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In India’s Rajasthan state, the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of the Department of Technical Education of the Government of Rajasthan is the managing body of vocational education. With a considerable percentage of aspirants seeking to gain technical know-how and industries facing shortage of skilled labor, there is huge demand for technical training. For catering to the demands of the aspiring candidates and the industrial sector, several government-owned Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centers (ITCs) have been set up in the state.

The advisory body of the Government of India that drafts the guidelines of the technical training hubs is the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT), at the national level. Accordingly, the State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) adheres to the NCVT’s policies, while operating at the state level.

As part of the trade courses in India, vocational training is 70% skill-based and the remainder 30% is theory. Then, the students become technically-trained professionals and eligible to work in the respective trades. However, depending on whether the pupils have successfully completed the NCVT or SCVT trade courses and attained the National Level or State Level Trade Certificate, accordingly, they can apply for the national-level or state-level jobs.

Rajasthan ITI Result

In Rajasthan, the exam results of the 4 semesters can be viewed online. For downloading the results of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th semesters, you can visit the Rajasthan’s DTE’s official websites, and, and NCVT’s official site,

Besides, more details on technical training across India is viewable on the website,

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Rajasthan Govt ITI List

S.N.College NameCodeDistrict Name
1Aryan Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001468Ajmer
2Bhagya Shree Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001373Ajmer
3Chitransh Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000617Ajmer
4GANPATI Private ITIPU08001766Ajmer
5Geet Ganpati Pvt. ITIPU08001722Ajmer
6Government Industrail Training Instiute Parasia KishangarhGR08000417Ajmer
7Government Industrial Training Institute AjmerGR08000100Ajmer
8Government Industrial Training Institute KekariGR08000094Ajmer
9Government Industrial Training Institute, BeawarGR08000088Ajmer
10Government Women Industrial Training InstituteGR08000096Ajmer
11Guru Kripa Pvt.ITIPU08001788Ajmer
12Gurukul Pvt. ITIPU08001714Ajmer
13Igmenz Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001007Ajmer
14Jaju Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001027Ajmer
15Jaju Private Industrial Training Institute PisanganPR08000987Ajmer
16Jan Shikshan Private Industrial Training InstitutePU08001381Ajmer
17Kasturbaa Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001171Ajmer
18Maa Bhagwati Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001324Ajmer
19Meera Pvt Industrial Training InstitutePU08001650Ajmer
20Mohammad Ali Memorial Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001040Ajmer
21Mount Arawali Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001121Ajmer
22National Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001177Ajmer
23Neel Kanth Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001563Ajmer
24New Chitransh Private Industrial Training InstitutePU08001423Ajmer
25New Raj Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001536Ajmer
26Raghukul Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000121Ajmer
27Raj Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000438Ajmer
28Raj Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001537Ajmer
29Rise Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000931Ajmer
30Rituraj Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000837Ajmer
31Sagar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001560Ajmer
32Sanskar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001429Ajmer
33Sanskar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001462Ajmer
34Sanskar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001472Ajmer
35Sanskar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001582Ajmer
36Sarveshwar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001559Ajmer
37Satyam Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001430Ajmer
38Shivam Private Industrial Training InstitutePU08001365Ajmer
39shree balaji private itiPU08001728Ajmer
40Shree Ganesh Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001486Ajmer
41Shree Ganpati Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001678Ajmer
42Shri Baba Ramdev Private Industrial Training Institute,PR08000454Ajmer
43Shri Balaji Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000471Ajmer
44Shri Narbdeshwar Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001125Ajmer
45Shri Sai Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08000883Ajmer
46Shri Subhash Memorial Private Industrial Training InstitutePU08001393Ajmer
47St. Wilfred Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001414Ajmer
48Sunita Techical Institute Private Industrial TrainPR08001019Ajmer
49T.P. Pareek Private Industrial Training Institute Vidyanagar Ganeshpura Road BeawarPR08000005Ajmer
50Unique Private Industrial Training InstitutePR08001550Ajmer

Rajasthan ITI Trade List

S.N.Trade NameDuration
1210-Architectural Assistant2 semester
2241-Architectural Draughtsman2 semester
3901-Architectural Draughtsman (NE)2 semester
4030-Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)4 semester
5251-Baker and Confectioner2 semester
6239-Basic Cosmetology2 semester
7206-Carpenter2 semester
8250-Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing2 semester
9264-Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance2 semester
10242-Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2 semester
11133-Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician4 semester
12243-Desk Top Publishing Operator2 semester
13217-Draughtsman (Civil)4 semester
14224-Draughtsman (Mechanical)4 semester
15248-Dress Making2 semester
16076-Driver Cum Mechanic1 semester
17231-Electrician4 semester
18219-Electronics Mechanic4 semester
19246-Fashion Design & Technology2 semester
20106-Finance Executive2 semester
21107-Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management2 semester
22919-Firemen1 semester
23227-Fitter4 semester
24252-Food & Beverages Services Assistant2 semester
25253-Food Production (General)2 semester
26109-Footwear maker2 semester
27214-Foundryman2 semester
28254-Front Office Assistant2 semester
29245-Fruit and Vegetable Processor2 semester
30111-Health Safety & Environment2 semester
31112-Health Sanitary Inspector2 semester
32113-Horticulture2 semester
33114-Hospital House Keeping2 semester
34255-House Keeper2 semester
35115-Human Resource Executive2 semester
36220-Information Communication Technology System Maintenance4 semester
37037-Instrument Mechanic4 semester
38038-Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4 semester
39208-Interior Design & Decoration2 semester
40040-Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)4 semester
41116-Leather Goods Maker2 semester
42234-Lift and Escalator Mechanic4 semester
43222-Machinist4 semester
44013-Marine Engine Fitter2 semester
45118-Marketing Executive2 semester
46211-Mason (Building Constructor)2 semester
47215-Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 semester
48218-Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner)4 semester
49202-Mechanic (Tractor)2 semester
50203-Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics2 semester
51048-Mechanic Computer Hardware4 semester
52273-Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances4 semester
53201-Mechanic Diesel2 semester
54204-Mechanic Motor Cycle2 semester
55059-Painter General4 semester
56022-Plastic Processing Operator2 semester
57209-Plumber2 semester
58257-Pre/Preparatory School Management (Assistant)2 semester
59258-Secretarial Practice (English)2 semester
60247-Sewing Technology2 semester
61213-Sheet Metal Worker2 semester
62259-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)2 semester
63260-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)2 semester
64249-Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)2 semester
65207-Surveyor2 semester
66229-Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)4 semester
67261-Tourist Guide2 semester
68221-Turner4 semester
69212-Welder2 semester
70232-Wireman4 semester