Nursery Admission in Thane

Enrolling your child in a nursery school can get tiresome. Researching the different nursery schools, filling out admission forms, paying the fees, and preparing your child for school can be an overwhelming experience. Now, Thane city has numerous reputed nursery schools and making your selection among them can be stressful.

However, here is a guide for nursery admissions in Thane. Getting familiar with the admission process and other formalities can help to make the right decisions.


General Admission Process

The admission process for nursery schools in Thaneis detailed herein:

  • Application Forms

Parents have to collect the admission forms from the shortlisted nursery schools as the first step. Next, they have to provide the mandatory details as specified in the form and attach the relevant documents before application submission. In addition, the fees have to be paid when submitting your application. The application form requires the child’s personal information and parent’s contact details.

  • Application Submission Deadlines

Each nursery school sets its own deadline for submitting the application forms. Always check the nursery admission date of the chosen school and other deadlines. Make sure to complete all the application formalities before the deadline expiry. You can check the school website to stay updated about the latest admission nursery admission news.

  • Relevant Documents

Address proof, child’s birth certificate, and photographs are among the documents to be submitted with the application form for nursery admissions in Thane.

  • Eligibility for Admission

Admission eligibility is all about determining whether the student is eligible for admission in a nursery school. Different schools vary in their eligibility norms and you must check these details before applying to them.

  • Merit-Based Admissions

Some nursery schools in Thane conduct Merit-based admissions. As part of this, the young learners are assessed based on their extracurricular achievements and overall academic performance. If your child does not meet these eligibility rules, the schools will not grant them admission.

  • Reservations and Scholarships

Nursery schools have specific reservation provisions and scholarship opportunities. In case your child is eligible for these benefits, you should talk to the school authorities on the way forward.

  • Interactive Sessions

The last stage of the admission process includes a final interactive session. As such, parents and prospective students get the opportunity to connect with school authorities. Such sessions are conducted by way of interviews or personal discussions.

  • Admission Criteria

Each nursery school has its own admission criteria. These include entrance exams, interviews, extra-curricular activities, academics, and age. Some nursery schools consider certain basic factors for admitting students. As a parent, you have to understand the admission criteria of each school and submit your child’s application accordingly.


Nursery admissions mark the beginning of your child’s exciting educational journey. By understanding the admission rules, adhering to the deadlines, and fulfilling the requirements, you can increase your child’s chances for admission in a good nursery school. You can also then become more confident in making the right decisions when it comes to admitting your child to a nursery school. You can collect all the required information by way of research and discussions with other parents and school authorities.

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