About Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology

Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology was formerly known as the University College of Engineering founded in 1956. In 2009 it was officially renamed as Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology. The University is located at Burla in the Sambalpur District of Orissa. This is a University Grants Commission (UGC) recognized Unitary Technical University and is regarded as the first and oldest Engineering Institute in Orissa. Around 6000 students were studying various engineering courses and all the courses were approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The University campus of this Engineering institute covers 231 acres of land which constitutes academic buildings, University library, department buildings, administrative block, workshops, central internet facility, laboratories, gymnasium, yoga centre, sports complex, canteens and hostels.

The admission process of this University differs in case of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Here admission to various courses is decided upon merit and performances of candidates in state or national level admission tests. Moreover, admission to various masters programmes is based upon performance in GATE, through Joint Entrance Examination (JEEMAIN) conducted by CBSE. This University offers quality engineering education which is offered by the departments of Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Humanities, Mathematics, Computer Application, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Physics and Production Engineering. The aspiring students can check more information about Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology through its official website- regarding admission procedure, courses, fees structures, important dates and notifications. Students can also take help from certified educational websites like for gathering details about all Indian Universities, courses, admit cards, examinations and results.

Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
    Details of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
  Nickname Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No 0663 243 0211
  Founded 12 August 1956
  Address Sambalpur, Burla, Odisha 768018
  State Odisha
  Country India
List of courses offered by Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
  Degree    Duration
Course CodeCourse Title
First Year
Semester - I
BMA 101Mathematics-I
BPH 101/ BCH 101 Physics-I/Chemistry-I
BME 101/ BCE 101Engg. Mechanics/ Fluid Mechanics
BEE 101/ BEC 101Basic Elect. Engg/ Basic Electronics
BHU 101English for communication
BCS 101/ BME 102C & Data Structure / Engg. Thermodynamics
BPH 191/ BCH 191Physics Lab./Chemistry Lab.
BHU 191/ BCS 191Language Lab./ Programming Lab
BCE 191Engineering Graphics Lab
BME 191Workshop Practice-I
Semester - II
BMA 102Mathematics-II
BPH 101/ BCH 101Chemistry-I/Physics-I
BCE 101/ BME 101Fluid Mechanics/ Engg. Mechanics
BEC 101/ BEE 101Basic Electronics/ Basic Elect. Engg
BHU 102English for  Business Communication
BME 102/ BCS 101Engg. Thermodynamics/ C & Data Structure
BCH 191/ BPH 191Chemistry Lab./Physics Lab.
BCS 191/ BHU 191Programming Lab./ Language Lab.
BME 193Computer Aided Machine Drawing
BME 192Workshop Practice-II
Second Year
Third Year
BMA 201Mathematics-III
BHU 201Engg. Economics & Cost. (E,El,CS,IT/
BHU 202Org. Behavior (C,M,MS)
BCS 201Object Oriented Prog. (E,El,CS,IT)/
BCE 201Env. Science (C,M,MS)
BEE 201Network Theory (E,El,CS,IT)
BME 201Applied Thermodynamics (M)
BEC 201Analog Electronics Circuits (E,El,CS,IT)
BME 202Mechanics of Solids (C,M,MS)
BCH 201Material Science (E)
BCS 202Data & File Structure(CS,IT)
BPH 201Physics of Semiconductor Device (El)
BCH 202Physical Metallurgy & Material Science (M,MS)
BCS 291OOP Lab.(E,El,CS,IT)
BME 291Mech.Engg.Lab.I(C,M,MS)
BCE 291Building Drawing (C)
BEE 291Basic Elect.Engg.Lab. (E,El,CS,IT)
BME 292Workshop Practice-III (M,MS)
BEC 291Basic El. Lab. (E,El,CS,IT)
BCE 292Fluid Flow Lab.(C,M,MS)
BCE 293Concrete Lab. (C)
BEE 292Network & Devices Lab.(E)
BEC 292Analog Electronics Lab.(El,CS,IT)
BME 293 Material Testing Lab. (M,MS)
Semester - IV
BMA 202Mathematics-IV
BHU 201Engg. Economics & Cost. (C,M,MS)
BHU 202Org.Behavior (E,El,CS,IT)
BCS 201Object Oriented Prog. (C,M,MS)
BCE 201Env.Science (E,El,CS,IT)
BCE 204Survey-I(C)
BEE 202Electrical Machines-I(E)
BCS 203Computer Organization (CS,IT)
BEC 202Analog Comm.Tech.(El)
BME 204Machine Dynamics-I(M)
BMS 201Theory of Machines (MS)
BCE 205Structural Analysis-I(C)
BEC 203Digital El. Circuits (E,El,CS,IT)
BMS 202Basic Mfg.Proces (MS)
BME 205Mfg.Sc. & Tech – I (M)
BCE 206Engg.Geology (C)
BEE 203Signals & Systems(E)
BEC 204Advanced El.Ciircuit (El)
BEE 204Elements of Elect.M/C (M,MS)
BCS 291OOP Lab.(C,M,MS)
BME 291Mech.Engg.Lab.I(E,El,CS,IT)
BEE 291Basic Electrical Eng.Lab . (C,M,MS)
BEC 292Analog Electronics Lab.(E)
BEC 293Analog Comm.Lab.(El)
BEC 291Basic El.Lab.(C,M,MS)
BEC 294Digital El. Lab. (E,El,CS,IT)
BCE 294Survey Practice-I(C)
BEE 293Electrical M/C Lab.I(E)
BCS 293CO Lab. (CS,IT)
BMS 291Dynamics Lab.(MS)
BME 294Mech.Engg.Lab.II(M)
BEC 295Electronics Circuit Design & Testing (El)
Third Year
Semester – V
BEC 302Microprocessor & Microcontrollers
BEE 301Electrical Machines-II
BEE 302Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation
BEE 303Power Station Engineering
BEE 304Control System Engg.I
BEE 391Control System Lab.
BEE 392Instrumentation Lab.
BEE 393Electrical Machines Lab.II
BEC 393Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab.
Semester - VI
BEE 305Control System Engg.II
BEE 306Power Electronics
BEE 307Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power
BEE 308Electromagnetic Theory
BCS 310Computer System Architecture
BEE 394Power Electronics Lab.
BEE 395Electrical Machine Lab.III
BEE 396Design of Electrical Apparatus
Fourth Year
Semester - VII
BEE 401Electric Drives & Traction
BEE 402Power System Operation & Control
BEE 403Switch Gear & Protection Devices
BEE 491Power System Lab.
BEE 492Adv. Computational Lab.
BEE 493Practical Training Seminar
BEE 494Minor Project
BEC 304Digital Signal Processing
BEC 419Communication Engineering
Semester - VIII
BEE 404High Voltage Engineering
BEE 405Renewable Energy Sources
BEE 406Power Quality
BEE 407Energy Management
BEE 408Bio Medical Instrumentation
BEE 409Optimal & Adaptive Control
BEE 410Advanced Electrical m/c
Elective -II
BCS 422Soft Computing
BEE 413Introduction to Bio-informatics
BMA 302Optimization Tech.
BEE 414Introduction to Nanotech.
BCS 419Computer Network
BEC 307Adv. Microprocessor & Embedded System
Elective -III
BMS 302Production and Operation Management
BCS 413Data Base Management System
BCS 428Knowledge Management
BME 424Technology Management
BEE 495Comprehensive Viva Voce
BEE 496Seminar
BEE 497Major Project
List of colleges affiliated with Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
  S.No.    College Name