List of Colleges in Balrampur

Sr.No. Colleges Name
1 State College, Pachperwa, Balrampur
2 M.L.K. PG College, Balrampur

Self-Financed Colleges

1 Bimala Vikram College, Pachperwa Balrampur
2 Chaudhary Lalta Prasad Singh Baudh College, Sri Dattaganj, Balrampur
3 Haji Ismail College, Sadullah Nagar, Balrampur
4 Passel Degree College, Tulsipur, Balrampur
5 Prag Devi Ramphal College, Utraula, Balrampur
6 Shakti Smarak Law Sansthan, Dulhinpur, Balrampur
7 Shakti Smarak Sansthan, Dulhinpur, Balrampur
8 Sri Ramtiratha Chaudhari College, Emilia Bamghusra, Utruala Balrampur

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