Georgia Institute of Technology Courses, Admissions, Campus and Scholarships

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is traceable to Atlanta in Georgia in the United States. This prestigious research university was set up on 13th October 1885. However, the institution started conducting academic sessions from October 1888 onwards with 84 students. The official website of the Georgia Institute of Technology is

The late 1940s saw Georgia Tech emerge as a regional-based technological university. Also, over the years, the focus of the university started to veer towards advanced technology and science-backed research. Now, the Georgia Institute of Technology is recognized as a national leader while steering the global trends from an industrial economy to an information-based economy.

Georgia Tech also conforms to the University System of Georgia. Plus, the University consists of many satellite campuses: Singapore, China, Metz, Savannah, Ireland, Shenzen, Athlone, France, and Georgia.

At Georgia Tech, aspiring candidates can pursue technology-based majors and minors. The Institute offers over 140 majors and minors in a wide variety of disciplines. The University conducts classes through 28 schools and 6 colleges.

Liberal Arts, Design, Computing, Sciences, Engineering, and Business: these are the different streams that aspirants can enrol for at the University.

More so, the University boasts of being the largest industrial and engineering research hubs in the South.

The University, also, contributes to the Georgia Research Alliance, which partakes in devising the Economic Development Strategy of the Georgia state. The Alliance conducts research for industry and government through its various schools, departments, and research houses.

This top-ranking co-educational research university is also hailed for producing the highest number of female engineers in the US.

Additionally, with the international student population touching 27%, the University offers a diverse culture for pursuing studies.

Besides, the student-to-faculty ratio is a healthy 22:1, which allows the faculty members to give personalized attention to the students.

The US News & World Report has ranked the Georgia Institute of Technology 35th in the listing of 2021 Best National Universities.


The popular majors that aspirants apply for to Georgia Tech are Industrial Engineering, Information Science, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering & Biomedical Engineering, and Business Management.

As part of the learning model of the University, the Institute follows a technology-oriented curriculum, together with experiential learning – all of which earn the University high ranks in national publications.

One of the popular courses of the University is the Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), which combines academic classes and practical training. More so, the University conducts a host of short training courses in more than 15 fields, in addition to a range of online courses.


The Georgia Tech campus spans over 400 acres of land in the center of Atlanta in Georgia.

The campus has sports clubs and student organizations to encourage the pupils’ participation in extra-curricular activities.

Among other facilities that are available to the pupils on the Georgia Tech campus are shuttle service, round-the-clock security, and campus accommodation.

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