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In the year 2006, Yogi Vermana University (YVU) was established. The site of YVU is the Kadapa district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The precise location of the YVU is 15 kilometers away from Kadapa city and on the Kadapa -Pulivendla roadways. The University’s campus extends to over 450 acres of land. The name of the University takes after the renowned Telugu social reformer Yogi Vermana. As part of the regular courses that are held at the University, the students are taught his poems and philosophy.

Before becoming a university, YSU was known as Sri Venkateswara University Post Graduation Center that was one of the constituent colleges of Sri Venkateswara University at Tirupati and was instituted in the year 1977. On 9th March 2006, the PG center was declared a University by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. YVU is a State University and bears affiliations with several colleges.

Presently, YVU contains 15 departments that conduct a series of postgraduate courses. The University aims to educate people belonging to the backward classes of Rayalaseema region in disciplines such as Social Sciences, Engineering, Human Resources Management, Mass Communication, Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Humanities, Languages, Bioinformatics, Technologies, and Social Sciences.

At YVU, in addition to regular courses, there are various short-term job-oriented and vocational courses that aspirants can apply for.

Applicants looking to apply to YVU can visit the University’s official website They can get more information about the courses offered, available amenities, affiliated colleges, admission procedures, and exam updates on the site. Aspirants can, also, browse through the website for details on the various state boards. They can access information on online admissions, different courses, useful links, and notifications on the website.

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Yogi Vemana University

    Details of Yogi Vemana University

  Name YVU (Yogi Vemana University)
  Affiliations UGC
  Contact No 085622 25446
  Website &
  Founded 1977
  Address Vemana Puram, Yogi Vemana University Road, Ganganapalle, Andhra Pradesh 516216
  City Kadapa
  State Andhra Pradesh
  Country India
List of courses offered by Yogi Vemana University
1 Arts
Communication & journalism
History & Archaeology
Political Science & Public Administration
2 Science
Applied Mathematics
Environmental Sciences
Genetics & Genomics
Geology & Geoinformatics
Material science & Nanotechnology
Physical Education & Sports Sciences
3 Five Year Integrated in Earth & Biotechnology
Integrated & Bioinformatics
Integrated Science
Bachelor of Fine Arts
P.G.Diploma in Theatre Arts
List of colleges affiliated with Yogi Vemana University
  S. No.    College Name
1YSR Engineering College, Proddatur
2SKR and SKR Government College for Women, Kadapa
3Prasad College of Education, Kadapa
4Zion College of Physical Education, Kadapa
5VPR College of Education, Kamalapuram
6Udaya Sandhya College of Education, Proddatur
7Sri Rachapudy Nagabhushanam Degree and PG College, Badvel
8SCNR Government Degree College, Proddatur
9SBVR College of Education, Kadapa
10Sarada College of Education, Kadapa
11Residency College of Education, Rajampet
12Rayalaseema College of Physical Education, Proddatur
13Nagarjuna Degree College for Women, Kadapa
14Hannamma Christian College of Education, Proddatur
15Government Degree College, Rajampet
16Government Degree College, Porumamilla
17Government Degree College, Kodur
18CSSR and SRRM Degree and PG College, Kamalapuram
19Bharath College of Education, Kadapa
20Annamacharya College of Education, Rajampet