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Bundelkhand University is a Public State University which is situated in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. It came into existence in 1975 and is regarded to be an important seat of higher education in Central India. This prestigious University belongs to the group of Association of Indian Universities, International Association of Universities and Association of Commonwealth Universities. Bundelkhand University is well equipped with residential hostels for boys and girls, infrastructure, library, health centre and other facilities.

The University is recognized by UGC and is accredited B grade on 2004 and 2011. Bundelkhand University provides over 30 academic undergraduate and postgraduate subjects and diplomas covering areas of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Education, Law and Medicine. Bundelkhand University is also seen upon as Uttar Pradesh top ranking institute which has been rated by the Uttar Pradesh Government. Here, students flock to study in this University from all parts of India.

UGC has funded various research projects for the cause of academic and international prospects. Various seminars have taken place within the premises of university to promote international education and research opportunities to the students. The official site to know more about the university is from where students can directly download the application form, fee structure, important notifications dates etc. Aspirants can also visit to know more about ongoing activities of Bundelkhand University. They can also as well use this site to know more about various universities in different states and other important information related to various universities.

Bundelkhand University

    About Bundelkhand University

  Full Name Bundelkhand University
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No 0510 232 1158
  Founded 26 August 1975
  Address Administration Block, Room No. 105, Bundelkhand University, Kanpur Road, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh 284128
  City Jhansi
  State Uttar Pradesh
  Country India
List of courses offered by Bundelkhand University
  Courses    Duration
Arts Courses
B.A.3 Years
B.A. (Ancient History)3 Years
B.A. (Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology)3 Years
B.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies)3 Years
B.A. (Economics)3 Years
B.A. (English Literature)3 Years
B.A. (English)3 Years
B.A. (Geography)3 Years
B.A. (Hindi Literature)3 Years
B.A. (Hindi)3 Years
B.A. (History)3 Years
B.A. (Home Science)3 Years
B.A. (Mathematics)3 Years
B.A. (Music Vocal)3 Years
B.A. (Philosophy)3 Years
B.A. (Political Science)3 Years
B.A. (Psychology)3 Years
B.A. (Sanskrit Literature)3 Years
B.A. (Sanskrit)3 Years
B.A. (Sociology)3 Years
B.A. (Tourism Studies)3 Years
B.A. (Urdu Literature)3 Years
B.A. (Urdu)3 Years
B.Ed.1 Years
B.El.Ed.4 Years
B.F.A.3 Years
B.F.A. (Commercial Arts)3 Years
B.F.A. (Drawing & Painting)4 Years
B.P.Ed.3 Years
B.T.S. (Tourism Studies)3 Years
Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc.)1 Years
M.A. (Applied Economics)2 Years
M.A. (Drawing and Painting)2 Years
M.A. (Economics)2 Years
M.A. (Education)2 Years
M.A. (English)2 Years
M.A. (Geography)2 Years
M.A. (Hindi)2 Years
M.A. (History)2 Years
M.A. (Home Science)2 Years
M.A. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.A. (Music)2 Years
M.A. (Political Science)2 Years
M.A. (Psychology)2 Years
M.A. (Sanskrit)2 Years
M.A. (Social Work)2 Years
M.A. (Sociology)2 Years
M.B.E. (Master of Business Economics)2 Years
M.Ed.2 Years
M.Lib.Sc.2 Years
M.Phil. (Economics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Education)1 Years
M.Phil. (Library & Information Science)2 Years
M.Phil. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Social Work)2 Years
Engineering Courses
B.Tech. (Biomedical Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Biotechnology)4 Years
B.Tech. (Computer Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)4 Years
Medical Courses
B.P.T.4½ Years
B.Pharma. (Pharmacognosy)3 Years
M.S. (Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine)2 Years
Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma)2 Years
Science Courses
B.Sc.3 Years
B.Sc. (Computer Science)3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Biomedical Sciences)3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Biotechnology)3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Forensic Science)3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Geology)3 Years
B.Sc. (Hons.) (Microbiology)3 Years
M.Phil. (Botany)1 Years
M.Phil. (Chemistry)1 Years
M.Phil. (Environmental Sciences)2 Years
M.Phil. (Home Science)2 Years
M.Phil. (Zoology)1 Years
M.Sc. (Actuarial Economics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biochemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biomedical Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Botany)2 Years
M.Sc. (Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Electronics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Environmental Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Forensic Sciences)2 Years
M.Sc. (Geology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Natural Resource Management)2 Years
M.Sc. (Physics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Statistics and Computer Applications)2 Years
M.Sc. (Zoology)2 Years
Advance Diploma in Food Microbiology Technology1 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science1 Years
Management Courses
B.B.A.3 Years
B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management)4 Years
M.B.A. (Financial Management )2 Years
M.B.A. (International Business)2 Years
M.Phil. (Management)1 Years
PGPBM - Post Graduate Programme in Business Management2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management1 Years
Mass Communications Courses
B.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication)3 Years
M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)2 Years
Commerce Courses
B.Com. (Hons.)3 Years
M.Com.2 Years
Master of Finance and Control (MFC)2 Years
Professional Courses Courses
M.Phil. (Tourism)2 Years
M.T.T.M. (Master of Tourism and Travel Management)2 Years
Agriculture Science and Technology Courses
B.Sc. (Agriculture)4 Years
B.Tech. (Food Technology)4 Years
M.Phil. (Genetics & Plant Breeding)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agricultural Entomology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agricultural Extension Education)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agriculture Horticulture)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agriculture) (Animal Science and Dairying)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agriculture) Seed Technology2 Years
M.Sc. (Agroforestry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Agronomy)2 Years
M.Sc. (Animal Husbandry and Drying)2 Years
M.Sc. (Genetics and Plant Breeding)2 Years
M.Sc. (Plant Pathology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)2 Years
Information Technology Courses
B.A. (Computer Applications)3 Years
B.C.A.3 Years
M.C.A.3 Years
Law Courses
B.A. + L.L.B.5 Years
L.L.B.3 Years
L.L.M.2 Years
List of colleges affiliated with Bundelkhand University
  S. No.    College Name
1Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College, Jhansi
2Atarra PG College, Atarra
3Arya Kanya Degree College, Jhansi
4Bundelkhand College, Jhansi
5Bipin Bihaari College, Rath Hamirpur
6BNV Degree College, Jhansi
7CS Azad Institute of Science, Jhansi
8Govt. Degree College, Chrkhari Mahoba
9Dr. R. P. Richhariya College, Baruasagar Jhansi
10D.V.P.G. Degree College, Orai Jalaun
11Fundi Singh Louna Govt. Degree College, Jalaun
12Gandhi Degree College, Orai Jalaun
13Goswami Tulsi Das Degree College, Karbi Banda
14Govt. Girls Degree College, Banda
15Govt. P.G. College, Hamirpur
16Govt. Degree College, Lalitpur
17Govt. Degree College, Maudaha Hamirpur
18Govt. Degree College, Samthar Jhansi
19Govt. Degree College, Talbehat Lalitpur
20Govt. Girls Degree College, Hamirpur
21Govt. Girls Degree College, Jhansi
22Kalpi Degree College, Kalpi Jalaun
23Mahamai Prannath Degree College, Mau Chirtakoot
24Mathura Prasad Patel Degree College, Konch Jalaun
25Nehru Degree College, Lalitpur
26Pt. Deen Dayaal Upadhyay Govt. Degree College, Mehroni Lalitpur
27Pt. J.L.N. Degree College, Banda
28Sanatan Dharm Girls Degree College, Orai Jalaun
29Shri Agrasen Degree College, Mauranipur
30Shri Guru Harikishan Degree College, Jhansi
31Smt. Ganeshi Bai Soni Science Degree College, Mauranipur Jhansi
32Rajeev Gandhi DAV Degree College, Banda
33Ram Swaroop Yadav Degree College, Poonch Jhansi
34Veer Bhumi Govt. Degree College, Mahoba
35Zila Parishad Agriculture Degree College, Banda
36Sri Sukhdev Singh Lav Kush College, Baberu Banda
37Smt. Amrat Kunwar College, Atarakala Jalaun
38Pt. Vasu Dev Tiwari Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jhansi
39Ganga Ram BankeLal Mahavidyalaya, Harsinghpur Jalaun
40Nagaji Swami Balika College, Bharua Sumerpur Hamirpur
41Bundelkhand Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Orai Jalaun
42Eklavya Mahavidyalaya, Duredi Banda
43Ram Kishan Mahavidyalaya, Kauraha Hamirpur
44Late Kamta Prasad Mahacidyalaya, Badausa
45Sahid Bahgat Singh Science College, Orai Jalaun
46Late Bahadur Singh Degree College, Madhogarh Jalaun
47S.R. Degree College, Orai Jalaun
48Sita Ram Samarpan Degree College, Naraini Banda
49Tika Ram Yadav Smriti Degree College, Moth Jhansi
50Bandidhar Degree College, Orai Jalaun
51Laxmicharan Hublal Degree College, Karshan Jalaun
52Mahendra Surendra Singh Dayashankar Memorial Degree College, Tiara Khalilpur Konch
53Chhatrapati Sahujio Maharaj Girls Degree College, Karvi Chitrakoot
54Shivdarshan Degree College, Tindwari Banda
55D.D. Singh Bishen Degree College, Jhansi
56Sri Ram krishan College, Hamirput
57Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Law College, Girwan Banda
58Madhu Tondon Mahila College, Kalpi
59Late Wali Mohammad Islamia Degree College, Orai Jalaun
60Maharishi Gautam, Buddha Mahila College, Baberu Banda
61College of Science and Engineering, Ambabai Jhansi
62Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj College, Narain Khera Chitrakoot
63Swami Vivekanand College, Jhansi
64Pt. Parushram Dwivedi College, Jagamanpur Jalaun
65Shri Radha Krishna Mahila College, Harsinghpur Jalaun
66Govt. Degree College, Manikpur Chitrakoot
67Ram Nath Vilmla Devi Khera Institute of Education, Jahnsi
68Hira Nand Mahavidyalaya, Viwar
69Kailashi Devi Sharwan Kumari Mahavidyalaya, Jalaun
70Beta Ghyashidas Mahavidyalaya, Hamirpur
71Rajo Devi Degree College, Lodipur Nirwari
72Abhinav Pragya Mahavidyalaya, Banda
73Raoshan Sight Badam Singh Gayatri mahavidyalaya, Karvi
74Lt. Shri Gaffur Khand Degree College, Kadora, Jalaun
75Ghana Ram Hari Ram Mahavidyalaya, Midra, Jalaun
76Sahid Singhran Mahavidyalaya, Pirauna, Jalaun
77Village Girls Degree College, Raj Gargh, Jhansi
78Buland Shahar College of Pharmacy, Bulendshahar