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Sri Venkateswara Vedic University

Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati was established in 2006. The university covers teaching, research, and publication fields.

Address: Alipiri-Chandragiri Bypass Road, Tirupati
Phone: 0877 - 2264404
Email: vcvedicuniversity@yahoo.com
Website: www.svvedicuniversity.org/establishment.php
Established 2006

Sri Venkateswara Vedic University

Vice chancellors

Prof. K.E. Devanathan

Faculties at Sri Venkateswara Vedic University –:-

  • Faculty of Veda Adhyayana
  • Faculty of Agama Adhyayana
  • Faculty of Paurohitya Adhyayana
  • Faculty of Vedabhashya
  • Faculty of Vedaangas
  • Faculty of Research & Publication
  • Faculty of Modern Subjects

Faculty of University

1 Faculty of Veda Adhyayana

  • Department of Rigveda
  • Department of Krishna Yajurveda
  • Department of Suklayajurveda
  • Department of Samaveda (Ranayaniya)
  • Department of Atharvaveda (Saunaka)

2 Faculty of Agama Adhyayana

  • Department of Vaikhanasagama
  • Department of Pancharathragama
  • Department of Saivagama

3. Faculty of Paurohitya Adhyayana

  • Department of Asvalayana Paurohitya
  • Department of Apastambiya Paurohitya
  • Department of Vaikhanasa Paurohitya
  • Department of Paraskara Paurohitya

4. Faculty of Vedabhashya

  • Department of Rigvedabhashya
  • Department of Krishnayajurveda Bhashya
  • Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Kanva)
  • Department of Suklayajurvedabhashya (Madhyandina)
  • Department of Samavedabhashya
  • Department of Atharvavedabhashya

5. Faculty of Vedaangas

  • Department of Kalpa
  • Department of Chandas
  • Department of Nirukta
  • Department of Yoga

6. Faculty of Research & Publication

7. Faculty of Modern Subjects

Department of English

Department of Computer Science