Coaching – How Does It Help Us

By | January 7, 2014

Coaching is a modern approach in the development of personal / business performances. It is a partnership that the coach establishes with his / her client, in a creative way, that will inspire them to use their personal / professional potential to the max.

Coaching – how does it help us

How does it work

The main idea is to train for performance, in any field. If a person doesn’t know how to react, what to do in a given situation, or there are more ways than one to take and the client doesn’t know which one to choose, then he can seek the advice of a coach. The coach helps him / her to have a clear view of the road he has embarked on and find a solution to the problem. Between sessions, the client implements what he has learned from the coaching session, experiments and makes decisions. With time, it will become a habit to think and act in a more effective way.

How is performance defined

The client himself, being responsible for his own life, establishes what performance means in a certain period of time. Maybe he has to:

• Make a difficult decision;

• Take care of a personal / business problem;

• Change his way of life or the way he leads;

• Find a faster and easier way to reach a goal;

• Redefine his objectives.

Through coaching, he will surpass the limiting barriers and beliefs that hold him back, ending up doing the things he thought were impossible.

Actual coaching

The process is unique, as are the people coaches work with. Trainers, mentors, consultants assume active roles, sharing information, experience or wisdom. With coaching, things are a little different. In this process, the one that holds everything is the client himself. The coach’s role is to act as a catalyst of the interior states through which the resources transform to create performance.

The process takes place through the coach and in his presence, but not under his leadership. The client is the one who knows the final destination, so he is the one in charge. The process flows from itself, taking him to new horizons that show him what he could become and the coach is only the protector of this inner search. He offers the right environment in which the client can concentrate, take notice, look at the situation from different angles, discovers new ways of action, experiments, makes decisions and plans.

Through his silence and his words, the coach is to become an objective alter ego of the client. He brings to life the client’s inner dialogue, aspirations become challenges, the questions that have not yet found their answer are brought to light and are dealt with. Thus, the joy of achievement is shared. Coaching is a personalized, free, natural, spontaneous, fluid process.

Coaching doesn’t equal therapy

This is not about healing traumas, it’s about discovering your full potential, who you really are and where you want to go. You have to have the courage to confront your fears, bring them to light and let them go in order to become truly free.
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