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Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University is a non-profit public University which is established in 2015 at Junagadh district in the Indian state of Gujarat. This teaching and affiliating University is recognized by the University Grants Commission and is accredited” B” grade by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council. Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses in various general and job-oriented programs. Every year around hundreds of students take admission in this University to study in the faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Science and Technology, Engineering and many more academic programs.

The vast campus of Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University consists of world class amenities like good infrastructure, administrative blocks, hostels, staff residential buildings, central library, sports facilities, healthcare centers, computer building and many more amenities. Aspiring students can check the University website – for admission procedures and details, courses, fees structures and important notifications.

Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University Result on

The Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU), traced to Junagadh in India’s Gujarat state, makes accessible the examination results of its various affiliated programs on its official web link Any candidate who is awaiting the exam results of the BKNMU courses has to visit its official website to view their results.

After the BKNMU authorities declare the exam results, you must start by browsing the home page of its official portal. Here, you have to search for the “Examinations” tab and tap the “Result Link” tab from the drop-down menu. Then, on the new page, you must select your relevant course link, after which you will be directed to the login page. You have to follow by entering your login details and then the system displays the results on the screen.

At the BKNMU, aspiring candidates can apply for a host of courses in different disciplines. These include Commerce, Science, Medical & Allied Sciences, Law, Management & Business Administration, among others.

Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU) Result
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BKNMU F.Y., S.Y. M.B.B.S., T.Y. M.B.B.S. (Part-I) Exam Result 202311-03-2023
BKNMU LL.B. 5th sem Exam Result 202310-03-2023
BKNMU M.Sc.(Micro-Biology) 3rd Sem Exam Result 202310-03-2023
M.Sc.(Old), M.Sc.(Chemistry, Botany, Environment Science), M.A.(English), M.A.(Old) 3 Sem24-02-2023
B.Sc. and B.R.S. 3rd Sem Result23-02-2023
T.Y. B.H.M.S. and Fourth Year B.H.M.S. (Supp.) Result23-02-2023
BKNMU M.Ed., M.S.W., M.A.(Sociology), M.A.(Gujarati) 3rd Sem Exam Result 202322-02-2023
BKNMU F.Y. B.Sc. (Nursing) and F.Y. & S.Y. Post Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) Result07-02-2023
BKNMU M.A. (History) 3 Sem Exam Result04-02-2023
B.Sc., B.C.A., M.Sc.(Microbiology), M.A.(English) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાનાં પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત02-09-2022
LL.B., M.Ed., M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Sc.(Botany) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાનાં પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત30-08-2022
Forth Year. B.H.M.S. ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત29-08-2022
LL.M. (HR & Duties) સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાનાં પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત25-08-2022
M.Sc. (Forensic Science), M.Sc. (Physics) સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાનાં પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત25-08-2022
B.Ed. અને M.Com.(New) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત06-08-2022
M.A. (Old) સેમ.૪ અને LL.M., LL.M (HR & Duties), M.Sc.(Chem), B.A. (HS), B.Sc. (IT) સેમ.૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત04-08-2022
B.R.S. સેમ. ૩, યુ.જી. સેમ. ૫ (Remedial) તેમજ યુ.જી. સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાનાં પૂનઃ મૂલ્યાકનનું પરિણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત29-07-2022
M.S.W. સેમ. ૪ અને M.A. (Gujarati), M.A. (History), M.A. (Sanskrit), M.Com. (Old) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત27-07-2022
T.Y. B.H.M.S. (Revised) (ODD & SUPP.) ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત25-07-2022
M.Sc. (Home Science) અને M.Sc. (Forensic Science) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત22-07-2022
PGDCA સેમ. ૨ અને M.Sc. (Microbiology) સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત18-07-2022
F.Y. અને S.Y. B.H.M.S. (Revised) (ODD & SUPP.) ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત16-07-2022
B.A., B.C.A. અને B.R.S. સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત15-07-2022
FY MBBS અને SY MBBS (OLD & NEW) તથા TY MBBS (PART-1) પૂનઃમૂલ્યાંકનનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા તેમજ SY MBBS (Rem) ના પરીક્ષા ફોર્મ ભરવા બાબત12-07-2022
M.A. (Economics), M.A. (Hindi), M.A. (Home Science), M.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Psychology) અને M.R.S. સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત12-07-2022
BKNMU M.Sc. (Chemistry) અને M.Sc. (Zoology) સેમ. ૪ તેમજ M.Sc. (IT & CA) સેમ. ૨ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત12-07-2022
B.Com. અને LL.B સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત07-07-2022
B.Ed., M.Com., M.R.S., M.Sc.(Botany) સેમ. ૪ પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત06-07-2022
M.Ed. સેમ. ૪ અને B.S.W., B.B.A. સેમ. ૪ પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત05-07-2022
M.A.(Eco., English, Guj., Hindi, History, HS, Phil., Psychology, Sanskrit) સેમ. ૪ અને B.S.W., B.R.S. સેમ.૬ પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત04-07-2022
BKNMU M.Sc.(Home Science), M.A.(Sociology), LL.M. સેમ.૪ અને B.Sc.(IT), B.A.(Home Science) સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત02-07-2022
B.Sc, B.Sc.(FS), B.Sc.(Home Science) 4th sem Exam March 2022 Result01-07-2022
B.Sc.(Home Science). સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત27-06-2022
M.Sc. (IT&CA) સેમ. ૪ ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત24-06-2022
B.A. સેમ. ૧ ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત22-06-2022
B.A. સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાનું પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત18-06-2022
B.B.A. અને B.A.(Home Science). સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત17-06-2022
B.C.A. અને B.COM. સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત16-06-2022
B.B.A., B.S.W., B.A.(HS), B.Sc.(FS) સેમ.૫ (Remedial) અને B.Sc.(FS), B.Sc.(IT), LL.B. સેમ. ૬ ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરિા બાબત15-06-2022
B.Com, BBA, BCA,BA, B.Sc, B.Sc(FS) SEM-3 કોર્ષના પુનઃમૂલ્યાંકનનુ પરિણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબતે15-06-2022
B.Sc.(Home Science), B.A., B.Com., B.C.A., B.R.S., LL.B. સેમ.૫ (Remedial) ની પરીક્ષાના પરીણામ જાહેર કરવા બાબત14-06-2022

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Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University

   About Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University

  Name Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU)
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No 0285-2681400
  Founded 2015
  Address Bilkha Road, Government Polytechnic, Khadia, Gujarat 362640
  City Khadia
  State Gujarat
  Country India
List of courses offered by Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU)
  Degree    Duration
M.Com.2 Years
B.Com.3 Years
B.Sc.3 Years
B.B.A3 Years
B.C.A3 Years
M.A.2 Years
M.B.A.2 Years
PGDBA1 Years
M.Pharm.2 Years
List of Colleges Affiliated with Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University
   S.No.    College Name Courses E-Mail ID City
1Dr. Subhash Mahila College of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.drshubhashbed86@yahoo.comJunagadh
2Ramba Govt. Teachers Training College, PorbandarB.Ed.rgtpbr@yahoo.comPorbandar
3Shri Shardapith Arts, Commerce & College of Education, DwarkaB.Ed., B.COM.,
4Aditya College of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.aets.junagadh@gmail.comJunagadh
5Dr. Subhash College of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.drsubhashbedsf@gmail.comJunagadh
6Shree J. K. Mandal B.Ed. College, JunagadhB.Ed.jkmbed@gmail.comJunagadh
7Patel Kelvani Mandal B.Ed. College, JunagadhB.Ed., B.COM., B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.Sc., B.B.A pkmtc@ymail.comJunagadh
8Shardagram College of Education,,dodiamb@gmail.comJunagadh
9Shree Brahmanand Institute of Teacher Education, ChapardaB.Ed., B.C.A., B.B.Abitbed15030@gmail.comJunagadh
10Shree Sardar Patel Mahila B. Ed. College, JunagadhB.Ed., B.Sc.mkjodhani186@yahoo.inJunagadh
11Navyug College of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.rajesh.vadodarya48@gmail.comJunagadh
12Smt. Jayshreeben Natubhai college of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.setmahila@gmail.comJunagadh
13Tapovan College of Education, JunagadhB.Ed.tapovan_jnd@yahoo.comJunagadh
14Shree Vivek Bharti Trust B.Ed. College (Nobel Institute), JunagadhB.Ed.vbbed@rediffmail.comJunagadh
15Yadav B.Ed. College, MangalpurB.Ed.d.v.nandaniya89@gmail.comJunagadh
16Shri Bhagvanbhai Danabhai Barad B.Ed. College, Kadvasan, Dist. Gir SomnathB.Ed.kdbarad2012@gmail.comGir Somnath
17Shashtri Swami Dharmprasad Dasji B.Ed. College, UnaB.Ed., B.COM.( Eng), B.C.A.gurukuluna@gmail.comGir Somnath
18Shri Arjun B.Ed. College, SupasiB.Ed.shriarjun@ymail.comGir Somnath
19Shri J. B. Barad B.Ed. College, SutrapadaB.Ed., B.C.A.drbharatbarad@gmail.comGir Somnath
20Shri Matruvandan B.Ed. College, Simar, KidivavB.Ed.shree.computer1212@gmail.comGir Somnath
21Shri Swaminarayan B.Ed. College, Gir SomnathB.Ed.dharmeshp304@gmail.comGir Somnath
22Shri Sarswati College of Education, Gir GadhadaB.Ed., B.C.A., B.COM., L.L.B., P.G.D.C.A.bed26004@gmail.comGir Somnath
23Shri Ukabhai Dodiya B.Ed. College, SimarB.Ed.jdtrivedi.2008@rediffmail.comGir Somnath
24Shri V. G. Solanki B.Ed. College, KodinarB.Ed.vgsdolasa@gmail.comGir Somnath
25Smt. Vanitaben Bachubhai Nandola, B.Ed. College, Bhacha, Una, Gir, veenam72@gmail.comGir Somnath
26Somnath B.Ed. College, KodinarB.Ed.sectkm@gmail.comGir Somnath
27Dr. V. R. Godhaniya B.Ed. College, PorbandarB.Ed., B.B.A, B.S.W.drvrgbedcollegebpr@gmail.comPorbandar
28Smt. D.A.Gondalia Education Foundation Sanchalit , Saurashtra Gyanpith Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A.,
29Shri Bahauddin Arts CollegeB.A.thakernila@yahoo.comJunagadh
30Shri Bahauddin Science CollegeB.Sc., B.Sc( Forainsic)Principla.Bsc@Gmail.ComJunagadh
31J.J. C. Education Trust Sanchalit Commerce CollegeB.B.A,
32M. M. Ghodasara Mahila Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.A. (Eng.), B.COM., B.C.A.mmg_college@yahoo.comJunagadh
33J.J. C. Education Trust Law CollegeL.L.B., D.T.L.Pjjcetlaw@yahoo.comJunagadh
34Dr. Subhash Mahila Arts, Commerce & Home Science CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.A. (Home science)dsmcollege@gmail.comJunagadh
35Shri Sardar Patel Education Trust Sanchalit Mahila Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.A. (Home science), B.COM., B.COM. ( Eng), B.C.A.principalsmall@gmail.comJunagadh
36Saurashtra Education Trust Sanchalit Mahila Arts, Commerce ,B.B.A. , Home Science CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.C.A., B.B.A, B.Sc.setmahilla@com.orgJunagadh
37Shri Kesod Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit, N. P. Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., P.G.D.C.A., B.A. (Eng.)
38Shri Patel Vidhyatirth Ashram Sanchalit, U. K. Vachhani Mahila Arts & Home Science CollegeB.A., B.A. (Home science),
39Gokul Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit Gardi Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.A. (Eng.)gardi_college@yahoo.comMALIA HATINA
40Shri Manavadar Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit , Arts , Commerce & Computer Science CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.A. (Eng.), B.C.A.,
41Shri Bharat Saraswati Mandir Sansad Sanchalit, Shri M. N. Kampani Arts , & Shri A. K. Shah Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.Com. (Com.Sci.),
42N. R. Boricha Education Trust Sanchalit, Smt. R.V. Patel Arts & Smt. M.B. Shah Commerce & Smt. S. A. Shah Hom. Sci. CollegeB.A., B.COM.accollege@mendarda.comMendarda
43BS MS College of Rural StudiesB.R.S.saradagram_brs@rediffmail.comMANGAROL
44Shri Andh Vidhayathri Trust Sanchalit, Devamani Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM.acvisavader@yahoo.comVisavadar
45Shri Saradar Patel Education Turst Sanchalit, Matashree Kaliba Gordhanbhai Dholariya Mahila BBA CollegeB.B.Apro.smg@yahoo.comJunagadh
46Junagadh Kelavani Mandal, Commerce , BBA (E.M.) CollegeB.B.A, B.COM.Junagadh
47Junagadh Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit B. C. A. College,B.C.A.Junagadh
48Shri Saraswati Infotech Education Trust Sanchalit College of Computer Science & I.T.B.Sc., B.C.A., D.M.L.T,
49Shri Shastri Swami Shri Dharmajivandasaji Institute of I.T. CollegeB.C.A.,, P.G.D.C.A.,
50Shri Makawana Amarbhai Manasurbhai Education Charitalbe Trust Sanchalit, Matrushri Manghima Mahila Arts & Commerce
51Shri H.M. Patel Mahila Law Colelge,
52Lt. Masribhai Aalabhai Chandera Trust Sanchalit Shri V.M. Chandera Arts College,B.A., B.S.W., B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.COM.LOAGE
53Darabarshree Hamirvala Harshurvala Saheb Education Trust Sanchalti, Arts & Commerce .BILKHA
54Dr. Shubhash P. Chavada Ahir Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit, Dr. Subhash College of JournalismB.J.M.C.Junagadh
55Sagar Education Trust Sanchalit , Shri Saurabh Arts CollegeB.A., B.COM.,, GADU
56Shri Sandipani Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri Innovative Arts & B.S.W. CollegeB.A.,
57Shri Dadhichi Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri Karmayogi Arts and Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM.shreekarmyogi@yahoo.comGADU
58Shri Masaribhai Alabhai Chandera Education Trust Sanchalit, Smt. V. M. Chandera Arts CollegeB.A.DIVARANA (VANTHLI)
59Shri Gyanbharati Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri Gyanbharti College of Computer ScienceB.C.A.gyanbhartijnd@yahoo.comJunagadh
60Lt. Falguniben J. Dave Education Trust Sanchalit, The Future Computer Science CollegeB.C.A., P.G.D.C.A.futurecollegewkr@yahoo.comJunagadh
61Shri Sarvoday Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri Yadave College of Computer ScienceB.C.A., P.G.D.C.A.yadavcollege@yahoo.comJunagadh
62Government Arts CollegeB.A.BHESAN
63Shri Hari Education & Charitable Trust Sanchalit, Amrut InstituteB.C.A.KHAIDYA
64Gujrat Medical Education and Reach Soceity Gandhinagar Sanchalit, G. M. I. R. S. Medical College,M.B.B.S.Junagadh
65Shri J. S. Parmar Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.C.A.Kodinar
66Shri B.B. Smarak Trust Sanchalit , Mahila Arts & Home Science CollegeB.A.Kodinar
67Shri Simar Sarvoday Society Sanchalit , Shree Mahila Arts & Commerce College,B.A., B.Sc.SIMAR
68Shri Guptpryag Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri H. M. V. Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A.,
69Una Taluka Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit , Mahila Arts CollegeB.A., B.A. (Eng.) .Una
70Shri Somnath Education Society Sanchalit, Smt. C. P. Chokasi Arts & Shri P. L. Choksi Commerce CollegeB.A.,
71Social Welfare Edu. & Cha. Trust Sanchalit Mahila Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.C.A.mahilacollege.veraval@yahoo.comVeraval
72Shri Veraval Education Society Sanchalit, Shri K.M. Savjani & Smt. K.K. Savjani B.B.A. , Computer CollegeB.B.A, B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A.bbacollegeveraval@rediffmail.comVeraval
73Shri Talala Education Foundation Trust Sanchalit, Shri Amar shid D. M. Barad Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM.GHUSIA(GIR)
74Kodinar Nagarpalika Sanchalit , Shree Kodinar Arts & Commerce College,B.A., B.COM.KACC123@Rdiffmail.comKodinar
75Matrushree Manuben Bhanabhai Barad Education .& Charitable Trust Sanchalit Arts & Commerce ColleB.A., B.COM., B.S.W., B.Sc.bmbarattc_2008@rediffmail.comSutrapada
76Shri K.D.Barad Smarak Trust Sanchalit, Arts , Commerce CollegeB.A.,
77Shri Somnath Education & Charitable Trust Sanchalit, Shri Somnath Arts CollegeB.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.Sc., B.C.A.scct@rediffmail.comKodinar
78Anjoney Founadation Lt. J.K. Ram Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.B.Aoghad_zala@yahoo.comVeraval
79Shri Varundavan Kelvani Mandal Sanchalit Arjun Arts & B.S.W. College,B.A., B.S.W., B.C.A., B.R.S. shriarjun@ymail.comSUPASI
80Shri B. M. Nandola Charitable Trust, Mumbai Sanchalit, Smt. V. B. Nandola Computer Science CollegeB.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.B.A, B.COM.mail@vbnandola.orgUna
81Shri Darshan Charitable & Education Trust Rajkot Sanchalit, Shri A. R. Bhatt Computer & Science CollegeB.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.B.A, B.S.W., B.Sc., L.L.Bar_bhattcollege@rediffmail.comUna
82DIU CollegeB.A., and Diu
83Shri Umiyaji Patel Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit, Dr. Dayabhai Kanajibhai Ukani Mahila CollegeB.COM.VIRPUR
84Shri Modadar Education Trust Sanchalit, Shri S. M. Jadeja Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.A. (Eng.),
85Shri Satsang Siksha Parishad Chaya Sanchalit , Shri D. D. Kotiyavala Municipal Law
86Raj Ratan Shethshri N. K. Maheta Araya Kanya Vidhyalay Trust, Gurukul Mahila Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.A. (Home science),
87Navayug Education Society Sanchalit, K. H. Madhawani Arts & Commerce CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.B.Amadhavanicollege.pbr@yahoo.comPorbandar
88Navayug Education Society Sanchalit, M. D. Science
89Maldevaji Odedara Samarak Trust Sanchalit, Dr. V. R. Godhaniya Mahila Arts, Commerce, HomeScience & I.T CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.COM. ( Eng), B.A. (Home science), B.C.A.,
90Shri V. J. Modha Education & Charitable Trust Sanchalit, Shri V. J. Modha College of Information TechnologyB.B.A, B.C.A., P.G.D.C.A., B.COM., B.S.W., B.Sc.shetha@yahoo.comPorbandar
91Government Arts CollegeB.A.Ranavav
92Shri Vishavbharati Manav Vikash Sangh Sanchalit, Shree M. J. Goriya Arts & Commerce , B.B.A. & Home Science CollegeB.A., B.COM., B.C.A.,
93Government Arts CollegeB.A.JAM KALYANPUR
94Government Arts CollegeB.A.principalgacbhanvad@gmail.comBHANVAD
95Government Arts and Commerce CollegeB.A.JAMKHAMBHALIYA
96Ramba Govt. Teachers Training College, PorbandarM.Edrgtpbr@yahoo.comPorbandar
97Shree Junagadh Kelvani Mandal M.Ed. College, JunagadhM.Edjkmmed@gmail.comJunagadh
98Dr. Bharat Barad M.Ed. College - SutrapadaM.Eddrbharatbarad@gmail.comSutrapada