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The Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU) Darbhanga Bihar

Situated at Kameshwar Nagar, Darbhanga, the Lalit Narayan Mithila University was established on 5th August 1972. Earlier named as Mithila University, it was governed by Bihar state Universities Act 1976 and is named as Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU). The university is an outcome of the eminent academicians such as Dr. Amarnatha Jha, Dr. R.C. Mazumdar, Dr. A. S. Altekar, Dr. Sunit Kumar Chaterjee and the cherished desire of the people of the region.

Spreading across 230 acres of lush green campus the university has 43 constituent colleges and 22 university departments combined with the courses of Business Management and Bio-Technology along with 15 affiliated colleges. The territorial jurisdiction of the university is spread over four districts as well which include Darbhanga, Madhubani, Samastipur and Begusarai. The university imparts quality education for both post graduate and graduate level in the field of humanities, social sciences, life science, mathematics and medicine with the help of more than 400 faculty members of both national and international repute.

With the help of UGC, vocational degree courses of different nature are already introduced in 13 collages of the university and three Government institutions also avail the facility of permanent affiliation which includes Darbhanga Medical College (D.M.C), Government Teachers Training College Samastipur and Rural Institute, Birauli, Samastipur. Aspirants who want to enroll themselves in different courses can visit the official site of college which is

Apart from this, an education portal is also a valuable source of information for the student’s .It provides all the necessary information regarding admission, cut-offs, courses, results etc to the aspirants.



Lalit Narayan Mithila University


  • University Department of Bio-technology
  • University Department of Botany
  • University Department of Chemistry
  • University Department of Commerce & Business Administration
  • University Department of Economics
  • University Department of English
  • University Department of Geography
  • University Department of Hindi
  • University Department of History
  • University Department of Home Science
  • University Department of Maithili
  • University Department of Mathematics
  • University Department of Music & Dramatics
  • University Department of Philosophy
  • University Department of Physics
  • University Department of Political Science
  • University Department of Psychology
  • University Department of Sanskrit
  • University Department of Sociology
  • University Department of Urdu
  • University Department of Zoology

Affiliated Colleges

S. NoName Address of the Constituent CollegeName of PrincipalPhone No. (O)Mobile No.E-mail IdWebsite
1C. M. College, DarbhangaDr. S. B.
2C. M. SC. College, DarbhangaDr. Arvind Kumar
3C. M. Law College, DarbhangaDr. Badre Alam Khan8987128054badrealamkhan56@gmail.comN/A
4Marwari College, DarbhangaDr. Mushtaque
5M. R. M. College, DarbhangaDr. Vidya Nath
6K. S. College, L. Sarai, DarbhangaDr. C. B. P.
7M. K. College, L. Sarai, DarbhangaDr. D.N.
8Millat College, L. Sarai, DarbhangaDr. Md.
9M. L. S. M. College, DarbhangaDr. D. C.
10B. M. A. College, BaheriDr. Ravindra
11M. K. S. College, Trimuhan Chandauna, DarbhangaDr. B. D. P.
12J. K. College, Biraul, DarbhangaDr. Dilip
13J. N. College, NeharaDr. Bijendra
14R. K. College, MadhubaniDr. Ramesh
15J. N. College, MadhubaniDr. R. K.
16R. N. College, Pandaul, MadhubaniDr. P. K. Jha9934651301pkjha1955@gmail.comN/A
17B. M. College, Rahika, MadhubaniDr. P. C. Lal Das9430897400bmc71@rediffmail.comN/A
18K.V. Sc. College, Ucchaith MadhubaniDr. R.C.
19J.M.D.P.L. College, MadhubaniDr. Prem Kumar
20L. N. J. College, JhanjharpurDr. Ajay Krishna Jha9430580999principallnjc@gmail.comN/A
21M. L. S. College, Sarisabpahi, MadhubaniDr. Satya Narayan
22H. P. S. College, Madhepur, MadhubaniDr. Meghan
23C. M. J. College, Downwarihat, MadhubaniDr. Jai Badhra<="" p="" style="box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(26, 2, 26); text-decoration: none; background-color: transparent;">
24C.M.B. College, Deorh, Ghoghardiha, MadhubaniJay Nath Mishra9199696717cmbcollegedeorh@gmail.comN/A
25D. B. College, Jaynagar, MadhubaniDr. C. S.
26V. S. J. College, Rajnagar, MadhubaniDr. Amrendra Kumar
27Samastipur College, SamastipurDr. Jawahar
28R. N. A. R. College, SamastipurDr. Sardar Arvind
29B. R. B. College, SamastipurDr. Shambhu Kr.
30Women’s College, SamastipurDr. Meena
31A.N. D. College, Shahpurpatrori, SamastipurDr. Laxman Pd.
32R. B. S. College, Andaur, SamastipurDr. Krishna Chandra
33R. B. College, Dalsingsarai, SamastipurDr. Anand Mohan Jha06278-221242,
34U. P. College, Pusa, SamastipurDr. Birendra Kr Choudhary9931470706upcollegepusa2013@gmail.comN/A
35U. R. College, Rosera, SamastipurDr. Jay Ram
36D. B. K. N. College, Narhan, SamastipurDr. Birendra Kumar
37Dr. L. K. V. D. College, SamastipurDr. Anil Kumar Mandal9431632410drlkvdcollegetajpursamastipur@gmail.comN/A
38G.M.R.D. College, Mohanpur, SamastipurDr. Id. Mohammad Ansari9934484963gmrdcollege@gmail.comN/A
39G. D. College, BegusaraiDr. Tapan Kumar
40Co-Operative College, BegusaraiDr. T. K.
(New Name- S.B.S.S.)
41S. K. M. College, BegusaraiDr. Awadhesh Kr.
42A.P. S. M. College, BarauniDr. Jaishankar
43R.C.S. College, Manjhaul, BegusaraiDr. Ram Awadhesh Kumar06243-2869759471455578,9534826802ramawadheshkumar@yahoo.comN/A

Constituent Colleges

S. NoName & Address of the Affiliated CollegeName of PrincipalMobile No.Phone No.
1L. C. S. College , DarbhangaProf. Ramautar Yadav8877855070
2R. B. J. College , DarbhangaProf. Narendra Kr Chy.9386117081
3M. G. College, DarbhangaProf. Surendra Pd. Gai9835483195
4Bahera College, Bahera, DarbhangaDr. Amar Nath Roy9507640059,06242-223299
5N. Jha M. College, Laheriasarai, DarbhangaProf. Rishi Kumar Roy9430281697
6M. R. S. M. College, Anandpur, DarbhangaProf. Aashish Choudhary9470623429
7M. M. T. M. College, DarbhangaProf. Uday Kant Mishra943185822306272-223732
8M. M. College, DarbhangaProf. A. Mishra9334855123
9A. M. M. College, Benipur, DarbhangaProf. S. K. Verma9199854995
10Q. A. Deg., College, Zale, DarbhangaProf. Md. Badre Alam9430043643
11Dr. Zakir Hussain T. T. College, DarbhangaDr. M. Hasan9431414656
12S. M. Z. AlamT. T. College, Bahera, DarbhangaMd. Anwar Halim Anwar9430217927
13Oriental College of Education, DarbhangaDr. Md. Baharudheen9430680422
14Saryug Dental College, Laheraisarai, DarbhangaDr. M. Vandana Devi9434126859,233775
15M. M. Dental College, Laheraisarai, DarbhangaDr. A. D. Bhagat9431219800
17I.B. M.Dr. S. M. Jha9430897400
18Sati Bharat College, ParriSri. Mani Kant Choudhry9934911007
19Dr. Gouri Brahmanad T. T. College, BallopurDr. Kumar Sanjeev
20Swami Vivekanand B.Ed. T. T. College, Basudeopur, BelaDr. Dharamveer
21Mithila TT College, Basuara, MadhubaniDr. Ahshanul Haque9473064246
22S. N. M. College, Vairabsthan, MadhubaniProf. Kamnath Mishra8877432857
23D. N. Y. College, MadhubaniProf. Umesh Kumar9835279499
24A. H. S. A. College, MadhubaniProf. Bishwambhar Roy9471451147
25P. D. K.Jha College, Andharathardhi, MadhubaniProf. Shayamanand Jha9934788089
26S. M. J. College Kajedih, MadhubaniDr. Ram Charitra Singh9430922636
27P. L. M. College, Jhanjharpur, MadhubaniProf. Vinod Kumar Lal9934208325,06273-222495
28Lutan Jha MahaVidayalay, Nanur, JhanjharpurSri. Ravindra Nath Jha9931663304
29Millat T. T. College, MadhubaniDr. Navin Ranjan Ravi947248889206276-225777
30Madhepur T.T. College, Madhepur, MadhubaniDr. Dharmesh Srivastava
31Kiran T. T. College, Dahivat Navrattan Madhepura, pandaulDr. Sanjay Vadhuwa
32S. M. R. C. K. College, SamastipurDr. Vinay Kumar9934470037
33Sant Kabir College, SamastipurDr. Udit Narayan Roy8002398870
34S. K. College, Thatia, SamastipurProf. Ram Lochan Mahto7631926834
35G. K. P. D. College, SamastipurDr. Naval Thakur9835471093
36K. S. R. College, Sarairanjan, SamastipurDr. Durga Prasad Chy.800262282506278-287228
37R.L.S.R.S.M. College, Shivaji Nagar, SamastipurProf. R. J. Yadav9931927857
38Rural Inst. of H. E., Birauli, SamastipurProf. Birendra Prasad8986037633
39M. S. K. G. College, SamastipurProf. Satyendra Kr. Singh8987077772,9831857368
40Al hasan TT College, SamastipurDr. A. Rahman Ansari9835147858
41St. Joseph V. T.T. College, Dalsinghsarai, Spj.Dr. Ram Dinesh Singh9955493845,06278-220978
42Bibi Fatima T.T. College, SamastipurDr. Mirazul Abedin9431262916
43Govt. T.T. College, SamastipurDra. Rakesh Kr. Chy.9470264707
44R. L. M. Teachers Training College, RoseraDr. Vijay Prasad Gupta
45R. C. S. S. College, Bihat, BegusaraiProf. Ram Sevak Singh
46R. B. S. College, Teyai, BegusaraiProf. Abhilash Kr.Dutta9431077388,06279-235739
47R. K. A. Bidhi College, BegusaraiProf. R. L. Singh9905226730
48A. H. S. A. College, MadhubaniProf. Bishwambhar Roy9471451147