt. Industrial Training Institute ChopalShimla
170Govt. Industrial Training Institute TikkarShimla
171Govt. Industrial Training Institute, KumarsainShimla
172Him Education (Pvt) ITI ShoghiShimla
173Regional Vocational Training Institute, ShimlaShimla
174Shivanjali Private Industrial Training InstituteShimla
175Bhagwan Parshuram Industrial Training Institute SangarhSirmaur
176Galaxy Private Industrial Training InstituteSirmaur
177Govt Industrial Training Institute Paonta SahibSirmaur
178Govt ITI BogdharSirmaur
179Govt ITI SarahanSirmaur
180Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women NahanSirmaur
181Govt Industrial Training Institute NahanSirmaur
182Govt ITI, KaffotaSirmaur
183Govt. ITI RajgarhSirmaur
184Govt. ITI ShillaiSirmaur
185Gyan Shakti Vidyapeeth Pvt. ITISirmaur
186M.D ITC, Nohradhar Via RajgarhSirmaur
187Mata Balasundry Private ITI NahanSirmaur
188Nav Durga Private Industrial Training Institute BedonSirmaur
189Pragati Private Industrail Training InstituteSirmaur
190Pt. Shiva Nand Ramaul Pvt. ITISirmaur
191Anand Private Industrial training Institute Joghon (Nalagarh)Solan
192Anand Private Industrial Training Institute-Phase-II New NalagarhSolan
193Baddi Technical Training Institute Pvt. ITISolan
194Doon Private ITI Barotiwala-BaddiSolan
195Govt Industrial Training Institute DeegalSolan
196Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women NalagarhSolan
197Govt Industrial Training Institute KasauliSolan
198Govt Industrial Training Institute NalagarhSolan
199Govt Industrial Training Institute, SolanSolan
200Govt. ITI ArkiSolan
201Hari Om Private Industrial Training InstituteSolan
202ISED Pvt. ITI, DarlaghatSolan
203MS Pvt. Industrial Training Institute RamsheharSolan
204Ravinder Nath Tagore Memorial Pvt. Industrial Training InstituteSolan
205S.D.S.J. Food Craft Industrial Training InstituteSolan
207Shiwalik Industrial Training Institute Ropar RoadSolan
208Shri Kant Memorial ITCSolan
209Vertex ITCSolan
210Angel Private Industrail Training Institute, PateharUna
211Aryan Private Industrial Training InstituteUna
212Bhagat Ram Memorial Industrial Training Institute Vill BhalounUna
213Global Pvt. ITIUna
214Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, UnaUna
215Govt Industrial Training Institute, UnaUna
216Govt ITI ChintpurniUna
217Govt. Industrial Training Institute Gagret (At Bhaderkali)Una
218Govt. ITI BanganaUna
219Govt. ITI SantoshgarhUna
220Him Gaurav Pvt. industrial Training Institute SantokhgarhUna
221Kutlehar Pvt. ITIUna
222Modern Pvt. ITI MairiUna
223New Angel Private Industrial Taining Institute, PekhubelaUna
224Optech Vidya (P) ITI BanganaUna
225Optech Vidya Pvt. ITI AmbUna
226Saafat Private Industrail Training InstituteUna
227Shiksha Bharti Pvt. Industrial Training InstituteUna
228Shobhit Private Industrial Training InstituteUna
229Simona Private ITIUna
230Sunrise ITCUna
231Swami Vivekanand Private ITI Una

Himachal Pradesh ITI Trade List

S.N.Trade NameDuration
1241-Architectural Draughtsman2 semester
2239-Basic Cosmetology2 semester
3206-Carpenter2 semester
4250-Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing2 semester
5264-Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance2 semester
6242-Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2 semester
7098-Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)2 semester
8133-Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician4 semester
9243-Desk Top Publishing Operator2 semester
10217-Draughtsman (Civil)4 semester
11224-Draughtsman (Mechanical)4 semester
12248-Dress Making2 semester
13076-Driver Cum Mechanic1 semester
14231-Electrician4 semester
15219-Electronics Mechanic4 semester
16246-Fashion Design & Technology2 semester
17227-Fitter4 semester
18252-Food & Beverages Services Assistant2 semester
19253-Food Production (General)2 semester
20254-Front Office Assistant2 semester
21245-Fruit and Vegetable Processor2 semester
22011-Industrial Painter2 semester
23220-Information Communication Technology System Maintenance4 semester
24277-Information Technology4 semester
25037-Instrument Mechanic4 semester
26222-Machinist4 semester
27211-Mason (Building Constructor)2 semester
28215-Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 semester
29218-Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner)4 semester
30202-Mechanic (Tractor)2 semester
31203-Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics2 semester
32048-Mechanic Computer Hardware4 semester
33201-Mechanic Diesel2 semester
34051-Mechanic Industrial Electronics4 semester
35204-Mechanic Motor Cycle2 semester
36059-Painter General4 semester
37021-Physiotherapy Technician2 semester
38022-Plastic Processing Operator2 semester
39209-Plumber2 semester
40205-Pump Operator-Cum-Mechanic2 semester
41060-Radiology Technician4 semester
42258-Secretarial Practice (English)2 semester
43247-Sewing Technology2 semester
44213-Sheet Metal Worker2 semester
45259-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)2 semester
46260-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)2 semester
47249-Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)2 semester
48207-Surveyor2 semester
49265-Technician Power Electronics System4 semester
50237-Textile Wet Processing Technician4 semester
51228-Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)4 semester
52221-Turner4 semester
53131-Weaving of Woolen Fabrics2 semester
54212-Welder2 semester
55232-Wireman4 semester