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About Himachal Pradesh ITI (Industrial Training Institutes)

The Directorate of Technical Education, Vocational and Industrial Training Himachal Pradesh at Sundernagar is having an administrative control of various functional units in the state. Currently the state has 89 government ITI’s and 136 private industrial training institutes and industrial training institutes offering the aspirants various engineering as well as non engineering trades at various levels imparted under the craftsman training scheme. Students can visit the site http://www.techeduhp.com/ to get more information about the institutes.

The admission notice for admission to various ITI’s is published in leading newspapers of the state in the month of June every year and the publicity regarding admission is made through ALL India Radio. The application forms are required to be submitted to the principal of the ITI situated in the district to which the candidate belongs. Basic qualification to take admission to various courses offered by ITI’s of Himachal Pradesh is 10th standard.

The main motive of these technical institutes is to develop competent technical manpower catering to the need of various industries and other organizations with in the state as well as in the country. It also encourages the private sector participation in emerging areas of engineering to enhance the employment opportunities within the state. Students can check all the necessary information regarding various ITI’s of Himachal Pradesh on Online Result Portal and even download the admission form as well.

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Himachal Pradesh ITI Result 2016-17

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Himachal Pradesh ITI Admit Card 2017

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ITI Colleges List

Sr. NoName of Co-Education ITIName of Officer/OfficialName of Trade
Industrial Training Institute (Co. Education)
1ITI Bilaspur Year of Establishment: 1964Sh. K.C. Chaddha, Phone No.01978- 224774(O)Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Veh., Carpenter, Tex.Wet Process Tech., Stenography(Hindi), COPA, Driver cum Mech.(LMV) , Plumber, Welder
2ITI Swarghat. Distt. Bilaspur. H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Shyama NandCutting & Sewing & Mech. Electronics
3ITI Chamba Year of Est.: 1964Sh. Jamna Dash Sharma, (Principal) Phone:01899-222285(O)Draughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Mech. Electronics, Turner, Carpenter, Surveyor, Wireman
4ITI Garnota (Dhalliyat) Y.Establish-2007Sh. Chain Singh Rana, (DDO) :01899-265476(O) Electrician, Plumber, Dress Making
5ITI Lachori (Banikhat) Y.Establish-2007Sh. Avinsh Sharma, (DDO) Phone:01899-265476(O)Pump Operator cum Mech., Fitter, COPA
6ITI at Koti(Tissa) Distt. Chamba. H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Jamna Dash Sharma, (DDO) Phone: 01899-265476(O)Welder, Embroidery & Needle Work, Information Tech. & Electronics system Maintenance.
7ITI Killar ,Distt. Chamba. H.P. Y.Establish-2007SDM Pangi, Phone: 01895225035Electrician, COPA, Cutting & Sewing
8ITI BharmourADM, Phone: 01895225035COPA, Dress Making, Plumber, Emb. & Needle Work
9ITI Naduan (at Rail) Distt. Hamirpur, Year of Establishment: 1968Sh. Attri(PPL) Phone No.01972236563(O)Mech. Motor Veh, Carpenter, Plumber, Fitter, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work.
10ITI Bhoranj Distt. Hamirpur.Sh. Goverdhan Dhari(PPL) Phone No.01972265988(O)Plumber, Cutting & Sewing, Mech. Electronics, Emb. & Needle Works, Electrician, Fitter.
11ITI Bani Hamirpur.Sh.Goverdhan Dhari Phone No.01972-289896(O)COPA, Welder, Cutting & Sewing.
12ITI HamirpurSh. Goverdhan Dhari(PPL) Phone No.01972-222609(O)Cutting & Sewing, Emb.& Needle Work, Mech. Electronics, Preservation Fruit & Veg. and Hair & Skin Care.
13ITI Lambloo, Distt. Hamirpur H.P.Sh. R.P. Rana (DDO) No.01972-2248586(O)Pump Operator cum Mech., Electrician, Mech. Comm. Equip. Maintenance.
14ITI Sujanpur Tihra Distt. Hamirpur. H.P. Y. Establish-2007Sh. Goverdhan Dhari(PPL) Phone No.01972-273044(O)Fitter, Mech. Electronics, Cutting & Sewing
15ITI Shahpur Year of Establishment: 1963Sh. S.K. Lakhanpal, PhoneNo.01892-238023(TF), 237234Electrician, Fitter, Machinist, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Driver cum Mech., Turner, Carpenter, Pump Operator cum Mech., Mechanic Tractor, Welder, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work, Processing of Fruit and Vegetable, COPA, Draughtsman Civil, Instrument Mech., Surveyor, IT & ESM, Mech. Electronics, Driver- Cum - Mechabic (LMV), Stenography (Hindi), Stenography (English).
16ITI Nurpur,Distt Kangra. Year of Establishment:1997Sh. Sanjeev Salhotra Phone No. 01892-226232(O) 94180-42187(M)Mech. Electronics, Plumber, Electrician
17ITI Nehranpukhar, Distt. Kangra Year of Establishment: 1975Sh. Goverdhan Dhari(PPL) www.itinehranpukhar.com Email:pplitinpk@rediffmail.com Phone No.01970-268139(O)Welder, Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work, COPA, Mech. Ref. & A/C
18ITI Saliana, Distt. Kangra.Sh. Sanjeev Salhotra Phone No. 01894-284041Mech. Electronics, Dress Making, COPA .
19ITI Dhameta, Distt. Kangra.Sh. Sanjeev Salhotra, Phone No. 01893-254857Information Tech. & electronics system Maintenance, COPA
20ITI Dharamshala Year of Establishment: 1957Sh. Mulkh Raj Sharma, Phone No.01892-223182(O),9418323825Mech. Electronics, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. Needle Work, Steno Hindi, Steno English, Fashion Technology, COPA, Draughstman
21ITI Palampur, Year of Establishment: 1964Sh. Sanjeev kumar Lakhanpal Phone No.01894-231175(O)Mech. Electronics, Cutting & Sewing, Emb.& Needle work, Secretarial Practice, Hair & Skin Care
22ITI Jawali Distt. KangraSh. Ishar Phone No. 01892-264042(O)Dress Making, COPA
23ITI Baroh Distt. Kangra. Y.Establish-2007Sh. S.K. Lakhanpal, PhoneNo.01892-238023(TF), 237234Auto Electrical & Eltx. Mechanic, Fitter.
24ITI Talwar at Lahru, Distt. Kangra. HP. Y.Establish-2007 -do-Plastic Processing Operator., Tool & Die Maker (Die & mould)
25ITI GarhJamula , Distt. Kangra. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Rakesh kumar Phone No.01899-265476(O)Mech. Repair & Maint. of two wheeler, Fashion Technology
26TI Gangath Distt. Kangra. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Kirat Singh Phone No.01893-275699(O)Welder, Hair & Skin Care, Dress Making
27TI Dadasiba (Jaswan) Y.Establish-2007Sh. Dina nath Patyal Phone 01972-206269Electrician, Electronics Mechanic, Bleaching Dying & Calico Printing
28ITI Reckong Peo Distt Kinnour.Sh. Dhyan Singh Negi 01786-222215(O) Electrician, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Wireman, Welder, COPA, Cutting & Sewing
29ITI Shamshi Distt. Kullu.Sh. Suneel Sharma, Phone No. 01902-260692(O)Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Draughtsman (Civil), Mech. Electronics, Welder, Turner, Wireman, Cutting & Sewing, Processing of Fruit & Veg Food Production, D/Man Mech. Carpenter, Mech. Diesel, Plumber, Fitter.
30ITI Sainj, Distt. KulluSh. Suneel Sharma, Phone No. 01902-260692(O)Painter General, COPA, Electrician
31ITI Nirmand, Distt. Kullu H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Rakesh Kapoor, 9459136809Plumber, Fashion Technology
32ITI UdaipurSh. Sachin Kanval, Phone No. 01909-222224(O)Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
33ITI Rongtong, Distt. Lauhal & Spiti HP. Y.Establish-2007SDM, Rong Tong Phone No. 01906-222292Cutting & Sewing, Plumber
34ITI Mandi,Year of Establishment: 1941Sh. Davinder Singh, Phone No.01905-235544(O)Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vech., Mech. Refrigeration & Air-condition, Turner, Carpenter, Welder, Cutting & Sewing, Digital Photographer, Mech. Computer Hardware, Driver-cum-Mech.(LMV), Draughtsman (Civil), Steward
35ITI Joginder Nagar, Distt.MandiSh. Davinder Singh, Phone No.01908-222578(O)COPA, Plumber, Dress Making, Emb. & Needle Work, Hair & Skin Care, Cutting & Sewing, Electrician, Fitter.
36ITI Paplog, Distt.MandiSh. Davinder Singh, Phone No. 01905-230677(O)Plumber, Dress Making
37ITI Bagsaid, Distt.MandiSh. Davinder Singh, Phone No. 01907-253453(O)Welder. Electrician, COPA, Dress Making, Emb. & Needle Work.
38ITI Karsog, Distt.MandiSDM Karsog, Phone No. 01907222236COPA, Dress Making
39ITI (PH) Sundernagar Year of Estb.: 1959Sh. Ravinder Singh Banyal Phone 01907- 266753(O) email:pplitiphsnr@gmail.comDraughtsman (Civil), Mech. Electronics, Mech. Radio & T.V., Desk Top Publication Operator
40ITI Thalaut, Distt. MandiSh. Suneel SharmaMech. Motor Vehicle. , Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work.
41ITI Batail, Distt. Mandi. H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Nanak Chand Bhardwaj Phone No. 01905-256901, e-mail itibtl@gmail.comElectrician, Welder, Electronics Mechanic
42ITI Chachiot, Distt. Mandi.H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Davinder SinghFitter, Electrician
43ITI Solan,Year of Establishment: 1959 (An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Institution)Sh. Shivender Doegar Phone No.01905-235544(O) 223753(Tele Fax),220347 Email: principaliti@sancharnet.in itisolan@gmail.com website: itisolan.orgEngg. Trade:-Fitter(21), Turner(32), Electrician(21), Mech. Motor Vechilce(21), Machinst(16), Draughtsman Civil(21), Carpenter(21) Welder(G&E)(16), Upholstery (Under SCVT(21),
   Non-Engg. Trade:- Cutting & Sewing Unit, Embroidery & Needle Work, Hair & Skin Care,
   Payment Seat Courses (Additional Unit in 2ndd Shift):- Mech. Motor Vechicle(2), Machinst(16), Fitter(21), Turner(16), Electrician(16), Welder (G&E) (16), Draughtsman Civil(21), Cutting & Sewing(21), Embroidery & Needle Work(21), hair & Skin Care(21), Plumber (Under SCVT(42)).Carpenter,Machnist,
44ITI Nalagarh Distt. Solan Year of Est. 1959Sh. Lalit Sharma, Phone No. 01795-223220Carpenter, Welder, Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vechicle, Desk Top Publication, Driver cum Mech.(LMV), Mechanic Electronics,
45ITI Deegal, Distt. Solan Sh. Lalit Sharma, Phone No. 01795-223220Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle work, Electrician Mech. COPA.
46ITI Kasauli, Distt. Solan, Year of Est. 1960Sh. Shivender Doegar, Phone No. 01792-261060Mechanic Electronics, COPA, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle work
47ITI Arki, Distt. Solan, Year of Establish-2007Sh. Satish kumar, Phone No. 01792-220101Electrician, Electronics, COPA
48ITI Shimla,Year of Est. 1962Sh. Mohinder Singh(DDO) Phone No.0177-2830983(O) 2830984Electrician, Instrument Mech., Mech. Motor Vehicle, Carpenter, Plumber, Steno Hindi, Steno English, Draughtsman (Civil), Fitter, Surveyor, Turner, Mech. (Radio & T.V.), Welder, Wireman, COPA, Cutting & Sewing.
49ITI Jubbal Distt. Shimla Year of Est. 1980Sh. Padam Dutt Sharma Phone No.01781-252044(O)Welder, Electrician, Fitter, Mech. Motor Vehicle, Mech. Electronics, COPA, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work, Pump Operator- Cum- Mech.
50TI Rampur, Distt. Shimla Year of Est. 1983Sh. Rakesh Kapoor, PPL, Phone No. 01782-233149 Email: itirampur@yahoo.co.in website: itirampur.org Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work.
51ITI Kumarsain, Distt. ShimlaSh. Lekh Raj Dhiman Phone No. 01782-222179IT& ESM, Electrician, Cutting & Sewing
52ITI Chopal Distt ShimlaSh.L.R. Verma(DDO) Phone No.01781-252044(O)Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle work
53ITI Chirgaon Distt. Shimla H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Bhag Singh Rana, Phone No. 01781-277937Mechanic Motor Vehicle, Information Technology & Elect. System Maintenance.
54ITI Theog, Distt. Shimla H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. Jagdish Dhiman DDO, Phone No. 01783-238030Electrician, Mechanic Motor Vehicle., Cutting & Sewing
55ITI Junga, Distt. Shimla, Year Establish-2007Sh. Kuldeep kumar Sharma (DDO), Phone No. 0177-2752557Fitter, Mech. Motor Vechicle
56ITI Nahan, Distt Sirmour Year of Est.1963Sh. Sanjay Gupta No.01702-222319(O) Email: itinhahan@yahoo.comDraughtsman (Civil), Electrician, Mech. Motor Veh., Turner, Machinist, Welder, Mech. Radio & T.V., IT &ESM, COPA
57ITI Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour Year of Establishment: 1964Sh. Ashok Kumar(DDO) Phone No.01704-222344(O)Fitter, Turner, Mech. Motor Vechicle, Carpenter, Plastic Processing Operator, Driver cum Mech(LMV), Elecrician, Mech. A/C , Welder.
58ITI Rajgarh, Distt. SirmourSh. Sanjay Gupta, Phone No. 01702-222319(O) itirajgarh@yahoo.comCOPA, Plumber
59ITI Shillai, Distt. SirmourSh. Sanjay kumar Gupta 9418020779COPA
60ITI Bogdhar, Distt. Sirmour H.P.Sh. Sanjay Gupta itibogdhar@yahoo.comFitter, Electronics Mechanic
61ITI Kaffota,(Shillai), Distt. SirmourSh. Chandresh kumar Kaushik, 9418020779Mechanic Electronics, Plumber
62ITI Sarahan, Distt. Sirmour HPSh. Sanjay Gupta itisarahan@yahoo.com9418054737Fitter, Electronics Mech.
63ITI Una, Year of Est. 1967Sh. C.R. Dangi Principal Phone No.01975-223203(O) Email: itiuna@yahoo.co.in website: itiuna.org Fitter, Turner, Electrician, Welder, Carpenter, COPA, Mech. Diesel
64ITI Bangana Distt. Una. Year of Est. 2002Sh. C.R. Dangi (Off) Phone No.01975-262766(O),COPA, IT&ESM
65ITI Santoshgarh, Distt. Una, H.P. Y.Establish-2007Sh. J.S. Mann Phone No. 01975-256299Tool & Die Maker (D&M), Mech. Motor Vehicle
66ITI Chintpurni, Distt. Una, HP Year of Est. 2007Sh. C.R. Dangi(O) Phone No. 01976-263526Fitter, Dress Making, Emb. & Needle Work
67ITI Bhatrota, Distt. Mandi, HP Year of Est. August, 2010Sh. D. S. Rana(PPL) ITI MandiCutting Sewing, COPA
68ITI Tikkar, Distt. Shimla, HP Year of Est. August, 2010Sh. P. D Sharma(PPL) ITI JubbalElectrical, Electronics (Mech.)
69ITI Sandhole, Distt. Mandi, H.P. Year of Est. July, 2011 Sh. Ajay Guleria(DDO) ITI Sandhole, Mandi(H.P.) 01905-274949Electrician, Mech. Electronics, Cutting & Sewing
70ITI Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspur Year of Est. July, 2010Sh. Desh Raj Dhiman (PPL) ITI BilaspurElectrician, Mech. Electronics, Plumber.
71ITI Pragatinagar, Distt. ShimlaSh. M.L. Modgil PrincipalElectrician, Fitter, Motor Mechanic Vehicle.
72ITI Dalash, Distt. KulluSh. Rakesh Kapoor, PrincipalElectrician, Mech. Electronics, Plumber
73ITI KhundianSh. Goverdhan Dhari, PrincipalElectrician, Cutting & Sewing
74ITI, BerthinSh. K.C. Chaddha, Phone No.01978- 224774 Welder , COPA, Dress Making.
75ITI, KulluSuneel Sharma PrincipalCutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work, COPA, Mech. Electronics,
76ITI Baijnath, Distt. Kangra Electrician, Mechanic Motor Vehicle
77Motor Driving & Heavy Earth Moving School Amb at UnaSh. C.R. Dangi(O)Motor Driving & Heavy Earth Moving School
78ITI Dehar, Distt. Mandi Electrician, Cutting & Sewing
79ITI Shri Naina Devi, Distt. Bilaspur Electrician, Fitter
80ITI Sunni, Distt. Shimla Electrician, Mechanic Motor Vehicle
81ITI Khadhan(Nankhari), Shimla. Electrician, Mechanic Motor Vehicle
82ITI Jalog, Teh. Sunni, Shimla  
83ITI Dargi, Teh. Sunni, Shimla  
Industrial Training Institute for Women
1ITI(W) BilaspurSh. K.C. Chandha, PPLl Phone No. 01978-224774Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
2ITI(W) ChambaSh. Jamna Dass Sharma DDO, Phone No. 01899-222285Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
3ITI(W) MandiSh. Devinder Singh, PPL 01905-235544Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work, COPA, Hair & Skin Care
4ITI(W) NahanSh. Sanjay gupta, PPL 01702-222319Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
5ITI(W) NalagarhSh. Lalit Sharma, PPL 01795-223220Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
6ITI(W) Reckong PeoSh. Dhian Singh Negi, 01786-222215Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
7ITI(W) ShimlaSh. Mohinder Singh(DDO) 0177-2830983Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work
8ITI(W) UnaSh. C.R. Dangi, PPL 01975-223203Cutting & Sewing, Emb. & Needle Work