Quantitative Aptitude Exam 2024 – Preparation Tips

Several entrance exams contain the Quantitative Aptitude (QA) section that assesses the candidate’s problem-solving and numerical abilities. These exams include GMAT, XAT, MAT, and CAT – among others. Also, as part of their recruitment process, companies conduct entrance exams that have the QA section that helps to evaluate whether the aspirant is suitable for the specified job vacancy or not.

Among the different topics that are covered in the QA section are Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Statistics, Permutations & Combinations, Basics, Probability, and Mensuration.

Refer to the following details for some handy tips on preparing for the QA section.

Quantitative Aptitude Tests: Preparation Tips

  • The syllabus for the QA section is never the same. However, if you are given the syllabus of a particular test, then study accordingly. On the other hand, if you do not have any set syllabus, go back to learning the Mathematics fundamentals.
  • Be clear about the basic concepts of different topics. By doing so, you can avoid guesswork. Also, using the basics, you can reach the correct answers and score higher marks.
  • Practice solving problems regularly. Keep in mind that only with practice you can increase your speed and give accurate answers. Rely on model papers and past years’ question papers to give you enough practice. Also, after the tests, make sure to assess your performance. This helps to recognize your strong and weak areas. Then, you can invest more time to improve in your weak areas.
  • Adopt a systematic approach. In the start, you must solve the practice questions on a subject-wise basis, before moving to solve the entire paper. Also, start with applying the conventional methods; and then, with enough practice, you can use shortcuts to save on time.
  • Draft study notes of formulae, tables, and theorems. Then, you can study from the notes during revision.
  • Some QA sections have part marking, whereby, you can score marks for the correct portions. Thus, do not cancel the whole problem even if your final answer is incorrect.
  • Study the different types of questions. Know that the questions of the QA section can be confusing, thus you must get familiar with all kinds of questions. By practicing from different model papers, you can become well-versed with the varied ways that questions are set.
  • Always read the question thoroughly. Then, only after understanding the question, go ahead and solve the question.
  • First, read the entire question paper carefully. More so, attempt the questions that you find easy before you progress to the difficult ones.
  • Avoid spending excess time on any one question. Move on the other questions that are easily solvable and, then, return to the tough ones.
  • Some tests have negative marking, so avoid excess guesswork. Instead, apply the process of elimination (POE) to eliminate the incorrect ones for reaching the right answer.
  • Use a calculator that you are comfortable with for quick calculations.
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