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The National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) is an Autonomous Scientific Society. The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MoE&IT) of the Government of India handles the administrative affairs of the NIELET. The NIELET was started with the objective of overseeing Human Resource Development and other related activities, in the areas of Information, Electronics and Communications Technology (IECT).

Under IECT, the NIELET is responsible for both Formal and Non-Formal Education. Additionally, the Society develops industry-based education and training programs.

Also, The NIELET is the country’s renowned institution for Examination and Certification in areas of IECT. More so, the Society is a National Examination Body that accredits the institutes conducting IT programs in the non-formal sector.


The NIELET introduced the 2-week Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) for people to become computer literate. The National Task Force on Information Technology and Software Development gave the recommendation of the CCC course.

After completing the course, the individuals can work on computers. All the same, they can browse sites on the Internet, make presentations, access emails and write personal or official letters.

CCC Certificate Download

NIELET issues e-certificates that bear a digital signature after course completion. The candidates have to download and validate the certificates.

For downloading the certificate, the first step is to visit NIELET’s official website, Here, they should select the ‘Services’ option, following which they must click on the ‘Online Services’ option. Now, in the ‘Students’ section, they have to click on the option ‘Download Digitally Signed Certificate’.

Alternatively, they can go to the site,’ and, then, click on the ‘Download Certificate’ option.

Subsequently, for verifying the certificate details, they have to enter details such as ‘Roll Number’ and ‘Registration Number’. The next step is to click on the ‘Validate Digital Signature’ link and select the type of certificate whether ‘Regular’ or ‘Modular’.

The system, then, prompts for course details and you must furnish the required information. The subsequent step is to click on the ‘Download Certificate’ option. Thereafter, the certificate starts downloading and you can access the same after the download is complete.

CCC Certificate Validation

To validate the CC certificate, you should first download the Certificate in Internet Explorer. Also, you must save the pdf file.

Then, open the saved pdf file and right click on the Question Mark that shows ‘Validity Unknown’. Now, click on ‘Show Signature Properties’ and, then, select the ‘Show Signer’s Certificate’. The next step is to select ‘Trust’. Then, click on ‘Add to Trusted Identities’ and select the ‘OK’ option.

Subsequently, you must click on the options, ‘Validate Signature’ and ‘Close’. The system then validates the certificate via Green Checkmark.

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