Nursery Admissions – Nursery schools admission to start from Thursday Date – 23 Nov 2023

Admitting a child in a nursery school requires careful consideration on the part of their parents. After all, guardians want the best for their children when it comes to education. Hence, for parents, having some basic knowledge about the nursery admission process always helps. So, here we have mentioned some important pointers to consider when you, as a parent, are seeking to enroll your child in a nursery school in India.


Nursery Admissions: Age Criteria

Children between the ages of 3 years and 4 years are eligible for nursery admission in schools across the country. Nonetheless, different states and schools have their own criteria for enrolling children, which is why you must check the age criteria details before you consider admitting your child to a particular nursery school.

Nursery Admissions: Admission Dates

Almost all nursery schools in India start admitting children between September and December of the preceding year. Hence, start to prepare to admit your child in nursery school early. Make sure to also be updated about the nursery admission dates of the different nursery schools and make your preparations accordingly.

Nursery Admissions: Application Process

As part of the application process, some nursery schools in India conduct interviews or interactive sessions with the children and parents. By doing so, the school authorities get an understanding of the family’s educational background and values system.

There are various considerations when it comes to selecting children for nursery admissions. These include a points system (which includes points being assigned based on distance between home and school and siblings admitted in school, among others), a lottery or draw system, and performance during the interview session.

Parents are also advised to apply to multiple nursery schools to secure admission for their child in a good nursery school, given the competitive nature of nursery schools.

Various nursery schools, particularly the government ones, have reservations for different categories. These include Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Economically Weaker Sections, and other backward classes.

You can learn about the admission dates, required documents, admission criteria, and the application process via the official websites of the nursery schools. Some nursery schools also put advertisements in local newspapers about their application procedure.

Nursery Admissions: Fee Structure

The fees of nursery schools vary as per the facilities provided and the reputation and location of the school. Local or government-run nursery schools have reasonable fee-based structures while international or premium schools levy higher fees in comparison.

Nursery Admissions: List of Mandatory Documents

There are various documents that parents have to submit to admit their child to a nursery school, as seen below:

  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of Address proof; for this Aadhaar Card, telephone bill, and electricity bill are permissible
  • Recent passport-sized photos of parents and the child
  • Copy of child’s vaccination card of the child

Apart from these documents, parents are also required to submit caste certificates, residential proof, or income proof for their child’s nursery admission.

S. No. City-wise Nursery Admission
1 Nursery Admission in Gurugram
2 Nursery Admission in Delhi
3 Nursery Admission in Greater Noida
4 Nursery Admission in Noida
5 Nursery Admission in Ghaziabad
6 Nursery Admission in Faridabad
7 Nursery Admission in Bahadurgarh
8 Nursery Admission in Mumbai
9 Nursery Admission in Pune
10 Nursery Admission in Thane
11 Nursery Admission in Navi Mumbai
12 Nursery Admission in Nashik
13 Nursery Admission in Sonipat
14 Nursery Admission in Bangalore
15 Nursery Admission in Palghar
16 Nursery Admission in Nagpur
17 Nursery Admission in Vadodara
18 Nursery Admission in Aurangabad

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