Study in UK: A friendly move of trust

By | January 18, 2014


The time is long gone when Indians were angry with the Britishers to enslave their ancestors. Now they have taken a more intellectual and more mutually beneficial way of bonding and are sharing a lot of resources in this country. Students here are also very much positive towards the quality of education the universities and colleges in the UK provides to the national and international students. There are many well known colleges and universities, which provide advanced degree to students, and these degrees carry a separate value in terms of employment to degree holder.

An Important move:

Not only the Indian students, but students from all across the globe are moving to this great country for their higher education. This can be proved by the relaxation that has been provided to the Malaysian students who are willing to study in United Kingdom. Due to impact of improved communication system and globalization, the popularity of education in this country has increased manifold and students are rushing in to get admission in the reputed institutes. For this purpose, the government of this country has provided some relaxation to the students in two norms.

Royal Holloway, University of London

These are:

• There is no need of providing any kind of document as a proof of the financial status of the student

• Same is the case with the education qualification.

These are the two issues, which were a high barrier for the students previously in the way of getting a student visa to UK. This relaxation has been given to the willing students by the deputy high commissioner to solve the visa issues of the Malaysian students. It has been seen that the forgery of document among Malaysian students is not very common, and it is very scarce to find one, and they are pretty reliable to provide the real information. This honesty of the students has developed a trust between the two countries. This relaxation of these norms will help to strengthen the bonds between the two countries. The relaxation has provided with positive effects across the student community, and so many more students have started developing a positive attitude and willingness to move to the UK for further education, especially, from Malaysia. It is expected to be the major education hub because of this action only.

Effect on the visa process:

The international bonding is not the only thing, which is benefited by this step of the British government, but the number of students which are coming down to this country has also increased. This is a move which will benefit the students, as well as, the education sector in the United Kingdom. Previously the time needed for the whole process of the visa took at least 15 days in which 7 days were utilized in getting the approval. But as this relaxation is given, this time period will be further reduced. It depends more on the improvement of the relations between the two countries, more relaxation can be provided for the visa process.

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