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The managing body of the technical training centers in the Indian state of Karnataka is the Department of Employment & Training that was set up by the Government of Karnataka. The body follows the guidelines that are laid down by the Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET) under the Ministry of Labour of the Government of India, in accordance with the National Employment Service Scheme.

Both the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) and the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) together run the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) that are government-owned and the Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) that are privately managed. The NCVT instructs the SCVT of the different Indian states on the conduct of the trade courses.

With the objective of rendering a means of livelihood to the aspiring candidates, the technical training centers were set up. Additionally, to address the shortage of skilled labor in industries, the Union Government of India holds various trade programs. Keeping in mind their eligibility and interests, the candidates can apply for the varied NCVT/SCVT trade courses.

The aspirants can choose from an array of NCVT and SCVT trades; and post completing the courses successfully, they can approach the Employment Exchanges for availing the various employment opportunities.

Karnataka NCVT ITI Result

The candidates can browse the state’s official website,, to know more about the trade programs in Karnataka. Also, they can check their results of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters on the site. Alternatively, they can download their results from NCVT’s official site,

For additional information on the trade courses that are held across the several Indian states, the website,, can be checked as well.



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Step by Step Process to Check Karnataka ITI Result
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ITI Colleges List

S.N.College NameCode
2Allamprabhu Industrial Training Institute ChikkodiPU29000277
3Anjuman - E Islam ITI opp. DC Office Vengurla Road BelgaumPU29000627
4Annapurneshwari ITI RaibaghPR29000477
5Arunodaya Vidya Samsthe, Pvt.ITI, BailhongalPR29000262
6Basavajoyti ITI , Gokak,BelgaumPU29000498
7Belgaum Private ITI BelgaumPU29001300
8Bhubanraj ITI SankeshwarPR29001143
9CHAITANYA Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, MudalagiPU29000487
10Chanakya (Pvt) Industrial Training InstitutePR29001402
11CLES Society ITI ChikkodiPU29000572
12D.M. W& E. Society Pvt. ITI HukkeriPR29001339
13Dynamic Private ITI BelgaumPU29001341
14Global ITI KudachiPR29001149
15Global Rural ITI PeeranwadiPR29001019
16Govardhan ITI, LokapurPR29001128
17Government Industrial Training Institute for (Women) BelgaumGU29000154
18Govt Industrail Training Institute NesargiGR29000022
19Govt Industrail Training Institute RamdurgaGR29000432
20Govt Industrail Training Institute SaundattiGU29000392
21Govt Industrial Training Institute (Men) Udyambagh, BelgaumGU29000045
22GOVT ITI (W)GU29001420
23Govt. ITI GokakPU29000032
24Govt. Industrial Training Institute, NippaniGU29000318
25Govt. Industrial Training Institute, SadalagaGU29000479
26Govt.. ITI,KitturGR29000947
27Insta-Tech Computer ITI, Shaniwar KhootPU29000910
28Islamiya Private Industrial Training Institute BelgaumPU29000166
29J.E. Society’s Private ITI AthaniPU29001347
30JSP Sangha's Sri. Renuka Private Industrial Training Institute, Munavalli, Tq:Sonadatti, Dist: BelgaPR29000722
31Karnataka ITI BelgaumPR29000798
32Karnataka Private ITI NesaragiPR29001311
33Kitturu Rani Channamma Education Societies ITI BylohongalaPR29000694
34KLE Society’s Private ITI BailhongalaPU29001327
35Kle's ITI GokakPU29000536
36Komalanna Doddanannavar Bharatesh Pvt ITI, BelgaumPU29000094
37Koushaly Pvt. ITI (Budnoor) SalahalliPR29001361
38M.K. Kangalagouda Private ITI, HalagaPR29001305
39M.S. Khot Private ITI BelgaumPR29001346
40Mahalaxmi Private ITI ExambaPR29001368
41Maratha Mandal Industrial Training Institute NippaniPU29000244
42Mathoshri Gowramma Channappa Gangadhar Memorial Pvt ITI AthaniPU29001337
43Media Industrial Training Centre, BelgaumPU29000497
44Metro ITI BelgaumPR29001222
45Modern ITI NippaniPR29001224
46Modern ITI, Bharat Nagar, BelgaumPR29001377
47Modern Private ITI RaibagPR29001295
48Murgarajendra Rural Pvt ITI AthaniPU29000741
49N.S.Ammanagi Pvt. ITI KulagodPR29001251
50Noble Private Industrial Training Institute, AthaniPU29001301
51Noble Rural ITI, Bidi KhanapurPU29000439
52Noble Rural Private ITI, KarambalPR29001239
53Om Private ITI GokakPU29001288
54Prop. Hansi ITI Vatnal, GovanakollaPR29001017
55Protech Industrial Training Institute, BelgaumPU29000489
56R.A. Patil ITI BorgaonPR29001062
57Renuka Rural Private ITI, YaragattiPR29001304
58Royal ITI, BelgaumPR29001194
59S.B.E Socity Industrail Training Institute SankeshwarPR29000955
60S.D.V.S Sangh’s ITI SankeshwarPR29001187
61S.S Education Trust's Dr Shivabasava PVT ITI NagnurPU29000284
62Samrat ITI YadwadPR29001212
63Sh. Murugarjendra Industrial Training Institute, AthaniPU29000420
64Sharadamba Shikshan Sam ITIs ITI SavadattiPR29000425
65Shree Renuka Sugars Development Foundation'S Industrial Training InstitutePR29001403
66Shregunasi Shankar Lingeshwar Mahaswamiji ITI,Athani. Tq. AthoniPU29000029
67Shri Basaveshwara private Industrial Training Institute AthaniPU29001169
68Shri Kanakadas Industrial Training Centre GokakPU29000564
69Shri Kanakadas Industrial Training Institute BailhongalPR29000635
70Shri Mahaveer Industrial Training Institute RaibaagPU29000461
71Shri Rameshwar ITI RamadurgaPR29001253
72shri Sadguru Rayalingeshwar PVT ITI MADABHAVIPR29001365
73Shri Sharada ITI HirebagewadiPR29001034
74Shri Shri Kanakadas Private ITI BailhongalPU29001380
75Shri Siddarameshwar Education Trust's PVT ITI Shivabasava Nagar BelgaumPU29000169
76Shri Vidyasagar ITI BorgaonPR29001137
77Shubha Industrial Training Institute Saundatti ManavalliPR29000660
78Sir M. Vishweshwarih ITI Ghata Prabha,Gokak, BelgaumPR29000578
80Smt Tamgemma Marlingannavar Industrail Training Institute AkkatangerhalPR29001032
81Smt. Hemareddy Mallama ITI RamdurgaPR29001163
82Smt.Susila R. Patil Industrial Training InstitutePR29001404
83Sri Akkappa Naik ITI HosurPR29000840
84Sri Babukaka Shirgaokar Tech.Edn.Trust ITI Ugar-Khurd AthaniPR29000268
85Sri Basaveshwara HI-Tech ITI, AthaniPR29001157
86Sri Basaveshwara ITI HirebagewadiPR29001122
87Sri Bhagavan ITI HarugeriPR29001147
88Sri C.B.V.V. Sangha’s Private ITI, MugalkhodPR29001236
89Sri Guru Siddeshwara Industrial Training Institute, MaradimathPR29000530
90Sri Hanuman Private ITI Harugeri RaibagPR29000584
91Sri Ishaprabhu Educaational Society’s ITI, BelawadiPR29001315
92Sri Logic Technologies ITI, HirebagewadiPR29000537
93Sri Mahanta Duradundeshwara Private ITI BailhongalPR29001372
94Sri Mallikarjuna Private ITI HattrakiPR29001335
95Sri Murugarajendra Industrial Training Institute, KoliguddaPR29000345
96Sri Neelakanteshwara Vidyavardaka Samsthe ITI BailhongalPR29000128
97Sri Phalahareshwar ITI HunchinalGR29000956
98Sri Raghavendra ITI BelgaumPU29000600
99Sri Rajarajeshwari Private ITI HukkeriPU29001342
100Sri Rama Krishna Paramhansa ITI AnkliPR29001146
101Sri Renuka ITI SanundattiPR29001153
102Sri Renukamba ITI Ghataprabha,PR29000841
103Sri Sadguru Rayalineshwara ITI, KakamariPR29001129
104Sri Sai Anjan Private ITI Ganeshpur BelgaumPR29001355
105Sri Sai ITI ChikkodiPR29001252
106Sri Sai ITI SadalagaPU29001145
107Sri Sangamesh Industrail Training Institute Autonagar BelgaumPU29000020
108Sri Sangameswara Industrial Training Institute Manihal SurebanPR29000474
109Sri Shiva Sidda Someshwara ITI SankeshwarPR29000827
110Sri Siddeswara Education Trust Industrial Training Institute Channammana, KitturPR29000610
111Sri Veer Bhadreshwar Industrial Training Centre, KatkolPR29000484
112Sri Vishwaraj Private ITI, HukkeriPR29001227
113St. Xavier's Industrial Training Institute KhanapurPR29000655
114Swami vivekanand Pvt ITI GokakPU29001317
115United Industrial Training Institute, BelgaumPR29000601
116V M Katti Pvt.,ItiPR29001405
117V.V.Samiti's Siddheshwar Pvt Industrial Training Institute, KagwadPR29000471
118Vasant S. Nilajagi Private ITI, HukkeriPR29001369
119Vidya Vahini ITI YaragattiPR29001112
120Vishwa Bharti ITI TelasangPR29000039
121Vishwa Chetana ITI RamadurgaPR29001151
S.N.College NameCode
1Al-Meezan Industrial Training Institute BagalkotPU29000099
2Anjuman Industrial Training Institute BagalkotPR29000252
3Basavashree ITI HallurPR29001179
4Bhoomika Private ITI ChimmadPR29001345
5Galav Shikshan Samsthe’s ITI GalagaliPR29001184
6Govt Industrail Training Institute BilagiGR29000472
7Govt Industrail Training Institute JamkhandiGU29000480
8Govt Industrial Training Institute(W) BagalkotGU29000242
9Govt. Industrial Training Institute GuledaguddaGU29000325
10Hucheswara Grameen Industrail Training Institute KamatagiPR29000639
11Janata Shrikshana Sanghas Industrial Training Institute BanahattiPU29000352
12Kle Society’s Channagireshwara Industrail Training Institute MahalingapurPU29000473
13LIMRA Industrial Training Institute BagalkotPU29001030
14Madivala Mechidevara Industrial Training Institute ChikkapadasalagiPU29000455
15Margadarshan Industrial Training Institute HunagundaPR29000695
16Mokashi ITI BanahattiPR29000834
17Nirupadeshwar ITI Alagundi B.K.PR29001055
18Om Prabhulinga Education Society Industrial TrainiPR29000303
19PET ITI GuledaguddaPR29001102
20R.R. Computer Academy Private ITI BagalkotPU29000212
21RajSagar ITI TerdalPU29000981
22Sahara Industrail Training Institute MudholPR29000866
23Sanmarg Industrial Training Institute Goddankari Cross, BagalkotPR29001180
24Sarva Dharma Private ITI BewoorPR29001308
25Shanmukheshwara Industrial Training Institute GudurPR29000556
26shasappanna danigond private iti terdalPU29001416
27Shree Kanakadas Private ITI (Koppa RC) BilagiPU29001353
28Shree Shankarappa Channappa Antnaargonda Memorial ITI, BilagiPR29000459
29Shri Chandregouda Patil ITI ,TalagihalaPR29000594
30Shri Jagadguru Panchacharya Vidya Vardhak Sangha (SJPVV) ITI, Hungund,PU29000889
31Shri Kanchaneshwari Vidya Vardak Samste ITI, BadamPR29000549
32Shri Nimishamba Private ITI, BagalkotPU29001196
33Shri Rameshwar ITI KulageriPR29001130
34Shri Sidhalingeshwar Industrial Training Institute, ShirurPR29000253
35Shri Veerapulikesh ITI BadamiPU29001066
36Shri Venkateshvara ITI JamakhandiPR29000868
37Shrimann Madhwacharya Private Industrial Training Institute, BagalkotPU29000079
38Siddarath ITI TerdalPR29001381
39Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah Rural Private ITIPU29001363
40Sri Adishakti Industrail Training Institute KerurPR29000890
41Sri Annandaneshwara ITI BelurPR29001088
42Sri B.M. Horakeri Indutrial Training Institute BelurPR29000615
43Sri Banashankari Rural ITI BanashankariPU29000138
44Sri Basaveshwar Vidya Vardhaka Sangh ITI, BagalkotPU29000540
45Sri Devibai SDSS & GA Sanga ITI BagalkotPR29001209
46Sri Guru Industrial Training Institute kambalihalPR29000863
47Sri Jagadguru Gangadhara Moorusavirmath ITI IikalPU29000146
48Sri Kanchaneshwari Rural ITI, Katageri Badami Tq.PR29000908
49Sri Madiwaleshwara Pvt ITI RampurPR29001041
50Sri Mahakuteshwara Industrial Training Institute, GuledguddaPR29000878
51Sri Margadarshan ITI, ILKALPU29000903
52Sri Mruthyunjaya ITI Viraktha Mutt. Mudhol,PR29000597
53Sri Ramalingeshwara Private ITI KundaragiPR29001307
54Sri Rameshwara ITI, Kerur BadamiPR29000888
55Sri RSHGAS ITI, BadamiPR29001162
56Sri S.C. Antaragonda ITI, Gaddanakeri Cross,PR29001176
57Sri Sai ITI MudholPR29001188
58Sri Sangameshwara ITI AmingadPR29000830
59Sri Shivananda ITI HalingaliPR29000492
60Sri Shrishaila Mallikarjuna ITI, GuledguddaPR29001175
61Sri Siddarayappa ITI BanahattiPR29001152
62Sri Siddeshwara ITI, BidariPR29001255
63Sri Veerabadreshwara ITI, ShirurPR29000038
64Sri Vinayaka Vidya Vardaka Sangha's M.V. Panchaxari pvt ITI TerdalPU29000148
65Unique Computers Academy ITI BagalkotePU29000648
66Vinayak Vidya Vardhak ITI MudholPU29000465
67Vivekanand ITI MahalingpurPR29000734
68Yashas Industrail Training Institute Sasur Compound, BagalkotPU29000665
69Yuvashakthi ITI GuledguddaPR29001022
Bangalore Rural
S.N.College NameCode
1Aravinda ITCPR29001232
2Divya Jyothi Industrial Training CentrePR29000490
3Govt Industrial Training Institute DevanahalliGR29000108
6J C S Industrial Training Institute NelamangalaPR29000100
7JRS ITI NelamangalaPR29000753
8Pragathi Industrial Training CentrePR29000023
9R.L. Jalappa ITC Kodigehalli DoddaballapurPR29000409
10Rajalakshmi Industrial Training CentrePR29000443
11Shankari Industrial Training Institute DabaspetPR29000557
12Shri Siddeswara Industrial Training CentrePR29000533
13Sree Siddaganga Industrial Training CentrePR29000573
14Sri Banashankari ITCPR29000373
15Sri Krishna Industrial Training Centre DevanahalliPR29000343
16Sri. Nimishamba Pvt ITI,PR29001394
17Swamy Vivekananda Private ITIGR29001237
S.N.College NameCode
1Acharya Industrail Training InstitutePU29000207
2Acharya Industrial Training InstitutePU29000111
3Ashok Private ITIPU29001357
4Basaveshwara Industrial Training ThindluPR29000963
5Basaveshwara ITC Magadi RoadPU29000499
6Basic Training Centre Tumkur RoadGU29000229
7Bhuvan Industrial Training Centre VenkatalaPR29000208
8Bibi Fathima Educational Trust Cresent ITIPU29000237
9Bilva ITCPR29001138
10BTL Industrial Training CentrePU29000080
11CFI-Regional Vocational Training Institute, BangaloreCFI2900001
12Ghousia Industrial Training InstitutePU29000047
13Globe I.T.C., Obalappa Garden, Bangalore.PR29000195
14Goodwill International Training InstitutePU29000117
15Government Industrial Training Institute , PeenyaGU29000067
16Govt Industrail Training Centre for Women Hosur RoadGU29000214
17Govt Industrail Training Institute Vivek NagarGU29000213
18Govt. ITI MuneshwarangarGU29000926
19Govt. ITI, Men Hosur RoadGU29000014
20Hazarath Hmeed Shah & Hazarath Muheeb Shah Industrial Training CentrePU29000307
21Indiramma AM. & Dr. Ramaiah Industrial Training CentrePR29000379
22KKMP Industrail Training CentrePU29000199
23Loyola Technical Institute ITCPU29000233
24M V M Industrial Training CentrePR29000273
25M.C.E.B.T.I. Industrial Training CentrePR29000616
26Manjunatha Industrial Training Centre DooravaninagarPU29000072
28Megha Centre for Electronics & Bio-Medical Technology of India (MCEBT)PR29000619
29Mt. Malari Industrial Training InstitutePU29000417
30Muslim Orphanage Industrial Training CentrePR29000180
32Nethaji Industrial Training CentrePR29000495
33Nirmala Jyothi Technical InstitutePR29000234
34NTTF Industrial Training CentrePU29000203
35PVP ITC jnabarathi Campus MallathahalliPU29000622
36Raghavendra ITCPR29000280
37Rajalaxmi Industrial Training CentrePR29000365
38Raman Industrial Training Centre Kamakshi PalyaPR29000005
40S.V.C.K. Friends Cultural Educational SocietyPR29000222
41Sarvajan Industrail Training CentrePU29000697
42SEA ITC Ekta Nagar Basavanapura Virgo Nagar PostPU29000580
43Sri Ayyappan I.T.CPR29000200
44Sri K Shivaram Industrail Training Centre Ramanmurthy NagarPR29000560
45Sri Satyanarayana Industrial Training CentrePU29000350
46Sri Srinivasa ITIPU29000119
47Sri Vidya Industrial Training InstitutePU29000223
48Srinivasa ITC , NayanadahalliPR29000589
49St Joseph Industrial Training CentrePR29000008
50St. Patrick's ITCPU29000181
51The Association of PhysicallyHandicapped Trg.Cen.PU29000060
52The Technical Training Centre for the DeafPU29000078
53Veerabhadreshwara Industrail Training CentrePR29000588
54Vidyashree Industrial Training CentrePU29000738
55Vokkaligara sangh I.T.IPR29000239
S.N.College NameCode
1Amma ITC BellaryPU29000971
2B M Kumaraswamy ITC, TekkalakotePR29000775
3Bellary Industrial Training CentrePU29000482
4Deccan Industrial Training Centre BellaryPU29000444
5Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Industrial Training Institute HOSPETPU29000271
6Global Private Industrial Training Institute HosapPU29000441
7Government Industrial Training Institute BellaryGU29000049
8Government Industrial Training Institute HosapeteGU29000397
9Govt Industrail Training Institute KudligiGU29000314
10Govt Industrial Training Institute HUVINAHADAGALIGR29000121
11Govt. ITI Vittallpur SamdurTq., Bellary Distt.GR29000320
12Govt. ITI, ITTIGIGR29000923
14Jagadguru Kotturswamy ITI, BellaryPU29000296
15K Ramachandrappa itc bellaryPU29000623
16K.M.S ITI KanahosahalliPR29001081
19Mariswaraiah Matada Patil I.T.C HuvinahadagaliPR29000698
20Mylarlingeshwara Industrial Training Centre HalaluPR29000718
21Neelamma Basaveshwara Industrial Training Centre BellaryPR29000521
22Pragathi ITI,PU29000810
23Rukminamma Memorial ITC BellaryPU29000794
24S S V Industrial Training Institute, BellaryPU29000994
25S.E.S Rural Industrial Training Institute, SiruguppaPR29000293
26S.P.G.U Education Society ITIPR29000290
27Sapthagiri Industrial Training Centre CantonmentPU29000751
28Sevalal ITC, Hampasagara, Hagaribommanahalli Tq., Bellary Dist.PR29001276
30Shree Yerriswamy ITC MokaPR29000357
31Shri Kumar Swamy ITI Sandur,BellaryPU29000598
32Sir M Vishweshwaraiah ITCPU29000568
33Smt Bannikallu Muttigi Rukmaniniyamma Ramachandrappa Memorial ITCPU29001413
34Smt. Gouramma Rural Industrial Training CentrePR29000967
35Smt. Rajeshwari ITC, BellaryPU29000624
37Smt.T.M. Sumangalamma ITC, Kottur -583 127, Kudligi Tq., Bellary Dist.PR29001277
39Sree Hanuman ITI, BellaryPU29000919
40Sree Jagadguru Kotturswamy ITI, SiruguppaPR29000134
41Sree Koushalya Siri ITI M B AyyanahalliPR29001382
42Sri Balaji ITI, BellaryPU29000754
43Sri Basava Rural iti BellaryPU29000784
44Sri Bharath Industrial Training CentrePR29001111
46Sri Guru Kottureshwara ITC, HagaribommanahalliPR29001087
48Sri Guru Mari Kottureshwara ITCPR29000983
49Sri Gurubasaveshwara private ITI SANDURPU29001043
51Sri Hanumanthappa ITI MariyammanahalliPR29001110
52Sri Jagadguru Kotturu Swamy Industrial Training Institute HOSPETPU29001076
53Sri kashi jagadguru ITIPR29001414
54Sri Katte Basaveshwara ITC, KurugoduPR29001221
55Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara ITI KudligiPU29000922
56Sri Lohadri ITI SandurPU29001126
57Sri Muga Basveshwara Pvt. ITI, Old HagaribommanahalliPR29001262
58Sri Oojeini ITI KOTTURPU29000454
59Sri Rambhapuri Jagadguru ITC, Kottur, Kudligi Tq., Bellary Dist.PR29001274
60Sri Ranganatha Rural Private ITIPR29001321
61Sri Siddeshwara Rural ITC, KurugoduPR29000291
62Sri Sindhagi Shanthaveereshwara I.T.C KotturPR29000464
63Sri Srinivasa ITC Kottur,Kudlagi Tq bellaryPU29000510
64Sri Ujjaini Jagadguru ITC, Ittigi -583 220, Huvinahadagali Tq., Bellary Dist.PR29001331
65SRI VALMIKI Industrial Training Institute HOSPETPU29001199
66Sri Vidyarannya PRIVATE ITI HosapetePU29001070
67Sri Vinayaka ITI KudligiPU29000975
68SRI.shalla Jagadguru.ITI.KOTTURPU29001213
69Sri.Sharanabasaveshwara Gramina ITC, Kanamadogu, Kudlagi Tq, BellaryPR29000523
71Sri:Ujjaini Jagadguru ITCPR29001177
72Srikari I.T.C., Ranipet, Hospet, BellaryPR29000929
73T M A E S Industrial Training Institute HOSPETPU29000102
74T.M. Kotraiah ITC, HolaluPR29000793
75TMAE Societys Sri Thimmaiah Shetty ITI HAGARIBOMMANAHALLIPR29000132
76Vidya Sharada ITC BesinahalliPU29000980
78Vidyavahini ITC, BellaryPU29000354
79Vijayanagara Industrial Training InstitutePR29000034
80Vikas Private ITI,PU29001240
81Vishwabandhu ITC HolaluPR29001412
82Vishweshwaraiya Private ITI HosapetePU29000263
83Yerriswamy Education Trust ITCPR29000313
S.N.College NameCode
1Adarsha ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000031
2Adarsha I.T.I Shad no, D2 Industrial Estate, Gandhi Gunj Bidar.PU29000769
4Basavakalyna ITC BASAVAKALYANPR29000500
5Basavakaraya Samithis ITC Shop No. C-9 Industrial Estate Gandhi Gunj Bidar District 585403 KarnataPU29000402
6Basaveshwar ITC Plot No. 9 Adararsh Colony(Old), Dist Bidar Pin - 585401 KarnatakaPU29000816
7Bsaweshwar P.H. I.T.I. Gawan Chowk Bidar.PU29000230
8Budda Basava Ambedkar Industrial Training CentrePR29001084
9Don Boscho ITI BidarPU29001393
10Dr. Channabasava pattadevaru Industrial Training Institute Aurad(B)PR29000383
11Excellent ITC HumnabadPU29001265
13G.M. Kheny ITC, HumnabadPU29000709
14Global ITC No. 18-3-17 Badruddin Colony Chidri Road Bidar KarnatakaPR29000747
15Gnyana Ganga ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000771
16Gnyana Gangotri Rural Industrial Training Institute MurkiPR29001375
17Govt Industrial Training Institute HumnabadGU29000289
18Govt Industrial Training Institute Manalli Road Bidar - 585401GR29000058
20Govt. Industrial Training Institute for women Aurad(B)GR29000942
21Guru Nanak Dev ITC(Sikh minority)PR29000406
22Hind I.T.I. Mahadev Complex Udgir Road Shiv Nagar Bidar.PU29000010
23Jai Bhavani Industrial Training InstitutePU29000821
24Jaya lakshmi matha Industrial Training InstitutePU29000467
25Jijamata ITI Hulsoor RoadPU29000355
26K.R.E.Society's Karnataka I.T.I Mailoor, Bidar.PR29000087
27Kolle ITC Khatakachincholli Tq: Bhalki Dist BidarPR29000748
28KUMES Neelambika ITI BHALKI -585328PR29000265
29Mahatma Gandhi ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000650
30Margadarshi ITC, Nawbad,BidarPU29000404
31Nalanda Industrial Training Institute Vidayanagar Colony Mailoor Road Bidar - 585403 KarnatakaPU29000332
32New Basavakaraya Samithi ITI Shed No.1-9 Industrial Estate Gandhi Gunj Dist Bidar 585403 KarnatakaPU29000815
33Nizamuddin Pvt. Industrial Training InstituitePU29000914
34Pragathi Industrial Training Institute Mailur Road Bidar - 585403PU29000749
35Rajarshi Shahu ITC,PU29000958
36Rajeev Gandhi I.T.I Mangalpet Tq: Dist: BidarPU29000527
37Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Institute ThanakushnoorPR29000033
38Rajiv Gandhi ITC, NO.12, -1-543 at beside Urban Co-operative Bank, Fateh Darwaaz, Hyderabad Road BidPR29000629
39Ramchandra Veerappa ITC HumnabadPU29000591
40Rural Industrial Training Institute Aurad(B)PR29000188
41S.H. Patil Pvt. Industrial Training InstituitePU29000520
42Samrat PVT ITI, HumnabadPU29000902
43Saptagiri ITC beside KPTCLPU29000602
44Shanthi Vidya Vardhaka Education Society`s ITI BIDARPU29000750
45Shanthi Vidya Vardhaka Education Society`s ITI BHALKIPR29000182
46Shri Channaveer Shivacharya Industrial Training CentrePU29000532
47Shri guru ayappa swamy itc chitaguppaPR29000976
48Shri Vishweshawarayya PVT ITI ChitaguppaPR29000412
49siddaramaiah itiPU29000746
50Siddarameshwara ITCPU29000805
51Siddeswar ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29001216
52Siddodhan ITC, Gani BhalkiPU29000949
53Sir. M. Vishveshwaraiah ITC, Gandhi GunjPU29000706
54Sir.M.Vishweshwaraiah ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000028
55Smt. Mallamma Basappa Pvt. I.T.I. Ganesh Ngar Kumbarwada Bidar.PU29001200
56Sri Balawanthreddy Industrial Training InstitutePU29000965
57Sri Basaveshwara ITIPU29000243
58Sri Guru Prasanna ITCPU29001093
59Sri Kanaka I.T.I. Basava Nagar Bidar.PU29000398
60Sri Karibasaveshwar Industrial Training InstitutePU29000825
61Sri Maharudrappa Sirse ITCPR29001208
62Sri Vigneshwar Industrial Training InstitutePU29000824
63SVES's Industrial Training Institute KamalnagarPR29000356
64Tapovan ITC, bhalkiPR29000933
65Unique ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000035
66Veerabhadresshwara Industrial Training InstitutePU29000104
67Vidya Vikas ITC, Narona,PR29000809
68Vidya Vikas Trust I.T.I. Naubad Bidar.PU29000281
69Vidyaniketan Rural I.T.I. Manhalli Tq & Dist Bidar.PR29000011
70Vikramaditya I.T.I. Bidar.PU29000131
71Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Training InstitutePU29000546
72Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Training Institute KamalnagarPR29000504
73Zikra Industrail Training Centre BasavakalyanaPU29000405
74Zoohi ITCPU29000849
S.N.College NameCode
1Abu ITI, SindhagiPU29000959
2Adarsha ITI Shivanagi, BijapurPR29000587
3Al-Ameen ITI KalakeriPR29000732
4AL-Haj-Hajarat Saheb M Maniyar ITI, BijapurPR29001234
5Aman ITI, Bidarekundi, MuddebihalPR29000900
6Amogasiddeshwara Private ITI AkharkhedPR29001378
7Anjuman ITI SindagiPU29000120
8Anjuman PVT Industrial Training Institute MuddebihalPU29000073
9APJ Kalam ITI, Talikoti Muddebihal Tq.PR29000913
10Azad ITI NalatwadPR29000801
11B.A. Bijjargi ITI, BijapurPU29001191
12B.D.P.H.W.A Industrial Training Institute Mathapathigalli BijapurPU29000098
13Bapuji Vidyavardaka Sangha ITI MuddebihalPR29000516
14Basaveshwara Education Trust ITI BasavanbagewdiPR29000906
15BEST ITI TalikotiPR29000690
16Bhaldwin Rural Development ITI HalasangiPR29001256
17BLDE Association Private ITI BijapurPU29001356
18Dr. Raju Siddappa kenganal Pvt ITI TambaPR29000836
19Dr. Simpilinganna ITI ZalakiPR29001286
20Gangamatha ITI,MuddebihalPR29000918
21Govt Industrai Training Institute BabaleshwarGR29000384
22Govt Industrail Training Institute BijapurGU29000051
23Govt Industrail Training Institute for Women NalatwadGR29000209
24Indira Industrial Training Institute LoniPR29000431
25Indira ITI BijapurPU29001245
26Indira Mahilla Mandal Industrial Training Institute HartiPR29001386
27Indo Japan Friendsip Academy Cosmonikethan ITI BuranpurPR29001063
29Jains ITI NagarabettaPR29001124
30Jnannodaya ITI KaggodPR29001135
31Karnataka ITI, GolageriPR29001120
32Karnataka ITI, SindhagiPR29000905
33Kedar Private ITI RampurPR29001338
34Kuvempu Grameen Sangha ITI HirurPR29001171
35Loyola Private ITI, BijapurPU29001302
36M.K Industrial Training Institute Hovin-HipparagiPR29000858
37Malakkappa B Biradar Private ITI Chikka SindagiPR29001287
38Mallappa Hanamanthappa Bhushanoor ITI DevangaonPR29001080
39Mallikarjuna Shikshan Samasthe ITI TalikotiPR29000857
40Manjunatha ITI ChadchanPR29001101
41Mohan Education Socity ITI ChadachanGR29000483
42Nandishwar Private ITI Basavan BagewadiPR29001348
43Nivedita ITI, Rama Nivas, Chalukyanagar, BijapurPU29000770
44Nooranandeshwara Industrial Training Institute,IndiPU29000493
45Oxford Private ITI NalatwadPR29001195
46Rani Channamma ITI ManaguliPR29001283
47Reliance ITI, Talikoti Muddebihal Tq.PR29001014
48Rular Veerabhadeshwara Industrail Training Institute Masuthi Kudagi StationPR29000701
49Rural ITI NidagundiPR29000835
50S. V. Patil Memorial Pvt. Industrial Training InstPR29000424
51Sahara ITI (Name changed from National ITI to Sahara ITI) H hipparagiPR29001396
52Sangameshwar Pvt ITI AskiPR29001204
53Sangameshwara ITI BasavanabagewadiPU29001141
54Sangameshwara ITI, Talikote Muddebihal Tq.PR29000907
55Sangappa Gonal Memorial Private ITI NidagundiPR29001350
56Sarvodaya Private ITI ChadachanPR29000638
57Shantiniketan Private ITI MuddebihalPU29001354
58Shree Jnanguru Pattada Padmaraja ITI MulawadaPR29001049
59Shree Mallikarjuna Rural Private ITI TumbagiPR29001349
60Shree Matosri Sugalabhai M. Kanni ITI IndiPR29000779
61Shree Sarvagnya ITI Devar HipparagiPR29000782
62Shri Danammadevi ITC BijapurPU29001048
63Shri Kalidas ITI, Trovi Road, BijapurPU29000921
64Shri M. Vishweshwariah Industrial Training Institute TalikotiPU29000551
65Shri Padamavati ITI IndiPU29001292
66Shri Sanganabasaveshwar Private industrial TraininPR29000077
67Shri Siddalingeshwar ITI MuddebihalPU29000826
68Shri Siddarameshwara ITI, MuddebihalPR29000713
69Shri Taporathna Mahalingeshwara Industrail Training Institute, BoragiPR29000565
70Shri Venkasteshwara ITI DevarahipparagiPR29001018
71Sindagi Shanthaveer Pattadyakshara Pvt ITI Mortagi-586 123. Tq : Sindagi, Dist : BijapurPR29000126
72Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah ITI, MuddebihalPR29000559
73Sri Basaveshwara Industrial Training Institute MoratagiPR29000691
74Sri Basveshwar Industrial Training Institute APMC TalikotiPR29001028
75Sri Bhavani ITI TalikotiPR29001207
76Sri Chaitanya ITI, GolasangiPR29001051
77Sri Gowrishankara Private ITI, MuttagiPR29001299
78Sri Guru Chakravarthi Sadashiv ITI, KathakanahalliPR29001264
79Sri Guru Paramanand Industrial Training Institute Hovin-HipparagiPR29000730
80Sri Hayagreeva ITI, Nimbal BKPR29001142
81Sri Hemakootashree ITI BijapurPR29001223
82Sri Kalidas Industrail Training Institute BadamiPR29000310
83Sri Khasaghateshwara Private ITI TalikotiPR29001306
84Sri Krishna ITI, KolharPR29001258
85Sri Pundligeshwar ITI, KorwarPR29001139
86Sri sadguru Shanteshwara ITI IndiPR29001263
87Sri Siddalingeshwar ITI, IngaleshwarPR29001095
88Sri Veerabhadreshwara ITI MasoothiPR29000411
89Sri Veereshwara ITI, NalthwadaPR29000721
90Sri Vijayamahantesh ITI AlmelPR29001185
91Sri Vinayaka ITI TikotaPR29001104
92Swami Vivekanand Private ITI HortiPR29001367
93Swamy Vivekananda ITI MuddebihalPR29001108
94V V Sanghas N.N Balasshetty ITI Tailikote,PR29000124
95Vishweshwaraiah ITI, TidagundiPR29001083
96Vishweshwariah Industrial Training Institute Basavana BagewadiPR29000895
S.N.College NameCode
1Chandana ITCPU29000675
2Govt Industrial Training Institute ,KollegalaGR29000385
3Govt. ITI(W), GundlupetGR29000206
4Govt. ITI, BeguruGR29000925
5Gurukula Private Industrial Training InstitutePR29001370
6JSS Private Industrial Training InstitutePR29000070
7Nalanda Pvt ITI GundlupetPR29000848
8SDVS private ITIPR29001419
9Sri Chayadevi Industrial Training CentrePR29000620
10Sri Mahadeshwara Industrial Training Centre KollegalaPR29000349
11Sri Mahadeshwara Industrial Training Institute, HanurPR29001020
12Sri Nanjundeshwara Industrail Training Centre, KabballiPR29000700
13Swamy Vivekananda Industrial Training Centre, KollegalaPR29001015
14Varma Industrial Training Centre KollegalPR29000351
15Varma ITI Chamaraja NagarPU29000509
S.N.College NameCode
1Akshara Private Industrial Training InstitutePR29001391
2ARUNODAYA Private ITIPR29001417
3Basaveshwara Private ITIPU29001238
4Chintamani ITCPU29001075
5Gnanajyothi Private ITI ShidlaghattaPR29001395
6Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women GowribidanurGU29000218
7Govt. ITI BAGEPALLIGR29000359
9Keshava ITCPR29001190
10Newton Industrial Training Centre Kalluchi BidanurPR29000731
11S.R.S Industrial Training Centre Begepalli TownPR29000278
12Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah ITCPR29000993
13Sir M. Vishweshwaraya ITCPR29001314
14Sir M. Visveswaraiah Industrial Training InstitutePR29000057
15Sri Manjunatha ITCPR29001069
16Sri Ramalinga Chandra Chowdeswari Shubodaya I.T.C. PrivatePR29000232
17Sri Shubhodaya Private ITI,PR29001309
18Sri Venkateshwara Private ITIPR29001366
19Sri. Vivekananda ITC, Kolar RoadPR29000901
20Swamy Vivekananda ITCPU29001038
21Vinayaka Private ITIPR29000595
S.N.College NameCode
1Government ITI, BH Road, TarikereGU29000440
2Govt Industrial Training Institute, ChikmagalurGU29000065
3Govt. Industrial Training Institute ,KadurGU29000322
4Govt. ITI, SakkarayapatnaGR29000935
5Karnataka Industrail Training CentrePU29000071
6M.E.S. Industrial Training CentrePR29001243
7Malnad ITCPR29001045
8Maruthi ITIPR29000427
9S.M.E.S ITCPU29001023
10S.S.R. Industrail Training CentrePR29000462
11Samvidhana Shilpi Society ITI Tarikeri.PU29000543
12Sir M. Vishveshwaraih I.T.C TarikerePU29000450
13Siri Durga Parmeshwari Rural ITC AnnigerePR29000542
14Sri Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara ITIPR29000228
15Sri Jagadguru Mallikarajuna Murugarajendra Industrial Training Centre,BirurPR29000249
16Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya Institute of TechnologyPR29000097
17Sri Lakshmisha I.T.C DevanurPR29000451
18St. Nobert ITCPR29000582
S.N.College NameCode
1Azad Minorities Industrial Training Centre, ChallakerePR29000004
2Bhagya Shree Rural Industrial Training Institute ChallakerePR29000436
3Bharatha Rular ITC, Beside Vani Sakkane 1st Grade College Nandana Farm,PR29000758
4Chethana Private ITIPU29000763
5D K Industrial Training Centre, RAMPURAPR29000767
6Darshan ITCPR29000829
7Don Bask ITCPR29000766
8DVS ITCPR29001134
9G. Basappa ITCPR29000966
10Government Industrial Training Institute (W)GR29000231
11Govt Industrial Training Institute Bharma SagarGR29000386
12Govt Industrial Training Institute ChallakereGR29000024
13Govt. ITI HiriyurGU29000945
14Hi-Tech ITCPR29000831
15Hindustan Minorities ITCPU29000759
16Indian Minorities ITC Challakere.PR29000437
17M.S Rahmania ITCPR29000579
18Maharshi Valmiki Rural Industrial Training CentrePR29000553
19Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Training CentrePR29000438
20Mountain View Private ITIPR29001294
21MRDS ITC, Sri Jayalakshmi Textiles Premises, Gharehatti, ChitradurgaPR29000637
22Nandagokula ITC, ParashurampuraPR29000733
23National minorities Industrial Training Institute MolakalmurPR29001205
24Nehru ITC, Near Prabhat TalkiesPR29000904
25S.J.M ITC ChitradurgaPR29000216
26S.L.T. I.T.C. HOSADURGAPU29000881
27S.L.V Private ITIPR29000040
28S.P.S.R. Industrial Training Centre RampuraPR29001008
29S.R.S ITCPR29000860
30S.Ramaiah ITCPR29001046
31S.S. ITCPR29001178
33Sharda Rural ITC,PR29000991
34Shramageevi ITCPR29001029
35Shri Raghavendra Industrial Training CentrePR29000609
36SIR M Vishweshwaraiah ITI, TuruvanurPR29001000
37Smt. Harshinisudhakar Industrial Training Institute ChallakerePR29000846
38Snehajeevi Private ITIPR29001358
39Spoorthy Rural ITI, ChallakerePR29000726
41Sri Brahmi Industrail Training Centre AgasankalluPR29000720
43Sri Jagadguru Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra ITCPR29000217
44Sri Jagadguru Revana Siddeshwara Swamy ITCPR29001044
45Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy ITCPU29000689
46Sri M. Vishveshwaraiah ITC, Chitradurga Distt.PR29000909
47Sri MallikarjunaI.T.I.PR29000394
48Sri Maruthi ITCPR29001052
49Sri Mathrushree ITCPU29001061
50Sri Mylaralingeshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29001013
51Sri Nuthan ITCPR29001027
52Sri Nuthana ITCPR29001050
53Sri PurnaMuthappa Smaraka Rural ITCPR29001247
54Sri Sevelal ITC, Near Vasavi Mohal CB Road, Holalkere TownPR29000705
55Sri Thipperudraswamy Rural ITC, NayakanahattiPR29000575
56Sri Veeranjaneyal ITC,Srirampura HosadurgaPR29000037
57T M A E S Industrial Training Institute HiriyurPR29000017
58Tarasu ITC, Thallak, Challakere Ta. Distt. ChitradPR29000768
59The Durga Industrial Training Institute HosadurgaPR29000064
60TMAE Society Industrial Training CentrePR29000142
Dakshina Kannada
S.N.College NameCode
1A.G Soans Industrial Training Institute, Moodbidre.PR29000162
3Bethany ITI, NellyadiPR29000287
4Brahmashree Narayanaguru I.T.I,KatipallaPR29000159
5Government Industrial Training Institute (Men),MangaloreGU29000044
6Government Industrial Training Institute, VitlaGR29000522
7Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women,MangaloreGU29000255
8Govt Industrial Training Institute Malady BelthangadiGR29000259
9Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women), PutturGR29000210
10Hebich Industrial Training Centre, BalmattaPU29000054
11Jnanabharathi ITI, JalsoorPR29001409
12KACES ITI STICH CRAFT, BalmattaPU29000085
13Kurnji Venkatramana Gowda I.T.C, SulliaPR29000174
14Mulki Ramakrishana Punja Private ITIPR29000151
15Nagarika Private ITIPR29001298
16Narayana Guru Industrial Training Institute, KudroliPU29000110
17Odiyoor Shree Gurudeva Private Industrial Training Institute, KanyanaPR29001392
18Prasanna ITC, BelthangadyPR29000652
19S.K.F. Industrial Training InstitutePR29000435
20SDM Mangalajyothi Private ITI, Vamanjoor, Mangalore.PR29001385
21Seyyid Madani ITIPR29000105
22Sri Dharmasthala Industrial Training Centre for WomenPR29000862
23Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara ITIPR29000170
24Sri Durga Devi Private ITIPR29001182
25Sri Mahalingeshwara Industrial Training Institute, PutturPU29000175
26Sri Parivara Panchalingeshwara ITCPR29000715
28St Alloysius ITIPU29000165
29St Joseph Industrial Training CentrePR29000299
30Vittal Suprajit Private ITI, VittlaPR29001324
31Xavier Industrial Training CentrePR29000160
S.N.College NameCode
1ABSSK SAMAJ Khoday 'C' Venkusa ITC HariharPU29000240
2Chamundeshwari ITCPU29001116
3Govt Industrial Training Institute DavanagereGU29000048
4Govt. Industrial Training Insitute,GR29000368
5Govt. ITI, JagalurGR29000803
6H Parameshwarappa Memeorial ITI, Shyagale,PR29001118
7Halaswamy Rural ITCPR29001060
8Hemareddy Mallamma Private ITI, HarapanahalliPU29000987
9Jnana Gangothri Industrial Training Centre ChannagririPR29001053
10Jnanadeepa ITCPR29001054
11K. Saraswathi Industrial Training CentrePR29000552
12Mallikarjuna Industrial Training Centre P.B RoadPU29000642
13Millath Industrail Training Centre Basha nagarPU29000796
14Nisarga Industrial Training Centre Nazeernagar,PR29000764
15Nutana Private ITIPR29000969
16R V V S Industrial Training CentrePR29000341
17RTPI Pvt. ITI (Shifting from Chamarajapet,Bangalore-18)PR29000167
18S.K.E.S. Industrial Training Centre, SanthebennurPR29000950
19Sakri Industrial Training InstitutePR29000839
20SBK ITCPR29001220
21Shiva Naradamuni Private ITIPR29001235
22Shri Krishana Industrial Training CentrePR29000339
23Smt Annapornamma N.H. Shankarappa ITCPR29000156
24Smt Gangamma & Sri Veerabhadra Shastry ITCPR29000448
25Smt Halama Malikarjunappa Memorial Rural ITCPR29001024
26Sri Basaveshwara Rural ITCPR29001260
27Sri Channabasava Shivayogi ITCPR29000806
28Sri Guru Kotturesshwara ITCPR29000797
30Sri K.M.V ITCPR29001059
31Sri Kaginele Mahasamstana Kanaka Guru Peeta ITCPU29000843
32Sri Kolkar Dasappa Memorial ITCPR29001131
33Sri Kolushanthehwara I.T.CPR29000021
34Sri Kote Anjaneya Rural ITCPR29000973
35Sri Laxmi Ranganatha Industrail Training Centre BadaPR29000897
36Sri Laxmiranganatha Institute of Technical ITCPR29001010
37Sri Mruthyunjaya ITCPR29001127
38Sri Nandeeshwara Industrial Training Centre Nandigudi Harihara TalikPR29000674
39Sri Nandhini Industrial Training Centre AlurPR29000879
41Sri Naradamuni ITC, HarapanahalliPR29001217
42Sri Raghavendra ITCPR29000872
43Sri Renukamba Rural Industrial Training Institute, KukkuwadaPR29000205
44Sri Shaila Jagadguru Rural ITCPR29000503
45Sri Sharana Basaveshwara Grameena ITCPR29000875
46Sri Siddeshwara Private ITI,PR29001336
47Sri Tungabhadra ITCPR29001099
48Sri Vishwa Guru ITCPR29001313
49TMAEs Maharudraswamy Industrail Training Centre ChennagiriPR29000190
50Trinity Private ITIPR29001296
51Usmaniya Industrial Training InstitutePR29000026
S.N.College NameCode
1Amitron Private ITI DharwadPR29001325
2Anjuman-E-Islam Industrial Training Institute AlnavarPU29000358
3Anjuman-e-Islam ITI, For Woman, HubliPU29000912
4Ashrapree Industrail Training Institute Krishnapur, HubliPR29000019
5Basavaraddi ITI Maratha ColonyPU29000447
6Basavaraddi ITI Sampangi Nagar DharwadPU29001064
7Bellad Technical Institute unkal Cross, HubliPU29000656
8Dr. Zakir Hussain ITI UPPIN-BETAGERIPR29001106
9Dr.Ambedkar Shikshan Sam ITI ITI Nekar Nagar HubliPU29000256
10Govt. ITI NavalgundGR29000946
11Govt. Industrial Training Institute KalaghatgiGR29000300
12Govt. Industrial Training institute, DharwadGU29000644
13Govt. Industrial Training institute, HubliGU29000041
14Guru patil Industrial Training Institute Tarihal Road Gokul HubliPU29001323
15Harabhat Industrail Training Institute Killa KundgolPR29000661
16Jagadguru Ajatha Nagaling Mahaswamy Vidya Peeth ITI NavalagundPU29000172
17Jeeveswara Shikehan Samithi ITI HubliPU29000068
18Jnanajyothi ITI DharwadPR29001192
19Jnanjyoti Rural Pvt. ITI TimmapurPR29001360
20JSS Shri Manjunatheshwara Private ITIPU29001318
21Kanthesh ITI KalaghatagiPR29000870
22Lingayat Education Associations Awwappanna Attigeri ITI DharwadPU29000109
23Mahila Vidyapeeta Industrial Training Institute HubliPU29000309
24MOST REV Dr V P DANDIN ITI DharwadPU29000018
25Multitek Industrial Training Institute DharwadPU29000274
26N W K R T C Industrial Training Institute, HubliPU29000130
27Navalagund Taluka Shikshana Samsthe, NavalagundPR29000282
28Nehru ITI, HubliPU29000911
29Pragathi ITI, HubliPU29000985
30Prof.K.S. Sharma Pvt. ITI Vishwashramachetana campus, Gokul Road, Hubli-30PU29000241
31S J M V Singhal Industrail Training Institute for (Women) HUBLIPU29000095
32S.M.E.S. Sha D.J. Chheda (P) ITI HubliPU29000083
33Sai industrial training institute, DharwadPU29000886
34Sai Sangam ITI, HubliPR29000736
35Sanjaya Grameena Vidya Samsthe Industrial Training IInstitute, HolealurPR29000088
36Sanmith ITI DharwadPR29001039
37Shivanand ITI DharwadPU29001389
38Shri Channabasaveshawara ITI Navanagar HubliPU29000468
40Shri Jagadguru Madiwaleshwara ITI GaragPR29001058
41SNVVS Private ITI,Samping Nagar DharwadPR29001281
42Sri Dharmastala Manjunathaeshwara Pvt. ITI Sattur DharwadPU29001362
43Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya ITI.AnnigeriPU29000567
44Sri Padmavahi ITI GudageriPR29000577
45Sri Vidya Ganapati Vidhya Vardhaka Samsthe ITI Halilyal Road DharwadPU29000525
46SSK Hitavardhaka Sangh Y.T Miskin PVT. ITI. HubliPR29000183
47ST. ANTHONY'S Industrail Training Institute Vidyanagar, HubliPU29000366
48Student Aid Society Private Industrial Training Institute Saptapur DharwadPU29000144
49Vijayanand Institute of Technology ITI Varur, HubliPR29000618
50VIKAS Industrial Training Institute,DHARWADPU29000201
51Vinayaka Industrail Training Institute HebsurPR29000762
52Vishwa Sangama Education Society ITI HubliPR29000514
S.N.College NameCode
1Al-Itheehada Industrial Training Institute, GadagPR29000452
2Anjuman Industrial Training Institute GadagPR29001031
3Anjuman Islam Private ITI GadagPU29000445
4Dr. Pandit Puttaraj Gawai ITI GadagPU29000869
5Gadag Rural ITI, GadagPR29000984
6Government Industrial Training Institute, SudiGR29000378
7Govt Industrial Training Institute NargundGR29000478
8Govt. Industrial Training Institute for Women, GadagGU29000204
9Govt. Industrial Training Institute MundargiGU29000327
10Jagadguru Annadaneshwar Industrial Training Institute BellattiPR29001181
11Jnana Gangotri Pvt ITI BellattiPR29001156
12Jnana Peeta ITI HolealurPR29001136
13K.Basavalingappa Memorial ITI LakkundiPR29000828
14K.U.K Memorial Sai ITI GadagPR29001150
15Kottur Swamy Kalyana Kendra Industrial Training Institute (W) NaregalPR29000198
16Rural Industrail Training Institute NaragundPU29000535
17Shirahatti ITI ShirahattiPR29001259
18Shri Andanappa Doddameti ITI RonPU29001125
20Shri Balaleela Mahant, Shivayogi Memorial,Sri B.A Batakhani ITI MulgundPR29001186
21shri chidambareshwar Pvt ITI GadagPU29001074
22Shri Kalmeshwer Private ITI Hole-alurPR29001340
23Shri Venkateshwar ITI GadagPR29001040
24Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah ITI GadagPR29000789
25Sir Siddappa Kambali Memorial ITI Gadag-BetageriPU29000091
26Smt. Sumangala Mattikatti Private ITI GajendragadPU29001351
27Someshwar Private ITI KotumachagiPR29001329
28Sri Alur Venkataraya ITI HolealurPR29001098
29Sri Chikkena Koppa Channaveera Sahrana Rural ITI BalaganurPR29000920
30Sri Gurupadeshwara Industrial Training Institute, RonPR29000485
31Sri J.M. Kappanthanavar Memorial ITI ShirahattiPR29001250
32Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya I T I DambalPR29000106
33Sri Kotra Basappa Veerappa Shigli Rural ITI, GadagPR29001121
34Sri Madara Chennaiah ITI ShirolPR29000153
35Sri Sai ITI GadagPR29001248
36Sri Samartha Sai ITI, MundaragiPR29001257
37Sri Someshwara ITI, LaxmeshwaraPR29001133
38Sri Vaishnavi Private ITI, GadagPU29001303
39TMAE'S,Bapuji Private Industrial Training Institute LaxmeshwarPU29000084
S.N.College NameCode
1Adarsh Educational Trust PROF.P.S.CHOUDARY I..T.I KalaburagiPU29000103
2Adikeshava Industrial Training Institute, Nandikur, KalaburagiPU29000742
3Apex ITIPU29001229
4Aryan Industrial Training Institute, KalaburgiPU29000724
5Bhavani Private ITIPU29000780
6Citizen ITIPU29001254
7Devrajaurs Industrial Training CentrePR29000476
8Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ITC, Bijapur Road, Jeevargi, Kalaburagi Dist.PR29001278
9Dr. B.R Ambedker ITIPR29000275
10Ekantha Ramaya Industrail Training Centre AlandaPR29000570
11Flora ITI, New Reghavendra Colony, KalaburagiPU29000647
12Government Industrial Training Institute for Women KalaburagiGU29000115
13Govt Industrail Trianing Centre JewargiGR29000563
14Govt Industrial Training Institute ChincholiGR29000329
15Govt Industrial Training Institute Wadi (Junction) Chittapur taluk, Dist: KalaburagiGR29000196
16Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Men) KalaburagiGU29000052
18Gurukrupa ITIPU29000668
19H.K.E.S Industrail Training Institute NimbargaPR29000155
20Hussaini Industrial Training Institute GulbargaPU29000934
21Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society's Industrial Training Institute, Kamalapur.PR29000177
22Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society's Industrial Training Institute, Kalaburagi.PU29000186
23Jnana Jyothi Industrial Training Centre, SedamPR29000576
24Kagina Private Industrial Training Institute AdityanagarPR29000393
25Kamalapur Rular Educational Society ITIPR29000561
26Kayaka Industrail Training CentrePR29000197
27KSRTC Industrial Training InstitutePU29000193
28Kudala Sangama Educational Societys Industrial Training Institute, Shahabad.PR29000292
29Late. Smt. Kasthuri Mallikarjuna Tadakal ITIPR29000528
30Margadarshi Industrial Training Institute, HiroliPR29001056
32National Industrial Training Institute WadiPU29001267
33National Industrial Training Institute, KalaburagiPU29000603
34Nimi ITIPU29000704
35Omkar Industrial Training CentrePR29001328
36Paripurna Education & Rural development Society Industrial Training Institute, AfzalpurPU29000708
37Pragathi Industrail Training CentrePR29000566
38Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi ITIPU29000336
39Rajiv Gandhi ITC, No.14-8-366/1, Near Bhavana Temple Road, Mangalpet, Bidar.PR29000630
40Revana Siddeshwara ITC, Revagi ChittapurPR29001091
41Rohini ITI Near Dattanagar KalaburagiPU29000585
42Rose Industrial Training Institute, Kalaburagi.PU29001097
43Rular Indsutrail Training CentrePR29000258
45S.S ITC, Madanahipparga Alanda Tq. Kalaburagi Dist.PR29001383
46Sahara ITI, New Jevargi Road, KalaburagiPU29000892
47Saptagiri ITI SulepetPR29000725
48SHARAN ITCPU29000982
49Sharana Basaveshwara Industrial Training Centre Chittapur TqPR29000899
50Shree Basaveshwar Industrial Training CentrePR29000714
52Shree Sai ITC SedamPR29001266
53Shri Channaveer Shivacharya ITCPU29000778
54Shri Gurushantha Lingeshwara Industrial Training InstitutePU29000634
55Shri Sathya Sai Industrial Training CentrePR29000433
56Shri Sharan Industrial training Institute GulbargaPU29001384
57Shri Siddaramaiah Industrial Training CentrePR29000686
59Sir M. Vishweshwarayya ITIPR29001225
60Sir. M.Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Training CentrePR29001211
61SIR.M.VISHWESHWARAIAH ITC, Basavkalyan,PR29000621
62Sri Siddaramayya Inamdar TI Edrami Sh Jeevag,PR29000631
63Sri Adikeshava Industrial Training Institute, Ramanagar KalaburagiPU29000727
65Sri Dharamsingh ITC YadramiPR29000887
66Sri Guru PVT ITIPR29001297
67Sri Gurudatta Industrial Training CentrePR29000960
68Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya I.T.C Rudnoor ChincholiPR29000772
69Sri Kottala Basaveshwara ITCPR29001280
70Sri Laxmi Venkteshwara Industrail Training InstitutePU29000757
71Sri Mahanteshwara Vidhya Varthaka Sangha Industrial Training CentrePR29000112
73Sri Neelakantappa Devaramane ITC.SonnaPR29000891
74Sri Noorandeshwar ITC JewargiPR29000583
75Sri Prabhulinga ITC, Nimberga, Kalaburagi Dist.PR29001090
76Sri Sadguru ITIPU29000977
77Sri Sathya Sai ITC, Mudol Sedam Tq.PR29000787
78Sri Sharana Basaveshwar Industrial Training Centre JewargiPU29000684
80Sri Siddasaveshwara Industrail Training Institute VirkthamuttPR29000795
81Sri. Jagadguru Tontadarya ITC, Jevargi, Kalaburagi DistPR29000628
82Swamy Vivekanda ITC, Chandapura ChincholiPR29000974
83VinayaRaj ITI KalaburagiPU29000608
84Vocational Educational Society I.T.I.PU29000069
85ZOHRA Industrail Training CentrePU29000264
S.N.College NameCode
1Al- Ameen Haji Abubakar Mohd. ITC ArasikerePR29000442
2Bharath ITCPR29000276
3Don Bosco Industrial Training InstitutePU29000261
4Gnanadhare ITIPU29000978
5Government Industrial Training Institute for Women,Channaraya PattanaGR29000248
6Government Industrial Training Institute, ArasikereGU29000288
7Govt Industrial Training Institute ,PaduvalahippeGR29000685
8Govt Industrial Training Institute B.M Road, HassanGU29000050
9Govt Industrial Training Institute, HolenarsipuraGR29000089
10Govt. ITI, AlurGR29000941
11Govt. ITI, ArakalagudGR29000311
12Govt. ITI, BagurGR29000807
13Govt. ITI, HariharapuraGR29000940
14Govt. ITI, Mosale HosahallyGR29000802
15Govt. ITI, UdayapuraGR29000939
16Jnana Bharti ITC, BasavapatnaPR29001410
17JSP ITI HassanPU29000867
18Kamadhenu Pvt ITIPU29001166
19Karthik Industrial Training Centre,PR29000430
20Kushal ITIPR29000894
21Lt Karle Memorial Industrial Training CentrePR29000659
22Malleshwari Industrial Training CentrePR29000422
23Mathru Bhumi Industrail Training CentrePR29000453
24MRV ITI Ramanathapura ArakalgudPR29000463
25N E S ITI ArakalagudPR29000864
26Navabharatha Industrial Training Centre, GandasiPR29000574
27Navodaya National ITCPR29001407
28Nethaji Industrial Training CentrePU29000235
29New horizon Industrial Training InstitutePU29000374
30P.E.S. Industrial Training InstitutePR29000316
31Pankaja Industrial Training CentrePR29000531
32Patel National ITC,PR29000517
33Pushaparavi National Industrial Training InstitutePR29000399
34Pushkarani Academy Industrial Training CentrePU29000458
35Roopashree ITCPU29000502
36S.L.V Industrial Training Center ChannarayapatnaPU29001415
37S.M.S. Industrial Training Centre Halli MysorePR29000494
38Sangameshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29000347
39Shambhulingeshwara ITC,PR29000712
40Sharada Industrial Training InstitutePR29000418
41Shri Bhyraveshwara Industrial Training InstitutePR29000333
42Shri Ranganatha Industrial Training InstitutePR29000371
43Siddeshwara private Industrial Training InstitutePU29000101
44Simhadri Industrial Training Centre UthenahalliPR29000777
45SIR M. Visheshwaraiah Rural ITC, BanavaraPR29000491
46SLV ITI HassanPU29000856
47Smt Channamma Industrial Training Centre HassanPU29000342
48Smt. Sharada ITC, HassanPU29000728
49Sree Jathin ITCPR29001033
50Sree venkateshwara industrial training centrePU29000380
51Sri Adichunchanagiri I.T.C CannarayapattanaPR29000137
52Sri Annapurneswari Industrial Training CentrePR29000419
53Sri Basaveshwara Industrail Training Centre MadaluPR29000654
54Sri Basaveshwara ITI KeralapuraPR29000507
55Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Pvt. I.T.I.PR29000250
56Sri Durga Parameshwari Industrail Training CentrePR29000636
57Sri Durgaprasanna Industrail Training CentrePR29000673
58Sri Gangothri I.T.I Holenarsipura,PR29000340
59Sri Hasanamba Industrial Training CentrePU29000344
60Sri Mahadeshwara ITCPR29000381
61Sri Manjunatha Industrial Training CentrePR29000375
62Sri Manjunatheshwara Industrial Training CentrePU29000301
63Sri Nidhi Private ITI JavagalPR29000456
64Sri Pushpagiri ITIPU29000671
65Sri Rameshwara I.T.C ArasikerePR29000143
66Sri Ranga Industrial Training CentrePU29000377
67Sri Siddaganga ITCPR29000874
68Sri Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Training InstitutePU29000348
69Umachagi Industrial Training InstitutePU29000423
70Umachagi Industrial Training InstitutePU29000512
71Vandana ITIPR29001408
72Vidyaranya ITCPR29000845
73Vinayaka ITC, BeluruPR29000854
74Vishweshwariaiah Industrial Training Centre AlurPR29000367
75Yagachi Industrial Training institutePR29000305
S.N.College NameCode
1Adarsha Private Industrial Training Institute, HaveriPU29000612
2Dr. Basavaraj Kerudi ITI HaunsbhaviPR29001105
3Durgamatha ITI HirekerurPR29000414
4Durgamatha ITI, TilavalliPR29000773
5Govt. ITI HirakerurGR29000788
6Govt. Industrial Training Institute AkkialurGR29000315
7Govt. Industrial Training Institute GuttalGR29000323
8Hoysala Industrial Training Institute KSSIDC, HaveriPR29000663
9Jnana Bharathi ITI ChikkerurPR29001117
10Jnana Gangothri ITI BankapurPR29001037
11Keerthi Industrial Training Institute, HaveriPU29001012
12M.Vishweshwaraiah ITI, GuttalPR29001168
13Mahantheswara Rural Industrial Training Institute ByadagiPU29000529
14Manjunatha Rural ITI AkkialurPR29001107
15Rural Private Industrial Training Institute, RattihalliPR29000548
16Sadguru Seva Rural Industrial Training Institute, AkkialurPR29000247
17Sainik ITI HaveriPR29001170
18SBVS Industrial Training Institute, HirekerurPR29000415
19Shree Guru karibasveshwar Industrial Training Institute, HalageriPR29000717
20Sindagi Shantaaveereshwara ITI SangurPR29001164
21Sindagi Shantaaveereshwara ITI SangurPR29001165
22Sir M Vishweshwrayya ITI RanebennurPU29000873
23Smt. Patil Neelamma Karagoudara ITI MasurPR29001219
24smves Karnataka Pvt ITI RanebennurPU29000645
25Spandana Industrial Training Institute MotebennurPR29001109
26Sri Banashankari Industrial Training Institute RanebennurPR29001026
27Sri Basaveshwara ITI HosarittiPR29000917
28Sri Beereshwara ITI RanebennurPR29001065
29Sri Guru Kanaka ITI ChalageriPR29001042
30Sri Gurusidda Rajayogindra ITI HanagalPR29001148
31Sri Kanakadas Industrial Training Institute GuttalPR29000739
32Sri Kumareshwara Industrial Training Institute hospet Oni HanagalPR29000880
33Sri Kumudwathi Industrial Training Institute RattihalliPR29000611
34Sri Lalithamba ITI SavanurPR29000679
35Sri Manumatha Industrial Training Institute HirekerurPR29000672
36Sri Mathe Kalidev Industrail Training Institute ShiggavaPR29000882
37Sri Remukamba Industrial Training Institute Mrutyunjay Nagar, RanebennurPR29000475
38Sri Renukadevi Industrial Training Institute ByadgiPR29000664
39Sri Revanasiddeshwara Industrial Training Institute ByadgiPR29000737
40Sri Rudragoudru & Krishnabai Patil Industrial Training Institute HaunsabhaviPR29000988
41Sri Sadguru Rural Private ITI TumminkattiPR29001330
42Sri Shaila Jagadguru Umapathi Panditaradhya ITI KavalettuPR29000403
43Sri Someshwara ITI HaveriPU29000838
44Sri Taralabalu Private ITI HirekerurPR29001319
45T M A E S Sri Maharshi Valmiki ITI for Women, RanebennurPR29000192
46TMAE Tonkada Veerappa Industrail Training Institute, HaveriPR29000191
47Vivekanand ITI, HaveriPU29000707
48Vivekananda ITI RanebennurPU29000842
S.N.College NameCode
1Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women, PonnampetGR29000129
2Govt Industrial Training Institute, MadikeriGR29000055
3Govt. ITI Alur-Siddapura Somavarpet Tq. Dist. KodaguGR29000761
4Kalpaturu Industrial Training Centre Kushal NagarPR29000396
5KVG ITC, BhagamandalaPR29000270
6Sri Sadguru I.T.CPU29000372
S.N.College NameCode
1AECS Pavan Industrail Training CentrePU29000127
2Alma Industrial Training CentrePR29000269
3Balaji ITCPR29001159
4Bhagvan Budha ITCPR29000596
5Bhavana ITIPR29000964
6Brilliant Rural ItiPR29001400
7Chaithanya Industrial Training CentrePR29001401
9Deccan ITCPU29001226
10DGMP ITCPR29001158
11Dr. BR Ambedkar Memorial ITIPR29000606
12Govt ,ITI for Women Antharagange Rd.KolarGU29000215
13Govt ITI DevarayasamudraGR29000157
14Govt, ITI, BEML Nagar KGF, 563115GU29000015
15Govt. ITI, MulbagalGU29000916
16Hemadri Industrial Training Centre Aralhalli PostPR29001082
17Hemanth Rural ITCPR29001244
18Hilal Industrial Training InstitutePR29000179
19Jyothi ITC Harativilllage Bhatrahalli GatePR29000221
20Kengal Hanumantaiah Industrial Training Centre BethamangalaPR29000118
21Kolar Industrial Training CentrePU29000136
22KVN Private ITIPR29001418
23Maruthi Institute of Technology of Crafts MulabagiluPR29000161
24Millath Industrial Training CentrePR29000150
25Noorie Industrial Training Centre AndersopetPR29000096
26Rakshitha ITC MalurPR29001114
27Royal Industrial Training InstitutePR29000171
28Shathashrunga ITCPR29001035
29Sri Venkateshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29001284
30Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre BangarpetPR29000168
31Taranga ITCPR29001078
32VNR ITCPR29000844
33VSR Private iti, MalurPR29001397
S.N.College NameCode
1Ayushya Rural Private ITI HiresindhogiPU29000999
2Bhuvaneshwari ITI YalaburgaPR29000865
4Gangotri Pvt. ITIPU29000781
6Govt ITI HanumasagarGR29000388
7Govt ITI KoppalGU29000328
8Govt ITI KukanoorGR29000211
9Govt ITI, Mangalore gramaGR29000331
10Govt. Industrail Training Institute GangavathiGU29000755
11Govt. ITI (W), YelburgaGR29000943
12Janath Seva Shikshana Industrial Training InstirutePR29000176
13Kayakayogi Sri Channabasavaswami industrrial training institute ( pvt ) GangavathiPU29000756
14Koppal Rural ITI KoppalPU29000837
15Lingaikya Shriman Ni Pra Veerupaksha Swamy Rural ITC, Kinnal, Koppal Dist.PR29001272
16Lingaikya Shriman Ni Pra Veerupaksha Swamy Rural ITC, Kinnal, Koppal Dist.PR29001273
17Mathosri Shivagangamma Amarappa Arali Rural ITIPU29001279
18Navodaya Rural ITI KukanurPR29000822
19S.K.L.E ITCPU29000832
20Sarvodaya Industrial Training Institute SriramangPR29001268
21Sarvodya Rural ITI KoppalPU29000590
22Smt. Shivalingamma Karadi Memorial ITI KoppalPU29000855
23Sree Mahanthaswamy Industrial Training InstitutePR29000786
25Sri Chandrashekar Swamy Industrial Training Institute (pvt), Tavaragera-583279.PR29001100
27Sri Channabasaveshwara ITI MalagittiPR29000266
28Sri Gavisiddeshwara Rular Industrial Traiining InstitutePR29000719
29Sri Guru ITCPU29001231
30Sri Jagadguru Tontadarya I.T.I MandalagiriPR29000107
31Sri Kudos Rural Private ITIPR29000990
32Sri Madivala Shivacharya Rural ITIPR29000833
33Sri Manjunatha Swami ITIPR29001071
34Sri Narayanaswamy Pvt. ITI, Gangavathi - 583227PU29001285
35Sri Rudramuni Shivacharya Rural Private ITI KustagiPR29001374
37Sri Sajjalashree I.T.C., Kustagi , Koppala Dist.PR29001092
38Sri Siddalingeshwara ITI KoppalPU29000986
39Sri Veerabhadreshwara Rural Pvt. ITI, Alavandi, KoPR29001333
40Sri Vishweshwarayya ITI HanamanalPR29000369
41Sri Vishweswarayya Rural Pvt. ITI, Basapattana Gangavathi - 583227PR29001210
42Suvarnagiri Rural ITC, Kanakagiri, Gangavathi Tq., Koppal Dist.PR29001332
43Thavagera Rural ITIPU29001119
45V.L.Patil ITCPU29000861
46Veera Neelambika Industrial Training InstitutePR29000036
47Vishweshwariah ITC, Totada Bhavi KoppalPU29000885
48Yelburga ITI YalaburgaPR29000823
S.N.College NameCode
1BBIT ITI,K R PetePR29000506
2BLS ITI,MandyaPR29000466
3Calvary ITCPR29000653
4Gold Field ITCPU29001021
5Government Industrial Training Institute ,PandavapGU29000317
6Government Industrial Training Institute, MaddurGR29000400
7Govt Industrial Training Institute, K. M. DoddiGR29000361
8Govt Industrial Training Institute, MalavalliGU29000158
9Govt Industrial Training Institute, MandyaGU29000066
10GOVT ITI K R PET-571426GU29000003
11Govt. ITI, ChinakuraliGR29000936
12Govt. ITI, KesturGR29000944
13Govt. ITI, SrirangapatnaGR29000937
14Hemavathi Private ITIPR29000808
15J.P.M. Industrial Training Centre HalagurPR29001009
16Jnana bharathi industrial training institutePR29001312
17Jnana Sindhu Industrail Training CentrePR29000429
18Jnanaganga ITC, MandyaPR29000401
19Jnanesh Industrial Training Institute, MalavalliPU29000524
20Jnanodaya Industrail Training CentrePR29000562
21M. Srinivasa I.T.C HanakerePR29000449
22Malavalli Boys Home ITIPR29000539
23Mandavya Industrial Training Centre MaddurPR29000699
24Mandya Industrial Training CentrePU29000410
25Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wediyar ITIPU29000279
26Navodaya itc k m doddiPR29001144
27Navodaya ITC K R petePR29000505
28Navodaya National Private Industrail Training Institute T.B Extn NagamangalaPR29000515
29Niranjan Industrial Training Centre, PandithanalliPR29000511
30Pragathi ITC, ChinakuraliPR29000710
31Rachana Industrial Training Centre K.R PetPR29000335
32Rachana Industrial Training Institue NagamangalaPR29000434
33Raghavendra ITC Bellur CrossPR29000395
34Shanthi Industrial Training CentrePR29000538
35Shree Vishweshwaraiah ITC, KikkeriPR29000702
36Sri AdhiShakti Industrial Training Centre Akki HebbalPR29000657
37Sri Adichunchanagiri Private I.T.I, MelukotePR29000133
38Sri Durgaparameshwari Pvt ITI, MandagerePR29001334
39Sri Karibasaveswara Industrial Training CentrePR29000416
40Sri Rachana ITC, KikkeriPR29001036
41Sri Ram ITC, KeragoduPR29000992
42Sri Ranganatha I.T.C B.R KoppaluPR29000304
43Sri Ranganatha ITC, JakkanahalliPR29000716
44Sri Vidya Ganpathi Rural Private ITIPR29001320
45Sri Vidya Vikas Industail Training Centre, K R PetPR29000696
46Swamy Vivekananda Industrial Training CentrePR29000555
47Thavaragere ITIPU29000330
48Vidyavahini Private ITIPR29001387
49Vidyodaya Industrial Training InstitutePR29000508
50Vinayaka ITC. PandavapuraPR29000711
51Vishweshwaraiah Tech Industrial Training CentrePR29000658
52Vivekananda ITC, MaddurPR29000820
S.N.College Name
1govt iti college, Mangalore(Men)
2govt iti college, Mangalore(Women)
3govt iti college, Narimogaru, Puttur (Women)
4govt iti college, Malady, Belthangady
5govt iti college, Vittal, Bantwal Tq., D.K. Dist
61 St. Alloysius ITC, Mangalore , D.K.
7Syyed Madani ITC, Ullal, D.K
8Hebich ITC, Balmat, Mangalore, D.K.
9KACES, ITC Stichcraft, Balmatt. Mangalore Vol-1 Pg. No.-38
10Xavier ITC , Jyoti Mandir. Mukka- 574177, Mangalore
11Mulki Ramakrishna Punja I.T.C., Mulki,- 574154. Dakshina Kannada Dist.
12Brahmashree Narayana Guru I.T.C., Katipalla, Mangalore, D.K.
13Narayanaguru I.T.C., Kudroli, Mangalore.
14A.G. Soans I.T.C., Kodanagalli, Mudabidre, D.K
15Sri Mahalingeshwara I.T.C., Puttur, D.K.
16Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara I.T.I., Venur, D.K.
17Kurunje Venkatarama Gowda I.T.C., Sullia, D.k
18Bethany I.T.C., Nellyadi, Puttur, D.K
S.N.College NameCode
1B M M Pvt ITI,BannurPR29000545
2Benaka Industrial Training CentrePU29000446
3Bharathi Sthree samaja Industrial Training CentrePU29000421
4Bhrahmashri Industrial Training InstitutePU29000496
5BHS Industrail Training InstitutePU29000426
6D Banumaiah ITIPU29000391
7Glo Tec ITCPR29000847
8Gnana Bharathi ITC, IlawalaPR29001406
9Government Industrial Training Institute (Shifting case-Vishweshwara Nagar),MysoreGU29000346
10Government Industrial Training Institute , N R Mohalla Mysore-07GU29000053
11Government Industrial Training Institute, PeriyapaGR29000364
12Govt. Industrial Training Institute HunsurGR29000362
13Govt. Industrial Training Institute, H.D.KoteGR29000470
14Govt. ITI, NanjanagudGR29000324
15Govt. ITI, SaligramaGR29000012
16Gurumalleswara ITI DevanurPR29000569
17J S S Industrial Training Institute NanjangudPR29000081
18Jagruthi ITCPR29000649
19Jnanabyaveshwara Industrail Training CentrePR29000469
20Jnanaseva Industrial Training InstitutePU29001025
21Kaynes ITCPU29000800
22M E S Industrial Training CentrePU29000093
23MESCO Industrial Training InstitutePU29000074
24Mysore Rural I.T.C HinkalPU29000082
25Queens School of Design I.T.CPU29000272
26Sarvodaya ITIPR29000547
27Smt Puttathayamma Mariyappa ITC, K.R NagarPR29000669
28Sri Arunodaya Industrial Training InstitutePU29000460
29Sri Guru Channamallikarjuna Private ITIPU29001293
30Sri Kanteshwara Industrial Training Centre NanjanagudPU29000859
31Sri Kanteshwara ITC, MysorePU29000783
32Sri Manjunatha ITC, K.R NagarPR29000735
33Sri Nanjunda Shivayageshwara ITIPR29000413
34Sri Nanjundeshwara Industrail Training Centre, KadakolaPR29000408
35Sri Pravardhana ITI, K.R NagarPR29001001
36Sri Sathya Sai ITC HunsurPR29000853
37Sri Veerabhadreshwara ITC, AlanahalliPU29000306
38Sri Vivekananda Industrial Training InstitutePR29000267
39St. Philomena's Industrial Training CentrePU29000075
40Techniche Private ITIPR29001364
41The National Institute of Industrial Education I.T.CPU29000061
42vidya vikas ITIPU29000236
43Vidyavardhaka Sangha Industrial Training InstitutePU29000141
44Vishweshwaraiah Industrial Training CentrePU29000224
45Visweswaraiah Industrial Training CentrePU29000225
S.N.College NameCode
1A.M.E.S.Tulasabi Mahadevappa Bhagangare I.T.IPU29000184
2Aftab IT1,PU29000979
3Amareshwara Rural ITC Hati , Lingasugur Tq.PR29001006
4Anjaneya ITC, Shanthi Nagar, DevadurgaPU29001203
5B.T. Lalitha Naik Industrial Training Institute RaichurPU29000295
6Basava Industrial Training Institute DevadurgaPU29000607
7Basava Industrial Training Institute ManviPR29000604
8Basaveshwara ITCPU29000298
9Basaveshwara Private ITI RaichurPU29000813
10Govt. Industrial Training Institute DevadurgaGU29000043
11Govt. Industrial Training Institute RaichurGU29000042
12Govt. ITI MudgalGU29000294
13Govt. ITI, LingasugurGU29000360
14Hatti Rural ITCPR29001007
15Mahayogi vemana ITI LingasugurPU29000957
16Manvi Rural ITCPU29001004
17Model Industrial Training Centre KavithalPR29000626
18Noble ITI ShivanagiPU29000745
19Preetham ITI,PR29000812
20Radhakrishna ITI MudgalPU29001282
21Rural Private ITIPR29001322
22S.S.V. Private ITIPU29001344
23Sadguru Ramlingeshwara ITI RaichurPU29000814
24Sajjalashree ITI LingasugurPU29000571
25Sarvodya ITC ManviPU29000791
26Seva ITC, Arab Mohalla, Raichur - 584 101PR29001271
27Shakthi Nagar Industrial Training InstitutePR29000633
28Sharana Basavaraj Jogindar ITIPU29001086
29Sindhanur Rural ITIPU29001085
30Sir M. Vishweshwarayya ITI RaichurPU29000998
31Spandana ITI LingasugurPU29000682
32Spandana ITI MudgalPU29001215
33Sri Jagadguru Siddavasaveshwara Vidya Peeta Trust RaichurPR29000790
34Sri Siddarameshwara ITI RaichurPU29000997
35Sri Sugureshwara ITC, Sirawar, Manvi Tq., Raichur Dist.PR29001089
36Sri Valaballary Tatanavara Industrial Training InstitutePU29000135
37Sri. Khasgateshwara ITI HunasagiPR29001261
38Sri. Navodaya Rural ITC ManviPU29001005
39Vidyaniketana ITI MaskiPU29001270
40Vishweshwaraiah ITC, Near basava Sagar Cross, Longasugur, Raichur - 584 122PR29001275
S.N.College NameCode
1Govt. ITI RamanagaraGR29000752
2Govt. ITI, HarohalliGR29000792
3Govt. ITI, KanakapuraGR29000149
4Govt. ITI, MagadiGR29000938
5Hombegowda Industrail Training Centre, KengalPR29000139
6Jame-Ul-Uloom Industrial Training CentrePR29000286
7Kayaka Private ITIPR29001310
8Sarvajanika ITC, ChannapattanaPR29000643
9Shivayogi Muneshwara Swamy ITCPR29000337
10SLNM Industrial Training Centre CannapatnaPR29000194
11Sree Siddaganga Industrial Training CentrePR29000692
14Sri Mahalingeswara Industrial Training CentrePR29000219
15Sri Maruthi Industrial Training CentrePR29000382
16Sri Raghavendra Private ITIPR29001352
17Sri rama ITI SatanurPR29001197
18Sri S. Kariyappa Industrial Training Centre SeethanoorPR29000614
19Sri Shivayogi Muneshwara ITCPR29000407
20Sri Srinivasa Industrial Training Centre Ramanagara TownPR29000693
21Venkateshwara ITC, B.M. RoadPU29000703
22Vishweshwaraiah ITCPR29001073
23Vivek ITCPR29000765
24Vivekananda ITCPR29001072
25Vivekananda Indutraial Training Centre HarohalliPR29000877
S.N.College NameCode
1Adamya ITCPR29000970
2Ananya Rural ITCPR29000002
3Bharthi Industrial Training Centre PampanagarPR29001011
4D.H.S Industrail Training Centre BhadravatiPR29000898
5Don Bosco ITCPR29001249
6Gnanagangothri ITI, SorabaPR29000743
7GOVERNMENT ITI ShikaripuraGU29000760
8Govt ITI for Women ShimoggaGR29000122
10Govt. ITI, Kavalagundi, BadravathiGR29000046
11Govt. ITI, SorabaGR29000989
12Jagadguru Dharukacharya ITCPR29000592
13Manyatha ITI SagarPR29001373
14National Industrial Training CentrePR29001398
15Navodaya ITCPR29000593
16Rama Krishna ITC Gopala Gowda Ext. ShimogaPR29000544
17S J P Industrial Training InstitutePR29000227
18S.S Private Industrial Training InstitutePR29001388
19Sahyadri Rural ITC, Anavatti, soraba Tq.PR29000667
20Sathya Sai ITC malavagoppa shimoggaPR29000501
21Shramika ITC, Shimoga Road, HosangarPR29000893
22Shree Channamallikarjuna Industrial Training CentrePR29000326
23Sri Jagadguru Panchacharya ITCPR29000251
24Sri Madvacharya ITC HolehonnurPR29000486
25Sri Marula Siddeshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29000007
26Sri Nandishwara Industrial Training CentrePR29000632
27Sri Rama Industrial Tranining Centre Hutta ColonyPU29000687
28Sri Sharadamaba Private ITIPR29001289
29Sri Siddartha Industrail Training Centre B.H Raod VidyanagarPU29000678
30Sri Vinayaka ITCPR29001228
31Sri. Akkamahadevi ITC for WomenPR29000152
33Sumukha Industrial Training Centre, AnavattiPR29000550
34T M A E S Industrial Training CentrePR29000090
35TMAE Society Industrial Training CentrePR29000334
36Trinity ITCPU29001094
37TSSK Industrail Training Centre B.H Road Talaguppa Sagar TQPR29000625
38Varada ITCPU29000001
39Vidya Sagar Pvt.ITI (Shifting case Vidya Sagar Tech. Institute, Bangalore)PR29000238
S.N.College NameCode
1Acharya Industrial Training Institute, Belagumba, TumkurPR29000202
2Bapuji ITCPR29001172
3Brilliant ITCPR29001047
4BVS Private ITIPR29001291
5CSI Vocational Training CentrePR29000063
6Dr. Harshavardhana Industrial Training CentrePR29000220
7Gnanodaya Industrail Training Centre RangapuraPR29000884
8Govt Industrail Training Institute SiraGR29000319
9Govt Industrial Training Institute AmmasandraGR29000016
10Govt Industrial Training Institute for Women TipturGR29000226
11Govt Industrial Training Institute TumkurGR29000059
12Govt ITI Y.T Road Near Poornima Theather TuruvekereGR29000027
13Govt. Industrial training institute PavagadaGR29000389
14Govt. ITI, KunigalGR29000948
15H M S Industrial Training InstitutePU29000092
16Hazratn Madar Shah Industrial Training CentrePU29000302
17Hi Tech Industrial Training CentrePR29000513
18Indira Industrial Training Centre Upparahalli Dist. tumkurPU29000518
19Jayaprakash Narayan Industrial Training Centre Dhabbeghatta RoadPR29000962
20Kuvempu ITCPR29001246
21Lal Bahadur ITi MadhugiriPR29000189
22Mallikarjuna Industrial Training Centre C.N HalliPR29000688
23Malnad ITC ,PU29001115
24Maruthi Industrial Training Centre TuruvekerePR29000125
25Mount View ITCPR29000850
26Narendra ITCPR29001067
27Nisarga ITCPR29001173
28Oxfam Industrial Training Centre Madhugiri TalukPR29000666
29Pragathi ITCPR29001161
30prarthana itiPR29000851
31Raghavendra Technical Training CentrePU29000076
32Rashtra Bandhu Rural ITCPR29001167
33Rathnapuri ITCPR29001189
34S.R.S ITCPR29001132
35Shri kadasiddeshwara Math ITCPR29001160
36Siddeshwara Private ITIPR29001290
37Siddhartha ITC MaralurPU29000123
38Sidhartha Industrial Training Centre KunigalPR29000178
39Sir M Vishweshwaraiah ITI, kunigalPU29000321
40Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah ITCPR29000729
41Sir M.V. Vishweswaraiah Industrial Training CentrePR29000554
42Sir Ranganatha Industrial Training Centre TipturPR29000353
43SLN ITCPR29001233
44Sree Siddaganga ITC Batawadi,PU29000025
45Sri B.N. Shankaraiah Smaraka Private ITI,PR29001316
46Sri Basaveshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29000613
47Sri Basaveshwara Rural ITCPR29000558
48Sri Bhagawan Sai ITCPR29001155
49Sri Devi Industrial Training Centre MaralenahallyPR29000883
50Sri Divya Industrial Training CentrePR29000457
51Sri Durga ITC, Banninagara Sira, Distt. TumkurPR29000961
53Sri Kalikamba Vishwakarma Rural ITC,PR29001193
54Sri Ranga Sai ITCPR29001140
55Sri Satya Sai ITCPU29001016
56Sri Shadakshara ITCPR29000519
57Sri Shankareshwara Industrail Training CentrePR29000140
58Sri Siddaganga Private ITIPR29001343
59Sri T.V. Venkataswamy Industrial Training CentrePR29000013
60Sri Valmiki Private ITIPR29001359
61Sri Vishweshwaraiah ITCPR29000871
62Sri Yoginarayana Industrial Training Centre HuliyarPR29000683
64Tejas Industrial Training CentrePR29000488
65Veeranagamma ITCPR29001269
66Venketswara ITC Haliyurdurga KamigalPR29000338
67Vidya Vahini Industrial Training CentrePR29000187
68Walter Paris Memorial ITCPR29001123
S.N.College NameCode
1Aatmananda Saraswathi Private ITI, BilladiPR29001371
2Barkur National Industrial Training CentrePR29000147
3Government Industrial Training Institute ,PerdurGR29000376
4Govt Industrial Training Institute Manipal, UdupiGU29000428
5Govt. ITI, BidkalkatteGR29000927
6Hanuman ITC,PR29000972
7Rev. Fr. Robert Z. M. D'Souza Memorial Pvt. ITI, NPR29000185
8St. Marys Industrial Training CentrePU29000164
9Trinity ITC Jnana sadhana UdyavaraPR29000370
10Yogaloka Industrail Training CentrePR29000670
Uttara Kannada
S.N.College NameCode
1Ashakiran Rural Private Industrial Training Institute, DandeliPR29000283
2Bharath Liberal Educational Trust ITI DandeliPR29000246
3Deshpande Private Industrial Training Institute, HaliyalPU29000030
4Government Industrial Training Institute for Women, DandeliGU29000254
5Govt Industrial Training Institute HaliyalGU29000116
6Govt Industrial Training Institute KarwarGU29000056
7Govt. ITI MundagodGR29000740
8Govt. Industrial Training Institute HonnavarPU29000062
9Govt. Industrial Training Institute PalagramaGR29000312
10Jeevan Jyothi Industrial Training Institute, HonnavarPU29000651
11Kiran ITI AnkolaPR29000876
12M. Vishweshwaraiah ITI BanavasiPR29001174
13Mahasati Industrial Training Institute, Ulga-KarwarPR29000541
14Mallikarjun Industrial Training Institute , Siddar-KarwarPU29000145
15Mazzarello Private Industrial Training Institute kasarkodPR29000257
16Modern Education Society, Private ITI SirsiPU29001154
17Shri Somanath ITI BinagaPU29000163
18Smt Vishalakamma Industrail Training Institute SirsiPU29000662
19Sri Shanthavera Gopalgowda ITI Narur BanavasiPR29000617
S.N.College NameCode
1Aqsa ITC NarayanpurPR29000481
2Basveshwara ITI RangampetPR29000260
3Chaitanya ITC NarayanapuraPR29001242
4Charabasaveshwara Industrial Training CentrePR29000086
6Govt Industrial Training Instutute GurumitkalGU29000363
11M.M. Garampalli Industrial Training Institute GurumitkalPU29001079
18Shree basavajyoti ITI kodekalPR29000009
19Shri Shivashantaveer Rural ITI KodekalPR29001077
20Siddalingappa B deshmukh industrial training institutePR29001241
22Sri Mouneshwara Industrial Training Institute GurumitkalPU29001057
23Sri sidda Totendra ITC, Kembavi Shorapur Tq.PU29000819
24Vajjal Shantagowda Patil Memorial ITC HunasagiPR29000676
Karnataka ITI Trade List
S.N.Trade NameDuration
1210-Architectural Assistant2 semester
2241-Architectural Draughtsman2 semester
3901-Architectural Draughtsman (NE)2 semester
4030-Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)4 semester
5239-Basic Cosmetology2 semester
6206-Carpenter2 semester
7264-Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance2 semester
8242-Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2 semester
9133-Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician4 semester
10243-Desk Top Publishing Operator2 semester
11217-Draughtsman (Civil)4 semester
12224-Draughtsman (Mechanical)4 semester
13248-Dress Making2 semester
14076-Driver Cum Mechanic1 semester
15231-Electrician4 semester
16219-Electronics Mechanic4 semester
17233-Electroplater4 semester
18246-Fashion Design & Technology2 semester
19227-Fitter4 semester
20214-Foundryman2 semester
21111-Health Safety & Environment2 semester
22011-Industrial Painter2 semester
23220-Information Communication Technology System Maintenance4 semester
24037-Instrument Mechanic4 semester
25038-Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4 semester
26208-Interior Design & Decoration2 semester
27040-Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)4 semester
28222-Machinist4 semester
29223-Machinist (Grinder)4 semester
30044-Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4 semester
31016-Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles2 semester
32215-Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 semester
33218-Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner)4 semester
34202-Mechanic (Tractor)2 semester
35266-Mechanic Auto Body Repair2 semester
36203-Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics2 semester
37048-Mechanic Computer Hardware4 semester
38049-Mechanic Consumer Electronics4 semester
39273-Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances4 semester
40201-Mechanic Diesel2 semester
41225-Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance4 semester
42054-Mechanic Medical Electronics4 semester
43244-Multimedia Animation & Special Effects2 semester
44121-Photographer2 semester
45022-Plastic Processing Operator2 semester
46209-Plumber2 semester
47258-Secretarial Practice (English)2 semester
48247-Sewing Technology2 semester
49213-Sheet Metal Worker2 semester
50259-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)2 semester
51249-Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)2 semester
52207-Surveyor2 semester
53228-Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)4 semester
54229-Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)4 semester
55221-Turner4 semester
56212-Welder2 semester
57232-Wireman4 semester
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