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Chaudhary Charan Singh University was earlier known as Meerut University was established in 1965. This Public State University is located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh and was later renamed after the late Indian Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. This University is an important seat of higher learning in Western Uttar Pradesh. Chaudhary Charan Singh University sprawls over 222 acres area with world-class facilities. This is first ever Indian University to have the credit for introducing M.Phil course in 1969 for the first time. This University is recognized by UGC, NAAC and AIU and its growth is developing at a faster rate.

This esteemed University of Meerut has 5 faculties with 22 UGC and 35 job oriented courses which are running successfully. Moreover, Chaudhary Charan Singh University provides affiliation to over 252 professional colleges and institutes and 109 colleges. The university is offering a great number of new and innovative post-graduate, undergraduate, diplomas, advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma courses. These are in the areas of Agricultural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Journalism, Mass Communication and Multimedia Techniques, Earth Sciences, Teacher and Physical Education, Fine Arts, Legal Studies, Applied Sciences, Home Science, Business Studies, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Censoring.

The university is popular in conducting research and seminar programs campus to propagate the idea among the students to take great interest in academic and research activities. If you want to know more information about Chaudhary Charan Singh University regarding its various courses, admission forms and fee structures you can check out Students will also get to know about other Universities also from different states if they surf

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MFA(Drawing & Painting) 3rd Sem Dec-202226-05-2023
MFA(Drawing & Painting) 1st Sem Dec-202226-05-2023
MFA(Applied Arts) 3rd Sem Dec-202226-05-2023
MFA(Applied Arts) 1st Sem Dec-202226-05-2023
M.A.Music 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Defence Studies 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Physical Education 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Sanskrit 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Psychology 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Political Science 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Urdu 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Mathematics 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Philosophy 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.History 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Home Science 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Hindi 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Geography 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.English 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Economics 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Education 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Drawing & Painting 3rd Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Music 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Sociology 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Physical Education 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Sanskrit 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Psychology 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Political Science 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Urdu 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Mathematics 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Philosophy 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.History 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Home Science 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Hindi 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Geography 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.English 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Economics 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Education 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
M.A.Drawing & Painting 1st Sem Dec-202222-05-2023
LL.M 3rd Sem. Dec-202219-05-2023
LL.M 1st Sem. Dec-202219-05-2023
M.Com 3rd Sem. Dec-202218-05-2023
M.Com 1st Sem. Dec-202218-05-2023
LL.b 1st Sem. Dec-202216-05-2023
M.Sc Geography 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Zoology 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Mathematics 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Statistics 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Physics 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Chemistry 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Botany 3rd Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Geography 1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Zoology1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Mathematics1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Statistics1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Physics1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc C 1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
M.Sc Botany 1st Sem Dec-202209-05-2023
BBA 3rd Sem Dec 202206-05-2023
BCA 3rd Sem Dec 202206-05-2023
BCA 5th Sem Dec 2022 Results04-05-2023
BBA 5th Sem Dec 2022 Results04-05-2023
B.Com LL.b 1st Sem Dec-2022 Result02-05-2023
LL.b 5th Sem Dec-202229-04-2023
LL.b 3rd Sem Dec-202229-04-2023
B.A.LL.b 1st Sem Dec-202227-04-2023
B.A.LL.b 9th Sem. Dec-202225-04-2023
B.A.LL.b 7th Sem. Dec-202225-04-2023
B.Sc.(Nep) I Sem Dec 202117-04-2023
B.A.(Nep) I Sem Dec 202117-04-2023
B.A.LL.b 5th Sem. Dec-2022 Result13-04-2023
B.A.LL.b 3rd Sem. Dec-2022 Result13-04-2023
B.Com LL.b 5th Sem. Dec-2022 Result13-04-2023
B.Com LL.b 3rd Sem. Dec-2022 Result13-04-2023
B.Com.(NEP) 1st Sem Dec-2021 (Detained College Code-084) Result12-04-2023
CCSU B.A.(NEP) Sem-II June 2022 Result05-04-2023
CCSU B.A.(NEP) Sem-I December 2021 Result05-04-2023
B.A.(NEP) Sem-II Jun-2022 Result03-04-2023
B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Result03-04-2023
B.A.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Result03-04-2023
B.Com.(Nep) II Sem Jun 2022 Result01-04-2023
B.Sc.(Nep) II Sem Jun 2022 Result01-04-2023
B.A.(Nep) II Sem Jun 2022 Result01-04-2023
B.Com.(Nep) I Sem Dec 2021 Result01-04-2023
B.Sc.(Nep) I Sem Dec 2021 Result01-04-2023
B.A.(Nep) I Sem Dec 2021 Result01-04-2023
B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-II Jun-2022 Result29-03-2023
B.A.(NEP) Sem-II Jun-2022 Result29-03-2023
B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Result29-03-2023
B.A.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Result29-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) II Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) II Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.A.(NEP) II Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) I Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) I Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.A.(NEP) I Sem Exam Result 202328-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) Sem-II June-202225-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-II June-202225-03-2023
CCSU B.A.(NEP) Sem-II June-202225-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-202125-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-202125-03-2023
B.A.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-202125-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) Sem-II June-2022 Exam Result23-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-II June-2022 Exam Result23-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Exam Result23-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(NEP) Sem-I Dec-2021 Exam Result23-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(Nep) SEM-II June 202218-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(Nep) SEM-II June 202218-03-2023
CCSU B.A.(Nep) SEM-II June 202218-03-2023
CCSU B.Com.(Nep) SEM-I Dec 202118-03-2023
CCSU B.Sc.(Nep) SEM-I Dec 202118-03-2023
CCSU B.A.(Nep) SEM-I Dec 202118-03-2023
B.Com.(NEP) SEM-II JUN-202216-03-2023
B.Sc.(NEP) SEM-II JUN-202216-03-2023
B.A.(NEP) SEM-II JUN-202216-03-2023
B.Com.(NEP) SEM-I DEC-202116-03-2023
B.Sc.(NEP) SEM-I DEC-202116-03-2023
B.A.(NEP) SEM-I DEC-202116-03-2023
B.Voc(Yogic Sci.) 1st Sem.10-08-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.10-08-2022
M.A.Drawing & Painting 1st Sem.10-08-2022
B.Sc(Ag)-Hons 1st Sem03-08-2022
M.A.Psychology 1st Sem.01-08-2022
M.Sc Botany 1st Sem.01-08-2022
M.Sc Mathematics 1st Sem.01-08-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 3rd Sem.01-08-2022
M.A.Music 3rd Sem.01-08-2022
M.A.Music 1st Sem.01-08-2022
B.Voc(Yogic Sci.) 3rd Sem.01-08-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 7th Sem.01-08-2022
BBA 1st Sem.01-08-2022
B.Sc Home Science 5th Sem.01-08-2022
B.Sc(Ag)-Hons 1st Sem.27-07-2022
B.Voc(IT) 3rd Sem.18-07-2022
B.Voc(IT) 1st Sem.18-07-2022
B.Voc(Yogic Sci.) 3rd Sem.18-07-2022
B.Voc(Yogic Sci.) 1st Sem.18-07-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.18-07-2022
BCA 1st Sem.18-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science 1st Sem.14-07-2022
M.Lib 1st Sem.12-07-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem.12-07-2022
BJMC 5th Sem.12-07-2022
BJMC 3rd Sem.12-07-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 5th Sem.12-07-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 3rd Sem.12-07-2022
BCA 5th Sem.12-07-2022
BCA 1st Sem.12-07-2022
M.Tech (Integrated) 9th Sem Exam Result 202209-07-2022
B.Voc(ACP) 5th Sem.05-07-2022
B.Voc(YOGIC) 5th Sem.05-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) 5th Sem.05-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) 3rd Sem.05-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) 1st Sem.05-07-2022
M.A.Home Science 1st Sem.02-07-2022
M.Com 1st Sem.02-07-2022
M.Sc Botany 1st Sem.02-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science 5th Sem.02-07-2022
B.Sc Home Science 3rd Sem.02-07-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem.02-07-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem.02-07-2022
BCA 5th Sem.02-07-2022
BCA 1st Sem.02-07-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.02-07-2022
B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication) 1st Sem.30-06-2022
M.A (Journalism & Mass Communication) 1st Sem.30-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Home Management) 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Food & Nutrition) 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Textile) 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc Bio Informatics 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc Bio Chemistry 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc MicroBiology 1st Sem.28-06-2022
M.Sc Bio Technology 1st Sem.28-06-2022
CCSU BCA 1st Sem.26-06-2022
B.Sc Home Science 3rd Sem.24-06-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 7th Sem.23-06-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 5th Sem.23-06-2022
B.Sc Agriculture 3rd Sem.23-06-2022
BBA 1st Sem.23-06-2022
LL.b 1st Sem.17-06-2022
M.Sc Bio Informatics 1st Sem.15-06-2022
M.Sc Bio Chemistry 1st Sem.15-06-2022
B.A.LL.b 7th Sem.14-06-2022
B.Sc Home Science 5th Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Genetics & Plant Breeding 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Genetics & Plant Breeding 1st Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Genetics & Plant Breeding 1st Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Dairy Science & Technology 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Agronomy 1st Sem.14-06-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.14-06-2022
M.A.Defence Study 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
M.A.Sociology 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
M.A.Drawing & Painting 1st Sem.14-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem.14-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem.14-06-2022
BCA 5th Sem.14-06-2022
BBA 5th Sem.14-06-2022
MJMC 3rd Sem.14-06-2022
CCSU M.I.B 3rd Sem.11-06-2022
CCSU M.I.B 1st Sem.11-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Home Management) 3rd Sem.09-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Food & Nutrition) 3rd Sem.09-06-2022
M.Sc Home Science(Textile) 3rd Sem.09-06-2022
M.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem.09-06-2022
M.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem.09-06-2022
BCA 5th Sem.08-06-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.08-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem.08-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem.08-06-2022
M.Com 1st Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Textile & Designing) 1st Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Textile & Designing) 3rd Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Fashion & Designing) 1st Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Fashion & Designing) 3rd Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Drawing & Painting) 3rd Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Drawing & Painting) 1st Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Applied Arts) 3rd Sem.08-06-2022
MFA(Applied Arts) 1st Sem.08-06-2022
LL.b 1st Sem.07-06-2022
B.Sc Home Science 5th Sem.07-06-2022
M.Sc Physics 1st Sem.07-06-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.07-06-2022
M.A.Home Science 3rd Sem.07-06-2022
M.A.Home Science 1st Sem.07-06-2022
M.Com 1st Sem.07-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem.07-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem.07-06-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem.07-06-2022
M.Sc MicroBiology 3rd Sem.07-06-2022
BCA 5th Sem.07-06-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.07-06-2022
BBA 5th Sem.07-06-2022
CCSU MFA(Drawing & Painting) 3rd Sem03-06-2022
CCSU MFA(Drawing & Painting) 1st Sem03-06-2022
CCSU MFA(Applied Arts) 1st Sem03-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Genetics & Plant Breeding 3rd Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Genetics & Plant Breeding 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Extension 3rd Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Extension 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Horticulture 3rd Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Horticulture 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Chemistry & Soil Science 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Agriculture Economics 3rd Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Agriculture Economics 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Dairy Science & Technology 3rd Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Dairy Science & Technology 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Agronomy 1st Sem.01-06-2022
M.Sc(AG) Agronomy 3rd Sem. 01-06-2022
B.Com LL.b 1st Sem.30-05-2022
B.A.LL.b 9th Sem.30-05-2022
LL.b 5th Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Zoology 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Mathematics 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Statistics 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Physics 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Botany 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Sanskrit 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Psychology 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Psychology 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Political Science 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Mathematics 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.History 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Home Science 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Hindi1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Geography1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.English 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.A.Economics 1st Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Bio Technology 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.30-05-2022
BCA 5th Sem.30-05-2022
M.Sc Bio Informatics 3rd Sem.28-05-2022
M.Sc Bio Chemistry 3rd Sem.28-05-2022
M.Sc MicroBiology 3rd Sem.28-05-2022
M.Sc Bio Technology 3rd Sem.28-05-2022
BCA 5th Sem.25-05-2022
BCA 3rd Sem.25-05-2022
B.Com LL.b 7th Sem.25-05-2022
B.Com LL.b 5th Sem.25-05-2022
B.Com LL.b 3rd Sem.25-05-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 5th Sem24-05-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem24-05-2022
B.Sc Computer Science 1st Sem24-05-2022
B.A.LL.b 9th Sem.24-05-2022
B.A.LL.b 7th Sem.24-05-2022
LL.M 1st Sem.24-05-2022
LL.b 5th Sem.24-05-2022
LL.b 3rd Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Zoology 3rd Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Zoology 1st Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Mathematics 3rd Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Mathematics 1st Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Statistics 3rd Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Statistics 1st Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Physics 3rd Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Physics 1st Sem.24-05-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 3rd Sem.22-05-2022
M.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.22-05-2022
M.Sc Botany 3rd Sem.22-05-2022
M.Sc Botany 1st Sem.22-05-2022
M.Com 3rd Sem.22-05-2022
BBA 5th Sem.22-05-2022
M.A.Sociology 3rd Sem.22-05-2022

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Chaudhary Charan Singh University

    Details of Chaudhary Charan Singh University

  Full Name Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS University)
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No +91 121 2763539
  Founded 1965
  Address Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
  City Uttar Pradesh
  State Uttar Pradesh
  Country India
List of courses offered by Chaudhary Charan Singh University
  Courses    Duration
Arts Courses
B.A. (Drawing and Painting)3 Years
B.A. (Economics)3 Years
B.A. (English)3 Years
B.A. (Geography)3 Years
B.A. (Hindi)3 Years
B.A. (Political Science)3 Years
B.A. (Sociology)3 Years
B.A. (Statistics)3 Years
B.A. (Urdu)3 Years
B.Ed.1 Years
B.P.Ed.3 Years
B.Lib.I.Sc.1 Years
M.A. (Ancient Indian History and Archaeology)2 Years
M.A. (Communicative English)2 Years
M.A. (Defence Studies)2 Years
M.A. (Drawing and Painting)2 Years
M.A. (Economics)2 Years
M.A. (Education)2 Years
M.A. (English)2 Years
M.A. (Fine Arts and Painting)2 Years
M.A. (Geography)2 Years
M.A. (Hindi)2 Years
M.A. (History)2 Years
M.A. (Home Science)2 Years
M.A. (Human Development)2 Years
M.A. (Music)2 Years
M.A. (Philosophy)2 Years
M.A. (Political Science)2 Years
M.A. (Psychology)2 Years
M.A. (Sanskrit)2 Years
M.A. (Social Work)2 Years
M.A. (Sociology)2 Years
M.A. (Urdu)2 Years
M.Ed.2 Years
M.Lib.Sc.2 Years
M.P.Ed.2 Years
M.Phil. (Economics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Education)1 Years
M.Phil. (English)2 Years
M.Phil. (Geography)2 Years
M.Phil. (Hindi)2 Years
M.Phil. (History)2 Years
M.Phil. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Physical Education)2 Years
M.Phil. (Political Science)2 Years
M.Phil. (Psychology)2 Years
M.Phil. (Public Administration)18 Months
M.Phil. (Sanskrit)2 Years
M.Phil. (Sociology)2 Years
M.Phil. (Statistics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Urdu)2 Years
Diploma in French3 Years
Diploma in Urdu3 Years
Diploma of Proficiency in French1 Years
Diploma in Proficiency in German1 Years
Engineering Courses
M.Sc. (Nanotechnology)2 Years
Medical Courses
B.D.S.4 Years
Information Technology Courses
B.C.A.3 Years
M.C.A.3 Years
Science Courses
B.Sc. (Chemistry)3 Years
B.Sc. (Clinical Nutrition)3 Years
B.Sc. (Geography)3 Years
B.Sc. (Home Science)3 Years
B.Sc. (Physics)3 Years
B.Sc. (Statistics)3 Years
B.Sc. (Zoology)3 Years
M.Phil. (Botany)1 Years
M.Phil. (Microbiology)2 Years
M.Phil. (Physics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Zoology)1 Years
M.Sc. (Applied Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biochemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Botany)2 Years
M.Sc. (Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Clothing and Textiles)2 Years
M.Sc. (Environmental Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Food Nutrition)2 Years
M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Home Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Human Development)2 Years
M.Sc. (Industrial Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Medical Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Physics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Polymer Science in Chemical Technology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Statistics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Toxicology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Zoology)2 Years
ADACP1 Years
Management Courses
B.B.A.3 Years
M.B.A.2 Years
M.B.A. (International Business)2 Years
M.H.R.D (Human Resource Development)2 Years
Mass Communications Courses
M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)2 Years
M.A. (Vyavasayic Hindi(Patrakarita evam Jansanchar))2 Years
M.J.M.C.2 Years
Law Courses
B.A. + L.L.B.5 Years
L.L.B.3 Years
L.L.M.2 Years
Commerce Courses
M.Com.2 Years
Agriculture Science and Technology Courses
M.Phil. (Genetics & Plant Breeding)2 Years
M.Phil. (Horticulture)2 Years
M.Sc. (Genetics and Plant Breeding)2 Years
M.Sc. (Horticulture)2 Years
M.Sc. (Plant Protection)2 Years
M.Sc. (Seed Science & Technology)2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)2 Years
Vocational Courses Courses
Advanced Diploma in English Communication and Presentation Skills1 Years
List of colleges affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University
   College Name   City
Babu Kamta Prasad Jain MahavidyalyaBagpat
Baraut College of EducationBagpat
Indradev Girls Institute of Education and TechnologyBagpat
Indradev Institute of Education and Technology - IIETBagpat
Indraprastha College of Education and TechnologyBagpat
Lakhmi Chand Patwari College of EducationBagpat
Mahadev Institute of TechnologyBagpat
Murti Devi Memorial College of ManagemetBagpat
Phoolwati Institute of LawBagpat
Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan P.G. CollegeBagpat
Shri Gopichand MahavidyalayaBagpat
Shri Krishan MahavidyalayaBagpat
Shri Krishna MahavidyalayaBagpat
Syadwad Institute of Higher Education and Research - SIHERBagpat
Hazarilal Memorial Institute of Education and TechnologyBhaghpat
Janta Vedic College - JVCBhaghpat
Murti Devi Merorial CollegeBhaghpat
Basanti Devi Degree CollegeBulandshahr
Brahmanand Institute of Research Technology and Management - BIRTMBulandshahr
Brahmanand MahavidyalayaBulandshahr
Ch. Harchand Singh Group of CollegesBulandshahr
Durga Prasad Baljeet Singh Post Graduate CollegeBulandshahr
Gauri Shankar Girls Post Graduate CollegeBulandshahr
IP CollegeBulandshahr
Maharaja Agersen College of Higher EducationBulandshahr
Modern International College of EducationBulandshahr
NREC Post Graduate CollegeBulandshahr
RJ Institute of Higher EducationBulandshahr
Saraswati Vidya Mandir Law College - SVMLCBulandshahr
Shyamlal Saraswati MahavidyalayaBulandshahr
VIIT - Degree CollegeBulandshahr
Aster College of EducationGautam Buddha Nagar
Ch. Charan Singh Group of CollegesGautam Buddha Nagar
Kisan Sahay Gokul Chand Degree CollegeGautam Buddha Nagar
KM Mayawati Government Girls P.G. CollegeGautam Buddha Nagar
Mihir Bhoj Balika P.G. CollegeGautam Buddha Nagar
Mihir Bhoj CollegeGautam Buddha Nagar
Noida College of Physical Education - NCPEGautam Buddha Nagar
Aastha Educational InstituteGhaziabad
Adhunik Institute of Education and ResearchGhaziabad
Amogha Institute of Professional and Technical EducationGhaziabad
Buddha Institute of Management and TechnologyGhaziabad
Ganpati Institute of Science and TechnologyGhaziabad
Ghaziabad Institute of Management and Technology - GIMTGhaziabad
Ginni Devi Modi Girls P.G. CollegeGhaziabad
Global College of LawGhaziabad
H.R. Institute of Science and Technology - HRISTGhaziabad
Harsharan Das Dental College - HDDCGhaziabad
HLM Business SchoolGhaziabad
HLM Girls CollegeGhaziabad
HLM Law CollegeGhaziabad
IAMR B.Ed. CollegeGhaziabad
IME Law College - IMELCGhaziabad
Inderprastha Dental College and HospitalGhaziabad
Indraprastha Institute of Education and Management - IIEMGhaziabad
Inmantec School of EducationGhaziabad
Institute of Applied Medicines and Research - IAMRGhaziabad
Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies - IDSTGhaziabad
Institute of Management and Research - IMRGhaziabad
Institute of Professional Excellence and Management - IPEMGhaziabad
Institute of Professional StudiesGhaziabad
Institute of Technical Education and Research CentreGhaziabad
Integrated School of LawGhaziabad
IPEM Law AcademyGhaziabad
IPS Law CollegeGhaziabad
ITS Dental CollegeGhaziabad
JMS Professional SchoolGhaziabad
Kamkus College of LawGhaziabad
Kisan Post Graduate CollegeGhaziabad
Krishna Dental CollegeGhaziabad
Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Institute - LBSTIGhaziabad
Lala Mangat Ram MahavidyalayaGhaziabad
Mahalakshmi College for GirlsGhaziabad
Mahatma Gautam Budhh MahavidyalyaGhaziabad
Manyavar Kanshiram Government Degree CollegeGhaziabad
Mewar Institute of ManagementGhaziabad
Mewar Law InstituteGhaziabad
Milestone Institute of Professional StudiesGhaziabad
Modern College of Law - MCLGhaziabad
Modern College of Professional StudiesGhaziabad
Modern Institute of Teacher EducationGhaziabad
Multanimal Modi CollegeGhaziabad
Radha Krishna Institute of Technology and Management - RKITMGhaziabad
Raj Kumar Goel Girls Degree College - RKGGDCGhaziabad
Ram Chameli Chadha Vishvas Girls P.G. CollegeGhaziabad
Ramesh Chand Institute of ManagementGhaziabad
Reliable InstituteGhaziabad
Royal College of LawGhaziabad
Sankalp InstituteGhaziabad
Sant Ratan Das College of EducationGhaziabad
Santosh College of NursingGhaziabad
Saraswati College of Professional StudiesGhaziabad
Shiva Institute of Management Studies - SIMSGhaziabad
Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College and Research CentreGhaziabad
Shri Madhav College of Education and TechnologyGhaziabad
The Institute for Higher EducationGhaziabad
TPS Institute of Higher EducationGhaziabad
Vedant College of Education - VCEGhaziabad
Vidyavati Mukand Lal Girls CollegeGhaziabad
Arya Kanya PG CollegeHapur
Ch. Mahendra Singh Degree CollegeHapur
GS Ayurveda Medical College and HospitalHapur
J.M.S. Group of InstitutionsHapur
Rama Medical College Hospital and Research CentreHapur
Shri Saraswati Vidyalaya CollegeHapur
Arya Kanya Pathshala Post Graduate College - AKPKhurja
Adharshila College of EducationMeerut
Ambrish Sharma College of Education and TechnologyMeerut
Apex Institute of Management Studies and ResearchMeerut
APS College of EducationMeerut
Astron College of EducationMeerut
BDS Gurukul of EducationMeerut
BDS School of LawMeerut
Beacon Institute of Technology - BITMeerut
Bhagwati College of EducationMeerut
Bhagwati College of LawMeerut
Bhagwati College of Management and TechnologyMeerut
Bhagwati Institute of Management and Technology - BIMTMeerut
BL Academy of Higher EducationMeerut
Ch. Charan Singh College of Education and TechnologyMeerut
Ch. Mahkar Singh College of EducationMeerut
Ch. Narendra Singh CollegeMeerut
College of Applied Education and Health Sciences - CAEHSMeerut
Dadhichi College of Higher EducationMeerut
Deva Nagri College - D.N. CollegeMeerut
Dewan College of Education - DCEMeerut
Dewan Law College - DLCMeerut
DPM Institute of EducationMeerut
Dr. Shadi Lal College of EducationMeerut
FAIZ-E-AM Degree CollegeMeerut
Gyan Bharti Institute of Management Studies - GBIMSMeerut
IIMT College of EducationMeerut
IIMT Law CollegeMeerut
Institute of Informatics and Management SciencesMeerut
Institute of Professional Studies - IPSMeerut
Jindal Institute of EducationMeerut
JP Institute of EducationMeerut
JP Institute of Education and Applied ScienceMeerut
JSM AcademyMeerut
Kalka Dental College and HospitalMeerut
Kishan Institute of Information Technology - KITEMeerut
Kishan Institute of Teacher's Education - KITEMeerut
Kishan Mahila Degree College - KMDCMeerut
KMC College of Nursing and Paramedical SciencesMeerut
Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College - LLRMMCMeerut
Mahaveer Institute of TechnologyMeerut
Meerut CollegeMeerut
Meerut College of Advance TechnologyMeerut
Mohan College of Teacher's Education - MCTEMeerut
Nanak Chand Anglo Sanskrit CollegeMeerut
Neelkanth VidyapeethMeerut
NKBR College of Professional StudiesMeerut
Padmawati Bal VidhyapeethMeerut
Presidency College of Education and TechnologyMeerut
Pt. Sujan Singh Degree College - Institute of Advanced Management and TechnologyMeerut
Raghunath Girls Post Graduate CollegeMeerut
Ram Nath Memorial College - R.N. CollegeMeerut
Rama College of EducationMeerut
Rani Laxmi Bai Mahila Degree CollegeMeerut
RIET VidyapeethMeerut
RN Institute of Modern Management Education and Research CentreMeerut
Samarth Institute for Education and Technology - SIETMeerut
Sanskar Vidhya Bharti College of EducationMeerut
Savita Devi Mahavidayalaya - SDMMeerut
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College of EducationMeerut
Shanti Institute of Education - SIEMeerut
Shanti Institute of Technology - B.Ed. CollegeMeerut
Shatabdi Institute of EducationMeerut
Shree Bala Ji Degree CollegeMeerut
Shree Mahaveer Girls Degree CollegeMeerut
Shri Parshvanath Institute of Education and ResearchMeerut
Sir Chhotu Ram Institute of Engineering and TechnologyMeerut
Siya Ram Kasturi Devi College of EducationMeerut
SR College of Education - SRCEMeerut
SRS Institute of Education and TechnologyMeerut
Suryansh College of Higher Edcuation for GirlsMeerut
Sushil Institute of Management and Technology - SIMTMeerut
Tejasvi College of EducationMeerut
Tirupati Institute of Science and TechnologyMeerut
Translam College of EducationMeerut
Translam College of LawMeerut
Trident College of Education - TCEMeerut
Venkateshwara College of Education - VCEMeerut
Venkateshwara Institute of Computer Science and Technology - VICSTMeerut
Vidya Institute of Creative Teaching - VICTMeerut
Vinayak VidyapeethMeerut
VIT College of Education - VITCEMeerut
YSL College of EducationMeerut
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia InstituteModinagar
Ginni Devi Modi Institute of EducationModinagar
KNGD Modi Institute of Fine ArtsModinagar
Bhagwant College of EducationMuzaffarnagar
DAV CollegeMuzaffarnagar
Deen Dayal College of LawMuzaffarnagar
Muzaffarnagar Medical CollegeMuzaffarnagar
SD College of CommerceMuzaffarnagar
Shanti Devi Jain Degree CollegeMuzaffarnagar
Shri Ram CollegeMuzaffarnagar
Shri Ram College of LawMuzaffarnagar
Sri Kund Kund Jain Post Graduate CollegeMuzaffarnagar
Swami Swarroopanand Institute of Management and Technology - SSIMTMuzaffarnagar
Veetrag Swami kalyan Dev Degree CollegeMuzaffarnagar
Unique Education InstituteNew Delhi
Chet Ram Sharma College of EducationNoida
Cosmos College of EducationNoida
Government Post Graduate CollegeNoida
Hierank School of Management TechnologyNoida
IIMT College of Science and TechnologyNoida
IMS Law CollegeNoida
Innovative Institute of Education and TechnologyNoida
Institute of Management Studies - IMS NoidaNoida
Janhit College of LawNoida
Kailash Institute of Nursing and Para-Medical Sciences - KINPMSNoida
Lloyd Law CollegeNoida
Nightingale Institute of NursingNoida
Prakash Institute of Physiotheraphy Rehabilitation and Allied Medical SciencesNoida
Radha Govind College of EducationNoida
Ram-Eesh Institute of Education - RIENoida
Rama Devi Kanya MahavidyalayaNoida
Shaheed Mangal Pandey Government Girls Post Graduate CollegeNoida
Balaji College of LawSaharanpur
Ch. Virendra Singh Degree CollegeSaharanpur
Deepanshu Women's Degree CollegeSaharanpur
Deoband College of Higher EducationSaharanpur
Disha Bharti College of Management and EducationSaharanpur
Doon College of Education and LawSaharanpur
Dwarikadheesh Research Education and Management School - DREAMSSaharanpur
Gochar MahavidyalayaSaharanpur
Hari College of LawSaharanpur
Harkesh Singh Rana MahavidhyalyaSaharanpur
Islamia Degree CollegeSaharanpur
JV Jain CollegeSaharanpur
Krishna Institute of Education and ManagementSaharanpur
Mahaveer Institute of Management and TechnologySaharanpur
Ornate Institute of TechnologySaharanpur
Saharanpur Institute of Advanced StudiesSaharanpur
Shakumbari CollegeSaharanpur
Shivalik Institute of EducationSaharanpur
Shri Krishna College of LawSaharanpur
The Mrinalini CollegeSaharanpur
Tilak Ram Saini Girl’s Degree CollegeSaharanpur
Vidhya Deep Degree CollegeSaharanpur
Vidya Devi Kanya MahavidyalayaSaharanpur
Jatan Swaroop Post Graduate College - JSPGCSikandrabad
Shah Satnam ji College of EducationSirsa