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Gauhati University (GU) is recognized to be the most famous and longest-standing university in the North Eastern region of India. The location of GU is traceable to Jalukbari in Guwahati city within the Indian state of Assam. As an affiliating university, GU is associated with 326 colleges that are situated in the regions of Lower Assam.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) has conferred the 4-star status to GU. Also, GU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Indian Universities. The year 1984 marks the establishment of the university that is a teaching-cum-affiliating one. GU is funded by the Government of Assam and UGC. Also, the State and Central Government authorities offer grants for Academic and Research activities to the center.

At the start, the University contained 8 Post Graduate departments and 17 affiliated colleges. Today, the center has 38 Post Graduate departments, a constituent college, Post Graduate Correspondence School, and a satellite campus at Kokrajhar.

Also, at present, through the 205 University’s affiliated colleges, several postgraduate and undergraduate courses are conducted. The applicants can enroll for courses in disciplines such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Commerce, Science, and Arts.

Through their term at the University, the pupils are offered counseling services, placement opportunities, health care aid, and research centers. The official website of GU is On visiting the site, aspiring students can find information on the varied courses offered, academic staff, student accommodation, upcoming events and other important details. The aspirants have the option of visiting the site that has a database of the different state boards, too. The site contains information on exam results, important notifications, useful links, and latest updates.

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    Details of Gauhati University

  Full Name Gauhati University
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No +91-361-2570412
  Founded 1948
  Address Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam
  City Guwahati
  State Assam
  Country India
List of courses offered by Gauhati University
  Courses    Duration
B.A. (Anthropology)3 Years
B.A. (Bodo)3 Years
B.A. (Geography)3 Years
B.Ed.2 Years
M.A. (Anthropology)2 Years
M.A. (Arabic)2 Years
M.A. (Assamese)2 Years
M.A. (Bengali)2 Years
M.A. (Bodo)2 Years
M.A. (Boro)2 Years
M.A. (Comparative Indian Literature)2 Years
M.A. (Economics)2 Years
M.A. (Education)2 Years
M.A. (English Language and Literature)2 Years
M.A. (English Language Teaching)2 Years
M.A. (English)2 Years
M.A. (Geography)2 Years
M.A. (Hindi)2 Years
M.A. (History)2 Years
M.A. (Linguistics)2 Years
M.A. (Logic and Philosophy of Religion)2 Years
M.A. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.A. (Persian)2 Years
M.A. (Philosophy)2 Years
M.A. (Political Science)2 Years
M.A. (Psychology)2 Years
M.A. (Sanskrit)2 Years
M.A. (Sociology)2 Years
M.A. (Women's Studies)2 Years
M.B.E. (Master of Business Economics)2 Years
M.Ed.2 Years
M.Lib.Sc.2 Years
M.Phil. (Assamese)2 Years
M.Phil. (Bengali)2 Years
M.Phil. (Comparative indian Literature)2 Years
M.Phil. (Education)1 Years
M.Phil. (English)2 Years
M.Phil. (Folklore Research)2 Years
M.Phil. (Geography)2 Years
M.Phil. (Hindi)2 Years
M.Phil. (History)2 Years
M.Phil. (Library & Information Science)2 Years
M.Phil. (Political Science)2 Years
M.Phil. (Sanskrit)2 Years
M.Phil. (Statistics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Women's Studies)2 Years
M.Sc. (Economics)2 Years
Ph.D. (Arabic)3 Years
Ph.D. (Assamese)3 Years
Ph.D. (Bengali)3 Years
Ph.D. (Bodo)3 Years
Ph.D. (Economics)3 Years
Ph.D. (Education)3 Years
Ph.D. (English Literature)3 Years
Ph.D. (English)3 Years
Ph.D. (Folklore Research)1 Years
Ph.D. (French)3 Years
Ph.D. (Geography)3 Years
Ph.D. (Hindi)3 Years
Ph.D. (History)3 Years
Ph.D. (Library & Information Science)3 Years
Ph.D. (Linguistics)3 Years
Ph.D. (Persian)3 Years
Ph.D. (Philosophy)3 Years
Ph.D. (Political Science)3 Years
Ph.D. (Psychology)3 Years
Ph.D. (Sanskrit)3 Years
Ph.D. (Sociology)3 Years
Ph.D. (Women's Studies)3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Oriya1 Years
Diploma in Russian3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Assamese1 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing and Translation - PGDCWT1 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Disabilities Studies - PGDDS6 Months
Post Graduate Diploma in French2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Spoken Persian1 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Tamil1 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Turkish Language1 Years
Certificate Course in Computer Literacy for Differently Abled - CCCLDA3 Months
Certificate Course in French1 Years
Certificate Course in Modern Persian
Certificate Course in Russian1 Years
Certificate Course in Women's Studies1 Years
Certificate in Psychological Counselling1 Years
Foundation Course in Science Teaching for Visually Impaired - FCSTVI3 Months
Post Graduate Certificate Course in Disabilities Studies - PGCCDS6 Months
B.Tech. (Biotechnology)4 Years
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)4 Years
M.Sc. (Instrumentation Technology)2 Years
M.Tech. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Information Technology)2 Years
Ph.D. (Electronics and Communications Engineering)3 Years
Ph.D. (Electronics and Telecommunication)3 Years
Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering)3 Years
Ph.D. (Instrumentation Technology)3 Years
B.Sc. (Zoology)3 Years
M.Phil. (Anthropology)2 Years
M.Phil. (Botany)1 Years
M.Phil. (Electronics)2 Years
M.Phil. (Physics)2 Years
M.S. (Chemical Science)4 Years
M.S. (Mathematical Science)4 Years
M.S. (Physical Science)4 Years
M.Sc in Microelectronics and Advanced Communication2 Years
M.Sc. (Animal Ecology and Wildlife Biology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Anthropology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Botany)2 Years
M.Sc. (Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Computer Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Electronics & Communication)2 Years
M.Sc. (Electronics and Telecommunication)2 Years
M.Sc. (Environmental Management)2 Years
M.Sc. (Environmental Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Geography)2 Years
M.Sc. (Geological Sciences)2 Years
M.Sc. (Geology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Herbal Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Physics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Psychology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Radiological Physics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Statistics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Zoology)2 Years
M.Sc. in Instrumentation and Applied Physics2 Years
Ph.D. (Anthropology)3 Years
Ph.D. (Biotechnology)3 Years
Ph.D. (Botany)3 Years
Ph.D. (Chemistry)3 Years
Ph.D. (Computer Science)3 Years
Ph.D. (Environmental Science)3 Years
Ph.D. (Geological Sciences)3 Years
Ph.D. (Mathematics)3 Years
Ph.D. (Physics)3 Years
Ph.D. (Zoology)3 Years
PG Diploma in Analytical Chemistry1 Years
Post Graduate Advance Diploma in Biomedical and Basic Clinical Research1 Years
B.Sc. (Tourism & Travel Management)3 Years
M.B.A.2 Years
M.B.A. (Executive)2 Years
Ph.D. (Business Administration)3 Years
Ph.D. (Management Studies)3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Wild Life Management1 Years
Mass Communications Courses
M.A. (Mass Communication)2 Years
Ph.D. (Journalism and Mass Communication)3 Years
Certificate Course in Journalism & Mass Communication1 Years
B.Com.3 Years
B.Com. + M.Com. (Hons.) \ M.Com. (Hons.) 5 Yrs Integrated5 Years
M.Com.2 Years
Ph.D. (Commerce)3 Years
Ph.D. (Statistics)2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Insurance1 Years
Professional Courses Courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Translation (PGDT)1 Years
B.C.A.3 Years
B.Tech. (Information Technology)4 Years
M.Sc. (Information Technology)2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications - PGDCA1 Years
Certificate Course in Computer Application6 Months
B.A. + L.L.B.5 Years
B.A. + L.L.B. (Hons)5 Years
L.L.B.3 Years
L.L.B. (Hons.)3 Years
L.L.M.2 Years
Ph.D. (Law)2 Years
Diploma Course in Computer Fundamentals and E-Commerce6 Months
List of colleges affiliated with Gauhati University
  S. No.    College Name
3B.B. Kishan College, Jalahghat
4Barama College, Barama
5Baska College, Baganpara
6Goreswar College, Goreswar
7Gyanpith Degree College, Nikashi
8Mushalpur College, Mushalpur
9Salbari College, Salbari
10Tamulpur Degree College
11Thamna Anchalik Degree College, Thamna
2Anunduram Baruah Academy B.Ed. College, Pathsala, Dist. Barpeta
3Ataur Rahman College of Education, Udmari Kalgachi
4B.B.K. College, Nagaon
5B.H. College, Howli
6B.H.B. College, Sarupeta
7Bajali College, Pathsala
8Bajali T.T. College, Patacharkuchi, Barpeta
9Bapujee College, Sarthebari
10Barnagar College, Sorbhog
11Barnanagar B.Ed. College, Sorbhog, Barpeta
12Barpeta B.T. College, Shantinagar, Barpeta
13Barpeta Bongaigaon College, Langla
14Barpeta Girls College, Barpeta
15Barpeta Law College, Barpeta
16Bhawanipur Anchalik College
17Bhawanipur Anchalik College, Bhawanipur
18Dronacharjya College, Barpeta Road
19G.L. Choudhury College, Barpeta Road
20Harendra Chitra College, Naligaon
21Janapriya College, Garemari
22Kayakuchi College, Kayakuchi
23Krishanaguru Mahavidyalaya, Nasatra
24Luitparia College, Kalairdia
25M.C. College, Barpeta
26Madhya Kamrup College, Subha, Chenga
27Mandia Anchalik College, Mandia
28Milan Jyoti College, Iterveta
29Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia
30Navasakti College, Majgoan
31Nirmal Haloi College, Patacharkuchi
32North Kamrup College, Baghmara
33Sreemanta S.M. Mahavidyalaya, Bhat Kuchi
34Uttar Barpeta College, Sankuchi
1Abhayapuri College, Abhayapuri
2Birjhora Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon
3Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, Bongaigaon
4Bongaigaon B. Ed. College, Bongaigaon
5Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon
6Bongaigaon Law College, Bongaigaon
7C.K. College, Chakla
8Indira Gandhi College, Boitamari
9Mahatma Gandhi College, Chalantapara
10Academy B.Ed. College, Pathsala, Dist. Barpeta
11Manikpur Anchalik College, Manikpur
12Rajib Gandhi Memorial College, Lengtisinga
1Basugaon College, Basugaon
2Bengtal College, Bengtol
3Bijni College, Bijni
4Reimale Academy College, Bijni, Dist. Chirang
5U.N. Brahma College, Kajalgaon
9Demornoi B. Ed. College, Deomornoi, Darrang
10Deomornoi Degree College, Deomornoi
11Duni Degree College
12Kharupetia College, Kharupetia
13Mangaldai Degree Girls College, Magnaldai
14Mangaldai Govt. T.T. College, Darrang
15Mangaldai Law College, Darrang
16Mangaldoi College, Mangaldoi
17Mangaldoi Commerce College, Mangaldoi
18R.C. Saharia T.T. College, Darrang
19Sipajhar B.Ed. College, Sipajhar, Darrang
20Sipajhar College, Sipajhar
1Alamganj Rangamati College, Alamganj
2B.N College, Dhubri
3Bilasipara College, Bilasipara
4Chilarai College, Golakganj
5Dharmasala College, Dharmasala
6Dhubri Girls` College, Dhubri
7Dhubri Law College, Dhubri
8Dhubri P.G.T.T. College, Bidyapara, Dhubri
9Halakura College, Mahamayahat
10Hamidabad College, Jamadarhat
11Hatsingimari College, Dhubri
12Mankachar College, Mankachar
13Pramathesh Barua College, Gouripur
14Progati College, Agomani
15Ratnapith College, Chapar
16Sapatgram College, Sapatgram
17South Salmara College, South Salmara
3Agia College, Agia
4Bikali College, Dhupdhara
5Chunari College
6Dalgoma Anchalik College, Dolgoma
7Dilgoma Anchalik College
8Dudhnoi College, Dudhnoi
9Dudhnoi Teachers Training College, Dudhnoi
10Goalpara College, Goalpara
11Goalpara Law College, Goalpara
12Govt. B. R. Medhi Law College, Kamrup
13Govt. B.T. College, Baladhmari, Goalpara
14Habraghat Mahavidyalaya, Krishnai
15Jaleswar College, Tapoban
16Lakhipur College, Lakhipur
17Sri Surjyagiri Anchalik Mahavidyalaya
18West Goalpara College, Balarbhita
6Guwahati Institute of Fashion Technology
7NEW - College of Aeronautical Engineering, Guwahati 17
8College of Physiotherapy & Medical Science, Ghy-3
9Amrit Chandra Thakuria Commerce College
10Arya Nursing College, Guwahati
11Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati-16
12Asain Institute of Management and Technology, Guwahati-21
13Asian Institute of Nursing Education, G.N.R.C. Campus, Dispur, Guwahati-6
14Asom Sikshak Prasikshan Mahavidyalaya, Lankeswar
15Assam Engineering College
16Assam Hemeopethic College
17B. Borooah College, Guwahati-7
18B.M.B.B. Commerce College, Bharalumukh, Guwahati -9
19B.P. Chaliha College, Nagarbera
20Baihata Chariali B.Ed. College, Kamrup
21Bamundi Mahavidyalaya, Bamundi
22Barpeta College, Guwahati
23Beltola College, Guwahati-28
24Bezara Anchalik College Bezara
25Binandi Chandra Medhi College, Ramdia
26Chandrapur College, Chandrapur
27Chhamaria Anchalik College, Chhamaria
28Chhaygaon College, Chhayagaon
29College of Education, Boko, Kamrup
30College of Education, Christian Basti, Guwahati-5
31Cotton College, Guwahati-1
32D.K. Girls College, Mirza
33Dakshin Guwahati B.Ed. College, Guwahati
34Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza
35Damdama B.Ed. College, Kulhati
36Damdama College, Kulhati
37Dimoria College, Khetri
38Dispur College, Guwahati-6
39Dispur Law College, Kamrup
40Dr. Anita Barua Sarma College of Education, Guwahati-24
41Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati-16
42Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Law College
43East Gauhati B.Ed. College, Ghy-21
44F.A. Ahmed College, Goraimari, Tukrapara
45Faculty College of Education, North Gauhati
46Gauhati Commerce College, Guwahati-21
47Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati-32
48Gauhati University Law College
49Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology, Guwahati
50Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Azara, Ghy-17
51Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati-14
52Govt. Banikanta College of Teacher Education, Guwahati-7
53Government College Of Arts & Crafts
54Govt. K.K. Handique Sanskrit College, Guwahati-14
55Royal School Of Architecture
56Guwahati College, Guwahati-21
57Handique Girls College, Guwahati-1
58Hari Gayatri Das College Azara, Guwahati-17
59Hindustan College, Guwahati-71
60ICON Commerce College, Guwahati-3
61IDOL, (G.U. Campus)
62Imperia College of Education, Dispur
63Institute of Strategic Business Management (ISBM), Uzan Bazar, Guwahati -1
64J.B. Law College, Kamrup
65Jawaharlal Nehru College, Boko
66K.C. Das Commerce College, Chastribari , Guwahati-8
67K.K.Handique Govt. Sanskrit College
68K.R.B. Girls College, Guwahati-9
69K.R.D. College of Education, Chhaygaon, Kamrup
70Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati-21
71Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia College, Panjabari Road, Guwagati-22
72L.C.B. College, Guwahati-11
73Madhya Kampith College, Borka Pub- Borka
74Manabendra Sarma Girls College, Rangia
75Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati-26
76National Institute for Teacher Education, Khetri, Kamrup
77NEF Law College, Guwahati
78NITS, Mirza
79North Gauhati College, Guwahati-31
80Pandu College, Guwahati-12
81Paschim Barigog Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Baranghati
82Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati-33
83Patidarrang College, Loch
84POGL Institute of Petroleum & Energy Development, Panbazar, Ghy-1
85Pragjyotish B.Ed. College, Pacharia, Dist. Kamrup
86Pragjyotish College, Guwahati-9
87Pub Bongsor College, Pacharia
88Pub-Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali
89Puthimari College, Soneswor
90R. J. Degree College, Dispur, Guwahati
91R.G. Baruah College, Guwahati-25
92Rajdhani College of Education, Rukmininagar, Gauhati
93Rampur Anchalik College, Rampur
94Rangia College, Rangia
95Rangia T.T. College, Rangia
96Regional College of Nurshing, Guwahati-32
97Regional Dental College, Guwahati-32
98Guwahati College of Architecture
99Royal School of Business
100Royal School of Commerce, Guwahati-33
101Royal School of Engineering & Technology
102Rudra Baruah Govt. Music College, Guwahati-1
103S.B. Deorah College, Ulubari, Guwahati-7
104S.B.M.S. College, Sualkuchi
105S.K. Hazarika B.Ed. College, Ahomgaon, Gorchuk, Guwahati – 35
106S.K. Hazarika college, Ahomgaon, Kotokipara Road, Guwahati - 35
107Sankar Madhab College of Nursing, Guwahati-26
108Saraighat College, Changsari
109Scholars Institute of Technology & Management, Gorchuk, Ghy-35
110Shahid Jadav Nath Hemeopethic College Panjabari, Guwahati
111Sonapur College, Sonapur
112Sontali Anchalik College, Mahatoli
113Suren Das College, Hajo
114Swadeshi College of Commerce, Guwahati
115Teachers Training College, Mirza, Kamrup
116University Classes G.U.
117University Law College G.U., Kamrup
118Uttar Kamrup Adarsa Mahavidyalaya, Balichatra
119Uttar Kamrup Adarsa Mahavidyalaya, Balichatra
120West Guwahati College of Education, Pandu, Guwahati-12
121West Guwahati Commerce College, Guwahati-12
122Luit Konwar Rudra Baruah State College Of Music
123North Eastern College Of Management
124Bishnu Ram Medhi Govt. Law College
125University Classes
126Dee Bee Commerce & Management College, Chandrapur
127North East Degree College For Hearing Impaired
128Gauhati University Institute Of Science And Technology
129Guwahati College Of Design
130Indian Institute Of Research And Development For Differently Abled
131Composite Regional Centre (CRC), Guwahati
2Bineswar Brahma Engineering College, Kokrajhar
3Bodofa U.N. Brahma College,Dotma
4C.I.T., Kokrajhar
5Commerce College Kokrajhar, Kokrajhar
6Fakiragram College, Fakiragram
7Girls College Kokrajhar, Kokrajhar
8Gossaigaon B.Ed. College, Gossaigan
9Gossaigaon College, Gossaigaon
10Govt. College of Teacher Education, Kokrajhar
11Hatidhura College, Hatidhura
12Jamduar College, Saraibil
13Janata College, Sarfunguri
14Kokrajhar Govt. College, Kokrajhar
15Kokrajhar Law College, Kokrajhar
16Kokrajhar Music & Fine Arts College Kokrajhar
17Mahamaya Degree Collegee
18Science College Kokrajhar, Kokrajhar
19St. Anns College, Kokrajhar
20Swami Yogananda Giri College, Sakti Ashram
2Bhuragaon College, Bhuragaon
3Charaibahi College, Charaibari
4College of Education, Morigaon
5Dharamtul College, Ahatguri
6Ghanakanta Baruah College, Morigaon
7Jagiroad College, Jagiroad
8Kanpai Bordoloi College, Borchila
9Laharighat Collagr, Laharihgat
10Mayang Anchalik College, Raja-Mayang
11Moirabari College, Moirabari
12Morigaon College, Morigaon
13Morigaon Law College, Morigaon
14Shilphukuri College, Shilpukhuri
5Alhaz Sunai Bibi Choudhury College, Udali
6Assam Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Nagaon
7B.D. Khemka Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Raha
8Batadraba S.S.S. College, Nagaon
9College of Education, S.M. Road, Nagaon
10Dhing College, Dhing
11Dr. B.K. B. College, Puranigudam
12Govt. Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Nagaon
13Haji Ajmal Ali College
14Haji Anfor Ali College, Debaka
15Hatichong College, Hatichong
16Hojai College, Hojai
17Hojai Girls College, Hojai
18Jamunamukh College, Jamunamukh
19Juria College, Fakuli Pathar
20Kaliabor College of Education, Kuwaritol, Nagaon
21Kaliabor College, Kuwaritol
22Kampur College, Kampur
23Katahguri College, Tuktuki
24Khagarijan College, Chetahaibar
25Krishna Bora B.Ed. College, Lanka, Nagaon
26Katahguri College, Tuktuki
27Lachit Barphookan Commerce Academy, Doboka Road, Morikalong
28Lanka Mahavidyalaya, Lanka
29Lumding College, Lumding
30Murazar College, Muragar
31Nagaon G.N.D.G Commerce College, Panigaon
32Nonoi College, Nonoi
33Nowgong College, Nagaon
34Nowgong Girls College, Nagaon
35Nowgong Law College, Nagaon
36Raha College, Raha
37Rangadaria College, Rangadaria
38Rupahi College, Rupahi
39Samaguri College, Samaguri
40Udali College, Bamungaon
2Barbhag College, Kalag
3Barkhetri College, Mukalmua
4Dakshin Nalbari Mahavidyalaya, Niz-Bahjani
5Dhamdhama Anchalik College, Dhamdhama
6Kampeeth Degree College, Kaithalkuchi
7Kamrup College, Chamata
8Khetri Dharmapur College, Bari
9M.N.C.B. Mahavidyalaya, Nalbari
10Nalbari B.Ed. College, Nalbari
11Nalbari College, Nalbari
12Nalbari Commerce College, Nalbari
13Nalbari Law College, Nalbari
14Nalbari Sanskrit College, Nalbari
15Pachim Nalbari B.Ed. College, Nalbari
16S.D.P. College of Teacher Education, Tihu
17Swahid Smriti Mahavidyalay, Belsor
18Swahid Sowarani College, Bamunbori
19Tihu College, Tihu
20Uttar Kampith College, Jagara
2Behali Degree College, Borgang
3Biswanath College of Education, Sonitpur
4Biswanath College, Chariali
5Biswanath Commerce College
6Biswanath Law College, Sonitpur
7Cahaiduar Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Kalabari, Gohpur
8Chaiduar College, Gohpur
9Chatia College, Sootia
10Darrang College, Tezpur
11Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology, Tezpur
12Global Academy, Bswanath Chariali
13Govt. College of Teacher Education, Tezpur
14Kalabari College, Kalabari
15L.G.B Girls College, Tezpur
16L.G.B. Regional Institute of Mental Health, Tezpur-784001
17L.O.K.D.College, Dhekiajuli
18Missamari College, Missamari
19P.G. College of Education, Tezpur
20Rangapara College, Rangapara
21St. Xaviers College, Salabasi, Bokajan -784105
22T.H.B. College, Jamugurihat
23Tezpur College, Tezpur
24Tezpur Law College, Sonitpur
1Bhergaon College, Bhergaon
2Kalaguru Bishnu Rabha Degree College, Orang
3Khoirabari College, Khoirabari
4Majbat College, Majbat
5Tangla College, Tangla
6Udalguri B.Ed. College, Udalguri Dist. Udalguri
7Udalguri College, Udalguri
8Udalguri College, Udalguri
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