NCVT ITI July Time Table / Exam Date Sheet 2021 | Updated:

The Time Table of the NCVT ITI Exams for the year 2021 has been released. The exam dates for all the semesters (namely, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones), for the November/December 2020 session, are downloadable from the NCVT MIS portal; also, you can browse the official ITI websites of the respective states or visit the following links - for more information on the semester exams. For all the states in India, the exam dates of the different semesters are the same.

NCVT ITI Time Table 2021

Across India, the different states manage several Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centers (ITCs). The ITIs are managed by the government; and the ITCs are privately run. The National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) has been appointed by the Union Government of India to advise the various states on the conduct of the trade courses. At the Central level, the NCVT lays down the guidelines; while at the State level, the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) oversees the administrative affairs of the technical training centers.

The annual and semester exams of the training institutes are regulated by the NCVT and SCVT. If you are studying at the ITIs or ITCs, you can download the NCVT ITI Exam Date Sheet 2020 of the January-February session via the below-mentioned links or visit the official websites of the respective states or browse through NCVT MIS portal’s official website.

The NCVT MIS conducts exams twice in a year that is during the months, Jan to Feb and July to August. If you are a candidate who is appearing for the NCVT ITI exams for any of the 4 semesters, then check the exam dates for the respective semester accordingly.

NCVT ITI Time Table 2021

CategoryTime Table/ Date Sheet
Time Table Status:NCVT ITI Time Table 2021 has been released.
Exam DateLast July to August 2021
Academic ExamAcademic Calendar 2021 | Examination Calendar
Semester ExamITI Sem Exam Time Table
Download PDF File - ITI Time Table ITI Exam Time Table
Official Website
ncvt iti exam date

Academic Calendar 2021

Task NameStart DateEnd Date
Assign Bank/Police Station01 Aug 2130 Sep 21
Record Admitted Trainee01 Aug 2115 Sep 21
Transfer of Trainee01 Aug 2130 Sep 21
Assign Examination Center01 Aug 2117 Aug 21
Generate Question Paper Indent18 Aug 2123 Aug 21
Record Trainees' Exam Fee Status24 Aug 2107 Sep 21
Generate Hall Ticket08 Sep 2118 Sep 21
Print Hall Ticket19 Sep 2123 Sep 21
AITT Exams24 Sep 2108 Oct 21
OMR Collection30 Sep 2109 Oct 21
Record Attendance and Sessional Marks Half Year 101 Oct 2131 Oct 21
Capture Practical and Engineering Drawing Marks05 Oct 2110 Oct 21
OMR Check11 Oct 2126 Oct 21
OMR Upload27 Oct 2111 Nov 21
Result Declaration12 Nov 2128 Nov 21
Print Mark sheet29 Nov 2128 Dec 21
Generate Certificate29 Nov 2128 Dec 21
Print Certificate29 Nov 2128 Dec 21
Assign Examination Center15 Mar 2231 Mar 22
Generate Question Paper Indent15 Apr 2220 Apr 22
Record Attendance and Sessional Marks Half Year 201 Jun 2230 Jun 22
Record Trainees' Exam Fee Status01 Jun 2215 Jun 22
Generate Hall Ticket16 Jun 2226 Jun 22
Print Hall Ticket26 Jun 2230 Jun 22
AITT Exams01 Jul 2215 Jul 22
OMR Collection16 Jul 2225 Jul 22
Capture Practical and Engineering Drawing Marks26 Jul 2231 Jul 22
OMR Check31 Jul 2215 Aug 22
OMR Upload31 Jul 2215 Aug 22
Result Declaration15 Aug 2231 Aug 22
Print Mark sheet01 Sep 2230 Sep 22
Generate Certificate01 Sep 2230 Sep 22
Print Certificate01 Sep 2230 Sep 22

Examination Calendar 2021

DayDateTimeSemesterTrade Duration (Years)Subject
Monday13-Sep-2110:00AM21Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Monday13-Sep-2110:00AM22Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Monday13-Sep-212:30PM32Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Tuesday14-Sep-2110:00AM42Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Wednesday15-Sep-219:30AM11Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Wednesday15-Sep-219:30AM12Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Wednesday15-Sep-219:30AM11Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Wednesday15-Sep-219:30AM12Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday16-Sep-219:30AM21Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday16-Sep-219:30AM22Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday16-Sep-219:30AM21Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday16-Sep-219:30AM22Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Friday17-Sep-219:30AM32Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Friday17-Sep-219:30AM32Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Saturday18-Sep-219:30AM42Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Saturday18-Sep-219:30AM42Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Tuesday05-Oct-2110:00AM21Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday05-Oct-2110:00AM22Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday05-Oct-212:30PM21Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Cal. & Sci.) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Tuesday05-Oct-212:30PM22Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Cal. & Sci.) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Tuesday05-Oct-2110:00AM21Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday05-Oct-2110:00AM22Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday05-Oct-212:30PM21Non Engineering-Paper-II- (Employability Skills)
Tuesday05-Oct-212:30PM22Non Engineering-Paper-II- (Employability Skills)
Wednesday06-Oct-2110:00AM32Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Wednesday06-Oct-212:30PM32Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Cal. & Sci.)
Wednesday06-Oct-2110:00AM32Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Thursday07-Oct-2110:00AM42Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Thursday07-Oct-212:30PM42Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Cal. & Sci.)
Thursday07-Oct-2110:00AM42Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Friday08-Oct-2110:00AM11Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday08-Oct-2110:00AM12Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday08-Oct-212:30PM11Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Calculation & Science) (Part-B Engineering Drawing)
Friday08-Oct-212:30PM12Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Calculation & Science) (Part-B Engineering Drawing)
Friday08-Oct-212:30PM11Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Calculation & Science)
Friday08-Oct-212:30PM12Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Calculation & Science)
Friday08-Oct-2110:00AM11Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday08-Oct-2110:00AM12Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
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