Utilising School Prospectus Design

By | December 20, 2013

School Prospectus Design is something that needs to meet certain conditions in order to be successful and this article will highlight these conditions. While fairly basic in principle, it serves as a reminder that if these options are kept relatively simple, the less risk of overcomplicating your conditions for sourcing your School Prospectus Design.

Relevance: This is the single most important condition for any prospectus and it can be delivered in a couple of ways. Information about the School is important here so whatever the centrepiece of your School is needs to be highlighted within the prospectus.

This can be highlighted with images-such as sports facilities as a prominent example. But if the centrepiece of your School is results, highlight those results. If you represent a Secondary School, highlight those all-important GCSE percentages to help parents decide your School is the one for their child.

Saunders Secondary School

Saunders Secondary School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How your Prospectus is laid out for your readers is important in guiding them section by section at a time. What do you want them to see first? How do you go about in making these sections appealing with images? You should see the layout as a guide for your readers in highlighting the better aspects of the School first and why parents should choose your School.

Creative Design

This is an objective condition but it is one that should be kept in mind throughout. While you may appeal to parents with information and results of the School, that result can be better enhanced with some form of creativity.

This can be for example the use of images within the Prospectus Design-static or vibrant? Dull or bright? While it sounds simple, it can be made more difficult as the process goes on. The appeal of the prospectus needs to be enhanced and maintained through a level of creativity.

Total Content

The final condition is one made in which that needs to be a thought throughout. Consider prospectus a. It has all the conditions above but is 20 pages and there is plenty of content-perhaps too much. Consider prospectus b. It meets the conditions and is only 15 pages while having all the necessary content. This relates to relevance heavily. With the relevance met, you can start to think about best utilising restrictions on the amount of content within the prospectus design.

These are fairly simple conditions for your School Prospectus design to meet. Yet, there are many examples of prospectuses that have failed to accomplish this. By meeting these conditions, you are creating an effective publication that is both advertising and relevant for parents in considering your School for their child/children.


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