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Rayalaseema University came into existence in the year 2008 in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. The university has fulfilled the long cherished dream of people of district. It is a part of vision of Government of Andhra Pradesh to promote access to the large database of students who are interested in getting higher education. It is committed to provide highest standards of academic excellence and human values to the aspirants.

The university offers both under graduate as well as post graduate courses to the students. Right now it has 15 departments imparting various courses to the students. The Post graduate centre at Kurnool was started by Sri Venkateswara University in 1977 with a mission of imparting higher education especially to the rural youth of the district. The university was started with two main courses one in Economics with specialization in Area Planning and Regional Development and the other in Operation Research and Statistical Quality Control. Now the university offers various courses to the students like Computer Science, Management, Mathematics, Botany, Organic chemistry, zoology etc.

The university is well equipped with modern facilities like a sports complex, women protection cell, a well maintained library, health centre etc. It has also adopted computer controlled Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) answer booklets etc. Students can visit the official site of the university to collect more information about examinations, circulars, courses, facilities etc about the university. Apart from this, students can visit the which is a complete database of all the universities, boards, polytechnics, and other educational institutes of the countries.

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Rayalaseema University MP.Ed 1st Sem Regular Feb 2020 Exam Results


Rayalaseema University M.P.Ed 1st Sem Feb 2020 Reg Exam Results

Rayalaseema University
    About Rayalaseema University
  Name   RUK (Rayalaseema University)
  Affiliations   UGC
  Contact No   085182 80603
  Founded   2008
  Address   Nandyala Road, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 518002
  City   Kurnool
  State   Andhra Pradesh
  Country   India
List of courses offered by Rayalaseema University
  Degree    Duration
B.A.3 Years
B.Ed.2 Years
M.A. (Economics)2 Years
M.A. (English)2 Years
M.A. (Telugu)2 Years
M.Ed.1 Years
Diploma in Education (D.Ed.)1 Years
M.Sc. (Biochemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Botany)2 Years
M.Sc. (Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Computer Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Electronics & Communication)2 Years
M.Sc. (Integrated Biotechnology)5 Years
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Physics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Zoology)2 Years
B.B.M.3 Years
M.B.A.2 Years
M.B.A. (Finance)2 Years
B.Com.3 Years
B.Com. (Computer Applications)3 Years
M.Com.2 Years
M.C.A.3 Years
List of colleges affiliated with Rayalaseema University
  S. No.    College Name    Location
List of UG Colleges
List of Government Degree Colleges
1SGTRM Govt. Degree CollegeYerraguntla
2SML Govt. Degree CollegeYemmiganur
3Govt. Degree CollegeSrisailam
4Govt. Degree College,Pathikonda
5Govt. Degree College,Nandikotkur
6SVB Govt. Degree CollegeKoilakuntla
7GVRS Govt. Degree CollegeDhone
8Govt. Degree CollegeBanaganapalli
9Govt. Degree CollegeAtmakur
10Govt. Degree CollegeAlur
11PSC & KVSC Govt. Degree CollegeNandyal
12Silver Jubilee Govt. College (A)Kurnool
13Govt. Degree College for MenKurnool
14K.V.R. Govt. College for WomenKurnool
List of Aided Degree Colleges
1Islamia Arabic CollegeKurnool
2S.V. Arts, Commerce & Science CollegeChagalamarri
3SARM Degree CollegeAllagadda
4The Adoni Arts & Science CollegeAdoni
5SNSR Degree CollegeVelgode
6Sri Ramakrishna Degree College (A)Nandyal
7STBC CollegeKurnool
8SBSYM Degree CollegeKurnool
9Osmania College (Women)Kurnool
10Osmania College (Men)Kurnool
List of Un-Aided/Private Degree Colleges
1Bharathi Degree College (Gajulapalli metta)Mahanandi
2Sri Venkateswara Degree CollegeAluru
3N.M.R. Degree CollegeOwk
4S.V. Degree CollegePeapully
5Srinivasa Ramanujan Degree CollegePanyam
6Sri Vidyanikethan Degree CollegeVeldurthi
7Gnanasaraswathi Degree CollegeBethamcherla
8S.L.N. Degree CollegeKolimigundla
9Sana Degree CollegeKoilakuntla
10S.R. Degree CollegeGudur
11Nandanam Degree CollegeKurnool
12K.G.R Degree CollegeBanaganapalli
13Siddhartha Degree, CollegeYemmiganur
14A.S. Degree College,Tugalli
15St.Joseph's College for WomenKurnool
16Sri Prasunna College of LawKurnool
17Vyshnavi Degree CollegeDhone
18SNR Degree College, KarivenaAtmakur
19Sri Vyshnavi Degree CollegeYemmiganur
20Sri Sairam Degree CollegeNandikotkur
21Basi Reddy Memorial Degree CollegeNandikotkur
22Vaibhav College of Higher LearningKoilakuntla
23Sri Venkateswara Degree CollegeKoilakuntla
24Sri Vivekananda Degree CollegeKodumur
25Sai Sree Degree CollegeDhone
26Sairam Degree CollegeKodumur
27Sri Sathya Sai Degree CollegeKodumur
28Sri Venkateswara Degree CollegeBanaganapalli
29K.V. Subba Reddy Degree CollegeAllagadda
30S.V. Degree CollegeAtmakur
31Dr.Jyothirmayi Degree CollegeAdoni
32Sai Degree CollegeAdoni
33Sri Ravi Degree CollegeNarsapuram
35PMR Degree CollegeNandyal
36National Degree CollegeNandyal
37SPY Reddy Degree College for WomenNandyal
38Ravindra Degree CollegeKurnool
39Vasavi Mahila KalasalaKurnool
40Ravindra Degree College for WomenKurnool
41St.Joseph's Degree CollegeKurnool
42Kurnool Degree CollegeKurnool
43Smt. Theresa Arts & Science CollegeKurnool
44Sri Sankara's Degree CollegeKurnool
45Sri Vijayadurga Degree CollegeKurnool
46Nalanda Degree College (Hanumapuram)Peddakadabur
47D.N.Reddy Degree CollegePamulapadu
48S.L.V Degree CollegeDhone
49Sri Raghavendra Degree CollegeAlur
50Vignan Degree CollegeGonegandla
51Sri Vivekananda Degree CollegeBethamcherla
52Siva Ranga Degree CollegeSanjamala
53Sri Vinayaka Degree CollegeC.Belagal
54Bugga Rameswara Degree CollegeOrvakal
55Sumourya Degree CollegeB.Thandrapadu
56Prathibha Arts & Science CollegePathikonda
57Sri Sai Krishna Degree CollegeKallur
58Sri Vidya Sai Degree CollegeMaddikera
59Sri Ramaiah Degree CollegeKallur
60Vijay Sai Degree CollegePathikonda
61Brundavan Degree CollegeDornipadu
62Narayana Degree CollegeKosigi
63C V Raman Degree CollegeKurnool
64KSR Degree CollegeKurnool
65RC Reddy Degree CollegeKurnool
66Sri Vyshnavi Degree CollegePathikonda
67Sri Vyshnavi Degree CollegeNandikotkur
68Pragna Degree CollegeAllagadda
69Sri Sai Venkateswara Degree CollegeGudur
70Sri Raghavendra Degree CollegePathikonda
71Anantha Degree CollegeAllagadda
72Sai Sree Mahila Degree CollegeDhone
73NMR Degree CollegeKurnool
74Sumourya Degree CollegeHolagunda
75Nalanda Degree CollegeNandyal
76Akshara Degree CollegeNandyal
77Surendra Degree CollegeNandyal
78Sri Venkateswara CollegeNandyal
79Sri Raghavendra Degree CollegeMantralayam
80Karthikeya Degree CollegeDevenakonda
81Sree Venkateswara Degree CollegeDevenakonda
82Thanuja Memorial Degree CollegeHolagunda
83Vignan Degree CollegeNandyal
84Keerthi Degree CollegeNandyal
85Unique Degree CollegeKowthalam
List of PG Colleges
1University College of Rayalaseema UniversityKurnool
2Sri Ramakrishna PG CollegeNandyal
3K.V. Subba Reddy Degree CollegeAllagadda
4National Degree CollegeNandyal
5Osmania CollegeKurnool
6K.V.R. Govt. College for Women,Kurnool
7St.Josephs Degree CollegeKurnool
8Silver Jubilee Govt .Degree College.Kurnool
9Sai Sree Degree CollegeDhone
10R.I.E PG CollegeKurnool
11S.P.Y. Reddy Degree for WomenNandyal
12Sri Sankara's Degree CollegeKurnool
13The Adoni Arts & Science CollegeAdoni
14Sri Sairam Degree CollegeNandikotkur
15S.N.R Degree, CollegeKarivena
16Govt. Degree College for MenKurnool
17Satya Sai Degree & PG CollegeKodumur
18S.M.L. Govt. Degree CollegeYemmiganur
19Sri Vyshnavi Degree & PG CollegeDhone
List of M.Ed. Colleges
1JVRRM College of EducationNandyal
2Viswavani College of Education M.Ed.Nandyal
3Sri Sankara's College of EducationKurnool
4Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara College of EducationKurnool
5Gnanasaraswathi College of EducationBanaganapalle
6Sree Sai College of EducationNandikotkur
7Sai Sree M.Ed CollegeDhone
8Madina Master of EducationBramhanakotkur
9Haji Kareem M.Ed CollegeBramhanakotkur
10S.A.R.M. M.Ed CollegeAllagadda
11Togore M.Ed CollegeKodumur
List of M.B.A. & M.C.A Colleges
1Allagadda Institute Management& ScienceAllagadda
2Sri Ramakrishna PG CollegeNandyal
3Sri Sai M.B.A CollegeNandikotkur
List of B.Ed. Colleges
2Azizia College of EducationAdoni
3Sri Balaji College of EducationAdoni
4Satyam College of EducationKodumur
5Tagore College of EducationKodumur
6Mother Theresa College of EducationYemmiganur
7Ushodaya College of EducationYemmiganur
8Nalanda College of EducationYemmiganur
10Bharathi College of EducationNandyal
11G.M. College of EducationNandyal
12G.M.R. College of EducationNandyal
13JVRRM College of EducationNandyal
14Little Flower College of EducationNandyal
15Prabhath College of EducationNandyal
16Sri Pulloji Rao College of EducationNandyal
17Sri Rajeswari College of EducationNandyal
18Viswavani College of EducationNandyal
19Sri Raghavendra College of EducationAllagadda
20Sri Srinivasa College of EducationKoilakuntla
21Gnana Saraswathi College of EducationBanaganapalli
22C. Ramalinga Reddy College of EducationKurnool
23Naik College of EducationKurnool
24Sri Sankara's College of EducationKurnool
25Santhinikethan College of EducationKurnool
26S.L.V College of EducationKurnool
27Venkatarathna College of EducationKurnool
28Sri Sai College of EducationNandikotkur
29Madina College of EducationBramhanakotkur
30Sai Sri College of EducationDhone
31IASE Govt. College of Education,Kurnool
32Osmania College of EducationKurnool
33SARM College of EducationAllagadda
34SRC College of EducationKurnool
35Hajikareem College of EducationBramhanakotkur
36Siva Ranga College of EducationKoilakuntla
37Sri Sainath College of EducationYemmiganur
38Prathibha College of EducationKurnool
39Sri Sarswathi College of EducationKurnool
40Sri Shiridi Baba College of Education, Nandikotkur.Nandikotkur
41Tarakaram B.Ed College, NandyalNandyal
42Dr. K.V. Subba Reddy B.Ed College, Dupadu, Kurnool.Kurnool.
43Sri Bharathi B.Ed CollegeNandyal
44Brundavan B.Ed College, AllagaddaAllagadda
45Sri Raghavendra B.Ed College, Nannur, Kurnool.Kurnool.
46Nagasatyanarayana College of Education, BollavaramBollavaram, Nand
47Sri Gayathri College of Education, Dharmavaram,Dhone
48Sri Sarada College of Education, Nannur, KurnoolKurnool.
49Sri Valli Subramanyeswara College of EducationBanaganapalle
50Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara College of Education, Panchalingala, KurnKurnool.
51Sri Sarswathi B.Ed CollegeKarivena
52NMR College of EducationKurnool.
53St. Josephs B.Ed College, KurnoolKurnool.
54Sri Siva Sai Krishna College of Education, NandikotkurNandikotkur
55Abdulla B.Ed College, BastipaduBastipadu, Kallur
56Zohars College of EducationNandyal
57Sumorya College of Education, B. Thandrapadu, KurnoolKurnool.
58Sri Sudha College of EducationDhone
59Sree Lakshmi Sreenivasa College of EducationB.Thandrapadu
60GMR College of EducationYemmiganur
61Navabharath B.Ed College, B.Camp. KurnoolKurnool.
62Varaprasad Rao B.Ed CollegePanchalingala
63Sarveswara B.Ed College, PasupulaPasupula, Kurnool
List of B.P.Ed. Colleges
1Sri Datta College of Physical EducationVeldurthi
2Vijayanikethan B.P.Ed College,Thimmapuram
3Sri Lakshmi B.P.Ed CollegeKurnool
4The Adoni Arts & Science College (B.P.Ed)Adoni
List of D.P.Ed. Colleges
1Vijayanikethan D.P.Ed CollegeThimmapuram
List of M.P.Ed. Colleges
1Vijayanikethan M.P.Ed CollegeThimmapuram
2Sri Lakshmi M.P.Ed CollegeDupadu
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