Career After 12th Arts and Humanities

There are several career choices for availing after completing Class XII in the Arts stream. However, you may get confused because of the various alternatives. In such a scenario, you must take into consideration your interests, and scope of further studies in the discipline that you are choosing. Other than that, your strengths and weaknesses are other factors to take into account.

Indeed, after you have passed the 12th standard in Arts stream, there are several fields to consider for pursuing further studies. These include Fashion Designing, Animation, Journalism, Law, Travel & Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, IT & Software, Performing Arts, Education, and Law – among others.

Refer to the following details to learn more about the varied career options after 12th Standard in Arts stream.

Fashion Designing

For a career in fashion designing, you can enroll in the Bachelor of Science (Fashion Design) or the Bachelor of Design (Fashion) courses. Moreover, you need to develop your soft skills as part of your preparation for entering this field.

In turn, these degrees qualify you for a career as a Fashion Coordinator, Merchandiser, Fashion Writer or Blogger – among others.

Social Sciences

To build a career in liberal arts and social sciences, you can opt for the 3-year and undergraduate-level Bachelor of Arts in Humanities & Social Sciences course. Here, you have to choose among several specializations: Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, and English Literature.

Then, after acquiring a BA degree, you can opt for the Masters in Arts (MA) programs.

Furthermore, the various career options that you can pursue are in areas of Retail, Administration, Banking, and Marketing & Sales.

Fine / Visual / Performing Arts

This Bachelor of Arts (Performing / Visual / Fine Arts) course is an undergraduate one where the pupils can specialize in various creative pursuits. The fine arts students can venture in creative fields like designing. Performing arts pupils can have a career in dancing, singing, acting, and music. The sub-domains that come under visual arts are weaving, painting, drawing, and photography – to list a few.

The available career options under this program include Secondary School Teacher, Illustrator, Artist, Museum Curator, and Exhibition Designer.

Multimedia / Animation / Gaming

For a career in Graphics, Animation and Multimedia there are several Bachelor’s degree courses. These include the Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science in Gaming / Graphics / Multimedia programs.

Also, for the Bachelor of Design in Animation course, the various choices in specializations include Visual Effects, Video & Sound Editing, Graphic or Web Design, 2D & 3D Animation, and Animation Film Making. The course graduates can, then, take up job profiles such as User Experience Designer, Textile Designer, Interior Designer, and Graphic Designer.


For a career in law, there is the 5-year, dual-degree, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law (BA LLB) course that prepares the pupils for a career in administrative law. As per this course’s eligibility norms, the candidate has to pass the 12th standard exam, scoring 50% aggregate marks or above. More so, they have to appear for the Common Law Admission Test and, then based on their performance, the admission process proceeds.

This program covers Arts-linked subjects such as Sociology, Economics, and History. Also, legal topics -such as Corporate Law, Criminal Law, and Tax Laws – are covered.

Moreover, the applicants have to select between 2 specializations that are Constitutional law and Criminal Law.
Other law courses are the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Honours (BBA LLB) and Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law (B.Com LLB) ones.

Armed with the law degrees, you can opt for a career as a Legal Consultant, Human Resource Specialist, Labour & Employment Labor, Corporate Lawyer, and Public Prosecutor.

Hotel Management and Tourism

There are many aspirants who want a career in the Travel & Tourism and Hospitality sector. As such, they can apply for courses such as the Bachelor of Science (Hotel Management) and Bachelor of Science (Hospitality, Tourism, and Airlines) ones. Additionally, there are the Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) and BBA in Tourism and Hospitality programs.

However, to be eligible for the aforesaid courses, they should clear their 12th standard exams from a recognized Board/University.

Also, they have a choice in different specializations when pursuing these courses. All the same, as part of the B.Sc. in Hotel Management program, there is a choice of specializations such as fares & ticketing, management, catering, hospitality management, and culinary arts.

Moreover, the popular choices in specializations for the BHMCT program are Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Services.

With these BA degrees, you can avail opportunities as Tourist Information Officers, Travel & Tour Operators, Airport personnel, Airline staff, and Hotels & Resorts.

Interior Design

The aspirants who want a career in Interior Design after Class XII in Arts have a choice in courses such as the Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science in Design, both specializing in Interiors and Furniture.

These courses equip you to start your own Interior Decoration firm. More so, you can become a furniture designer or interior designer in companies. You can, also, become an interior design blogger.


After completing your 12th standard in Arts stream, you can choose to build a career in Journalism as well. For the same, you can apply for courses like Bachelor in Design and Bachelor of Science ones, specializing in Film & TV Production.

Thereafter, you can avail several career choices: Freelance Writer, Blogger, News Editor, Reporter, Radio Jockey and TV Anchor – to list a few.


There are a multitude of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) courses that lead to Management degrees. Moreover, you can choose among various specializations: Information Technology, Oil & Gas Management, International Finance, and Financial Markets.

The BBA degree qualifies you to work in areas of Banking, Finance, and Operations.


The Bachelor of Science in Economics is another option for availing after the 12th Standard. You can, then, work as a Stock Broker, Data Analyst, Chartered Accountant, and Economist.

Management Accounting and International Finance

There is the Bachelor of Commerce (Management Accounting and International Finance) program for a career in the Banking and Financial domain. In addition to the mandatory commerce subjects, this course includes the US Certified Management Accountant curriculum.

Product & Industrial Design

For roles as a Product Designer or an Industrial Designer, you can avail the option of pursuing the Bachelor of Design (Product & Industrial) course. The production departments of industries hire Product and Industrial Designer and you can apply for these positions upon completion of this course.


To become a teacher, you can enroll in various teacher training programs. These include the integrated courses such as the Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education (BA B.Ed.) and the Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Education (B.Com. B.Ed.) ones. Even so, you must hone your communications skills for a successful career in education.

Planning and Architecture

To pursue a career as an architect or planner, there are the Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Planning courses that you can avail of, respectively. Then, upon course completion, you can apply to the aforesaid positions in government and private sector companies.

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