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Adikavi Nannaya University which is abbreviated as ANUR is one of the renowned universities located in Rajamundry in Andhra Pradesh. Established in March 2006, by the government of Andhra Pradesh, it is named after Nannayya, one of the most celebrated Telugu authors. The university was established to fulfill the demands of Godavari district by providing the novel job oriented programs which are relevant in today’s scenario and according to the needs of the people of Godavari district.

Today 74 post graduate and 350 degree colleges in these districts are affiliated to the university which is earlier affiliated to Andhra Pradesh. In the short span of time ANUR has established itself as premier universities of the state that offers program in Geo-informatics and Petroleum Exploration which is one of its kinds in the state and one of the few offered by the country. It also offers its students five-year integrated programs and offer new courses in mathematics as well as in computing keeping in mind the objectives of providing trained programs according to the demand of I.T industries.

To know more details about university, the course offered by it, online downloading of application forms etc students can visit the official site Apart from this is also a great help to the aspirants as it provides comprehensive information about online results, admission in new sessions, courses offered by the university to the students and link them to the valuable resources so that they can save their time and efforts.

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Adikavi Nannaya University
    About Adikavi Nannaya University
  Full Name Adikavi Nannaya University
  Nickname ANUR
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No O883-2566011, O883-2566004
  Founded 2006
  Address Rajah Rajah Narendhra Nagar, Rajahmundry - 533296, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  City East Godavari
  State Andhra Pradesh
  Country India
List of courses offered by Adikavi Nannaya University
    S.N.    Courses
1B.Tech. (CSE)
2B.Tech. (EIE)
3B.Tech. (ECE)
4B.Tech. (IT)
6M.Tech. (CST)
7M.Tech. (CST With Big Data Analytics)
14M.Sc.Applied Mathematics
16M.Sc.Analytical Chemistry
17M.Sc.Organic Chemistry
18M.Sc.Polymer Science
20M.Sc.Applied Geology
23M.A.Political Science
25M.A.Social Work
35B.Com(Computer Applications)
37B.Sc.(Home Science)
38B.Sc.(Food Technology)
39B.Sc. Animation
40B.Sc. Forensic Science
List of colleges affiliated with Adikavi Nannaya University
  S. No.   College Code    College Name    Location
135A S D Govt. Degree College For WomenKakinada
25A S N College For WomenAmalapuram
3345A S R Degree CollegeKovvur
462A V R And V P R Degree CollegeMandapeta
5365A. S. N. M. Govt. College For MenPalakol
6352A.K.R.G. Degree And P.G. CollegeNallajerla
7342Abhyudaya Degree CollegeKamavarapukot A
836Adarsa Degree CollegeKakinada
937Aditya Degree CollegeKakinada
1080Aditya Degree CollegeRajahmundry
11114Aditya Degree CollegeTatipaka
12366Aditya Degree CollegePalakol
1338Aditya Degree College For WomenKakinada
1481Aditya Degree College For WomenRajahmundry
15370Akula Gopayya Degree CollegePentapadu
1682Al-Ameer Institute Of Management & TechnologyRajahmundry
17346Alluri Bapineedu & Pendyala Ranga Rao CollegeKovvur
18133Alluri Seetha Rama Raju Degree CollegeYerrampeta
1956Amrutha Arts And Science Degree CollegeMalikipuram
2083Andhra Kesari Degree CollegeRajahmundry
2184Andhra Womens Sanskrit CollegeRajahmundry
22314Annapurna Degree CollegeBhuvanapalli
23137Anoop Degree CollegeAddateegala
2485Avanthi Degree CollegeRajahmundry
25320B H S R & V L M Degree CollegeDevarapalli
26367B R R & G K R Chamber Degree CollegePalakol
2718B S R Degree CollegeDivili
2823B S R Degree CollegeGokavaram
29356B. G. B. S. College For WomenNarsapur
30315B.R.S. Degree CollegeBhuvanapalli
31380Brilliants Degree CollegeTadepalligudem
32306C S N Degree College And P G CollegeBhimavaram
33336C.S.T.S. Govt. KalasalaJangareddigude M
34325Ch S D St Theresa College For Women (Autonomous)Eluru
3539Chaitanya Degree CollegeKakinada
3675Chakravarthul A Bhaskara Rao Degree CollegePithapuram
37301Challa Satyanarayana Degree CollegeAchanta
3833Chandana Nagewswara Rao Degree CollegeKadiam
3925D L R Degree CollegeGollalamamida Da
40368D N R Govt. Degree College For WomenPalakol
41307D.N.R. College (Autonomous)Bhimavaram
42381D.R.G. College For WomenTadepalligudem
43382D.R.G. Govt. College For BoysTadepalligudem
4461Deepthi Degree CollegeMamidikuduru
45402Divya Degree CollegeUndi
46103Dr B R Ambedkar Degree CollegeRavulapalem
47344Dr. Maddi Gopala Krishna Reddy Degree CollegeKota Ramachandrapu Ram
48353Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna Degree CollegeNallajerla
49350Elisha Degree CollegeMeenanagaram
50357Flaiz Memorial Adventist CollegeNarsapur
5112G B R CollegeAnaparthi
5286G. K. R. V. M. Degree CollegeRajahmundry
5334Gayatri Degree CollegeKadiam
54303Geetanjali Degree CollegeBhimadole
55383Gmrmv Degree CollegeTadepalligudem
56130Government Degree CollegeRamachandrapu Ram
57131Government Degree CollegeAlamuru
5887Govt. College (Autonomous)Rajahmundry
5930Govt. Degree CollegeJaggampeta
6063Govt. Degree CollegeMandapeta
6176Govt. Degree CollegePithapuram
62101Govt. Degree CollegeRampachodavar Am
63104Govt. Degree CollegeRavulapalem
64107Govt. Degree CollegeRazole
65110Govt. Degree CollegeSeethanagaram
66116Govt. Degree CollegeTuni
67121Govt. Degree CollegeYeleswaram
68316Govt. Degree CollegeButtaigudem
69317Govt. Degree CollegeChintalapudi
70326Govt. Degree CollegeEluru
71343Govt. Degree CollegeKamavarapukot A
7271Grace Degree CollegeP Gannavaram
731H I S Degree CollegeAddateegala
7432Harward Degree CollegeK Perumallapura M
7540Ideal College Of Arts And Sciences (Autonomous)Kakinada
7665J. C. Degree CollegeMaredubaka
77373K S N R Degree CollegePenumantra
78134K V Ramana Memorial Degree CollegeV R Puram
7924K V S Degree CollegeGokavaram
80327Ka & Hl Degree CollegeEluru
81308Kgrl Degree And Pg College (Autonomous)Bhimavaram
82404Kondaveeti Degree CollegeGopalapuram
83399Kpr & Jl Siddhardha Degree CollegeVatlur
8466L A M P Degree CollegeMummidivaram
85318Little Flower Degree CollegeChintalapudi
8620Little Rose Degree CollegeDraksharamam
8797Ln. G. V. Rao Modern Degree CollegeRamachandrapu Ram
88309Luthern Degree And P. G. CollegeBhimavaram
8941M S N Degree CollegeKakinada
9059M. V. N. J. S. & R. V. R. College Of Arts And ScienceMalkipuram
91390Maa Commerce And Science Degree CollegeTanuku
9216Mahatma Gandhi Degree CollegeAtreyapuram
93349Mattreddy Degree CollegeMaruteru
9479Minerva Degree CollegePrattipadu
956Miriam CollegeAmalapuram
9642Mohan Degree CollegeKakinada
97384Montessori College Of EducationTadepalligudem
98398Montessori Degree CollegeUngutur
9953Mother Degree CollegeKotha Nanduru
10027Moturi Subrahmanyam Sitayamma Degree CollegeGollavilli
101358N S Z College Of Music & Dance CollegeNarsapur
10270N. G. R. E. S. Degree CollegeNagaram
103385New Modern Degree CollegeTadepalligudem
104337Nova Degree CollegeJangareddigude M
10531P E S Degree CollegeJaggampeta
10643P R Govt. College (Autonomous)Kakinada
10726P S N Murthy Degree CollegeGollapalem
108118P S N Murthy Degree CollegeTurangi
109310P V E S Degree College For WomenBhimavaram
11044P. V. R. Trust Degree CollegeKakinada
111311Padmasree B V Raju Institution Of Computer EducationBhimavaram
11245Pragathi Degree CollegeKakinada
11346Pragynaa Degree CollegeKakinada
114348Prakasam Degree CollegeKoyyalagudem
115125Prakash Degree CollegeSunkarapalem
11619Prathibha Degree CollegeDraksharama
11722Prathibha Sowjanya Degree CollegeGangavaram K
118338Priyadarshini Degree CollegeJangareddigude M
119391R. I. T. M. S. Degree CollegeTanuku
12017R. N. M. Degree CollegeBommuru
121312R.R.D.S. Govt. Degree CollegeBhimavaram
12288Rajamahendri Degree College For WomenRajahmundry
12389Rajiv Gandhi Degree CollegeRajahmundry
12447Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Management & ScienceKakinada
125403Ranga Raya Degree CollegeChagallu
12610Rankireddy Pattabhi Ramaiah Degree CollegeAmbajipeta
127333S Ch V P M R Govt. Degree CollegeGanapavaram
1287S K B R CollegeAmalapuram
129369S K R S Oriental CollegePalakol
130351S K V R R Degree CollegeMogaltur
13111S N M Degree CollegeAmbajipeta
13221S S V Degree CollegeGandepalli
133363S V D Govt. Degree College For WomenNidadavole
134128S V Degree CollegeTuni
135347S V J V Sanskrit CollegeKovvur
136364S V R K Govt. Degree College For BoysNidadavole
137355S. A. S. J. Degree CollegeNarayanapuram
138392S. C. I. M. Govt. Degree CollegeTanuku
13951S. D. V. R. R. Degree CollegeKolanka
14090S. K. R. College For WomenRajahmundry
14191S. K. V. T. CollegeRajahmundry
14277S. P. V. S. Degree CollegePithapuram
14373S. R. V. B. S. J. B. Maha Ranee CollegePeddapuram
144302S. V. S. S. Arts & Science CollegeAttili
14515S. V. V. S. S. Devastanam Degree CollegeAnnavaram
146393S.K.S.D. Mahila KalasalaTanuku
147400S.M.B.T.A.V. & S. N. Degree CollegeVeeravasaram
148371S.V.K.P. & Dr. K.S. Raju Arts & Science Degree CollegePenugonda
149328S.V.R.K. Degree CollegeEluru
15092Samhitha Degree CollegeRajahmundry
151123Sanjeeva Degree CollegeGollaprolu
152401Sasi Degree CollegeVelivennu
15354Sathabdhi Degree CollegeKothapeta
154406Shankari Degree CollegeJangareddygude M
15572Siddartha Degree CollegeP Gannavaram
156409Siddartha Gowthami Degree CollegeVelerupadu
15750Siddhardha Degree CollegeKatrenikona(V/ M)
158376Siddharth Degree CollegePydiparru
159117Siddhartha CollegeTuni
160138Siddi Degree CollegeBurrilanka
161329Sir C R R College For Boys (Autonomous)Eluru
162330Sir C.R.R. College For WomenEluru
16367Sir Dr. R B R V N Mahila Degree CollegeMummidivaram
164127Sita Rama Degree CollegeKathipudi
16552Smt D. A. E. S. Degree CollegeKorukonda
166108Smt. Alluru Varahalamma Memorial Deg. CollegeSakhinetipalli
167102Smt. B. S. R. Degree CollegeRampachodavar Am
1684Smt. Basava Mangayamma Memorial Deg. CollegeAllavaram
169374Smt. Gottumukkala Saraswathi Degree CollegePippara
17093Smt. Jasti Bullemmai Degree CollegeRajahmundry
17128Smt. Sakunthala Devi Degree CollegeI Polavaram
172111Smt. Veera Satyanarayana Mma Degree CollegeSivakodu
173124Smt.Barla Subba Lakshmi Degree CollegeRajanagaram
174321Sr Velagapudi Ramakrishna Degree CollegeDevarapalli
175394Sree Maruthi Degree CollegeTanuku
17614Sree Siddhartha Degree CollegeAngara
17798Sree Vidya Degree CollegeRamachandrapu Ram
178112Sri Chaitanya Degree CollegeSivakodu
179136Sri Chaitanya Degree CollegeKakarapalli
180379Sri Chalapati Degree CollegeSatrampadu
18157Sri Deepthi Mahila Degree CollegeMalikipuram
182375Sri Gowtami Degree CollegePoolapalli
183334Sri Gowthami Degree CollegeGopalapuram
184359Sri Gowthami Degree CollegeNarsapur
185408Sri Gowthami Siddhartha Degree CollegeKukunoor
18669Sri K. V. R. D. & S. G. J. V. S. Degree CollegeMunganda
18758Sri Kadali Narayana Murthy Degree CollegeMalikipuram
188304Sri Kakatiya Degree CollegeBhimadole
189395Sri Krishnaveni Degree CollegeTanuku
190105Sri Nadimpalli Suryanarayana Raju Degree CollegeRavulapalem
1912Sri Naraharisetty Venkata Rao CollegeAinavilli
192115Sri Padmavathi Mahila Degree CollegeTatipaka
1933Sri Raghavendra Degree CollegeAlamuru
194354Sri Raghavendra Degree CollegeNarasimhapura M
195139Sri Raja Degree CollegeRajahmundry
19674Sri Raja Rajeswari Degree CollegePeddapuram
197360Sri Rama Krishna Degree CollegeNarsapur
198339Sri Ramachandra Degree CollegeJangareddigude M
199113Sri Ravi Degree CollegeSunkarapalem
200126Sri Ravi Teja Degree CollegeAllavaram
201322Sri Sai Degree CollegeDharmajigudem
202396Sri Sai Degree CollegeTanuku
20313Sri Sai Madhavi Degree CollegeAnaparthi
20460Sri Sai Madhavi Degree CollegeMallampudi
205132Sri Sai Prasanthi Degree CollegeKunavaram
20668Sri Shirdi Sai Degree CollegeMummidivaram
207324Sri Srinivasa Degree CollegeDwaraka Tirumala
208135Sri Surya Degree CollegeRowthulapudi
209361Sri Surya Degree CollegeNarsapur
210386Sri Vani Degree CollegeTadepalligudem
211388Sri Vasavi Degree & Pg CollegeTadepalligudem
21229Sri Venkata Sai Degree CollegeJagapathinagar Am
2138Sri Venkateswara College Of Arts And ScienceAmalapuram
214120Sri Venkateswara Degree CollegeDraksharama
215305Sri Venkateswara Degree CollegeBhimadole
216319Sri Vidya Degree CollegeChintalapudi
217407Sri Vidya Vikas Degree CollegeAkiveedu
218362Sri. Y. N. College Of Education (Autonomous)Narsapur
219389Srikaribandi Subbarao Memorial Degree CollegeTallapudi
220377Srirama Degree CollegePydiparru
221335St. Marys Nirmala Hrudaya Mahila CollegeGowripatnam
22294St. Pauls Degree CollegeRajahmundry
223331St. Vincent De Paul Degree CollegeEluru
22495Sumathi Memorial Degree CollegeRajavommangi
225397Surya Degree CollegeTanuku
226340Surya Degree College For WomenJangareddigude M
22778Suryaraya Degree CollegePithapuram
2289The Amalapuram Degree CollegeAmalapuram
229341Triveni Degree CollegeJangareddigude M
230387U K Degree CollegeTadepalligudem
231313V S K Degree CollegeBhimavaram
232122V S R Degree CollegeYeleswaram
233119V V S Degree CollegeU Kothapalli
23455V. K. V. Govt. Degree CollegeKothapeta
23548V. S. Lakshmi Degree CollegeKakinada
23649V. S. Lakshmi Degree College For WomenKakinada
237100V. S. M. CollegeRamachandrapu Ram
238106V. S. R. Rural CollegeRayavaram
239323V. V. Giri KalasalaDumpagadapa
24099Vidyanidhi Degree CollegeAmalapuram
24164Vignan Institute Of Science And ArtsMandapeta
242332Vijnana Nilayam Institute Of PhilosophyEluru
243378Vikas Degree CollegeSamisragudem
24496Vinuthna Degree CollegeRajavommangi
245372Viswa Teja Degree CollegePenugonda
246129Viveka Degree CollegeTuni
247405Vivekananda Degree CollegeJangareddygude M
248109Yrl College Of Arts Science And Tech.Samalkota
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