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Maharashtra ITI (Industrial Training Institutes)

To build modern India and the need of development through technology was well understood after independence and hence Craftsman Training Scheme was introduced by the government of India in the year 1950. The main purpose of this scheme is the steady flows of skill workers in different trades for domestic industries to reduce unemployment among educated youth as well nurture a technical as well as industrial attitude in the minds of younger generation.

To fulfill this dream the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, Maharashtra is committed to provide quality administration as well as vocational education and training services to meet the growing demands of industry, business to service sector and society at large. At present there are 822 ITI’s in Maharashtra, out of which 417 are Govt. ITI’s and 411 ITI’s are run by private societies or organizations where total number of available seats are 128750. Aspirants can take admission to both engineering as well as non engineering trades.

The official website to take online admission to various ITI’s of Maharashtra is dvet.gov.in from where students can directly download the admission form , check out the results and read about the important notifications. Apart from this Online Result Portal also offer online admission form, prospectus, results and important notifications so that students can select their desired courses without wasting their precious time.

Exam NameDetails
Maharashtra ITI Result Admit Card 2017

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Maharashtra ITI Admit Card 2017

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ITI college situated in different cities in Maharashtra.

Government College List

Private College List

SR.NO.Institute CodeNameIntake
Government College
127010199Govt ITI (Adivasi), Nandurbar, Dist: Nandurbar1084
227010200Govt ITI (Adivasi), Navapur, Dist: Nandurbar619
327010201Govt ITI (Adivasi), Taloda, Dist: Nandurbar162
427010202Govt ITI (Adivasi), Akkalkuva, Dist: Nandurbar262
527010203Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shahada, Dist: Nandurbar341
627010204Govt ITI (Adivasi), Akrani, Dist: Nandurbar162
727010626Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Mandavi, Dist: Nandurbar42
827010640Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Shirave, Dist: Nanudrbar89
927020195Govt ITI, Dhule, Dist: Dhule1779
1027020196Govt ITI, Shindkheda, Dist: Dhule476
1127020197Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shirpur, Dist: Dhule355
1227020198Govt ITI (Adivasi), Pimpalner, Dist: Dhule194
1327020627Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Sukapur, Dist: Dhule63
1427020641Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Navapada, Dist: Dhule89
1527030205Govt ITI, Jalgaon, Dist: Jalgaon2888
1627030206Govt ITI (Woman), Jalgaon, Dist: Jalgaon355
1727030207Govt ITI, Bhusawal, Dist: Jalgaon818
1827030208Govt ITI, Bodwad, Dist: Jalgaon471
1927030209Govt ITI, Jamner, Dist: Jalgaon524
2027030210Govt ITI, Raver, Dist: Jalgaon220
2127030211Govt ITI, Chalisgaon, Dist: Jalgaon308
2227030212Govt ITI, Amalner, Dist: Jalgaon236
2327030213Govt ITI, Parola, Dist: Jalgaon403
2427030214Govt ITI, Uchande, Dist: Jalgaon309
2527030215Govt ITI (Adivasi), Yaval, Dist: Jalgaon261
2627030216Govt ITI, Pachora, Dist: Jalgaon188
2727030217Govt ITI, Dharangaon, Dist: Jalgaon330
2827030218Govt ITI, Bhadgaon, Dist: Jalgaon272
2927030219Govt ITI (Adivasi), Chopada, Dist: Jalgaon315
3027030642Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jondhankheda, Dist: Jalgaon84
3127030672Govt ITI, Erendol, Dist: Jalgaon126
3227040319Govt ITI, Buldana, Dist: Buldhana685
3327040320Govt ITI, Khamgaon, Dist: Buldhana749
3427040321Govt ITI, Malkapur, Dist: Buldhana314
3527040322Govt ITI, Chikhali, Dist: Buldhana355
3627040323Govt ITI, Shegaon, Dist: Buldhana303
3727040324Govt ITI, Deulgaon Raja, Dist: Buldhana241
3827040325Govt ITI, Nandura, Dist: Buldhana618
3927040326Govt ITI, Mehakar, Dist: Buldhana199
4027040327Govt ITI, Sindhakhed Raja, Dist: Buldhana210
4127040328Govt ITI, Motala, Dist: Buldhana199
4227040329Govt ITI, Lonar, Dist: Buldhana89
4327040330Govt ITI, Sangrampur, Dist: Buldhana173
4427040331Govt ITI, Jalgaon Jamod, Dist: Buldhana131
4527050305Govt ITI, Akola, Dist: Akola978
4627050306Govt ITI (Woman), Akola, Dist: Akola365
4727050307Govt ITI, Balapur, Dist: Akola220
4827050308Govt ITI, Telhara, Dist: Akola257
4927050309Govt ITI, Patur, Dist: Akola126
5027050310Govt ITI, Barshitakali, Dist: Akola168
5127050311Govt ITI, Akot, Dist: Akola508
5227050312Govt ITI, Murtijapur, Dist: Akola324
5327060313Govt ITI, Washim, Dist: Washim428
5427060314Govt ITI, Risod, Dist: Washim157
5527060315Govt ITI, Malegaon, Dist: Washim194
5627060316Govt ITI, Mangrulpir, Dist: Washim272
5727060317Govt ITI, Karanja Lad, Dist: Washim256
5827060318Govt ITI, Manora, Dist: Washim152
5927070291Govt ITI, Amravati, Dist: Amravati1162
6027070292Govt ITI (Woman), Amravati, Dist: Amravati641
6127070293Govt ITI (Adivasi), Chikhaldara, Dist: Amravati450
6227070294Govt ITI, Mozari, Dist: Amravati399
6327070295Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dharni, Dist: Amravati277
6427070296Govt ITI, Daryapur, Dist: Amravati277
6527070297Govt ITI, Achalpur, Dist: Amravati335
6627070298Govt ITI, Morshi, Dist: Amravati482
6727070299Govt ITI, Chandur Railway, Dist: Amravati357
6827070300Govt ITI, Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Dist: Amravati361
6927070301Govt ITI, Anjangaon Surji, Dist: Amravati193
7027070302Govt ITI, Bhatkuli, Dist: Amravati335
7127070303Govt ITI, Warud, Dist: Amravati215
7227070304Govt ITI, Chandur Bazar, Dist: Amravati278
7327070564Govt ITI (SCP), Rahatgaon, Dist: Amravati267
7427070635Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Chikhali, Dist: Amravati42
7527070643Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Susarda, Dist: Amravati168
7627070675Govt ITI, Dhamangaon Railway, Dist: Amravati298
7727080173Govt ITI, Wardha, Dist: Wardha744
7827080174Govt ITI, Pulgaon, Dist: Wardha503
7927080175Govt ITI, Hinganghat, Dist: Wardha277
8027080176Govt ITI, Samudrapur, Dist: Wardha225
8127080177Govt ITI, Aarvi, Dist: Wardha257
8227080178Govt ITI, Selu, Dist: Wardha136
8327080179Govt ITI, Ashti, Dist: Wardha152
8427080180Govt ITI, Karanja Gh, Dist: Wardha89
8527090118Govt ITI, Nagpur, Dist: Nagpur1392
8627090119Govt ITI (Woman), Nagpur, Dist: Nagpur417
8727090120Govt ITI, Katol, Dist: Nagpur481
8827090121Govt ITI, Umred, Dist: Nagpur389
8927090122Govt ITI, Ramtek, Dist: Nagpur488
9027090123Govt ITI, Savner, Dist: Nagpur492
9127090124Govt ITI, Kalmeshwar, Dist: Nagpur293
9227090125Govt ITI (Adivasi), Parshivani, Dist: Nagpur241
9327090126Govt ITI, Narkhed, Dist: Nagpur267
9427090127Govt ITI, Kamthi, Dist: Nagpur482
9527090128Govt ITI, Hingana, Dist: Nagpur329
9627090129Govt ITI, Mouda, Dist: Nagpur84
9727090130Govt ITI, Butibori, Dist: Nagpur467
9827090131Govt ITI, Kuhi, Dist: Nagpur178
9927090132Govt ITI, Bhivapur, Dist: Nagpur219
10027090638Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Belda, Dist: Nagpur63
10127090876Govt ITI (SCP), Nagpur, Dist: Nagpur47
10227100158Govt ITI, Bhandara, Dist: Bhandara540
10327100159Govt ITI (Woman), Bhandara, Dist: Bhandara558
10427100160Govt ITI, Pawani, Dist: Bhandara309
10527100161Govt ITI, Sakoli, Dist: Bhandara461
10627100162Govt ITI, Tumsar, Dist: Bhandara377
10727100163Govt ITI, Lakhandur, Dist: Bhandara314
10827100164Govt ITI, Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara472
10927100167Govt ITI (Adivasi), Salekasa, Dist: Bhandara393
11027100168Govt ITI (Adivasi), Arjuni Moregaon, Dist: Bhandara387
11127100170Govt ITI, Tiroda, Dist: Bhandara293
11227100171Govt ITI, Goregaon, Dist: Bhandara157
11327100677Govt ITI, Lakhani, Dist: Bhandara199
11427110165Govt ITI, Gondia, Dist: Gondia769
11527110166Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dewari, Dist: Gondia414
11627110169Govt ITI, Sadak Arjuni, Dist: Gondia231
11727110172Govt ITI, Amgaon, Dist: Gondia157
11827110630Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Bijepar, Dist: Gondia42
11927120146Govt ITI (Adivasi), Gadchiroli, Dist: Gadchiroli1089
12027120147Govt ITI (Adivasi), Allapalli, Dist: Gadchiroli481
12127120148Govt ITI (Adivasi), Desaiganj, Dist: Gadchiroli550
12227120149Govt ITI (Adivasi), Korchi, Dist: Gadchiroli278
12327120150Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kurkheda, Dist: Gadchiroli288
12427120151Govt ITI (Adivasi), Armori, Dist: Gadchiroli408
12527120152Govt ITI (Adivasi), Charmorshi, Dist: Gadchiroli361
12627120153Govt ITI (Adivasi), Etapalli, Dist: Gadchiroli152
12727120154Govt ITI (Adivasi), Sironcha, Dist: Gadchiroli173
12827120155Govt ITI (Adivasi), Bhamragad, Dist: Gadchiroli241
12927120156Govt ITI (Adivasi), Mulchera, Dist: Gadchiroli199
13027120157Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dhanora, Dist: Gadchiroli278
13127120629Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Ramgad, Dist: Gadchiroli42
13227120636Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jambhiya, Dist: Gadchiroli63
13327120637Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Khamenachiru, Dist: Gadchiroli42
13427120679Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Korchi, Dist: Gadchiroli152
13527130133Govt ITI, Chandrapur, Dist: Chandrapur1083
13627130134Govt ITI (Woman), Chandrapur, Dist: Chandrapur329
13727130135Govt ITI, Warora, Dist: Chandrapur534
13827130136Govt ITI, Sindewahi, Dist: Chandrapur351
13927130137Govt ITI (Adivasi), Rajura, Dist: Chandrapur598
14027130138Govt ITI, Mul, Dist: Chandrapur367
14127130139Govt ITI (Adivasi), Gondpipari, Dist: Chandrapur493
14227130140Govt ITI (Adivasi), Chimur, Dist: Chandrapur278
14327130141Govt ITI, Bramhapuri, Dist: Chandrapur445
14427130142Govt ITI, Sawali, Dist: Chandrapur293
14527130143Govt ITI (Adivasi), Korpana, Dist: Chandrapur189
14627130144Govt ITI, Nagbhid, Dist: Chandrapur288
14727130145Govt ITI (Adivasi), Bhadravati, Dist: Chandrapur271
14827130645Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Devada, Dist: Chandrapur63
14927130668Govt ITI, Ballarpur, Dist: Chandrapur230
15027130669Govt ITI (Adivasi), Jivati, Dist: Chandrapur272
15127130670Govt ITI (Adivasi), Pombhurna, Dist: Chandrapur251
15227130678Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Mangi, Dist: Chandrapur94
15327140332Govt ITI, Yavatmal, Dist: Yavatmal685
15427140333Govt ITI, Wani, Dist: Yavatmal674
15527140334Govt ITI (Adivasi), Pandharkawada, Dist: Yavatmal560
15627140335Govt ITI, Umarkhed, Dist: Yavatmal320
15727140336Govt ITI, Ghatanji, Dist: Yavatmal371
15827140337Govt ITI, Pusad, Dist: Yavatmal272
15927140338Govt ITI, Gunj, Dist: Yavatmal377
16027140339Govt ITI (Adivasi), Arni, Dist: Yavatmal267
16127140340Govt ITI, Digras, Dist: Yavatmal319
16227140341Govt ITI, Babhulgaon, Dist: Yavatmal157
16327140342Govt ITI (Adivasi), Ralegaon, Dist: Yavatmal304
16427140343Govt ITI (Adivasi), Maregaon, Dist: Yavatmal241
16527140344Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kalamb, Dist: Yavatmal308
16627140345Govt ITI, Darwha, Dist: Yavatmal210
16727140346Govt ITI, Ner, Dist: Yavatmal157
16827140347Govt ITI, Zari-Jamani, Dist: Yavatmal220
16927140628Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Antargaon, Dist: Yavatmal84
17027140644Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Harshi, Dist: Yavatmal84
17127150040Govt ITI, Nanded, Dist: Nanded1057
17227150041Govt ITI, Dharmabad, Dist: Nanded367
17327150042Govt ITI, Hadgaon, Dist: Nanded178
17427150043Govt ITI, Bhokar, Dist: Nanded309
17527150044Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kinwat, Dist: Nanded299
17627150045Govt ITI, Kandhar, Dist: Nanded199
17727150046Govt ITI, Loha, Dist: Nanded210
17827150047Govt ITI, Mukhed, Dist: Nanded131
17927150048Govt ITI, Deglur, Dist: Nanded278
18027150646Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Patoda, Dist: Nanded84
18127150652Govt ITI, Mahur, Dist: Nanded152
18227150654Govt ITI, Mudkhed, Dist: Nanded220
18327150655Govt ITI, Biloli, Dist: Nanded230
18427150656Govt ITI, Naigoan, Dist: Nanded42
18527150657Govt ITI, Umri, Dist: Nanded193
18627150680Govt ITI, Himayatnagar, Dist: Nanded47
18727150681Govt ITI, Ardhapur, Dist: Nanded173
18827160025Govt ITI, Hingoli, Dist: Hingoli403
18927160026Govt ITI, Kalamnuri, Dist: Hingoli146
19027160027Govt ITI, Basmatnager, Dist: Hingoli215
19127160028Govt ITI, Aundhanagnath, Dist: Hingoli272
19227160029Govt ITI, Sengaon, Dist: Hingoli131
19327160546Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Jam Ghavan, Dist: Hingoli131
19427170018Govt ITI, Parbhani, Dist: Parbhani1007
19527170019Govt ITI, Manvat, Dist: Parbhani341
19627170020Govt ITI, Jintur, Dist: Parbhani246
19727170021Govt ITI, Gangakhed, Dist: Parbhani131
19827170022Govt ITI, Purna, Dist: Parbhani152
19927170023Govt ITI, Selu, Dist: Parbhani152
20027170024Govt ITI, Palam, Dist: Parbhani89
20127170653Govt ITI, Pathari, Dist: Parbhani94
20227170682Govt ITI, Sonpeth, Dist: Parbhani136
20327180010Govt ITI, Jalna, Dist: Jalna759
20427180011Govt ITI, Ambad, Dist: Jalna341
20527180012Govt ITI, Bhokardan, Dist: Jalna215
20627180013Govt ITI, Badnapur, Dist: Jalna304
20727180014Govt ITI, Partur, Dist: Jalna157
20827180015Govt ITI, Jafrabad, Dist: Jalna267
20927180016Govt ITI, Ghansavangi, Dist: Jalna397
21027180017Govt ITI, Mantha, Dist: Jalna220
21127190001Govt ITI, Aurangabad, Dist: Aurangabad1622
21227190002Govt ITI (Woman), Aurangabad, Dist: Aurangabad360
21327190003Govt ITI, Paithan, Dist: Aurangabad283
21427190004Govt ITI, Sillod, Dist: Aurangabad398
21527190005Govt ITI, Gangapur, Dist: Aurangabad251
21627190006Govt ITI, Khulatabad, Dist: Aurangabad204
21727190007Govt ITI, Kannad, Dist: Aurangabad110
21827190008Govt ITI, Vaijapur, Dist: Aurangabad152
21927190009Govt ITI, Soygaon, Dist: Aurangabad162
22027190651Govt ITI, Phulambri, Dist: Aurangabad162
22127190821Govt ITI (SCP), Kilearc, Dist: Aurangabad110
22227200181Govt ITI, Nashik, Dist: Nashik1840
22327200182Govt ITI (Woman), Nashik, Dist: Nashik710
22427200183Govt ITI (Adivasi), Dindori, Dist: Nashik995
22527200184Govt ITI, Chandwad, Dist: Nashik539
22627200185Govt ITI (Adivasi), Kalwan, Dist: Nashik519
22727200186Govt ITI, Sinnar, Dist: Nashik508
22827200187Govt ITI (Adivasi), Peth, Dist: Nashik487
22927200188Govt ITI (Adivasi), Surgana, Dist: Nashik236
23027200189Govt ITI (Adivasi), Igatpuri, Dist: Nashik319
23127200190Govt ITI (Adivasi), Satana, Dist: Nashik320
23227200191Govt ITI, Nandgaon, Dist: Nashik346
23327200192Govt ITI, Niphad, Dist: Nashik580
23427200193Govt ITI, Malegaon, Dist: Nashik1088
23527200194Govt ITI, Yeola, Dist: Nashik501
23627200458Govt ITI (SCP), Nashik, Dist: Nashik94
23727200625Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Boripada, Dist: Nashik63
23827200634Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Ambupada, Dist: Nashik63
23927200639Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Asarbari, Dist: Nashik89
24027200671Govt ITI (Adivasi), Trimbakeshwar, Dist: Nashik163
24127200687Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Nanashi, Dist: Nashik320
24227200921Govt ITI (Adivasi), Deola, Dist: Nashik68
24327210071Govt ITI, Thane, Dist: Thane907
24427210072Govt ITI (Woman), Thane, Dist: Thane469
24527210073Govt ITI, Ambernath, Dist: Thane1598
24627210074Govt ITI, Kalyan, Dist: Thane361
24727210075Govt ITI, Belapur, Dist: Thane413
24827210076Govt ITI, Vasai, Dist: Thane398
24927210077Govt ITI (Adivasi), Palghar, Dist: Thane329
25027210078Govt ITI (Adivasi), Wangaon, Dist: Thane932
25127210079Govt ITI (Adivasi), Jawhar, Dist: Thane530
25227210080Govt ITI (Adivasi), Wada, Dist: Thane262
25327210081Govt ITI (Adivasi), Shahapur, Dist: Thane493
25427210082Govt ITI, Bhiwandi, Dist: Thane476
25527210083Govt ITI (Adivasi), Murbad, Dist: Thane168
25627210084Govt ITI (Adivasi), Talasari, Dist: Thane507
25727210085Govt ITI (Adivasi), Mokhada, Dist: Thane157
25827210631Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Karegaon, Dist: Thane42
25927210632Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Shenve, Dist: Thane42
26027210633Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Dongari, Dist: Thane21
26127210664Govt ITI, Ulhasnagar, Dist: Thane240
26227210665Govt ITI (Adivasi), Vikramgad, Dist: Thane299
26327230063Govt ITI, Mumbai-11, Dist: Mumbai Shahar1923
26427230064Govt ITI (Woman), Dadar, Dist: Mumbai Shahar699
26527230065Govt ITI, Lower Parel, Dist: Mumbai Shahar470
26627230066Govt ITI, Mulund, Dist: Mumbai Shahar1680
26727230067Govt ITI, Andheri, Dist: Mumbai Shahar761
26827230068Govt ITI, Kurla, Dist: Mumbai Shahar812
26927230069Govt ITI, Govandi, Dist: Mumbai Shahar549
27027230070Govt ITI, Borivali, Dist: Mumbai Shahar446
27127230834Govt ITI, Mumbai-1, Dist: Mumbai Shahar78
27227230835Govt ITI, Dadar, Dist: Mumbai Shahar282
27327230836Govt ITI (Minority), Mandavi, Dist: Mumbai Shahar366
27427230837Govt ITI (Minority), Chandivali, Dist: Mumbai Shahar204
27527240086Govt ITI, Panvel, Dist: Raigad998
27627240087Govt ITI, Uran, Dist: Raigad466
27727240088Govt ITI, Nagothane, Dist: Raigad1837
27827240089Govt ITI, Mahad, Dist: Raigad704
27927240090Govt ITI, Mangaon, Dist: Raigad366
28027240091Govt ITI (Adivasi), Karjat, Dist: Raigad498
28127240092Govt ITI, Mhasala, Dist: Raigad267
28227240093Govt ITI, Khalapur, Dist: Raigad299
28327240094Govt ITI, Shriwardhan, Dist: Raigad220
28427240095Govt ITI, Poladpur, Dist: Raigad220
28527240096Govt ITI, Pen, Dist: Raigad314
28627240097Govt ITI, Nandvi, Dist: Raigad178
28727240098Govt ITI, Alibaug, Dist: Raigad236
28827240099Govt ITI, Sudhagad(pali), Dist: Raigad89
28927240100Govt ITI, Murud, Dist: Raigad115
29027240666Govt ITI, Tala, Dist: Raigad162
29127250233Govt ITI, Pune, Dist: Pune2718
29227250234Govt ITI (Woman), Pune, Dist: Pune412
29327250235Govt ITI, Ghodegaon, Dist: Pune491
29427250236Govt ITI, Indapur, Dist: Pune781
29527250237Govt ITI, Lonavala, Dist: Pune723
29627250238Govt ITI, Malegaon (Bk), Dist: Pune848
29727250239Govt ITI, Pimpri Chinchwad, Dist: Pune640
29827250240Govt ITI (Adivasi), Manikdoh, Dist: Pune560
29927250241Govt ITI, Khed (Rajgurunagar), Dist: Pune561
30027250242Govt ITI, Mulshi, Dist: Pune178
30127250243Govt ITI, Bhor, Dist: Pune278
30227250244Govt ITI, Purandar (saswad), Dist: Pune214
30327250245Govt ITI, Shirur, Dist: Pune241
30427250246Govt ITI, Velhe, Dist: Pune183
30527250247Govt ITI, Varvand, Dist: Pune434
30627250676Govt ITI, Haveli, Dist: Pune220
30727260220Govt ITI, Ahmednagar, Dist: Ahmednagar1306
30827260221Govt ITI, Shevgaon, Dist: Ahmednagar456
30927260222Govt ITI, Jamkhed, Dist: Ahmednagar378
31027260223Govt ITI (Adivasi), Rajur, Dist: Ahmednagar131
31127260224Govt ITI, Karjat, Dist: Ahmednagar115
31227260225Govt ITI, Parner, Dist: Ahmednagar272
31327260226Govt ITI, Shrigonda, Dist: Ahmednagar309
31427260227Govt ITI, Sangamner, Dist: Ahmednagar414
31527260228Govt ITI, Shrirampur, Dist: Ahmednagar157
31627260229Govt ITI, Rahuri, Dist: Ahmednagar194
31727260230Govt ITI, Pathardi, Dist: Ahmednagar246
31827260231Govt ITI, Newasa, Dist: Ahmednagar152
31927260232Govt ITI, Kopargaon, Dist: Ahmednagar519
32027260684Govt ITI, Rahata, Dist: Ahmednagar26
32127260685Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Maveshi, Dist: Ahmednagar68
32227260686Govt ITI (Tribal Ashram Shala), Keli Kotul, Dist: Ahmednagar236
32327270030Govt ITI, Beed, Dist: Beed1241
32427270031Govt ITI (Woman), Beed, Dist: Beed167
32527270032Govt ITI, Parali Vaijnath, Dist: Beed420
32627270033Govt ITI, Dharur, Dist: Beed131
32727270034Govt ITI, Ambejogai, Dist: Beed528
32827270035Govt ITI, Ashti, Dist: Beed231
32927270036Govt ITI, Patoda, Dist: Beed283
33027270037Govt ITI, Majalgaon, Dist: Beed147
33127270038Govt ITI, Kej, Dist: Beed146
33227270039Govt ITI, Gevrai, Dist: Beed199
33327270661Govt ITI, Shirur Kasar, Dist: Beed115
33427270662Govt ITI, Vadwani, Dist: Beed115
33527280049Govt ITI, Latur, Dist: Latur1032
33627280050Govt ITI (Woman), Latur, Dist: Latur381
33727280051Govt ITI, Ahamadpur, Dist: Latur518
33827280052Govt ITI, Udgir, Dist: Latur864
33927280053Govt ITI, Nilanga, Dist: Latur383
34027280054Govt ITI, Renapur, Dist: Latur465
34127280055Govt ITI, Ausa, Dist: Latur262
34227280056Govt ITI, Chakur, Dist: Latur304
34327280658Govt ITI, Jalkoth, Dist: Latur47
34427280659Govt ITI, Shirur Anantpal, Dist: Latur136
34527280663Govt ITI, Devani, Dist: Latur324
34627290057Govt ITI, Osmanabad, Dist: Osmanabad1108
34727290058Govt ITI, Bhum, Dist: Osmanabad424
34827290059Govt ITI, Umarga, Dist: Osmanabad372
34927290060Govt ITI, Kalamb, Dist: Osmanabad429
35027290061Govt ITI, Paranda, Dist: Osmanabad183
35127290062Govt ITI, Tuljapur, Dist: Osmanabad340
35227290660Govt ITI, Vashi, Dist: Osmanabad115
35327290683Govt ITI, Lohara, Dist: Osmanabad47
35427300267Govt ITI, Solapur, Dist: Solapur989
35527300268Govt ITI (Woman), Solapur, Dist: Solapur345
35627300269Govt ITI, Akluj, Dist: Solapur529
35727300270Govt ITI, Akkalkot, Dist: Solapur210
35827300271Govt ITI, Pandharpur, Dist: Solapur319
35927300272Govt ITI, Barshi, Dist: Solapur539
36027300273Govt ITI, Karmala, Dist: Solapur199
36127300274Govt ITI, Kurduwadi, Dist: Solapur194
36227300275Govt ITI, Mandrup, Dist: Solapur272
36327300276Govt ITI, Sangola, Dist: Solapur162
36427300277Govt ITI, Mangalvedha, Dist: Solapur262
36527300278Govt ITI, Mohol, Dist: Solapur329
36627310248Govt ITI, Satara, Dist: Satara786
36727310249Govt ITI, Karad, Dist: Satara774
36827310250Govt ITI, Wai, Dist: Satara377
36927310251Govt ITI, Phaltan, Dist: Satara289
37027310252Govt ITI, Medha (jawali), Dist: Satara241
37127310253Govt ITI, Lonand, Dist: Satara431
37227310254Govt ITI, Dahiwadi, Dist: Satara157
37327310255Govt ITI, Khatav, Dist: Satara309
37427310256Govt ITI, Koregaon, Dist: Satara162
37527310257Govt ITI, Patan, Dist: Satara204
37627310258Govt ITI, Mahabaleshwar, Dist: Satara236
37727320101Govt ITI, Ratnagiri, Dist: Ratnagiri1314
37827320102Govt ITI (Woman), Ratnagiri, Dist: Ratnagiri308
37927320103Govt ITI, Chiplun, Dist: Ratnagiri1008
38027320104Govt ITI, Guhagar, Dist: Ratnagiri493
38127320105Govt ITI, Rajapur, Dist: Ratnagiri293
38227320106Govt ITI, Mandangad, Dist: Ratnagiri173
38327320107Govt ITI, Sangameshwar, Dist: Ratnagiri330
38427320108Govt ITI, Khed, Dist: Ratnagiri225
38527320109Govt ITI, Dapoli, Dist: Ratnagiri168
38627320110Govt ITI, Lanja, Dist: Ratnagiri173
38727330111Govt ITI, Sawantwadi, Dist: Sindhudurga403
38827330112Govt ITI, Phondaghat, Dist: Sindhudurga68
38927330113Govt ITI, Oras, Dist: Sindhudurga319
39027330114Govt ITI, Devgad, Dist: Sindhudurga335
39127330115Govt ITI, Vaibhavwadi, Dist: Sindhudurga131
39227330116Govt ITI, Malwan, Dist: Sindhudurga314
39327330117Govt ITI, Vengurla, Dist: Sindhudurga220
39427330667Govt ITI, Dodamarg, Dist: Sindhudurg104
39527340279Govt ITI, Kolhapur, Dist: Kolhapur1283
39627340280Govt ITI, Gadhinglaj, Dist: Kolhapur493
39727340281Govt ITI, Turkewadi, Dist: Kolhapur215
39827340282Govt ITI, Murgud, Dist: Kolhapur294
39927340283Govt ITI, Hatkanangle, Dist: Kolhapur241
40027340284Govt ITI, Radhanagari, Dist: Kolhapur262
40127340285Govt ITI, Ajara, Dist: Kolhapur392
40227340286Govt ITI, Shahuwadi, Dist: Kolhapur335
40327340287Govt ITI, Shirol, Dist: Kolhapur315
40427340288Govt ITI, Panhala, Dist: Kolhapur225
40527340289Govt ITI, Gaganbawada, Dist: Kolhapur210
40627340290Govt ITI, Bhudargad (gargoti), Dist: Kolhapur226
40727350259Govt ITI, Sangli, Dist: Sangli1005
40827350260Govt ITI, Vita, Dist: Sangli289
40927350261Govt ITI, Shirala, Dist: Sangli330
41027350262Govt ITI, Tasgaon, Dist: Sangli309
41127350263Govt ITI, Jath, Dist: Sangli178
41227350264Govt ITI, Kavthemahakal, Dist: Sangli209
41327350265Govt ITI, Atpadi, Dist: Sangli262
41427350266Govt ITI, Islampur, Dist: Sangli256
41527350673Govt ITI, Palus, Dist: Sangli205
41627350674Govt ITI, Kadegaon, Dist: Sangli283
Private College
127010477Jamia Private Industrial Training Institute402
227010478Vidya Pravartak Mandala'S Puj. Sane Guruji Industrial Training Center, Shahada, Dhule152
327020472Shri Tirupati Educational Sanstha'S D.N.Patil I. T. I.105
427020475Sakri Taluka Education Socities Industriul Training Instiute Sakri241
527020476Svs Industrial Training Center Dondaicha Dist Dhule126
627020611Kisan Vidya Prasarak Mandalache Industrial Training Center , Shirpur Dist-Dhule42
727020731Samode Private Industrial Training Instituted, Tal Sakri Dist Dhule42
827020734Ahinsa Pvt. ITI Dondaicha84
927030482Bhagirathi Private I T I Jalgaon273
1027030483Shakuntala Sevabhavi Santheche Private Industrial Training Institute Dist: Jalgaon210
1127030484Annasaheb Punekar Private I.I.I. , Jalgaon105
1227030485Ekra Education Societiche Industrial Training Center, Mehrun , Dist- Jalgoan84
1327030487Ujjwal Shaikshanik & Samajik Industrial Training Center, Nashirabad, Dist-Jalgaon420
1427030492Late, G. S. Varade Private Industrial Training Institute, Muktainagar, Dist- Jalgaon447
1527030495Sspm'S Industrial Training Institute, Tehu210
1627030496Tatyasaheb Patil Shikshan Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Center, Devgaon, Jalgaon84
1727030497Tatra & Vaidyak Industrial Training Center. Faizpur.Dist-Jalgaon346
1827030498Prakash Mandal'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Sangvi Bk.105
1927030499Vyas Shikshan Mandal,S Private I.T.I Yawal231
2027030500Navyuvak Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Sau.J.S. Bhagale Private Industrial Training Institute, Dambhurni168
2127030504Chopda Education Society'S,Shikshan Sanstha,Industrial Training Institute, Chopda,147
2227030505Navalbhau Pratishtanche Industrial Training Center, Amalner126
2327030506Shram Safalya Education Society'S Industrial Training Institute(Pvt),168
2427030508Navyuvak Samajik & Shaikshnik Santha Sachalit Shri Ramchandra Kishan Mahajan Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Pilkhod Tal Chalisgaon Dist: Jalgaon126
2527030509Late. Mandodari Khalane Industrial Taining Institute, Chalisgaon168
2627030511Sarvodya Shikshan Prasarak Co.Op.Samaj Ltd. Umbarkhede'S Private Industrial Training Institute Umbarkhede147
2727030512Y.C.S.P.Mandal'S Private I.T.I.Erandol147
2827030514Bhusawal Parisar Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal105
2927030515Hindi Seva Mandalache, Shri Sant Gadge Baba Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal.403
3027030612Shivaji Vidya Prasarak Mandal Sanchalit Mangaldeep Private Industrial Training Institute, Khadka147
3127030723Sri Nath Nange Baba Multipurpose Mandal'S Idustrial Training Center Waghare Tal. Parola Dist. Jalgaon84
3227030725Sarvodaya Education Society Sanchalit Sarvajanik Vidyalayache Private Iti Asoda84
3327030726Shri Sant Gajanan Bahuddshiy Sanstha Sanchlit,Industrial Training Institute, Vele, Tal-Chopda84
3427030727Late Annasaheb Bhaurao Jadhav Private Industrial Training Institute, Patonda84
3527030730Shri Sai Samarth Industrial Training Institute (P), Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgoan Dist-Jalgaon84
3627030732Shri.Sharada Shikshan Mandal Deepnagar Sanchlit Pvt. I.T.I. ,Nimbhora Bk126
3727030736Aabasaheb Shivajirao Sitaram Patil Private ITI136
3827030737Avdai Private Industrial Training Institute Gudhe Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon84
3927030902Aabaso Datta Pawar Industrial Training Institute(P) Bhadgaon Deshmukh Wada Bhadgaon Tal-Bhadgaon Dist-Jalgaon126
4027030904Yuva Vikas Pratistahan Jalgaon126
4127030911Jijau Shishnik And Bahuuddshia Industrial Training Institute Takarkhede42
4227030913Bhagini Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute Chopda126
4327030916Gan Gan Ganate Bote Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhusawal42
4427030917Sameer Industrial Training Centre.42
4527030919Dhandai Mata Education Society'S Industrial Training Centre, Amalner84
4627030920Jai Durga Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirsoli (P.B.)168
4727030923Smt. Bhagirathi G. Zharkhande Sanchailit Siddhivinayak Private Industrial Training Institute, Kanhale Rd, Bhusawal105
4827030924Shree Nath Education Society, Private I.T I., Fulgaon84
4927030925Modern Industrial Taining Institute, Derabardi Chalisgaon84
5027030926Hari Om Private Industrial Training Institute42
5127030928Nutan Private Industrial Training Institute Chinawal84
5227030929Jai Hanuman Bahu-Uddeshiya Seva Sanstha Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute Bhusawal42
5327030930Indirabai Lalwani Private Industrial Training Institute, Jamner84
5427040560Anjuman Mufidal Islam Society'S Industrial Training Center21
5527040741Ans Infovally Industrial Training Center157
5627040744Karam Private Iti Chikhli84
5727040998Harsh Industrial Training Institute398
5827040999Shri.Pralhad Hari Jangale Pvt Industrial Training Institute126
5927050647Mataji ITC Akot Kisan Mechanical Centra,Akot Distt Akola0
6027070557Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society'S Private Industrial Training Institute Badnera(Rly)403
6127070558Vidhybharti Private Industrial Training Instutite294
6227070559Private Industrial Training Institute Pimplod325
6327070742Pundalik Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute84
6427070743Prabhakarrao Gheware Industrial Traning Centar Wadhona (Ramnath) Dist Amravati42
6527070745Keshvaro Meanekar Private Iti, Wankhede Colony, Vill. Jarud Ta. Warud Dist Amravati84
6627070992Nalanda Private Industrial Training Center141
6727070994Pimplod Education Society Pimplod Pvt.Industrial Training Institute Babhali Daryapur84
6827070995Vikram Shikshan Sansta New Iti Pathrot ,Tq.Achalpur Dist.Amravati42
6927070996Samrat Ashok Ayodogik Private Industrial Training Institute84
7027080591Om Vishwakarma Industrial Training Center,Sawangi Dist-Wardha236
7127080592Govt. I.T.I For Physcially Handicapped ,Wardha21
7227080593Hutatma Rashtriya Private Iti Ashti Dist Wrdha262
7327080594Bhaiyasaheb Ukrande Industrial Training Center, Waigaon (Nipani) Dist-Wardha147
7427080772Chetana Private Industrial Training Institute84
7527080780Jamnalal Bajaj Pvt Iti84
7627080785Samruddhi Pvt. Iti42
7727080796Shri Krushan Private Industrial Training Institute, ChandewanI Road, Karanja126
7827080871Shri Gajanan Maharaj Rural Private Industrial Training Institute131
7927080872Talmale Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Wardha152
8027080884Gajanan Prasad Privet Industrial Training Institute Girad105
8127080898Bhaiyyasaheb Bhoyar Private Industrial Training Institute84
8227080899K.C.Ronghe Private Industrial Trainning Institute84
8327080900Dr R.G.Bhoyar Private Industrial Training Institute252
8427090567Khadija Bai Private Industerial Institute126
8527090568Hazrat Tajbaba Private Industrial Training Institute188
8627090569Bhawani Private Industrial Training Institute220
8727090570Ravi Industrial Training Institute, Nagpur204
8827090572Anjuman Private Industrial Training Institute256
8927090573Bhartiya Pvt. Industrial Training Institute168
9027090575Husnoor Private Industrial Training Institute273
9127090576Chaitainya Private Industrial Training Institute126
9227090577Navnath Private Industrial Training Institute105
9327090578Late Laxmanrao Vastad (Uskelwar) Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Nagpur.629
9427090579Rajeev Gandhi Industrial Training Center, Gandhinagar, Dist-Nagpur84
9527090580Late Mahadevrao Mahalle Private I.T.C. Nagpur110
9627090581Mahatma Phule Private Industrial Training Institute372
9727090582Late Wamanrao Bhure Private Industrial Training Institute330
9827090583Vidhya Shikshan Prasark Mandalachi Private Industrial Training Institute Katol283
9927090585Netai Private Industrial Training Institute189
10027090586Late Deoraoji Itankar Pvt Iti Umred236
10127090587Vikas Pvt. Industrial Training Institute168
10227090589Prakash Industrial Training Center, Wadi, Dist, Nagpur141
10327090590Keshaorao Pawar Private Industrial Training Institute,Saoner357
10427090608Smt. Anjanabai Dhote Private Industrial Training Instute330
10527090609Vidyasagar Industrial Training Institute, Khaperkheda84
10627090761Vidyanniketan Private Industrial Training Institute84
10727090767Lat. P.B. Sonekar Industrial Training Institute, Koradi.42
10827090775Mouda Pvt. ITI Mouda42
10927090784Bhartiya Private Industrial Training Center Of Nagpur (Bitcon)84
11027090788multiskill Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Vihirgaon, Nagpur.84
11127090790Vidyadeep Private Industrial Training Institute, Kamptee Dist Nagpur84
11227090791Arvindbabu Deshmukh Private Industrial Training Institute168
11327090793Jeevan Vikas Private Industrial Training Institute, Thugaondeo84
11427090797Radhikatai Pandav Private ITI84
11527090798Sharwani Private Industrial Training Institute126
11627090799Saraswati Private Industrial Training Institute126
11727090854Tantra Bharti Pvt. Iti63
11827090866Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic Industrial Training Center, Hingna Road Wanadongari Nagpur78
11927090873Parshuram (Pvt) Industrial Training Insititute173
12027090878Nazara Private Industrial Training Institute126
12127090879Kothale Private Industrial Training Institute325
12227090881Amir Privet Industrial Training Center84
12327090882Late Gangadharrao Korde I.T.C., Pithori84
12427090886Shriram Industrial Traning Institute Mouda68
12527090888Matoshri Mangla Umathe (Pvt.) I.T.I.84
12627090889Globus Industrial Training Institute Kamptee84
12727090894Nit Private Industrial Training Center, Mahurzari, Nagpur84
12827090896Vidyavihar Private Industrial Training Institute, Katol Dist Nagpur126
12927100597Vainganga Private Industrial Training Institute,Devhada Bu,Tah- Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, Pin 441913105
13027100598The Young Revolution Panthers (Pvt)Industrial Training Institute42
13127100763Dr. Arun Motghare Private Industrial Training Institute84
13227100766Late Tulshiramji Titirmare Memorial Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Dist: Bhandara, Pin 44190984
13327100774Sau.Seemadevi Pardhi (Pvt) Industrial Training Institute84
13427100783Shivaji Private Industrial Training Institute84
13527100787Tulsi Private Industrial Training Institute126
13627100789Prakashbhau Umathe Private ITI84
13727100855shri yogiraj swami sitaram maharaj pvt.iti.kandri42
13827100861Late Shantabai Karemore Iti Tumsar210
13927100862Late Sevakram Pardhi (Pvt) Industrial Training Institute Hardoli(Sihora)105
14027100863Satpuda Industrial Training Centre68
14127100868Vidyadevi (Pvt)Industrial Training Institute84
14227100869Powara (Pvt)Industrial Training Institute42
14327100875Sairam Private Industrial Training Institute126
14427100887Saint Jagnade Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute,Ganesh Ward,Pauni Dist Bhandara84
14527100892Babuji (Pvt)Industrial Training Institute84
14627100893R. M. (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute , Khapa Tah-Tumsar105
14727110599Tulsi Private Industrial Training Institute, Amgaon84
14827110781Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute84
14927110782Vedant Private Industrial Training Institute, Tal Tiroda Dist Gondia84
15027110792Shri Laxmanrao Mankar Private Iti,Amgaon-441902 ,Dist-Gondia84
15127110864Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Center,Tirora Dist Gondia63
15227110870Shreeyansh Private Industrial Training Institute, Tirora314
15327130600Montfort Industrial Training Institute (Pvt)257
15427130603Shri. Sai. Pvt. I.T.I. Chandrapur231
15527130604Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute325
15627130605Late Jagannath Jogi Private Industial Training Institute Ghugus147
15727130606Savitribai Fule Pvt. Iti Nandgaon (Pode)147
15827130607Priyadarshini Private Industrial Training Institute304
15927130762Indira Industrial Training Centre, Tukum Chandrapur231
16027130764Shri Sai Private Industrial Training Institute, Bhadrawati84
16127130765Vinit Private Industrial Training Institute42
16227130769Tarashakti Private Industrial Training Institute, Tadalj Dist Chandrapur84
16327130770Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Yenbodi, Ballarpur63
16427130771Sree Balaji Industrial Training Institute ,(Pvt)42
16527130773Global Private Industrial Training Institute,Chandrapur84
16627130777Sambhaji Sayare Private Industrial Training Institute126
16727130778Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Bamni, Ballarpur168
16827130779Ballarpur Private Industrial Training Institute. Datala , Chandrapur126
16927130786Gurusai Pvt. ITI84
17027130794Karmaveer Kannamwar Private Iti, Netaji Chowk Babupeth, Dist-Chandrapur84
17127130795Jainuddin Zaweri Private Iti Bamni, Ballarpur.126
17227130851Nilkanthrao Shinde Private Industrial Training Institute126
17327130852Marotrao Bansod Industrial Training Institute.Khed Makta,Bramhapuri.Dist:Chandrapur84
17427130853Maharastra Private Industrial Training Centre84
17527130865Mata Mahakali Private Industrial Training Center,Warora, Dist.Chandrapur157
17627130874Ambuja Industrial Training Center Gadchandur Tal Korapana Dist Chandrapur105
17727130885Rashtriya Pvt. I.T.I. Bamanwada, Tah. Rajura, Dist. Chandrapur168
17827130890Shinde Private Industrial Training Institute,Mul Dist Chandrapur168
17927130891Indira Priavte Industrial Training Institute, Dewada, Dist.- Chandrapur147
18027130895Anusaya Private Industrial Training Center42
18127130897Dr. A. P. Pillai Industrial Taining Centre84
18227140565Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Private Industrial Training Institute, Wani210
18327150547National Industrial Training Institute, Nanded236
18427150548Shri Hazursahib Iti Nanded507
18527150549Gramin Itc Nehrunagar Nagalgaon Tq.Kandhar Dist.Nanded194
18627150705Rakhmai Trust Sanchalit Private Industrail Training Institute42
18727150805Gramin Itc Malakoli Tq.Loha Dist.Nanded115
18827150806Late Dr Shankar Rao Chavan Private ITI Krishnur Tal Biloli Dist Nanded68
18927150820Gramin Industrial Training Instiutec Vishnupuri Tq.Nanded Dist.Nanded73
19027160802Shri. Bhiravnath Nisarga Mandals Private Industrial Training Institute, Hatta Tq. Vasmat Dist. Hingoli147
19127170819Gramin Polyechnic'S Industrial Training Centre, Dharmapuri Tal & Dist Parbhani89
19227170823Hon. Ratnakarraoji Gutte Industrial Training Institute, Wadgaon (St.) Tq-Sonpeth, Dist-Parbhani168
19327180810Dharti Janseva Prathishthan Pvt Iti Rohanwadi, Revgaon Road,Jalna147
19427180812Ramchandra Sanskrutik Krida Mandals R.D. Bhakta Private Industrial Training Institute Rewgaon Road, Jalna26
19527180814Yashwantrao Chavan Industrial Training Center, Ankushnagar63
19627180822Dr.Zakir Husain Private Industrial Training Institute.Anwa Tal Bhokardan Dist Jalna84
19727190535Fransalian Technical Institute, Aurangabad84
19827190539Bgps, Maharastra Pvt. Industrial Training Institute (W)94
19927190540Bgps, Maharastra Pvt. Industrial Training Institute73
20027190801Shri Dhaneshwari Manav Vikas Mandal'S Industrial Training Center188
20127190813Jain Private Industrial Training Institute Verul89
20227190826Yashodeep Industrial Training Institute84
20327200439The Leprosy Mission, Vocational Training Centre - Nashik262
20427200440Nashik Dist Maratha Vidy Prasarak Samajs, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13487
20527200442K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute Nashik320
20627200443Maharashtra Samaj Seva Sangh Sanchalit, Private Industrial Training Institute, Nashik-13105
20727200446Maharashtra Shetkari Seva Mandal'S, Private Industrial Training Institute152
20827200448N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S Private Industrial Training Institute Nandgaon Dist , Nasik126
20927200450Niphad Taluka Education Society'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Pimpalgaon (B) Tal-Niphad Dist - Nashik. 422 209147
21027200452Nashik District Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samajs Private Industrial Training Institute168
21127200453Siddhivinayak Co-Op. Industrial Estate Ltd,Ozar (Mig) Undertaking'S Private Industrial Training Instutite Ozar (Mig) Tal-Niphaddist- Nashik 422 206241
21227200454Shri. Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya'S, Private Industrial Training Institute84
21327200455Late Bhausaheb Hire Smarnika Trust Industrial Training Center, Malegaon Dist- Nasik1120
21427200456N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon I, Tal-Malegaon, Dist- Nashik.168
21527200459N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute, Mohadi, Tal-Dindori, Dist- Nashik.210
21627200464Nashik Dist Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj,Industrial Training Centre, Sinnar Tal Sinnar,Dist210
21727200466Saptashrungi Shikshan Sanstheche I.T.I Deola231
21827200468N.D.M.V.P. Samaj'S, Private Industrial Training Institute , Satana189
21927200469Nasik Dist Maratha Vidyaprasarak Samaj Industrial Training Center, Tahrabad, Tal Satana Dist-Nasik84
22027200721Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Iti, Nashik84
22127200722Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Iti,Sinnar126
22227200841Swami Private Industrial Training Institute, Malegaon Dist Nasik524
22327200903Golden Privete Industrical Training Institute273
22427200907Matoshri Pvt. Industrial Training Institute120
22527210366Fr. Agnel Technical Education Complex Private Industrial Training Institute277
22627210369Kelva Mahim Private Iti105
22727210370Kokan Education & Medical Trust'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Saphale Dist. Thane.105
22827210372Bassein Education Society'S Industrial Training Center , Ramedi, Vasai, Dist- Thane262
22927210373Bhanudas Maniram Save Shikshan Sanstha'S L. J.Raut Private Industrial Training Institute, Chinchani.210
23027210375Shad Adam Shaikh Private I.T.I230
23127210376Takiya Amani Shah Pvgt. Iti Bhiwandi220
23227210613Ahmed Abdullah Garib Private Industrial Training Institute267
23327220355St. Francis Private Industrial Training Institute262
23427220357Fr. Agnel Private Industrial Training Institute236
23527220359St.Josephs Technical School Private Industrial Training Institute388
23627220362The Childrens Aid Societys Pvt. Industrial Training Institute Mankhurd136
23727220364Lalji Mehrotra Technical Institute292
23827220365Aicmeu'S Private Industrial Training Institute94
23927220610K.J. Somaiya Private Industrial Training Institute110
24027220845Shri Jemi M. Zaveri and Shri Roopchand Bhatia Pvt. ITI52
24127230348Anjuman- I-Islam M.H.Saboo Siddik Private Industrial Training Institute173
24227230350Bombay Technical School Of Engineering47
24327230351Joseph Cardijn Technical,Industrial Training Center189
24427230353Habib Technical Institute141
24527230354Shardashram Vidyamandir, Industrial Training Center84
24627230360Shri G.V.Gandhi Gurukul Private I.T.I126
24727230831Shree Manav Seva Sangh Sanchalit Smt. Savitriben And Shri. Nenumal Pardasani Private Industrial Training Institute104
24827240361Anjumane Waseeul Taleem Edu.Trust Raigad Maf Industrial Training Center ,Tal Murud-Janjira,Dist. Raigad.172
24927240378Anjuman Islam Janjira Sidi Zafar Shekhani Memoial Private Industrial Training Institute.168
25027240380Rayat Shikshan Sansthechi Industrial Training Center Navade. Dist-Raigad47
25127250387Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Private Industrial Training Institute ,Pune210
25227250388St. Joseph'S Private Industrial Training Institute147
25327250389Queen Mery Industrial Training Center, Khadki, Dist Pune262
25427250390Aydyogik Tantra Shikshan Sanstha Private Iti Chinchwad Pune-19183
25527250391Camp Education Society'S Industrial Training Institute (Private)336
25627250392Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Industrial Training Institute Morwadi, Pimpri - 18915
25727250394Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Industrial Training Institute (Girls) Kasarwadi, Pune-34.151
25827250395Akhil Bhartiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad`S Shri Namdeorao Suryawanshi Private Industrial Training Institute, Parvati Ramana -Dist-Pune315
25927250397Krishi Vikas Pratishthan Shardabai Pawar Private Industrial Training Institute236
26027250398Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati Trust,S (Pvt) Industrial Training Institute105
26127250401Gramonnati Mandal'S Annasaheb Naware Tantrik Shikshan Kendra Private Industrial Training Institute Narayangaon147
26227250402Shri Vighnahar Trusts Late Nivruttisheth Sherkar Private Industial Training Institute, Nivruttinagar, Dist-Pune467
26327250404Shri Kulswami Industrial Training Center ,Vadaj236
26427250405Shri Chhatrapati Sambhaji Shikshan Sanstha'S Private Indistrial Traning Institute510
26527250406Dnyandeep Gramvikas Pratishthan Industrial Traning Institute231
26627250407Namdeorao Mohol Vidya & Krida Pratishthan Private Industrial Training Institute Pirangut399
26727250408Shri Chhatrapati Private Industrial Training Institute,Bhavaninagar189
26827250410All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Boribhadak1181
26927250411Bhima Shaikshanik Nyas Sanchalit Pvt.Industrial Training Institute241
27027250412Indian Society For Social Action'S, Industrial Training Institute168
27127250415Purandhar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal'S Private Industrial Training Institute,Waghapur231
27227250429Nandkishor Jagdale Industrial Training Institute (P)84
27327250688Industrial Training Institute (Pvt) At/Post Male Tal- Mulshi Dist-Pune199
27427250689Shivseva Gramin Vikas Pratishthan Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute42
27527250693Social Aaction For Man Power Creation Private Industrial Training Centre, Malawali Tal Maval Dist Pune42
27627250698Pragati Private Industrial Training Institute,Vasunde84
27727250702Muslim Samaj Prabodhan Sanstha'S Industrial Training Instittute(Pvt.)94
27827250703Vitthalrao Thorat Pvt Industrial Training Institute210
27927250711Don Bosco Private Industrial Traininng Institute168
28027250714Sau. Shakuntala Vasantrao Davkhare (Private) Iti42
28127250719Gramin Vikas Pratishthan Kalamb Sanchalit,Private Industrial Training Institute,Kalamb,Tal-Indapur,Dist-Pune.413114.84
28227250720Oriental Education Society Private Industrial Training Institute126
28327250931Dyanoday Gramvikas Pratisthan Itc Shikrapur63
28427250932Dnyan, Kala, Krida & Krishi Pratishthan Sanchalit Private Industrial Training Institute336
28527250933Raghunathrao Dhumal Industrial Training Center157
28627250956Sonai Private Industrial Training Instutite278
28727250958Shri Saraswati Pratishthan'S Adiraj Industrial Training Centre105
28827250964Rajarshi Shahu Viswavidyalaya'S Private Industrial Training Institute68
28927250965India Sponsorship Committee L & T Public Charitable Trust Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute84
29027250966Shivneri Foundation'S Shivneri Private Industrial Training Institute, Khanapur131
29127250967Chaitanya Education Society'S Chaitanya Industrial Training Institute (Pvt)68
29227250968Samarth Private Industrial Training Institute Belhe Tal- Junnar Dist - Pune288
29327250969Deccan Industrial Training Institute, Sarati42
29427250970Baramati Institute Of Technology'S Industrial Training Center126
29527260516Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Private Industrial Training Institute928
29627260518Xavier Technical Training Centre-Shrirampur42
29727260519A.I.E.& D F'S, Bhaskarrao Galande Patil, Private Industrial Training Institute, Ashoknagar.126
29827260521Private Industrial Training Institute,Loni885
29927260522Private Women Industrial Training Institute,Loni188
30027260523Shri Laxmi Narayan Industrial Training Center , Shivajinagar , Rahuri Dist- Ahmednagar388
30127260524Amrutvahini Industrial Training Institute Amrutnagar,Sangamner535
30227260525Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,Bhenda377
30327260528Shri Saibaba Private Industrial Training Institute, Shirdi. Tal- Rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar Pin-423109466
30427260529Shirdi Sai Rural Institute'S Industrial Training Institute,Rahata299
30527260532Akole Taluka Educ. Society'S Industrial Training Center Akole, Dist Ahmednagar220
30627260724Mauli Education Trust Industrial Training Center Supa21
30727260728Industrial Training Centre Talegaon Dighe42
30827260729Industrial Training Centre Sakur84
30927260733Shri Kundlikrao Ramrao Jagtap Patil Private Industrial Training Institute84
31027260735Vamanrao Ithape Private Industrial Training Institute126
31127260901Maulana Abulkalam Azad Pvt.Iti115
31227260909Indian Society For Social Action'S, Industrial Training Institute (Pvt)131
31327260915Jijamata Private Industrial Training Institute,Shevgaon126
31427260922Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation , Private Industrial Training Institute63
31527260927Lakshya Education Society,ITI,Kedgaon ,Ahmednagar42
31627270542Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Private Industrial Training Institute,Beed.262
31727270543Rashtriya Industrial Training Center Beed M.I.D.C, Karampura Peth, Dist-Beed147
31827270544Jagdamba Industrial Training Institute, Georai Dist.Beed210
31927270804Kari Siddique Bandhvi Private Industrial Training Institute146
32027270807Aditya Bahuudeshiya Industrial Training Centre, Talegaon Road,Beed105
32127270811Aditya Industrial Traning Center Nalwandi Road Beed .42
32227270824Bharatiya Jain Sanghantana, Sakkarbai Bulabchand Muttha Industrial Training Center Dongarkini Tal. Patoda Dist.Beed178
32327270825Chhatrapati Shivaji Rajae Pvt Iti ,Trimurati Nagar, Wangaon (Fata) Tq.Dist Beed.42
32427280554Azeem Private I.T.I. Ausa84
32527290551Terana Public Charitable Trust'S ,Terna Industrial Training Center Osmanabad324
32627290552Champatrai Ajmera Idustrial Training Center Osmanabad126
32727290808Mother Kanchan Industrial Training Center, Osmanabad84
32827290809Shri Sai Janvikas Pratisthan Itc Alani Osmanabad42
32927290815Pawanraje Nimbalkar Industrial Training Institute, Osmanabad126
33027290816Micro Industrial Training Center26
33127290817Industrial Training Centre, Paranda, Dist Osmanabad105
33227300426Marathwada Private Industrial Training Institute409
33327300427Karmavee Lohokare Guruji Private Industrial Training Institute,Gaudgaon.330
33427300428Sojar Private Industrial Traning Institute Khandvi189
33527300699Solapur Power And Industrial Training Institute63
33627300700New Satara Private Industrial Training Institute,Pandharpur84
33727300701Parvati, Itc Mandrup Tal.South Solapur21
33827300709Sangramsingh Industrial Training Institute63
33927300712Vilaschandra M.Mehta Private Industrial Training Institute84
34027300715Sharadchandraji Pawar Industrial Training Center47
34127300753Seth Ratnachand Sakharam Shah Private Industrial Training Institute42
34227300935Lokmangal Pvt Iti68
34327300936Shriram Pravate Industrial Training Institute Paniv210
34427300937Private Industrial Training Institute Malinagar210
34527300938Shanti Private Industrial Training Institute Solapur147
34627300955Lokmangal (Pvt) Industrial Trianing Institute Solapur68
34727300957Vasantrao Kale (Private) Industrial Training Institute Dhondewadi, Post- Jainwdai, Tal-Pandharpur, Dist-Solapur262
34827300960Pvt.Iti Gunjegaon Tal- Mangalwedha Dist- Solapur63
34927300961Parvati Tad I T I Mangalwedha Tal:- Mangalwedha194
35027300962Madhukar Mane (P) Industrial Training Institute42
35127300963Govind Private Industrial Traning Institute Natepute126
35227300986Suravase Private Industrial Training Institute, Soregaon, Tal North Solapur Dist Solapur126
35327300987Rural Private Iti Kazikanbus168
35427300988Shri Sai Industrial Training Institute220
35527310416Vidya Prasarak Sanstha'S Private Industrial Training Institute, Tambmal84
35627310417Shrmant Sagunamata Girl'S Industrial Training Institute Phaltan21
35727310418Daulat Private Industrial Training Institute Daulatnagar252
35827310713Private Industrial Training Institute Somanthali84
35927310974Yashwantrao Mohite Private Industrial Training Institute110
36027310975Koyna Shikshan Sanshta Sanchalit Vikramsinh Ranjitsinh Patankar Industrial Training Center, Mandrul Kole, Dhebewadi, Tal-Patan, Dist-Satara168
36127310976Gourishankar Private Industrial Training Centre126
36227320382Sahyadri Shikshan Sanstha Private Industrial Training Institute , Sawarde, Tal - Chiplun, Dist -Ratnagiri685
36327320384Smt Indira M. Behare Private Industrial Training Institute, Sadavali210
36427320696Pandurang Bhosale Industrial Training Institute (Pvt.) Chafe, Ratnagiri47
36527320832D.J.Samant Private Industrial Training Institute Pali,Ratnagiri84
36627320842Haji Mohammed Saheb Thakur Private Iti94
36727320844Regal Private ITI188
36827330386Bosco Udyogshala Pvt Iti Pinguli42
36927340430Sangrul Edu. Soc. Industrial Training Center Koparade ,Tal.-Karveer,Dist- Kolhapur204
37027340431Mahatma Jotirao Phule Pvt. Industrial Training Institute,Shahunagar(Parite).173
37127340432Shahu Itc, Kolhapur136
37227340434Tatyasaheb Kore Private Industrial Training Institute, Warnanagar356
37327340435Latthe Education Society Sangli, Jaysingpur Private Industrial Training Institute,Jaysingpur283
37427340436Shri Datta Private I.T.I.272
37527340437Late Jawanmalji Gandhi Industrial Training Institute (Pvt.)294
37627340438Dr D.Y.Patil Pratishthan'S Industrial Training Institute, Gargoti173
37727340690Vidyavardhini Educational Academys Vidyavardhi Industrial Training Institute Pal (Gargoti) Tal Bhudhargad Dist Kolhapur126
37827340695Rajmata Private Industrial Training Institute Khanapur42
37927340707Shivkranti Private Iti, Peth Vadgaon42
38027340710Deshbhakt Babasaheb Khanjire Pvt. Iti, Ichalkaranji230
38127340716Vitthalrao Patil Private Industrial Training Institute Kale42
38227340718Dr.J.J.Magdum Private Industrial Training Institute ,Jaysingpur84
38327340939Jay Shivaray Education Society Murgud'S Industrial Training Centre Sadashiv Nagar [ Hamidwada] Tal Kagal Dist Kolhapur357
38427340940Shri Vitthalai Industrial Training Center Kasaba Tarale42
38527340942Sahakarratna Shamraoji Patil Yadravkar Private Industrial Training Institute Yadrav168
38627340943Pandurang Patil Industrial Training Institute89
38727340946Shree Shamrao Patil Private Iti , Talsande178
38827340948Sanjaysinh Gaikwad Private Industrial Trainng Institute Donoli/Bambvade42
38927340949Shri Parashram Balaji Patil Private Industrial Training Institute105
39027340950Victory Foundation Pune Sanchalit Victory Itc Nesari84
39127340951Kadambari Industrial Training Center Pimple/Thane63
39227340952Shriram Private Industrial Training Institute126
39327340953Shayadri Shikshan Prasark Mandal Sanchalit Industrial Training Centre Tulshi Dharan Dhamod105
39427340954Shital Ketkale Private Industrial Training Institute Shirol189
39527340971Industrieal Training Institute Private, Jaysingpur84
39627340972Major Anandrao Ghatge Private Industrial Training Institute, Vhanali189
39727340977Shri Bhairavanth Industrial Training Institute Asurle21
39827340979Shri.K.S.Chougule Industrial Training Centre Malwadi-Kotoli110
39927340984Shasu,Fule,Ambedkar Vichar Manch Sanchalit Industrial Training Institute, Radhanagari.84
40027340985Shree Bhairavanath Industrial Training Institute Khotwadi110
40127340989Amrut Itc, Kolhapur42
40227340990Late Anandrao Dadasaheb Patil Koulavkar Pvt. Industrial Training Institute, Koulav42
40327350420Sangli Industraial School, Industrial Training Center, Dist-Sangli173
40427350423H.S.Grace Foundations Bethesda Private Iti Miraj42
40527350424Bharti Vidyapithachi Girl'S Industrial Training Center, Kadegaon, (W) Dist-Sangli84
40627350425Rayat Shikshan Sanstha'S Private Industrial Training Institute,Ashta136
40727350691Rajarambapu Private Industrial Training Institute,Sangli94
40827350692Smt.Padmini Private Industrial Training Institute Ektanagar Dighanchi178
40927350694Venkateshwara Audhyogik Prashikshan Kendra126
41027350708Vasantdada Patil Privet Industrial Training Institute Miraj89
41127350717Mahalaxmi Private Iti, Peth84
41227350934Rajarambapu Patil Private Industrial Training Institute, Rajaramnagar168
41327350947Vilasrao Patil Private Industrial Training Institute Mangale84
41427350978Annasaheb Dange Audyogik Prahsikshan Kendra Ashta Tal.Walwa Dist.Sangli168
41527350980Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha'S Veer Seva Dala Madhyawarti Samitiee Sanchlit Veeracharya Babasaheb Kuchnure Pvt Iti Sangli42
41627350981Sambhaji Pvt Industrail Training Center105
41727350982Loknete Hon.Hanmantrao Patil Charitable Trust’S Adarsh Private Industrial Training Centre Khambale (Bha) Vita.136