ITI Trade and Course Name List

The main aim of establishing various Government as well as private Industrial Training Institutes in all the states and union territories is to provide skilled man power to various industries and to generate better employment opportunities for the young generation. According to the needs and demands of various industries, the training is imparted in 126 trades out of which 73 are engineering, 48 non-engineering and 05 exclusively for the visually impaired. The duration of the various courses is 1-2 years. After successful completion of these courses, students will be awarded a National Trade Certificate which is recognized both nationally as well as internationally under the aegis of the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT).

Vocational Training is a concurrent subject and the Central Government has the responsibility of framing the overall policies, norms, standards and examination for vocational training. The ITI’s focus is towards imparting 70% skills and 30% theory. All the day-to-day administration of Industrial Training Institutes rests on the state governments and union territories. After completing the courses the aspirants can even apply for government sector jobs like in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, or paramilitary forces etc. Even some new courses were introduced to the ITI’s which are according to the needs and demands of today’s scenario. Some of the trades that students can choose at various ITIs include Electrician, Fitter, Plumber, Computer Operator, Turner, Instrument Mechanic, Building Maintenance, Baker and Confectioner, Craftsmen Food Production, Event Management Assistant etc.

So enrol yourself in any of the more than 133 trades and avail the chance of better employment.

ITI Trade

NCVT Trade/ Course List

Trade code Trade Name
400 Additive Manufacturing Technician Three D Printing (NSQF)
401 Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter (NSQF)
402 Agro Processing (NSQF)
403 Architectural Assistant (NSQF)
405 Architectural Draughtsman (NE) (NSQF)
990 Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF)
406 Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)
407 Baker and Confectioner (NSQF)
408 Bamboo Works (NSQF)
413 Cane Willow and Bamboo Worker (NSQF)
966 Carpenter (NSQF)
415 Catering & Hospitality Assistant (NSQF)
416 Civil Engineer Assistant (NSQF)
417 Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing (NSQF)
418 Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance (NSQF)
419 Computer Hardware & Networking Maintenance (One Year) (NSQF)
420 Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (VI) (NSQF)
242 Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
421 Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)
973 Cosmetology (NSQF)
409 Cosmetology (NSQF)
423 Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian) (NSQF)
425 Cutting & Sewing (VI) (NSQF)
100 Dairying
993 Dairying(NSQF)
427 Data Base System Assistant (NSQF)
1012 Data Entry Operator (NSQF)
430 Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician (NSQF)
431 Desk Top Publishing Operator (NSQF)
432 Desktop Publishing Operator (VI) (NSQF)
433 Digital Photographer (NSQF)
436 Draftsman Civil (NSQF)
438 Draughtsman (Civil) (DA) (NSQF)
991 Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF)
439 Draughtsman (Mechanical) (NSQF)
440 Dress Making (NSQF)
1011 Driver Cum Mechanic (NSQF)
544 Early Childhood Educator
986 Early Childhood Educator(NSQF)
231 Electrician
443 Electrician (DST) (NSQF)
442 Electrician (NSQF)
444 Electrician Power Distribution (NSQF)
446 Electronics Mechanic (NSQF)
233 Electroplater
447 Electroplater (NSQF)
1016 Event Management Assitant (NSQF)
449 Fashion Design & Technology (NSQF)
1017 Fibre to Home Technician (NSQF)
450 Finance Executive (NSQF)
451 Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NSQF)
452 Firemen (NSQF)
227 Fitter
454 Fitter (DST) (NSQF)
453 Fitter (NSQF)
455 Floriculture & Landscaping (NSQF)
456 Food & Beverages Services Assistant (NSQF)
457 Food Beverage (NSQF)
458 Food Production (General) (NSQF)
459 Footwear maker (NSQF)
214 Foundryman
460 Foundryman (NSQF)
461 Front Office Assistant (NSQF)
462 Fruit and Vegetable Processor (NSQF)
463 Geo Informatics Assitant (NSQF)
464 Hair & Skin Care (VI) (NSQF)
466 Health Safety & Environment (NSQF)
467 Health Sanitary Inspector (NSQF)
468 Horticulture (NSQF)
921 Horticulture (P)
470 Hospital House Keeping (NSQF)
471 House Keeper (NSQF)
472 Human Resource Executive (NSQF)
473 Industrial Painter (NSQF)
474 Information Communication Technology System Maintenance (NSQF)
475 Information Technology (NSQF)
478 Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)
477 Instrument Mechanic (NSQF)
926 Interior Decoration and Designing (P)
481 Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF)
987 IoT Technician (Smart Agriculture)(NSQF)
965 IoT Technician (Smart City)(NSQF)
988 IoT Technician (Smart healthcare)(NSQF)
485 Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)
486 Laboratory Assistant-Chemical Plant (NSQF)
487 Leather Goods Maker (NSQF)
490 Lift and Escalator Mechanic (NSQF)
929 Lift Mechanic (P)
492 Litho- Offset Machine Minder (NSQF)
494 Machinist (Grinder) (NSQF)
493 Machinist (NSQF)
495 Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant) (NSQF)
496 Marine Engine Fitter (NSQF)
497 Marine Fitter (NSQF)
498 Marketing Executive (NSQF)
499 Mason (Building Constructor) (NSQF)
500 Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles (NSQF)
501 Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles (NSQF)
502 Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF)
503 Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning) (NSQF)
504 Mechanic (Tractor) (NSQF)
505 Mechanic Agriculture Machinery (NSQF)
507 Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF)
508 Mechanic Auto Body Repair (NSQF)
509 Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics (NSQF)
510 Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance (NSQF)
511 Mechanic Computer Hardware (NSQF)
512 Mechanic Consumer Electronics (NSQF)
513 Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances (NSQF)
514 Mechanic Cum Operator Electronics Communication System (NSQF)
515 Mechanic Diesel (NSQF)
516 Mechanic Industrial Electronics (NSQF)
517 Mechanic Lens/Prism Grinding (NSQF)
518 Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance (NSQF)
519 Mechanic Mechatronics (NSQF)
520 Mechanic Medical Electronics (NSQF)
521 Mechanic Mining Machinery (NSQF)
523 Mechanic Radio & T.V. (NSQF)
985 Mechanic Two & Three Wheeler (NSQF)
527 Metal Cutting Attendant (VI) (NSQF)
994 Milk & Milk Product Technician (NSQF)
530 Multimedia Animation & Special Effects (NSQF)
1015 Network Technician (NSQF)
532 Office Assitant cum Computer Operator (NSQF)
533 Old Age Care (NSQF)
535 Operator Advanced Machine Tools (NSQF)
536 Painter General (NSQF)
539 Photographer (NSQF)
540 Physiotherapy Technician (NSQF)
541 Plastic Processing Operator (NSQF)
542 Plate Maker-Cum-Impositor (NSQF)
543 Plumber (NSQF)
547 Pump Operator-Cum-Mechanic (NSQF)
548 Radiology Technician (NSQF)
1014 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA Drone Pilot) (NSQF)
258 Secretarial Practice (English)
553 Secretarial Practice (English) (NSQF)
554 Sewing Technology (NSQF)
556 Sheet Metal Worker (DA) (NSQF)
555 Sheet Metal Worker (NSQF)
1013 Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester (NSQF)
559 Soil Testing and Crop Technician (NSQF)
949 Solar Technician
561 Solar Technician (Electrical) (NSQF)
560 Solar Technician (NSQF)
562 Spa Therapy (NSQF)
563 Spinning Technician (NSQF)
564 Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) (NSQF)
565 Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi) (NSQF)
566 Stone Mining Machine Operator (NSQF)
567 Stone Processing Machine Operator (NSQF)
568 Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (NSQF)
207 Surveyor
970 Surveyor (NSQF)
974 Surveyor (Two Years)
570 Technician Mechatronics (NSQF)
571 Technician Power Electronics System (NSQF)
572 Textile Mechatronics (NSQF)
573 Textile Wet Processing Technician (NSQF)
574 Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds) (NSQF)
575 Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) (NSQF)
576 Tourist Guide (NSQF)
577 Travel & Tour Assistant (NSQF)
578 Turner (NSQF)
579 Vessel Navigator (NSQF)
580 Weaving of Woolen Fabrics (NSQF)
581 Weaving Technician (NSQF)
582 Weaving Technician for Silk & Woolen Fabrics (NSQF)
312 Welder
585 Welder (DA) (NSQF)
586 Welder (Fabrication & Fitting) (NSQF)
992 Welder (GMAW & GTAW) (NSQF)
969 Welder (NSQF)
588 Welder (Pipe) (NSQF)
589 Welder (Structural) (NSQF)
590 Welder (Welding & Inspection) (NSQF)
592 Wireman (NSQF)
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