Shiv Harsh Kisan Post Graduate College, Basti

The year 1959 marks the establishment of the Shiv Harsh Kisan Post Graduate College (SHKPGC), traced to Basti district in Uttar Pradesh in India. The SHKPGC has been named after the Late PanditShivharshUpadhyay. He envisioned building a higher educational institution in the rural areas of Basti and worked towards setting up the SHKPGC. The University Grants Commission, also, recognizes the SHKPGC. The official website of the SHKPGC is

The SHKPGC accepts applications for the Arts and Science disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The College strives to offer quality education that is at par with national and international levels. More so, the SHKPGC is distinctive because of its commitment to democratic values, moral values, social responsibility, and non-commercial agenda.

More so, the College faculty members understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between academics and co-curricular and extracurricular activities. So, together with coursework, the pupils are also encouraged to participate in various activities that the College organizes.


Among the courses that the SHKPGC offers in the Arts discipline are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) programs. Under BA courses, the College offers specializations in Sociology, History, Economics, Mathematics, and Fine Arts. In the listing of MA specializations, the College has provisions for Economics, Geography, Sociology, Hindi, and English.

In the field of Science, the College also holds the undergraduate-level Bachelor of Science (BSc) course and postgraduate-level Master of Science (MSc) program. Among BSc and MSc specializations, the College conducts courses in subjects such as Maths, Zoology, Botany, among others.

Under PhD courses, the SHKPGC offers specializations in Zoology, Hindi, Geography, Maths, and Electronics.


The SHKPGC offers a range of academic facilities. The College provides a cafeteria, laboratories, playgrounds, and common rooms. Also, the College library contains many books and journals for reference purposes.

In addition, the College campus holds seminars and workshops and seeks active participation of the pupils during such events,

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