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Bhupendra Narayan Mandal Univerity (B.N Mandal University)

Bhupendra Narayan Mandal Univerity which is also known as B.N Mandal University is one of the prestigious universities of Bihar with headquarters at Madhepura district in Bihar. It is a regional university which is renowned for its quality education and overall development of the students throughout the state. It also acts as an affiliating institution and offers various graduate, postgraduate level courses along with several vocational programs through several colleges and institutes located in Madhepura. The university is also a member of Association of Indian University (AIU).

The university caters a very large population of students and offering them superb academic environment to shape up their careers. It also offers them lot of opportunities for their overall development so that they can excel in their lives and in their respective careers. The undergraduate level courses offered by the university include B.A, B.Com, B.Sc while the Post graduate level courses include M.A, M.Sc along with several professional courses such as BBA, BCA, B.Ed, L.L.B etc.

The university is well equipped with all the modern facilities like a hostel, library, fully equipped lab, computer labs, gymnasium etc for providing better education facilities to the students. To collect more information about the university students can visit its official site which is They can also collect valuable information from another education site which is regarding online downloading of admission form, various courses offered by the university and important notification dates etc.

Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University


  • B. A.
  • B. Sc.
  • B. Com.
  • M. A.
  • M. Sc.
  • M. Com

Vocational courses at BNM, University

  • B. C. A.
  • B.B.A.
  • Bio-Tech
  • B. Ed.
  • Engineering
  • Medical

Affiliated Colleges

Chotkan Mandal Science College06476--9431247637Madhepura
Madhepura College06476-290537-9431084444Madhepura
Adarsh College06476- 280022-9472533662Madhepura
S P M College06476- 222595-9306400309Madhepura
R P M College06476- 222099-9430633195Madhepura
K B Womens College06476--9430550749Madhepura
ST. A K N Degree College06476--9431440756Madhepura
Surya N SinghYadav College06454- 240340-9934276247Purnea
U V K College-9931896171Madhepura
Banwari Shankar College06478- 290312-9431627090Saharsa
Evening College06478--9472034352Saharsa
Lakshminath College06478--9430543483Saharsa
Degree College06473- 2232299-9955512638Supaul
Degree College06473- 2232299-9955512638Supaul
S N S Mahila College06473--9431888510Supaul
S N S Mahila College06473--9431888510Supaul
Anuplal Yadav College06477- 220940-9334917236Supaul
R K K College06454-9431869691Purnea
K N Degree College-9934708452Supaul
Brij Mohan Thakur Law College06454- 244487-9199470352Purnea
National Degree College06454--9431869456Purnea
Veer Narayan Chand College06454- 227095-9430812645Purnea
Aanandi Janki Mahila College06467--9470872251Purnea
Parmanand Savatri Degree College-9128550817Purnea
Maharani Lalita dev Prabhu Kamal Yadav College06453--9771238801Araria
People College06453--9162064084Araria
Chandra Kishore Mishra Law College06453--9931277567Araria
Alsamsh Milia Degree College06453--9334217911Araria
Kalawati Degree College06461- 238304-9430687848Araria
Yadunandan Pawitri Degree College 06461- 238319940004789Araria
Jeera Devi Shital Shah Mahila College06455--9955018620Araria
Sita Ram Chamariya Degree College06452- 240210-9430909988Katihar
Surya Dev Law College06452- 242752-9470424031Katihar
Balarampur College-9472439122Katihar
Bhagawati Mandir-9939951071Katihar
Rameshwar Yadav Manihari College06452- 254888-9955779804Katihar
Baula Doja College-9431641104Katihar
Ratan Kali Shah Mahila College06456-222952-9431267316Kishanganj
Md. Hussain Aazad National Degree College-8757160958Kishanganj
Milliar Faqurudin Ali Ahmad T P College06454--9304252912Purnea
Milliar Institute of Technology06454- 240433-9934468715Purnea
Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology06454--9204068837Purnea
Katihar Medical College06452- 222714Katihar
Katihar Teachers Training College-9973887458Katihar
Mata Guruji Memorial Medical College06456- 222719-9430911020Kishanganj
Kishanganj College of Engg & Tech06456- 222172919431096851Kishanganj
M.P College of Education06476- 204367-9431080258Madhepura
Lord Buddha Medical College06478- 205047-9431243113Saharsa

constituent colleges

Manohar Lal Tekriwal College06478-223436-9431412962Saharsa
Ramesh Jha Mahila College06478-223115-9431451480Saharsa
Maharaja Hariballabh Memorial College06475-224081+91-94314 55638Saharsa
Rajendra Mishra College06478-223495-9431863941Saharsa
Sarb Narain Singh Ram Kumar Singh College06478-223169-9430485353Saharsa
Ravinandan Mishra Memorial Law College06478-228698-9431268336Saharsa
Thakur Prasad College06476-222809-9471415061Madhepura
Parvati Science College06476- 223732-9431413263Madhepura
Bhupendra Narayan Mandel V College06476- 222089-9835403167Madhepura
Harihar Shah College06479- 220008-9798206550Madhepura
Kamleshwari Prasad College06476- 268228-9431832020Madhepura
Bharat Sewak Samaj College06473- 223010-9431096065Supaul
Lalit Narayan Mishra Smarak College06471- 222033-9431285309Supaul
Hari Prasad Shah College06477- 285760-9931663653Supaul
Araria College06453- 222746-9470203729Araria
Forbesganj College06455- 205894-9472060609Araria
Purnea College06454- 242667-9334825673Purnea
Purnea Mahila College06454- 242595-9334780171Purnea
Gaurilal Mehta College06467- 226230-9006723994Purnea
Munsi Lal Arya College06454- 258354-9934741425Purnea
Ram Lal College06462-919771953614Saharsa
Darshan Shah College06452- 247062-9472408432Katihar
Mohanlal Jiloka Memorial Mahila College06452- 242352Katihar
Krishna Vallabh Jha College06452- 247664-9430955916Katihar
Ramdev Sharda College06451- 248332-9430276921Katihar
Marvadi College06456- 222587-9431867192Kishanganj
Nehru College06456- 243348-9431231953Kishanganj