Career After Doctoral Degrees

To earn a doctorate degree, you have to be willing to invest a lot of effort and consistently. However, with doctoral degrees, you join the eminent squad of researchers and academicians. Also, you should know that for pursuing some careers, getting a doctoral degree is mandatory. Even so, these career paths are research-based, so you should be prepared for the various challenges and only enroll for the doctoral courses when ready.

Keep in mind that by exploring new areas in research, you can advance further in your chosen domain. More so, you can choose from different fields for your research projects. These include in areas of engineering, cultural studies, education, health studies, and technology – among others.

Career Options in the field of Science & Research

Mathematician or Statistician

The foundation of scientific studies lies in advanced Maths. Also, both science and technology have a role to play in improving people’s lives. Now, if you want to work on improving the functions of technological devices, you should consider pursuing a PhD in Mathematics. There are, also, some courses that emphasize on applied mathematics, so you can enroll in these programs if they pique your interest. Then, you can make new discoveries in Maths and, also, improve the functions of scientific technologies.

Computer Engineer or Research Scientist

For developing a career in technology-based research, you have to earn a PhD in Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Moreover, you have to choose to specialize in a particular field. Then, accordingly, you can avail opportunities as per your choice of specializations. Also, armed with the aforesaid doctoral degrees, you become eligible to work in the Research & Development departments of tech giants such as Intel, eBay, Google, NASA, and GE.

Systems Engineer

In the list of tech-related careers, there is the option of a Systems Engineer as well. As a systems engineer, you will receive training in analyzing and designing engineering systems. Also, these professionals are needed to study separate parts and the whole unit of engineering mechanisms. For the same, there is the doctoral course in Systems Engineering.


With a doctorate in biology, you can have a career in advanced research in the given field. Likewise, if you have interest in biomedical sciences, then a PhD in Biology helps to conduct research concerning treatments of ailments that people suffer from.

All the same, if you aspire to research in evolutionary or environmental biology, a doctoral degree is mandatory. Indeed, with a PhD in Biology, you can specialize in a particular subject and, then, apply your findings for developing other initiatives.

Career Options in the field of Health Care

Healthcare Administrator

For leadership roles in the healthcare sector, you can opt for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Then, through practical education in clinical studies and research in healthcare, you can contribute to patient care efforts.

Applied Language and Speech Disorders

The doctoral program in applied language and speech sciences equips you to make breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating communicative disorders. Moreover, there is a growing demand for these professionals and, also, several leading universities are offering this course.

Careers Options in the field of Education


If you are looking for a career in higher educational institutions in any discipline, then go for the doctoral degree. All the same, a Ph.D. in English makes you eligible to apply for teaching positions in liberal arts and humanities. Note that you can become a Professor or Researcher at colleges or universities only by acquiring a Ph.D. Additionally, doctoral degrees qualify you for higher-level careers in educational institutes.

Administrators in Educational Institutes

For roles as an administrator in schools and universities and colleges, there is the educational leadership doctoral degree you can apply to. In fact, for administrative positions in educational institutions, doctoral degree holders are increasingly preferred. These include Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Deans, and Superintendents.

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