Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Result 2023 Declared | Updated:

Formerly known as Purvanchal University, it is now renamed as Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University to honor the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh late Shri Veer Bahadur Singh. Located in the Jaunpur district it was established on 2nd October 1987 is renowned for its excellent academic and administrative activities which all make it one of the leading universities of the country.

Started with 68 affiliated colleges VBSPU has now widened its spectrum of activities with nearly 367 affiliated graduate and post graduate programs to nearly three lakh and eighty thousand students in five districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The university is about 11 Km from the city of Jaunpur on Jaunpur –Shahganj Road and is well connected with train, road and air with rest of the country. The university has started two year full time residential MBA course in the year 1990 which is the first step towards making it from affiliation to affiliating cum-residential university.

Since then the university is on the path of continuous academic growth and offer its students as many as 16 more residential programs in various streams such as Engineering and Technology (B.Tech), Modern and Applied Sciences (MBT), Management Programs in HRD, Finance, Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Applied Science (MAP ), Mass communication etc. It is also planning to launch the courses of Medical Sciences and Library and Information Sciences which is another milestone achieved by it in its overall academic expansion. Students can visit the official website of university from where they can collect information about results, admission, online examination forms, Academic calendars etc.

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Result 2023 Details
University NameVeer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University (VBSPU)
Location of UniversityJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
University TypeGovernment
Academic Session2023-24
Name of the ExamUG and PG Exams
Mode of ResultsOnline
Result StatusAvailable Now
Result TypeSemester/ Annual
Recently Declared ResultBDS, BA, B.Sc, MA,, M.Sc, MCA

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal result 2023 | पूर्वांचल यूनिवर्सिटी रिजल्ट 2023

Latest Updates:

VBSPU Result Announcement: Link 1 | Link 2 | VBSPU Result - All Sem

M.Sc.(AG)-I Semester Agronomy 30-09-2023
M.Sc.(AG)-III Semester Animal Husbandry And Dairying30-09-2023
M.Sc.(AG)-I Semester Horticulture30-09-2023
B.P.Ed. (Semester-IV)27-09-2023
M.Sc.(AG)-III Semester Agronomy 27-09-2023
M.Sc.(AG)-III Semester Horticulture 27-09-2023
B.Sc. (AG.) HONS. I Semester27-09-2023
B.Pharma (Semester-II)26-09-2023
MBA(HRD) (Semester-IV)26-09-2023
D.PHARMA - I YEAR26-09-2023
D.PHARMA - II YEAR26-09-2023
M.A. (APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY) (Semester-IV)26-09-2023
MCA (Semester-IV)26-09-2023
MBA(Agri-Business) (Semester-IV)25-09-2023
B.Pharma (Semester-VI)25-09-2023
M.Sc./M.A. (MATHEMATICS) (Semester-IV)25-09-2023
MBA(E-Commerce) (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Information Technology (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Semester-IV)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Semester-VIII)23-09-2023
B. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Semester-VIII)23-09-2023
B.COM(HONS.) Semester-IV22-09-2023
M. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)-II SEM22-09-2023
B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Semester-VI)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Semester-VI)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Semester-VI)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Semester-VIII)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Semester-VI)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Semester-VI)22-09-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Semester-VIII)22-09-2023
B.COM(HONS.) Semester-VI20-09-2023
B.Pharma (Semester-IV)20-09-2023
MBA(Business Economics) (Semester-IV)20-09-2023
M. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering19-09-2023
M.A. II Year (MUSIC(GAYAN)19-09-2023
M. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering18-09-2023
M. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power System)18-09-2023
B.Sc. (AG.) HONS.V SEMESTER17-09-2023
LL.M. FINAL Year Exam Result16-09-2023
MCS (Semester-III)15-09-2023
M.Ed II Semester15-09-2023
M.Ed IV Semester15-09-2023
B.Ped II Semester15-09-2023
MBA(Finance & Control) IV Semester15-09-2023
M.A. I Semester (MUSIC VOCAL)15-09-2023
M.Sc.(Chemistry) (Semester-IV)14-09-2023
M.A. (MASS COMMUNICATION) (Semester-IV)14-09-2023
M.A. I YEAR (SOCIOLOGY)05-09-2023
M.Sc. I Year (MATHEMATICS)05-09-2023
M.COM. I YEAR05-09-2023
M.Sc. I YEAR (CHEMISTRY)05-09-2023
LLB-IV Semester04-09-2023
B. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Semester-VIII)01-09-2023
B. Tech. Information Technology (Semester-VIII)01-09-2023
M. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power System) (Semester-III)01-09-2023
LL.B. (Semester-VI) 01-09-2023
LL.B. (Semester-II)01-09-2023
M.Sc.(AG)-IV Semester Agricultural Economics29-08-2023
M. Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power System) Fourth Semester28-08-2023
M.A./M.Sc. (Home Science (Human Development)) II Year25-08-2023
B.Ed.-IV Semester24-08-2023
B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)-X Semester22-08-2023
B.Sc. (AG.) HONS. III Semester21-08-2023
B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)-VII Sem21-08-2023
B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)-V Sem21-08-2023
B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)-III Sem21-08-2023
B.A.LL.B. (Hons.)-I Sem21-08-2023
B.Sc. (Ag.) Iv Year17-08-2023
B.Ed.-Iv Semester17-08-2023
M.Sc.(Ag) - Iv Semester Agricultural 16-08-2023
MCA 1st Sem Exam Result11-08-2023
M.Sc. I Sem (Industrial Chemistry)10-08-2023
B.Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Semester-I)05-08-2023
M.A. II Year (Political Science)01-08-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Physics)01-08-2023
M.Com. II Year01-08-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Zoology) Result 202328-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Philosophy) Result 202328-07-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Chemistry) Exam Result28-07-2023
B.Sc. II Year Exam Result27-07-2023
B.A. II Year Exam Result27-07-2023
B.P.E. II Year26-07-2023
B.P.E. III Year26-07-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Botany)26-07-2023
LL.M. I Year Exam Result25-07-2023
BPE II Year Exam Result 202324-07-2023
BPE III Year Exam Result 202324-07-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Industrial Chemistry)20-07-2023
B.Com. II Year20-07-2023
M.A. II Year (English)20-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Economics)20-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Geography)20-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Physical Education)20-07-2023
B.D.S.-II Professional Examination Held on March 202317-07-2023
B.D.S.-III Professional Examination Held on March 202317-07-2023
B.D.S.-IV Professional Examination Held on March 202317-07-2023
M.A. I Year (English)15-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Sanskrit)15-07-2023
M.A. I Year (Economics)15-07-2023
M.A. I Year (Geography)15-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Sociology)15-07-2023
M.Sc. II Year (Mathematics)15-07-2023
M.Sc. I Year (Physics) 15-07-2023
M.Sc. I Year (Botany) 15-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Ancient History, Archaeology & Culture)15-07-2023
M.A./M.Sc. (Defence And Strategic Studies) II Year 15-07-2023
B.Sc. (AG.) Hons VIII Semester11-07-2023
MBA(Finance & Control) (Sem-I) Exam Result11-07-2023
B.Sc. III Year Exam Result11-07-2023
B.Com. III Year06-07-2023
MBA(HRD) (Sem-I)06-07-2023
B.Com (HONS.) (Sem-I)06-07-2023
M.Sc./M.A. (Mathematics) (Semester-I) Exam Result05-07-2023
M.Sc. (Geology) (Sem-I) Exam Result05-07-2023
B.Sc.(Hons) Environmental Science-Ist Sem04-07-2023
M.A. (Applied Psychology) (Sem-I)04-07-2023
M.Sc. (Applied Psychology) (Sem-I)04-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Hindi) Exam Result04-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Urdu) Exam Result04-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Education) Exam Result04-07-2023
M.A. II Year (Psychology) Exam Result04-07-2023
B.A. III Year30-06-2023
M.A. II Year (Medieval & Modern History)30-06-2023
B.Sc. (AG.) HONS. VII Semester30-06-2023
B.Sc. Biotechnology (Semester-I)30-06-2023
M.Sc.(Chemistry) (Sem-I)27-06-2023
M.Tech. Material Science & Technology IIIrd Sem27-06-2023
B.B.A. (Semester-III) Exam Result24-06-2023
B.B.A. (Semester-I) Exam Result24-06-2023
M.Sc.(Physics) (Semester-I) 22-06-2023
M.Sc.(Physics) (Semester-III) 22-06-2023
BLIB Result22-06-2023
BBA (Sem-V) 22-06-2023
MBA (Business Economics) (Sem-III) Exam Result21-06-2023
MBA (Business Economics) (Sem-I) Exam Result21-06-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Eng. (Sem-V) Exam Result20-06-2023
M.Sc.(Environmental Sciences) (Sem-I) Exam Result20-06-2023
M.Sc.(Biotechnology) (Sem-I) Exam Result20-06-2023
B. Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Sem-III) Exam Result 202315-06-2023
M.SC. (Microbiology) (Sem-I) Exam Result 202315-06-2023
M.SC.(Biochemistry)IIIRD Sem Exam Result 202315-06-2023
M.Tech. Mechanical Eng. (Thermal Eng.) Ist Sem Exam Result14-06-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Eng. (Sem-I) Exam Result14-06-2023
B. Tech. Mechanical Eng. (Sem-III) Exam Result14-06-2023
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology Iiird Sem Exam Result14-06-2023
M.Sc.(Biochemistry) (Sem-I) Exam Result14-06-2023
M.Sc.(Bio-Technology)IIIrd Sem Exam Result14-06-2023
M.A. I Sem (Physical Education)13-06-2023
M.A. (Mass Communication) (Sem-I)13-06-2023
B.Pharma (Sem-VII)09-06-2023
MBA (Finance & Control) (Sem-III)09-06-2023
M.Tech. Computer Science & Eng. IIIRD Sem09-06-2023
M.Tech. Electronics and Communication Eng. IST Sem09-06-2023
B. Tech. Computer Science and Eng. (Sem-III)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Electrical Eng. (Sem-III)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Electrical Eng. (Sem-V)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engg. (Sem-V)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Eng. (Sem-I)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Eng. (Sem-III)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Information Technology (Sem-III)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Information Technology (Sem-V)09-06-2023
B. Tech. Information Technology (Sem-VII)09-06-2023
M.B.A. III Sem Exam Result 202308-06-2023
BBA I Semester Exam Result08-06-2023
BBA II Semester Exam Result08-06-2023
MBA(Agri-Business) (Sem-I)06-06-2023
MBA(Agri-Business) (Sem-III)06-06-2023
Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University
List of courses offered by Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University
  Degree    Duration
Arts Courses
B.A. 3 Years
M.A.2 Years
Ph.D. 3 Years
Engineering Courses
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electronics Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)4 Years
Medical Courses
B.Pharm4 Years
Science Courses
M.Sc. (Applied Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biochemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Biotechnology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Environmental Science)2 Years
Management Courses
M.B.A.2 Years
M.B.A. (Agri-business)2 Years
M.B.A. (Business Economics)2 Years
M.B.A. (Finance and Control)2 Years
Mass Communications Courses
M.A. (Mass Communication)2 Years
Master of Mass Communication (M.M.C.)2 Years
Ph.D. (Journalism and Mass Communication)3 Years
Commerce Courses
M.B.A. (e-Commerce)2 Years
Ph.D. (Business Economics)5 Years
Ph.D. (Financial Studies)3 Years
Information Technology Courses
B.Tech. (Information Technology)4 Years
M.C.A.3 Years
Law Courses
L.L.B.3 Years
List of colleges affiliated with Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University


College CodeCollege NameWebsite/Email
201Shibli National P.G. College,
202D A V Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya,
203Shri Krishna Geeta Rashtriya Mahavidyalaya, Lalganj, Azamgarh
204Shri Durgaji Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Chandesar, Azamgarh
205Gandhi Shatabdi Smarak Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya,  Koyalsa,  Azamgarh
206Shri Agrasen Mahila Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Azamgarh
207Shri Shiva Degree College, Terahi Kaptanganj, Azamgarh
208Kuba Mahavidyalaya, Dariyapur, Nevada,  Azamgarh
209Gandhi Smarak Triveni Mahavidyalaya, Bardah, Azamgarh
210Shri Gandhi Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Maltari, Azamgarh
211Rajdev Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Kashipur, Surai, Sathiyavan, Azamgarh
212Chauri Belha Mahavidyalaya, Tarva, Azamgarh
213Gaya Prasad Smarak Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Ambari,  Azamgarh
214Purvanchal Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Ramsunderpur, Rani Ki Sarai, Azamgarh
215Gautam Buddha Panchsheel Mahavidyalaya, Aidilpur, Azamgarh
216Mohd. Masood Khan Degree College, Magravan, Azamgarh
217Gram Samaj Mahavidyalaya, Jaisthali, Babu Ki Khajuri,  Azamgarh
219Shri Bhawanand Balika Mahavidyalaya, Punarji, Jahanganj, Azamgarh
220Shri Baba Sadhav Ram Mahavidyalaya, Koinha, Barsra Khalsa, Azamgarh
221Shri Krishnan Mahavidyalaya, Bansgaon, Azamgarh
222Maa Sharda Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Sambhupur Gahji, Azamgarh
223Ram Raji Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Surai, Azamgarh
224Ram Subhag Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Jagdishpur, Saraimeer, Azamgarh
225Shri Hari Shanker Ji Mahavidyalaya, Rampur, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
226Sitaram Singh Ramanand Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Samenda,  Azamgarh
227Shri Kamal Nath Singh Mahavidyalaya, Barohi, Fattehpur, Azamgarh
228Swami Sahjanand Janta Mahavidyalaya, Haraiya, Azamgarh
229Mathura Rai Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Maltari, Azamgarh
230Dhanpatti Dharma Degree College,Khemaupur,Azamgarh
232Baba Naipal Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Brahampur (Latghat), Azamgarh
233Pheku Singh Mahavidyalaya, Chewar,  Azamgarh
234Raj Bahadur Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya , Hameedpur, (Shaheedwara), Azamgarh
236Ram Dev Memorial Mahavidyala, Ranipur, Rajmo, Mohammadpur, Azamgarh
237Dr. Sushila Gramin Mahavidyalaya Ratuwapar, Lakhandeeh, Azamgarh
238Shri Ramashray Jagdamba Gramin Mahavidyalaya, Jamuwan, Azamgarh
239Shri Sharda Mahavidyalaya Khorrampur, Belaun, Azamgarh
240Ram Pujan Smarak Mahaviyalaya, Gorharpur Atrauliya, Azamgarh
241Baba Vishwanath Mahavidyalaya, Nibee, Mohammadlla, Azamgarh
242Maa Dhanavati Mahavidyalaya, Singhpur, Azamgarh
243Shri Ram Dawar Pandey Mahavidyalaya, Laradpur, Oril, Azamgarh
244Mirza Ahsanullah Beg Niswan (Balika) Mahavidyalaya, Anjan Shaheed, Azamgarh
245Shri Jagdish Narayan Mahendra Prasad Mahavidyalaya, Ragghupur,  Azamgarh
246Maa Babuna Balika Mahavidyalaya, Badhgahan, Azamgarh
247Kumud Singh Mahavidyalaya, Masuriyapur, Nainijor, Azamgarh
248Baba Ram Tahal Das Vishal Mahavidyalaya, Bhartipur, Azamgarh
249Dr. Sushila Gramin Mahavidyalaya Ratuwapar, Lakhandeeh, Azamgarh
250Maa Buddha National Mahavidyalaya, Gandhuvai, Nizamabad Azamgarh
251 Bhagwan Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Chakrapanipur (Kanaila) Azamgarh
252 Hariom Mahavidyalaya, Atraith,  Azamgarh
253 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Mahavidyalaya, Belwana,  Azamgarh
255 Maina Devi Mahavidyalaya, Baidauli, Azamgarh
256 Rajeev Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Baldev, Manduri, Kaptanganj, Azamgarh
257 Adarsh Devkali Baba Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Udaina, Ahiraula, Azamgarh
258 Sri Komal Sahu Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Baragoan, Jiyanpur, Azamgarh
259 Shri Badri Prasad Mahavidyalaya, Aarifpur, Sagari, Azamgarh
260 Sushila Rai Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sarai Mohan,  Azamgarh
 261 Maa Murati Balika Mahavidyalaya, Balrampur, Azamgarh
 262 Babu Nakki Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Mohabbatpur, Shahgarh, Azamgarh
263Ganga Gauri Mahavidyalaya, Ramnagar, Baijawari, Azamgarh
 264 Sw. Ishdutt Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Devara Kadim, Maharajganj, Azamgarh
 265 Jai Maa Vaishno Mahavidyalaya, Gahni, Azamgarh
266Er. Radhey Shyam Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Saraisaif,  Sanjarpur, Azamgarh
267Baij Nath Ramnaresh Mahavidyalaya, Kazipur, Barhalganj Azamgarh
 268 Ram Nath Dhananjay Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jagdishpur, Atrauliya,  Azamgarh
 269 Ram Bachan Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Bahauddinpur, Khurason, Phoolpur, Azamgarh
270Babu Kamta Singh Mahavidyalaya, Lafia Lalganj, Azamgarh
271Baba Sahoru Das Smarak (B.S.D.S.) Mahavidyalaya, Nandaun, Azamgarh
272Shri Kashi Chandradev Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Hazipur, Bamhaur, Azamgarh
273Shanti Sudama Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Amaura, Azamgarh
274Jamuna Keshav Singh Memorial Mahavidyalaya, Nuawan, Sammopur, Thekma, Azamgarh
275Yogendra Mahavidyalaya, Kamhariya, Kharihani, Azamgarh
276Palakdhari Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Itaura, Chandeshwar, Azamgarh
277M.K.Rai Deep Adarsh Balika Mahavidyalaya, Bhagwanpur,Thekma, Azamgarh
279Devi Shyam Rathi Mahila Mahavidyalaya Sadhavganj, Barsara, Khalsa, Azamgarh
280Baba Baij Nath Ji Mahavidyalaya, Godhpur, Kishundaspur, Azamgarh
281Shri K.N. Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagar Kshetra, Jeanpur, Azamgarh
282Shri Ramdhani Kishan Mahavidyalaya, Baghra, Uchauhuwa, Azamgarh
283Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Mahavidyalaya Balpur, Kharaila, Azamgarh
284Baba Baij Nath Mahavidyalaya, Amnave, Martinganj, Azamgarh
285Jai Prakash Rai Mahavidyalaya, Fatuhi, Azamgarh
286Verma Shyam Dulari Mahavidyalaya, Araji Devara Nainijor, Raunapar, Azamgarh
287Gramin Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Ranipur Rajmo, Bindra Bazar, Azamgarh
288Shri Vikrama Chauhan Samrak Mahavidyalaya, Rampur, Bhujahi, Azamgarh
289Mubarakpur Girls Degree College, Mubarakpur, Azamgarh
290Maa Shringari Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Bharauli, Azamgarh
291 Sunshine Girls Degree College,Panti Jaigaha, Azamgarh
292 Maa Durgaji Mahavidyalaya, Durwasa, Dharmdaspur, Azamgarh
293 Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose Mahavidyalaya,Deogaon, Azamgarh
294 Babu Shivpattar Rai Smarak Balika Mahavidyalaya, Ramgarh, Sagri, Azamgarh
295 Pd. Nagina Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Jokhara, Azamgarh
296 Bhagwati Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Mirjapurkhas, Shahpur, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
297 Mata Dhiraji Mahavidyalaya Salempur Sultanipur Azamgarh
298 Shri Harihar Ji Mahavidyalaya, Fariha, Nizamabad, Azamgarh
299Sw. Kalpanath Mahavidyalaya, Barserwa, Ahirauli, Lalganj, Azamgarh
300Shri Raghunath Prasad Sahu Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Haraiya, Azamgarh
301M. A. Memorial Girls Degree College, Kolbaj Bahadhur, Azamgarh
302Smt. Shakuntala Devi Durga Prasad Shrivastava Mahavidyalaya, Chaklatif, Mahul, Azamgarh
303Om Prakash Mishra Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Molanapur, Ahmadbaks, Phulesh, Azamgarh
304Barkhu Ram Verma Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jokhara, Latghat, Azamgarh
306Shri Sharda Mata Prasad Degree College, Mai Kharagpur, Azamgarh
307Public Girls Degree College, Khankah, Saraimir,
308Azad Mahavidyalaya, Saraiya, Palhana, Azamgarh
309Shyamkaran Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Saifpur Urf Bajanpur, Azamgarh
310Babu Raghunath Ji Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Gambhirpur, Azamgarh
311Bajnu Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Baghara, Uchahuwan, Azamgarh
312Mata Leelawati Chanra Devi Mohit Pahalwan Mahavidyalaya, Khajura, Fullaich, Bogaria, Azamgarh
313Suryanath Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Ghinhapur, Gopalpur, Azamgarh
314Shri Shankar Durgaji Mahavidyalaya, Kharchalpur, Jamalpur, Sofipur, Azamgarh
317Shivshankar Singh Mahavidyalaya, Kanaila (Karanhat), Azamgarh
318Munni Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Gopalpur, Sardaha Bazaar, Azamgarh
319Baba Vishwanath Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Bhitkason Mehnagar, Azamgarh
320Gajadhar Gurukul Nanhkudas Mahavidyalaya, Wajidpur (Digurpur), Azamgarh
321Phoolchand Gramin Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Narhankhas, Azamgarh
322Dr. Ram Naresh Mahavidyalaya, Changaipur, Jiyanpur, Azamgarh
323Ram Sakal Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Gorthani, Atraulia, Azamgarh
324Lalti Mahila Mahavidyalay,Bangaon Azamgarh
325Vikayal Vikrama Rai Mahila Mahavidyalaya Harraiya Sagari, Azamgarh
326Maa Prabhavati Balika Mahavidyalaya Suarai Sathiyaon ,Azamgarh
327Moti Harish Chandra Mahavidyalaya Baldeeh,Pandaha ,Azamgarh
328Dinesh Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya Pakdi Ahiraula,Azamgarh
329Fatima Hind Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mahul, Azamgarh
330Udayraj Singh Ram Pyari Mahavidyalaya Jalalpur,Kaudiya ,Azamgarh
331Maa Chandrawati Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Mehnagar ,Azamgarh
332Shailendra Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Jahanagarh,Azamgarh
333Lodi Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Mahadevpur, Senpur, Azamgarh
334Rajdei Devi Mahavidyalaya, Sangrampur Deedargarh, Azamgarh
335Babu Ramanand Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kota Unchuan, Azamgarh
336Jainath Memorial Balika Mahavidyalaya Harai Rampur, Azamgarh
337K.D.N. Mahavidyalaya Ubarpur Lalganj, Azamgarh
338Priyanka Mahavidyalaya, Narfora, Virali, Azamgarh
339Safiya Girls Degree College, Mahalia, Shahgarh, Azamgarh
340Anand Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Barserwa, Bahadurpur, Azamgarh
341Ram Sakal Singh Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya Madhuban, Gurehatha, Azamgarh
342 Babu Lallan Singh Mahavidyalaya, Bhujahi, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
343 D.B.S.K. Girls Degree College, Azmatgarh, Azamgarh
344Radhika Krishna Murari Mahavidhlaya, Zameen Harkhori, Azamgarh
345Ranbahadur Mahavidyalaya Phoolpur, Dehat, Azamgarh
346 Babu K P Singh Mahavidyalaya, Khemaupur, Chandeshwer, Azamgarh
347Ram Kishor Balika Mahavidyalaya, Imamgarh,  Mahul, Azamgarh
348 Baba Bhawarnath Mahavidyalaya, Kharagpur, Azamgarh
349 Savitri Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Odhra, Salempur, Nainijor, Azamgarh
350 Krishna Patel Mahavidyalaya, Rohuvar, Baidauli, Azamgarh
351 Lalchandra Kanhaiya Ji Mahavidyalaya, Tisaura Mafi, Badahalganj, Azamgarh
352 B.B.S Raj Mahavidyalaya,Gopalapur (Mehnagar), Azamgarh
353 Ultra Modern Girls Degree College Mehnagar, Azamgarh
355 Mata Pyaridevi Darshan Mahavidyalay Karnehua Menhnagar  Azamgarh
356 Chandrabhanu Mahavidyalay Masuriapur  Nainijor Azamgarh
357 Kunwar Singh Smarak Mahavidyalay Deeh Amilo Azamgarh
358 Maa Kamala Mahavidyalay  Tejpur Sultanpur  Azamgarh
359 Kanti Mahila Mahavidyalay Bairampur  Azamgarh
360Shyam Kanhaiya Rai Balika Mahavidyalay Amaura  Pandaha Azamgarh
361Sarvoday Mahila Degree College Ghorath Harbanshpur Azamgarh
362Maa Malati Devi Mahila Mahavidylaya Narehatha  Azamgarh
363Kalawati Gorakh Mahavidyalay Munauwarpur Phoolpur  Azamgarh
364Indrajeet Mahila Mahavidyalay Aaraji Dewara Nanijour(Pakari Hawa)  Azamgarh
365Sant Mauni Baba S.M.S.Girls Degree College  Roshanpur Kamhariya  Menhnagar  Azamgarh
366Ramdev Institute Of Education Khillupur Sanjarpur Azamgarh
367Maa Gauri Mahila Mahavidylaya Gambheerawal Chakwal  Azamgarh
368Bageshwari Mahavidyalay  Deeha  Azamgarh
369Phoola Devi  Mangaroo Singh Memorial Mahavidyalay Chhattarpur Lalganj  Azamgarh
370Maa Sharada Jamuna Mahavidyalay Tandawakhas Kharihani  (Belhadeehroad) Azamgarh
373Maa Ashthabuji Mahila Mahavidyalay Khorrampur Belau  Azamgarh
375Vishwanath Smarak Mahavidyalay Kabootara Menhnagar  Azamgarh
377Maa Chanaramee Devi Mahila Mahavidyalay Tamaruaa  Azamgarh
378Saraswati Mahila Mahavidyalay Gajandharpatti Ajagara Boodhanpur  Azamgarh
380Shaheed Indrajeet Smarak Grameen Mahavidyalay Sumhadeeh Pawai  Azamgarh
381Shree Nanhoo Yadav Kisan Balika Mahavidyalay Bhagawanpur  Haraura  Azamgarh
382Anupama Rai Memorial College Of Education  Harairam Agamgarh
383Kinsraj Smarak Shikshan Seva Sansthan/Mahavidyalay Sundarnagar Tainee Mahul Azamgarh
398Maa Chandrawati Devi Mahavidyalay, Deurpur (Ashraphpur Basaratpatti), Azamgarh, 9415806636
Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar Mahavidyalay, Bankat Ledaura, Azamgarh
J P R Girls Degree College, Sethwal, Rani ki Sarai, Azamgarh
 2Ramdhari Balika Mahavidyalaya, Hasanpur Urph Bharthipur Airakala, Azamgarh ,, 9793700401
Girija Shankar Singh Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Kharra Rastipur, Azamgarh , , 9415928215, 9452222756


College CodeCollege name and addressWebsite/Email
801 D.C.S.K. Mahavidyalaya, Mau,
802 Janta Mahavidyalaya, Ranipur, Mau
803 Maryada Purusuhottam Mahavidyalaya, Bhursuri, Ratanpura, Mau
804 Sant Gani Nath Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya, Mohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
805 Sarvodaya P.G. College, Ghosi, Mau, admin@sarvodayacollege.orgin
806 Shri Ram Lachhan Mahavidyalaya, Amila, Mau
807Talimuddin Nisvan Mahavidyalaya, Mau,
808 Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Indara, Mau
809 Parvati Mahila Degree College, Doharighat, Mau
810 Baba Thanidas Balika Mahavidyalaya, Gofa, Amila, Mau
811 Shivanand Mahavidyalaya, Indara, Mau
812 Namvar Khuddan Smarak Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Sirsa, Chiraiya Kot, Mau
813 Bindeshwari Mahavidyalaya, Dhavariyasath, Mau
814 Kisan Majdur Mahavidyalaya, Bhiti, Mau
815 Rishi Ram Naresh Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Molnapur, Dubari, Mau
816 Keshav Madhav Baijnath Mahavidyalaya, Chakvilayat Dargah, Mau
817 Prithvi Raj Chauhan Mahavidyalaya, Mau,
818 Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Koariyapar, Mau
819 Public Mahila Sahar Mahavidyalaya, Baramadpur Mohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
820 Ram Naval Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Chiraiyakot, Mau
821 Ram Sundar Pandey Mahavidayalaya, Gaziyapur, Mau
822 Shri Ram Dhari Chauhan Mahavidyalaya, Khiriya Mau
824 Rajeev Gandhi Mahila, Mahavidyalaya, Pardaha, Mau
825 Swatantrata Sangram Senani Mahendra Mahavidyalaya, Haldharpur Mau
826 Shri Krishna Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Madhuban, Mau
827 Shri Shiv Baba Mahavidyalaya, Dadanpur, Allupur, Pirsai, Mau,
828 B.S.S. Mahavidyalaya, Kopaganj, Mau
829 Mahadev Mahavidyalaya, Neruvadeeh, Gahana, Mau
830 Majeedun Nisha Girls Degree College, Kopaganj, Mau
831 Lakshmi Narayan Mahavidyalaya, Kushmour, Pakhaipur, Mau
832 Maharshi Baba Lodi Das Mahavidyalaya, Khurhat, Mau
833 Ramdhan Damodar Mahavidyalaya, Kasara, Mau
834 Ram Lagan Mahavidyalaya, Jamalpur, Mirzapur, Ghosi, Mau
835 Nageshwar Pandey Mahavidyalaya, Piparsath, Mau
836 Mata Duja Devi Nikumbh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kushmaur Kaithvali , Mau
837 Smt. Indira Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Dumari, Maryadpur, Mau
838 D.S.S.A. Balika Mahavidyalaya, Dadnpur Ahirauli, Mau
839 Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Chakara Basu Nagar, Dargah, Mau
840 Ram Bachan Singh Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bagli Pijra, Mau,
841 Chhote Lohia Mahavidyalaya, Jamunipur, Chakesar, Kashidham, Surajpur, Mau
842 Haripal Ji Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Daraura, Karha, Mau
843 Shanti Singh Mahavidyalaya, Bhopaura, Mau
844 Kumar Parmarath Baba Govind Mahavidyalaya, Kalyanpur, Mau
845 Lalsar Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Taketuwa, Rampur, Mau
846 Raj Nath Mahavidyalaya Shukul Patti Kathatrawan, Mau
847 Ram Ugrah Muneshwari Mahadeo Mahavidyalaya, Kajhakoti, Mau
848 Musafir Prabhavati Mahavidyalaya, Salahabad, (Bachauna), Mau
849 Ramdev Ramharsh Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Chiraiya Kot, Mau
850 Sukhram Singh Mahavidyalaya, Sarwan, Mau
851 H.M. Mahavidyalaya, Peewatal, Mau
853 Avadh Narayan Singh Mahavidyalaya, Sultanipur, Mau
854 Deep Niketan Mahavidyalaya, Bhatikla, Karha, Mau
855 Manniya Kashiram R.D. Ram R.B. Ram Memorial Degree College ,Kamalpur, Kolaura, Mau
856 Abdul Usman Mahavidyalaya, Raipur, Paliya, Mau
857 Pt. Chandrika Smarak Purvanchal Mahavidyalaya, Surhupur Mohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
858 Baba Bhrigu Mahavidyalaya, Paliya Mau
859 Krishna Mahavidyalaya, Tajpur, (Usmanpur) Pipridih, Mau
860 Aruna Memorial Sarswati Mahavidyalaya, Rewridih, Sahroj, Mau
861 Baburam Kailashi Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Dhanauli Rampur Doharighat, Mau
862 H.A. Rab Girls Degree College Jahangirabad Maunath Bhanjan, Mau
863 Md. Shahbaan Memorial Mahavidyalaya, Rampur Belauli, Mau
864 Shyama Tiwari Mahavidyalaya, Tinhari, Parsupur, Mau
865 Shivkumari Sahab Mahavidyalaya, Kayampur, Muhamdabad, Gohna, Mau
866 A. N. Girls Degree College, Fatehpur, Talartoy, Madhuban, Mau
867 Shahid Akshyawar Mall Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sultanpur Barahgawan, Madhuban, Mau
868 Shri Krishna Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sipah, Ebrahimabad, Mau
869 Purvanchal Mahila Degree College, Bhikharipur, Mau
870 N. K. National Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nadwa Sarai, Mau
871 Baba Paramhans Tribhuwan Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Hanuman Nagar, Karampur, Mau
872 Shri Muktinath Smarak Mahavidyalaya Para Mubarakpur, Kopaganj, Mau
873 Baba Jagdev Das Maa Amrawati Shivpujan Mahavidyalaya, Pakri Taal, (Ozipur) Ghosi, Mau
874 Ramdhari Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Mirpur, Godhna, Mau
875Rahmaniya Degree College, Ropanpur, Hisampur, Mau
876 Purushottam Mahavidyalaya, Ranvirpur, Mau
877 Chandrashekhar Mahavidyalaya Sahzadpur (Niyamatpur), Mau
878 Rambhajan Degree College Chakhusain Thalaipur, Mau
879 Rajiya Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya Hakeekatpur (Mataloopur), Mau
880 Shivgovind Rambachan Mahavidyalaya Shiksha Sansthan, Lalitpur, Luduhi, Ghosi, Mau
881 Paras Baba Sahab Ambedkar Shaheed Faujdaar Ram Mahavidyalaya, Paraspura, Mau
882 Indian Education Institute, Khalispur, Mau
883 Ram Lagan Girls Degree College, Amila, Mau
884 Swatantrata Sangram Senani Paramhans Mishr Vanshraji Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Reyao, Mau
886 Baba Tapeshwar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Gaurpar, Mau
887 Bhrigunath Balika Mahavidyalaya,Para Mubarakpur, Mau
888 R.A.F. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Shamshabad, Karha, Mau
889 Lal Bacchi Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kamalpur Kolaura, Mau
890 V B S Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Allipur, Dangauli, Mau
891 Mangru Memorial Mahila Mahavidyalaya Bhelur, Changeri, Mau
892 Indu Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bhudsuri(Badhya), Ratanpura, Mau
893 Nabi Ahmad Mahila Degree College. Salempur, Rampur, Mau
894 Ram Awadh Singh Mahavidyalaya, Piparideeh, Mau
895 Ramlakhan Mahavidyalaya, Jamdeeh, Mau
896 Mevati Devi Mahavidyalaya, Tadva, Jargar, Mau
897 Maa Shakuntla Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Amari Amarhat, Mau
898 Sonmati Kamla Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Aldemau
899 Aazad Hind Mahavidyalaya, Chakramji Maunath Bhanjan, Mau
901 Shivmangal Mahila Mahavidyalay Pardanha Jameen Bela Sulatanpur Mau
902 Shyamsundari Mahila Mahavidyalay Buvari (Molanpur) Mau
903 Sw. Shreemati Indira Gandhi Balika Mahavidyalay Padmidanh Ghosi Mau
904 Sugwanti Smarak Mahavidyalay Kanjha Mau
906 Krishna Memorial Mahavidyalaya Ratanpura Mau
907 Samata Mahavidyalay Baragaon Mau
908 Rajan College Of Womenseducation Hikama Kopaganj Mau
909 Rajeshwari Devi Mahila Mahavidyalay Paligarh Mau
910 Rambaran Ghurabhari Yadav Mahavidyalaya Samauddinpur Karami Mau
911 Mahadev Ramsoch Krishak Mahavidyalay Sipah Ibrahimabad Mau
912 Karma Lal Bihari Degree College Gontha Doharighat Mau
913 Ramgopal Institute Of Education Baragaon Mau
914 Jay Maa Khandwari Mahila Mahavidyalay Kotawa Kahinaur Mau
915 Aadishakti College Tajopur Mau
916 Prabhunath Singh Gautam Mahavidyalay Garibpatti Tadwa Chiraiyakot Mau
917 Chandradev Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalay Khanpur Mau
918 Ranjeet Pandey Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalay Kamaluddinpur Sousaravan Mau
Ram Prasad Smarak Shikshan Prashikshan Seva Sansthan Mahavidyala,Lakhani Mubarakpur Ghosi, Mau ,
Rajpati Yadav Isri Smarak Arjun Mahavidyalaya, Jasada, Mau ,
Krishna Institute of Education For Womens, Tenduli Paligarh, Mau ,
Suryanath Ramugrah Mahavidyalaya, Hasanpur, Mau,, 9452171112
932Ramsheela Girls Degree College, Industrial Area, Tajopur, Mau
934Sri Parashar Brahma Sudhakar Pandey Damyanti Devi Institute of Girls Educational Raikwardeeh, Mau,, 9838605045
926Maa Mewati Tara Devi Institute of Girls Education Dhaurhara, Mau,, 9453180330, 9455777900
933Raja Harishchandra Mahavidyalaya, Rukunpur Rampurkandhi, Devlaas, Mau,, 9415292368


College CodeCollege name and addressWebsite/Email
102I.D. Memorial Degree College Anand Bihar Mudwal Fateullahapur Ghazipur
103Shree Chandrabali Balika Mahavidyalay Tajpur Molana Ghazipur
104Rajdev Mahavidyalaya Salempur Bandhai Ghazipur
105Mata Ramdulari Ramashray Shikhhak Prashikhhan Sansthan Naurangabad Khajepur Bahariabad Ghazipur
106Sw. Chandrika Kisan Mahavidyalay Sainupur Aamghat Bhawarkol Ghazipur
107Dinesh Aadarsh Mahavidyalay Devchandra Bari Ghazipur
108Tetari Devi Mahavidyala Saraygokul Ghazipur
109Shivsakhi Memorial Degree College Jamunadev (Devkathia) Ghazipur
110Baba Dharmdev Balika Mahavidyalay Kaithvalia Mahpur Ghazipur
112Kalindi Singh Mahavidyalay Ishopur Mahpur Ghazipur
114Kamala Mahila Mahavidyalay Santosh Nagar Ghazipur
115Sabir Ali Balika Degree College Jakhania Ghazipur
116Mata Kusum Devi Girls Degree College Kudila Jakhania Ghazipur
117Rajeshwar Mahadev Degree Collegeaaraji Budhaila (Pandey Ka Pura) Amaroopur Ghazipur
118Shree Rajendra Singh Mahavidyalay Korari Birano Ghazipur
119Mahaveer Parashuram Mahavidyalay Bisunpur Tadawa Ghazipur
120Rajnath Memorial Mahavidylay Bhitari Ghazipur
121Mata Pyari Rajdev Mahavidyalay Sadat Ghazipur
122Maharshi Shikhhan Avam Prashikhhan Sansthan Khadvadeeh Ghazipur
123Shambhunarayan Mahavidyalay Harhari Ghazipur
124Ramnagina Shikhhak Prashikhhan Mahavidyalay Paharpur Kala Ghazipur
125Shree Kashinath Mahavidyalay Tilesara Ghazipur
126Dashrath Sansthan Hariharpur (Kanari) Ghazipur
127Maa Gomati Balika Mahavidylay Sadarjahanpur Ghazipur
128M.P. Girls Sansthan Mahmudpur Kutubchak Saidpur Ghazipur
130Shivdhan Kisan Mahavidyalay Harauli Ghazipur
131Vidya Kamala Mahila Sikhha Sansthan Vishkala Dhuvarjun Ghazipur
146Maa Parwati Kunwar Shaichainik Sansthan Berukhi Mahdpur Ghazipur
159Musaphir Mahavidyalaya, Ataria Dharammarpur, Ghazipur
160Sant parsottam Balika Mahavidyalaya, Baghol Jangipur, Ghazipur
170Sri Badrinath Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Medanipur, Sikanderpur, Ghazipur
171Sriram Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Katayan Lahang Kasimabad, Ghazipur , , 9415860327
176Pahalwan Indradev Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bhadaura, Tadawan, Ghazipur
401Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Baghaow, Ghazipur
402Hindu Degree College, Zamania, Ghazipur
403Swami Sahajanand Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Ghazipur
404Malikpura Degree College Malikpura, Ghazipur
405Samta Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Sadat, Ghazipur
406Rajkiya Mahila Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Ghazipur
407Khardeeha Mahavidyalaya, Khardeeha, Ghazipur
408Mahatma Gandhi Shati Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Garua Maksoodpur, Ghazipur
409Shri Mahanth Ramasray Das Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Bhurkura, Ghazipur
410Gadadhar Shlok Mahavidyalaya, Revtipur, Ghazipur
411Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya, Saidpur, Ghazipur
412Baba Gajadhar Das Balika Mahavidyalaya, Atampur Chhapra (Saadat), Ghazipur
413Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Ghazipur
414Bapu Mahavidyalaya, Saadat, Ghazipur
415Raj Kishore Mahavidyalaya, Baruin , Zamaniya, Ghazipur
416Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Jalalabad, Dullahpur, Ghazipur
417Shri Ramashankar Bal Gopal Mahavidyalaya, Nasirpur Maupara, Ghazipur
418Mahant Pavahari Shribalkrishna Yati Kanya Mahavidyalaya Hathiyaram, Ghazipur
419Hanuman Singh Mahavidyalaya, Devkali, Ghazipur
420 Shaheed Smarak Rajkiya Mahavidyalaya, Yusufpur, Mohammadabad, Ghazipur
421 Sant Bula Satyanam Das Birbal Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Amari, Dullahapur, Ghazipur
422 Shri Ram Karan Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Ishopur, Rampur, Ghazipur
423 Maa Kamakhya Mahavidyalaya, Gahmar, Ghazipur
424 Ram Rahim Mahavidyalaya, Gahmar Ghazipur
425 Mahavidyalaya Akarao, Shadiyabad, Ghazipur
426 Shri Radha Raman Mahavidyalaya, Adarsh Vidyapeeth, Ruhipur, Ghazipur
427 Shri Banshi Balgopal Mahavidyalaya, Sagra ,Rajupur, Ghazipur
428 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Mahavidyalaya, Jhotari, Dhamupur, Ghazipur
429 Maa Bageshwari Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nasirpur, Ghazipur
430 Shabri Mahavidyalaya, Sikhari, Ghazipur
431 Ram Nagina Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Muriyari, Jakhanian, Ghazipur
432 Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Ukranav Bahriyabad, Ghazipur
433 Prabhu Narayan Singh Mahavidyalaya, Baghel Vanshiy Marhi Ashram, Kasimabad, Ghazipur
434 Shri Meghabaran Singh Mahavidyalaya, Bhadaila, Karampur, Ghazipur
435 Mahamandleshvar Shri Bal Krishanayati Mahavidyalaya, Virndravan, Ghazipur
436 Sant Lakhandas (Naga Baba) Pachottar Mahavidyalaya, Tapeshvari Nagar, Mardah, Ghazipur
437 Shri Ramdas Mahavidyalaya, Dullahpur, Ghazipur
438 Guru Phool Chand Mahavidyalaya, Daulatpur, Ghazipur
439 Gopi Nath Mahavidyalaya, Devali, Salamatpur, Ghazipur
440 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Degree College, Dhotari Adhyatmpuram, Ghazipur
441 Pt. Ramswaroop Dwivedi Mahavidyalaya, Karanda, Ghazipur
442 Shri Hari Shankar Mahavidyalaya, Jamuvari (Bahalolpur), Ghazipur
443 Shastri Dipan Chaudhari Mahavidyalaya, Bhadev Prem Ka Pura, Ghazipur
444 Shri Shiv Mahavidyalaya, Pharidaha ,Khanpur, Ghazipur
445 Mukhram Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Dahrakalan, Ghazipur
446 Harish Chandra Mahavidyalaya, Kavla, Jakhaniya, Ghazipur
447 Shri Mahanth Maniraj Das Baliraj Mahavidyalaya, Nasratpur, Barahi Ghazipur
448 Baba Jangali Mahavidyalaya, Salempur, Wajidpur, Ghazipur
451 Sukhdev Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Phoolpur, Burhanpur, Ghazipur
452 Om Vishwanath Swarnma Sukh Mahavidyalaya, Khuda Bakaspur, Dullahpur, Ghazipur
453 Pachottar Mahavidyalaya, Mardah, Ghazipur
454 Kashinath Mahavidyalaya, Narayanpur, Kakrhi, Daulatpur, Ghazipur
455 Krishna Sudama Mahavidyalaya, Maradapur, Daulat Nagar Ghazipur
456 Vimla Ramashankar Mahavidyalaya, Yusufpur, Shahpur, Ghazipur
457 Lutavan Mahavidyalaya, Sakra, Jaitpura, Ghazipur
458 Baldev Shridhar Mahavidyalaya, Bhavraha, Pandeypur Radhye, Ghazipur
459 Harishchandra Mahavidyalaya, Maudhiyan, Ghazipur
460 Sarju Rai Memorial Degree College, Gandhi Nagar, Ghazipur
461 Shri Shiv Pujan Gokul Mahavidyalaya, Gaharpur Rampur, Balbhadra Ghazipur
462 Sw. Kishun Chandra Bakhari Baba Mahavidyalaya Tiyara Birano, Ghazipur
463 Jokhan Mahavidyalaya, Ekra, Ghazipur
464 Shri Dhaneshwar Mahavidyalaya Kusumhi Khurd Sirgitha, Ghazipur
465 Matuk Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Dadhawal, Ghazipur
466 Devchandar Dalsingaar Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Mahavidyalaya, Aary Nagar, Muhammadpur Ghazipur
467 Chaudhary Charan Singh Kisan Mahavidyalaya, Nevada, Durgvijay Rai, Jakhnia, Ghazipur
468 Matri Gangajali Mahavidyalaya Moudhiyan, Ghazipur
469 Mukhram Mahavidyalaya, Jagadishpur, Ruhipur Ghazipur
470 Shri Babu Nandan Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Rampur Bantra, Ghazipur
471 Baba Chandrika Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Block Road, Mardah, Ghazipur
472 Rajdev Mahavidyalaya ,Sipah Jahurabad, Ghazipur
476 Rajeev Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Mandara, Jakhaniyan, Ghazipur
477 Mohan Memorial Prayag Mahavidyalaya Shivdasichak, Basuchak, Ghazipur
478 Mahila Mahavidyalaya Hetimpur, Zamaniya, Ghazipur
479 Asha Mahavidyalaya, Dhirjijot, Sikhadi, Ghazipur
480 Moolchand Mahavidyalaya, Holipur, Ghazipur
481 Ram Sumer Suryabanshi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Devsthali, Dahi Ghazipur
482 Ramjag Mahavidyalaya, Mardanpur, Ghazipur
483 Janbharti Mahavidyalaya, Diliya, Talwal Ghazipur
484 Sarv Seva Mahavidyalaya, Abadan Bairan, Ghazipur
485 Jang Bahadur Rai Mahavidyalaya, Lauwadih, Ghazipur
486 Uma Shankar Shashtri Mahavidyalaya, Haisi Para, Ghazipur
487 Swadharm Mahavidyalaya, Kataya, Sarai Gokul, Ghazipur
488 Bahan Mayawati Mahavidyalaya Chaukari, Chaura – Ghazipur
489 Mata Behphaiya Sogara Mahavidyalaya, Kuttubpur Kasimabad, Ghazipur
490 Janta Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Maksudanpur, Mubarkpur, Gangouly, Ghazipur
491 Dr. Ambedkar Kumar Pahalawan Mahavidyalaya, Pandeypur Radhey, Ghazipur
492 Pashupati Nath Smarak Mahavidhyala Sherpur Kalan, Ghazipur
493 Kedar Sukhdev S.N.O.P. Mahavidyalaya Harsapur, Chaubepur, Ghazipur
494 Vimala Yadav Mahavidyalay, Akavaspatti, Bhitari, Ghazipur
495 Satiram Mahavidyalaya, Aalampatti, Ghazipur
496 Ramsurat Shivmurti Mahavidyalaya, Mahmudpur, Hathini, Ghazipur
497 Baba Vishvanath Mahavidyalaya, Teliyani Bahadiya, Ghazipur
498 Sw. Purushottam Mahavidyalaya, Halpur Govindpur, Ghazipur
499 Maa Sharda Rajnarayan Rai Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Paali, Ghazipur
501 Subhash Vidya Mandir Mahavidyalaya, Bahariyabad, Ghazipur
502 Balram Mahavidyalaya, Manihari, Ghazipur
503 Shrinath Alakananda Mahavidyalaya, Bhuvarpur, Anauni, Ghazipur
504 D. R. D. Mahavidyalaya, Nagsar, Ghazipur
505 Rajaram Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Chandpur, Singarpur, Ghazipur
506 Shri Lacchiram Mahavidyalaya, Salikpur, Sauri, Ghazipur
507 Baba Banwari Lal Balgopal Mahavidyalaya, Malaura, Ghazipur
508 Raghunandan Kishundev Mahavidyalaya, Devchandpur, Ghazipur
509 Patiram Bhagat Singh Mahavidyalaya, Jahanpur, Bhitri, Ghazipur
510 Om Ji Mahavidyalaya, Gaura, Jakhania, Ghazipur
511 Rajan Chandrika Mahavidyalaya, Gulal Sarai, Ghazipur
512 Shashwat Suryawanshi Mahavidyalaya, Atigawan, Khetabpur, Jakhania, Ghazipur
513 Baba Ramdev Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Bartar, Nonhara, Ghazipur
514 Radha Krishna Ramnaresh Mahavidyalaya, Salempur, Baghai, Ghazipur
515 Shri Hari Narayan Mahavidyalaya, Jagatpur, Gahli, Basarikpur, Ghazipur
516 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Janhi, Jhotna, Jakhania, Ghazipur
517 Shri Ramchandra Badami Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Vidhyapara, Chaukiya, Ghazipur
518 Sitaram Mahavidyalaya, Mundiyari, Jakhania, Ghazipur
519 Gajadhar Singh Mahavidyalaya, Gumma (Shaktinagar) Ghazipur
520 Indradev Ramnawal Banafar Mahavidyalaya, Daharmauwa, Ghazipur
521 Sant Ramnarayan Rajkishore Shankar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Baruen, Zamania, Ghazipur
522 Buddham Sharanam Mahavidyalaya, Mudwal, Fateullahpur, Ghazipur
523 Niranjan Mahavidyalaya, Mustafabad, Bijaura, Ghazipur
524 Sadguru Shri Seetadas Mahavidyalaya, Dhaneshpur, Ghazipur
526 Nand Baba S. N. S. K. Institute Of Education, Bhawraha Pandeypur Radhey, Ghazipur
527 Kalika Chandrika Indrasan Mahavidyalaya, Bharatpur, Ghazipur
528 Harivanshi Dwarika College Of Education, Durkhushi, Mardah, Ghazipur
529 Ganga Jaddi Balika Mahavidyalaya, Rajhati, Baheri, Ghazipur
530 Lodi Singh Davarika Singh Kaushik Mahavidyalaya, Athagava Ghazipur
531 Ramkaran Shivakaran Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Siyava, Bhitari Ghazipur
532 Maa Sharda Mahila Mahavidyalaya Jalalabad, Ghazipur
533 Baba Gajjan Das Balika Mahavidyalaya, Khankah Khurd, Dharwan, Ghazipur
534 Heera Singh Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Gorari Vikrampur, Ghazipur
535 Khaki Baba Siddharth Mahavidyalaya, Dubain Pokhra, Yusufpur (Kharwa), Ghazipur
536 Motilal Mahavidyalaya, Saidpur, Ghazipur
537 Baba Vishwanath Mahavidyalaya, Mardanpur, Guraini, Ghazipur
538 Rajdhari Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Mirzapur, Ghazipur
539 Shri Kedar Faujdar Mahavidyalaya, Guraini, Ghazipur
540 D.A.V. College, Maudha, Ghazipur
541 K.V.S. Sansthan, Baksupur, Harmujpur, Ghazipur
542 Sant Kinaram Mahavidyalaya, Kaneri, Ghazipur
543 Atam Prakash Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Arsadpur, Jangipur, Ghazipur
544 Maa Prema Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Basu Chak, Ghazipur
545 Kashinath Shiksha Sansthan, Narayanpur, Kakarhi, Daulatpur, Ghazipur
546 S.K.B.M Degree College, Usiya Dildar Nagar, Ghazipur
547 Biju Patnayak Sonakar Balika Degree College, Devchandpur, Ghazipur
548 Mata Bhagyamani Mahila Degree College, Saheri, Ghazipur
549 Maa Ram Rati Devi Balika Mahavidhyalya, Kotisha (Jogiya/Lodhiya Taal ) Vikrampur Ghazipur
550 G.N Omens Educational Institute, Sanehua Salamatpur Ghazipur
551 Ramapati Vaidhya Mahila Degree College, Sommarbari Dhaneshpur Ghazipur
552 Subba Mahavidyalaya, Khalilpur Hurmujpur Ghazipur
553 Arjun Yadav Girls College, Ikra (Kudwaa) Ghazipur
554 Brijesh College Of Education, Sardarpur Bhudhpur Ghazipur
555 Sarju Singh Mahavidyalaya, Hamzapur Khas Jhotna Ghazipur
556 Shri Thakur Ji Ramlaxman Janki Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Brahpur Nandganj Ghazipur
557 Mata Tetradevi Sacchidanand Girls College, Alipur Mandra Ghazipur
558 Baba Hardev Balika Mahavidyalaya, Bhabhaura Aurihar, Ghazipur
559 Shri Doodhnath Sudami Balika Mahavidyalaya, Bhimapar,Sadat,Ghazipur
560 Ram Murat Mahila Mahavidyalaya Badasara Ghazipur
561 Ramlal Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Bada Goan Makhdumpur Ghazipur
562 Adarsh Ramadhar Mahavidyalaya, Naikoat Raishpur Mudiyar, Ghazipur
563 Bhuval Mahavidyalay Barodih Mubarakpur Ghazipur
564 Kashi Nath Banarasi Mahavidyalya, Achhaibar Nagar Rajupur Sammanpur, Ghazipur
565 Ma Yashoda Mahavdyalaya , Ashpur Akabarpur, Ghazipur
566 Abhay Narayan Singh Memoriyal Degree College Kundesar Ghazipur
567 Sahid Bhagat Singh Baba Murali Mahila Degree College, Mahurasa(Makhdumpur) Sadat, Ghazipur
568 Vindhyachal G (Girls) College , Karkapur, Alawalpur, Ghazipur
569 Mahatma Gandhi Mahila Degree College,Sauram, Nandganj, Ghazipur
570 Late Chandrasekhar Ji Purva Pradhan Mantri Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Rampur, Kanva , Saverai, Ghazipur
571 Shri Rang Ji Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Rampur, Matkhanna, Ghazipur
572 Ramsharan Mahavidyalaya, Mardanpur, Ghazipur
573 Reshmi Mahila Mahavidyalya, Atariya, Dharammarpur, Ghazipur
574 Sahay Singh Mahavidyalay, Angurpur, Rampur ,Balbhadra, Ghazipur
576 Adarsh M. D. Mahila, Mahavidyalaya, Talval, Ghazipur
577 Shri Bashisth Mahavidyalaya, Baghari, Zamania,Ghazipur
578 Shree Ram Avtar Chaubey Mahavidyalaya, Dharani,Bhanmal Rai Zamania, Ghazipur
579 Satyadev Degree College, Gadhipuram (Borasia), Fadanpur, Ghazipur
580 Kaushik Mahavidyalaya, Surwat Ghazipur
581 Baba Hazari Singh Memorial Balika Mahavidyalaya, Salempur Bahadur Jakhniyan Ghazipur
582 Shailesh Mahavidyalaya, Savash (Shailesh Nagar), Gazipur
585 M.M.D. Upendra Girls Educational Institute Bogana, Ghazipur
586 Uday Pratap Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kutubpur, Khetabpur, Ghazipur
588 Baijnath Mahavidyalaya Budhanpur Shadiyabad, Ghazipur
589 Jainath Mahavidyalay, Alipur, Madra, Jakhania, Ghazipur
590 M. N. Balika Mahavidyalaya Sardarpur Kayampur, Ghazipur
591 Sw . C. G. Girls Degree College, Rampur, Balbhadra Ghazipur
592 Shree Mahabali Balchandra Mahavidyalaya Sardarpur Buddhupur Ghazipur
593 Sw. Faujdar Singh Chauhan Balika Mahmoodpur Pali Devkali Ghazipur
594 Reshama Mahila Mahavidyalay Sikandarpur Bairakh Ghazpur
595 Secret Heart Girls College For Education And Training Bauriveer Singhpur Ghazipur
596 Bolanath Smarak Mahavidyalay Dhamupur, hameeddham0, Ghazipur
597 Maa Ramdulari Balika Mahavidyalaychhatarma, Ghazipur
598 Aaditya Dixit Girls Degree College Orasan, Ghazipur
599 Shree Parmanand Manorama Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya Ibrahimpur Kala Ghazipur
Champa Lorik Mahila Mahavidyalaya Vishunpura Devchandpur, Gazipur ,
Rainbow Mahila Sansthan, Nandganj, Ghazipur


College CodeCollege name and addressWebsite/Email
601Tilakdhari Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya,
602Nagrik Degree College, Janghai, Jaunpur
603 Himtaj Mahavidyalaya, Nevadhiya Jaunpur
604 Shri Ganesh Rai Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Dobhi, Jaunpur
605 Raja Shri Krishna Dutt Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Jaunpur
606 Govind Ballabh Pant Mahavidyalaya, Pratapganj, Jaunpur
607 Kutir Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Chakke, Jaunpur
608 Raja Harpal Singh Mahavidyalaya, Singramau, Jaunpur
609 Sahkari P.G. College Mihrawan, Jaunpur
610 Bayalasi Mahavidyalaya, Jalalpur, Jaunpur
611 Saltanat Bahadur Mahavidyalaya, Badlapur Jaunpur
612 Mariyahu Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Mariyahu, Jaunpur
613 Rashtriya Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Jamuhai, Jaunpur
614 Ram Awadh Yadav Ganna Krishak Mahavidyalaya, Takha, Shahganj Jaunpur
615 Gandhi Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Samodhpur, Jaunpur
616Raj Bahadur Mahavidyalaya, Gulalpur, Jaunpur
617 Bharti Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bharti Nagar, Jaunpur
618 Rashtriya Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Sujanganj, Jaunpur
619 Shri Rajaram Mahavidyalaya, Tariyari, Kerakat, Jaunpur
620 Mohammad Hasan Degree College, Jaunpur
621 Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi Shiya Degree College, Jaunpur
622 Sarvajanik Mahavidyalaya, Mungara Badshahpur, Jaunpur
623 Muslim Girls Degree College, Jaunpur
624 Abdul Aziz Ansari Degree College, Majadeeha, Shahganj, Jaunpur
625 Indrapati Mahavidyalaya, Gairwah, Jaunpur
626 Gokulnath Dubey Mahavidyalaya, Dhema, Jaunpur
627 Mukteshwer Prasad Mahavidyalaya, Jaunpur
628 Dr. Satya Prakash Singh Mahavidyalaya, Jamuniya, Jaunpur
629 Sukhmay Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Behra, Jaunpur
630 Bhola Nath Mishra Degree College Bhola Nagar, Jaunpur
631 Sant Mathura Singh Mahavidyalaya, Madarpur Jaunpur
632 Shri Bajrang Mahavidyalaya, Ghanshyampur, Jaunpur
633 Gulabi Devi Mahavidyalaya, Siddiqpur, Jaunpur
634 Walther Degree College, Rampur Jaunpur
635 Sumitra Mahavidyalaya, Sherwan, Jaunpur
636 Shrimati Janki Rampal Mahavidyalaya, Bhannaur Jaunpur
637 Tilakdhari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaunpur
638 Kaushilya Mahavidyalaya, Dilawarpur, Mariyahu Jaunpur
639 Raj Gaurav Mahavidyalaya, Khutahan Jaunpur
640 Bihari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Machchali Shahar, Jaunpur
641 Udasinacharya Jagatguru Shrichand Ji Mahavidyalaya, Pilakhini, Gaura Badshahpur Jaunpur
642 Sankalp Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sonahita, Jaunpur
643 K.D.S. Mahavidyalaya, Subashpur, Pali, Jaunpur
644 Sainik Girija Shankar Mahavidyalaya, Kerakat, Jaunpur
645 Ram Dev Mahavidyalaya, Sirauli Meerganj, Jaunpur
646 Baba Ganesh Dutt Mahavidyalaya, Rattipur, Jaunpur
649 Shri Haridas Mahavidyalaya, Lahangpur, Jaunpur
650 Beerbal Mahavidyalaya, Rasoolpur, Machchhli Shahar, Jaunpur
651 Ram Adheen Mahavidyalaya, Tekardeeh, Jiyaramau, Jaunpur
652 Surya Bali Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Devkali, Sarai, Khawaja, Jaunpur
653 Janta Mahavidyalaya, Ratnupur, Jaunpur
656 Rahul Mahavidyalaya, Kalawari, Sherwa, Jaunpur
657 Jangi Mahavidyalaya Asbaranpur, Jaunpur
658 Mata Prasad Adarsh Mahavidyalaya Bhabhauri Sherwan, Jaunpur
659 Vansha Devi Mahavidyalaya, Gajadharpur, Gaddopur, Jaunpur
660 Baba Sahab Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Siddiquepur, Jaunpur , , 9125093566
661 Samarajeet (S.J.) Mahavidyalaya, Veerbhanpur, Jaunpur
662 Ram Lakhan Singh Mahavidyalaya, Rampur, Baijapur, Jaunpur
663 Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Balika Degree College, Maharajganj, Jaunpur
664 Thakur Jagannath Singh Mahavidyalaya Nuwan, Barai Jaunpur
665 Shivangi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Panchahatiya Jaunpur
666 Jai Bajarang Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mungra Badshahpur, Jaunpur
667 Shri Ram Mahavidyalaya, Adampur, Nigoh Jaunpur
668 Rajesh Kumar Mahavidyalaya Kohre Sultanpur Jaunpur
669 Muneshvar Mahavidyalaya,Vishwapalpur Baraipar, Jaunpur
670 Faridul Haque Memorial Degree College Sabrahad, Jaunpur
671 Shrijan Mahavidyalaya, Bhatevara, Jaunpur
672 Janhit Mahavidyalaya, Gomti Nagar Mahimapur, Jalalpur, Jaunpur
673 Saroj Vidyashankar Saraswati Mandir Mahavidyalaya, Kodai Ka Pura Balvarganj Sujanganj, Jaunpur
674 Baba Prasidha Narayan Mahavidyalaya, Bagathari, Murara, Keraket, Jaunpur
675 Diyava Nath Kevala Shankar Mahavidyalaya Datanv, Jaunpur
676 Prabhu Devi Mahavidyalaya, Machhali Gaon Jaunpur
677 Sarju Prasad Mahavidyalaya, Kachgaon, Jaunpur
678 Raja Ram Mahavidyalaya Ramnagar, Jaunpur
679 Sw. Bahadur Singh Mahavidyalaya, Bankat, Jaunpur
680 Jata Shankar Gupt Degree College, Katwar, Jaunpur
681 Shri Ram Dular Pahalawan Mahavidyalaya, Semari, Shahpur, Jaunpur
682 Maa Gujarati Mahavidyalaya Churavanpur Baksha, Jaunpur
683 Yashoda Mahavidyalaya, Patrahi, Jaunpur
684 Shrimati Rajdei Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Takha (Pashchim), Shahganj, Jaunpur
685 Aachary Baldev College, Kopa ,Patarhi, Jaunpur
686 R.D.S. Mahavidyalaya, Kusawn Bhaupur, Jaunpur
687 Ramsamujh Mahavidyalaya, Fattupur, Bhagawanpur, Jaunpur
688 Dwarika Prasad Mahavidyalaya,Vijadharmau, Mungra Badashahpur, Jaunpur
689 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Government Degree College, Muftiganj, Jaunpur
690 Pro. Ram Nath Pandey Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mungara Badshahpur, Jaunpur
691 Maa Saraswati Mahavidyalaya, Damodara, Jaunpur
692 Ram Kishun Singh Mahavidyalaya Siddikpur, Jaunpur
693 Raghuvir Mahavidyalaya Thaloi, Bhikharipur Kala Jaunpur
694 Sarveshvari Mahavidyalaya Kamruddinpur, Rampur, Jaunpur
695 Navyug Mahavidyalaya Madhupur, Jaunpur
696 Maa Duraga Girls College, Dobhi, Jaunpur
698 Sw. Malti Singh Mahavidyalaya Ambarpur, Belva, Madiyahu, Jaunpur
699 Thakur Mativar Singh Mahavidyalaya, Purauttam, Jamalapur, Jaunpur
700 Dudhnath Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Mariyanhu, Jaunpur
701 Bhushan Bandhu Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Belwa Bazar, Jaunpur
702 Ram Kishore Mahavidyalaya, Kunwarpur, Jaunpur
703 Brahmlin Shri Pujari Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Tiyra, Badlapur, Jaunpur
704 Kaushilya Devi Baijnath Jaiswal Maina Devi Sherbahadur Singh Mahavidyalya, Guwanwa, Bhilampur, Jaunpur
707 Shiv Mahavidyalaya, Hariharpur, Dobhi, Jaunpur
708 R.S. Raj Mahavidyalaya, Laljipar, Sikrara, Jaunpur
709 Dharma Devi Mahavidyalaya, Belapar (Hayatganj) Buxa, Jaunpur
710 Shri Vidyadhar Tiwari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sulatanpur, Dariyavganj, Jaunpur
711 Nooruddin Khan Girls Degree College, Aflepur, Malhani Bazaar, Jaunpur
712 Jai Bajrang Ramsurat Mahavidyalaya, Bhatauli, Basauli, Jaunpur
713 Dev Vidyasthali, Dobhi, Khetasarai, Jaunpur
714 Lalji Ram Raj Yadav Mahavidyalaya Belva,Mariyahun, Jaunpur
715 Dr. G. S. Dubey Mahavidyalaya, Mithepar, Jaunpur
716 S. V. D. Gurukul Mahavidyalaya, Dumduma, Uchgaon, Jaunpur
717 Sarvoday Vidhyapith Mahavidyalaya Meerganj, Jaunpur
718 Shri Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Hunsepur, Sirkoni Jaunpur
719 Microtek College Of Management And Technology, Murtjabad, Kerakat, Jaunpur
720 Savitri Devi Mahavidyalaya Fattupur Kala Mugrabadshahpur Jaunpur
721 Lalti Kumudeshvar Educational And Training Mahila College, Jaunpur
722 Babu Udrej Shikshan Sansthan, Bajhan Mahrajganj Jaunpur
723 Maharshi Moolchand Yadav Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nandauli Kerakat Jaunpur
724 Sir J P Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Kevtali, Badlapur, Jaunpur
725 Maa Pyari Devi Mahavidyalaya Mokalpur Mariyahun, Jaunpur
726 Sudhakar Singh Foundation Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Pilkhini Gaurabadshahpur, Jaunpur
727 Maa Kamla Devi Mahavidyalaya, Jaipalpur, Mugrabadshahpur, Jaunpur
728 Sharda Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kaderepur Badlapur,Jaunpur
729 Shri Indrmani Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Khoiri, Barsathi, Jaunpur
730 D.A.V. Sansthan, Nayanpur Patarahi, Jaunpur
731 Ran Bahadur Manikraji Mahavidyalaya, Gothanv, Jaunpur
732 Dharma Devi Mahavidyalaya, Panwara Jaunpur
733 Sri Chandrabhan Singh Degree College, Chandpur, Gonapar, Jaunpur
734 Dwarika Prasad Yadav Mahavidyalaya, Mishrmau, Sandi, Jaunpur
735 Shree Ram Surat Mahavidyalay Bhonda Mariyanhu Jaunpur
736 Maa Aasha Gyandeepsansthan Kuchhmuchh Nayansand Jaunpur
737 Shivgovind Mahavidyalay Machhalishahar Jaunpur
738 Pt. Rameshchandra Parasnath Mahavidyalay Ramchanderpur Hardwari Jaunpur
740 Shree Ramlakhan Singh Shikhhan Sansthan Nakahara Khandew Jaunpur
741 Maa Ishraji Devi Mahavidyalay Raiya Guljarganj Jaunpur
743 Champa Devi Mahila Mahvidyalay Saraybeeka Machhalishahar Jaunpur
744 Maa Fefana Devi Balika Mahavidyalay Sulatanpur Amihit Jaunpur
745 Lalita Mahavidyalay Gathana Narauli Jaunpur
746 L.P.N. Girls Degree College Trveni Nagar Bijhwat Jaunpur
747 Sarvodaya Mahila Mahavidylaya Pranpatti Leduka Jaunpur
748 Aadarsh Nanhkoo Ram Mahavidyalay Ramgarh Barawan Jaunpur
749Ram Karan Institute Of Higher Education Nauli Khutahan Jaunpur
750 Gauri Shankar (G.S.) Mahavidyalay Gari Kala Khunsapur Jaunpur
751 Rajbahadur Yadav Ekauna Sadar Jaunpur
752 Buddhuram Satyavati Devi Sansthan Kuddupur Jaunpur
753 Shree Abhimanyu Yadav Mahavidyalay Lapari Jaunpur
754 R.P.S. Sansthan Udaychandrapur (Rampati Nagar) Jaunpur
755 Dhaneshwar Yadav Mahila Mahavidyalay Mokalpur Nevada Jaunpur
756 Navoday Mahavidyalay Ramipur Merha Jaunpur
762Premdeep Mahavidyalaya, Sultanpur, Kerakat,,
763Onkaar Naath Tripathi Law College, Launh Kodahon, Mugra Badshaahpur,Jaunpur
764Rajaram Mahavidyalay, velaunakala , Barsathi, Jaunpur
767Kalawati Devi College of Education, Vijadharmau, Mungrabadshahpur, Machhalishahar, ,
Ramdev Balika Mahavidyalaya, Gopalpur, Amaari Suithakala,Jaunpur ,
Sw. Digvijay Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Hasanpur Bhaura, ,
772Baba Kamdev Singh Mahavidyalaya, Madhi,Jaunpur ,


College CodeCollege name and address Website/Email
101Handiya P.G, College, Handiya,