Nursery Admission in Gurugram – Nursery Schools in Gurugram with Fees Structure and Admission Form

Parents want their children to receive quality education and admitting them to nursery school is the first step towards attaining this objective. Nursery school offers children a comfortable environment to explore the various facets of life while they prepare for primary and secondary education. The open learning atmosphere of nursery schools, coupled with a qualified team of teachers, propels students to get creative therein. The individualized attention given to children in nursery school goes a long way in developing their academic, emotional, and social skills. Nursery schools are places where learning is fun, which helps children to tap into their natural creativity and curiosity. The fun and interactive learning approach of the Nursery schools in Gurugrameven helps your child to learn effectively.

Make sure to opt for the best nursery school in Gurugram because your child’s formative years nurture their overall personal development. Always check the nursery admission date of the nursery school that you are planning to enroll your child in and apply before the given timeline.

Let us now move on to the admission procedure of nursery schools in Gurugram.



School admission is a milestone in a young learner’s life for it marks the start of their academic journey. That’s why parents make all efforts in choosing a school that is best for their child. Although admission to nursery schools in Gurugram is fairly straightforward, it may help to know the different steps in the admission process and you can then prepare accordingly.

#Step 1: Go through the Registration Process

When you are seeking admission for your child in a nursery school in Gurugram, you have to first collect the registration form from the shortlisted nursery schools. Go on to fill in the details required in the registration form and pay the registration fee.

#Step 2: Discussions with the mentors

After you fill out the mandatory fields in the Registration form, you should interact with the school teachers to gain an understanding of their pedagogy.

#Step 3: Submit the Relevant Documents

Ensure to submit the prescribed documents for nursery admissions:

  • Copy of learner’s birth certificate, Residence Poof, Immunization information, and Identification proof
  • Copies of the child’s and parent’s Identification proof; Aadhaar Card is acceptable as ID proof
  • Passport-sized photos of the young student and his/her parents
  • Filled out Admission Form
  • Copy of the child’s progress report as issued by the previous school

#Step 4: Schedule a Visit to the Nursery School Campus

By visiting the nursery school campus, you can meet the various school authorities and get a sense of the learning atmosphere. Also, consider taking your child around the campus for them to become familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings.


Parents have the responsibility of preparing their child for nursery school. Remember, it always helps to have regular conversations with your child and they can then express their views on this new, definitive change in their lives.

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