Career After Post Graduation

There are several ways of enhancing your career prospects after earning your post-graduation degree. Yes, today’s times are competitive times and postgraduate degrees may not be sufficient to have a lucrative career. Thus, you will notice that many postgraduate degree holders explore other career options for fueling their careers. Likewise, if you are one among them, then the below-listed details may be helpful.

What next after achieving your Postgraduate Degree?

Take a Career Leap

There is a multitude of career options for availing after gaining a postgraduate degree. Indeed, you can opt to pursue short-term certification programs in your current field. By doing so, you can take up higher positions in your present organization.

Moreover, you should inform the HR department personnel of your organization about the completion of the new certification during your application. As such, you can, then, avail people management and general management roles in the company.

Campus Placements

Today, there are colleges and institutes that offer placement opportunities to graduating students. For providing placement services, there are placement cells that are set up. And as part of the placement cell services, they organize campus placements which employers are invited. In fact, campus placements are one of the best ways of building your career in your chosen domain.

Other than that, you can connect with prospective employers via internships and industrial visits. More so, you can use social media platforms for networking with recruiters.

Government Sector Opportunities

There is huge demand for government jobs because of benefits such as pensions and health schemes. And with a postgraduate degree, you can apply to public sector banks, Defense Forces, Railways, and Post Offices. Additionally, there are opportunities in PCS (Public and Commercial Service), LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), and IAS (Indian Administrative Service).

However, you have to appear for entrance exams to become eligible for government jobs. Nonetheless, passing the entrance exams may not be easy. Hence, you should enroll in any of the reputed coaching centers to receive the right training.

Private Sector Opportunities

After receiving your post-graduation degree, there are, also, jobs in the private sector that you can avail. Indeed, the private sector offers a multitude of benefits – such as attractive pay packages, professional development options, and a multicultural work environment. In the following details, you can learn more about the different available options in the private sector.

IT Industry: The IT industry provides a range of options for IT professionals. Indeed, for those having a postgraduate degree in Computer Science, they are several roles in the IT industry to avail. These include Software Engineers, Software Developers, Product Managers, and Project Managers.

Banking Industry: A post-graduate degree in Finance and Accountancy qualifies you for taking up roles in the banking industry. All the same, you can work in a variety of roles – such as Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Cashier, and Marketing Manager.

Sales & Marketing: The postgraduate-level Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program is for those individuals who want to have a career as a Sales and Marketing professional. With an MBA degree, you can seek jobs in a wide range of industries in the Sales & Marketing department in several roles. These include Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Strategist – among others.

Digital Marketing: The digital marketing industry offers a series of job opportunities for those groups having postgraduate degrees. Also, you can opt for a certification course in Internet Marketing. Then, you can improve your career prospects of developing a career in the digital marketing industry.

Finance: Finance professionals are needed to supervise the capital and operational expenditure. However, to become a specialist in the finance domain, you must have finance degrees such as CWA/CFA/CS/CA ones. Additionally, armed with a postgraduate degree in Finance, you can apply for higher-level management positions in the Finance sector.

Human Resources: To become a Human Resources (HR) professional, you can opt for the MBA program while specializing in HR. HR personnel has an array of responsibilities such as hiring personnel, training staff and various other employee welfare duties.

In fact, there are several roles in the HR domain that you can apply to. These include Recruitment Managers, Development Managers, and Training Managers. Although, you should be able to manage people, and understand user behavior, to excel as an HR professional.

Doctoral Courses: If you are interested in research, then consider the option of pursuing doctoral programs after getting a postgraduate degree. The Doctoral courses or PhDs run for 2-3 years. Also, you have to clear the entrance exams to be eligible for the PhD programs.

Moreover, the aspirants who have an undergraduate degree in areas of Medicine or Law or Engineering qualify for direct admission to the doctoral programs.

Overseas Jobs: You can consider applying for jobs in foreign countries after completing your postgraduate studies. In fact, postgraduate degrees are much in demand in western countries. This is because college education is expensive and thus, there are lesser people applying for the same.

BPO/KPO Sector: With a Postgraduate degree, there are jobs in the BPO/KPO sector for availing too. However, you may need to work in shifts. Even then, there is a host of management positions in this field; these include at the levels of senior and mid-level ones. Other perks of this sector are health insurance and foreign travel benefits.

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